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The Legend of Zelda Timeline (Official Breath of the Wild Placement)

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The Ultimate, Final and Official Legend of Zelda Timeline Video! With all updates from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, DLC 2 Champions' Ballad, Hyrule Encyclopedia and Master Works. In this video we go through it All! (SPOILER WARNING) Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Commonrealm Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm: http://bit.ly/Commonrealm Follow CR on twitter! https://twitter.com/Commonrealm Thumbnail credit: https://static.zerochan.net/Zelda.no.Densetsu%3A.Breath.of.the.Wild.full.2159605.png Timeline animations and Hyrule Total War cutscenes by Undying Nephalim: http://bit.ly/1pn6nyh Animattronic - Majora's theme Remix http://bit.ly/1oNCFBX Hyrule Total War mod by Undying Nephalim: http://bit.ly/1pn6nyh Music: "Trailer Theme" by Cleffernotes http://bit.ly/BreathSwitch TheOnlyDeerAlive 30th anniversary medley: http://bit.ly/1WU0jb9 ZREO: Twilight Symphony: http://bit.ly/21GhYGO Ocarina of Time: http://bit.ly/21Gi0OW for the rest: http://www.zreomirror.com/
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Text Comments (1801)
Nortonman (14 hours ago)
It's funny how hundreds and thousands of years can pass but technology never advances.  I get that it would be weird to have a Zelda game running around in a modern city (although that would be interesting) but it's still funny.  Knights of the Old Republic takes place thousands of years before A New Hope but the technology is pretty much the same.
Natalia Zamarripa (1 day ago)
I feel like I'm watching a documentary in history class. Great work man 👍
Hahaha BotW wasn't placed lmao
Caleb Davis (3 days ago)
the explanation of this series makes Ocarina of time the best zelda game of all time. that game was so good that they made 9 games around its storyline. wish the creator would have done a better job of telling us what series we were playing in by also putting it on the cover. would be nice to see (child) (adult) or (faulure) timeline somewhere near the title of the game. never the less i knew what storyline connected with what base off artwork but never could never put it in order. wonder why four swords wasnt a game with 3d graphics since that storyline was more of console games
Aiden Jones (3 days ago)
You sound like the narrator from all those How it’s made episodes.
dbscout (3 days ago)
Just goes to show that when you make super fun games you can get away with ridiculously noncohesive plot lines. Good to know I can just walk into BOTW with an open mind.
Khalil Mcswain (4 days ago)
Khalil Mcswain (4 days ago)
Melina Acuna Lopez (5 days ago)
I recommend having a separate tab of the official Zelda timeline out when watching this video. It helps make sense of everything.
Hana Mizuno (6 days ago)
I cant help but think “but that is a story for another day”
Beyond Daylight (10 days ago)
I like to think of it like this: its a legend, people have different stories behind the same legend. One person says it happened like this (ocarina of time), someone else says no it happened like this (wind waker). So any zelda that has link, zelda, and ganon, are all just variations of the same legend. And then there are games like MM and the gameboy games which are other tales about the hero of time. Makes things a lot simpler.
Callinater (10 days ago)
I looked up ‘Is this loz’ and this was the first result
Ashton Shrock (11 days ago)
Great video! You did amazing at explaining the story from a to z!
Tomas Klok (13 days ago)
17:51 : 'seal it into the phantom sword. With it, the ocean king finally presented his true form as a whale'....me: sure sure...obviously!
OGHiddenpaw (13 days ago)
I still don’t quite your stand how a goddess can be mortality wounded.
Y X (14 days ago)
I wonder what ever happened to the tri-force in Breath of the Wild like does it exists or if it was myth.
El Nino Son (14 days ago)
*including BOT is click bait*
TosaPapi (15 days ago)
is this the guy from fallout lore?
D _Sama (15 days ago)
Phil Rytz (15 days ago)
hearing the plots of these games explained in such a straightforward way makes you realize just how ridiculous some of them are lol
Nobody Special (15 days ago)
If Breath of the Wild didn't belong to any time line what was the point in going over them?
Lamarr Nugent (15 days ago)
Amazing video you should do this for kingdom hearts
Chow (16 days ago)
Madole (16 days ago)
if Hyrule Warriors WAS part of the timeline, I would say it would be the last game in the series.
Collin Etheridge (16 days ago)
Who came here because of the thumbnail
Vexatious Jabberer (17 days ago)
Imagine a game or series of games wherein the four Links (Fallen, Child, Toon, and Ravio) have to work together to defeat a thrice revived Vaati who's managed to become a threat across all three timelines and the dark world utilizing the very thing which had once sealed him: The Four Sword (probably combined with other artifacts). Vaati across all timelines and world plans to utilize all Triforces to become a God. Until a point it would appear as if everything will be fine if the fractured Vaati could be defeated. Then the timelines begin unraveling due to the destructive magics inherent in Vaati's initial attack with entire landmarks vanishing from existence. At the end of the game the Links are given the dire task to sacrifice their identities in order to save all reality by each grasping the Four Sword to combine their (3-4) Triforces into one and as a result so to each of the timelines. This could be why BotW Link seems to show characteristics of all Links.
Winter Fall (17 days ago)
ylenia caldeira (18 days ago)
The three goddesses sound a lot like the three dragons from botw
Derpa 123456 (19 days ago)
Twilight Princess, my favorite LoZ. (My favorite game is Monster Hunter World, but I suck at choosing favorites.)
TheSuperSeal Official (20 days ago)
Where did Zelda get his green cloths?
PrinceLynxie (21 days ago)
Wait a minute... is this the Story Teller from Shoddy Cast?
Connor rA9 (22 days ago)
52:12 “fooling around for a minute or so”? Try over an hour of fooling around.
Connor rA9 (22 days ago)
43:45 you’re goddamn right “his toughest adventures yet”. God, Zelda 2 was a nightmare.
Connor rA9 (22 days ago)
34:19 is that really how it’s pronounced?!?! I’ve never heard his name said out loud before. He was always Sahasharahalala to me.
CreedofDarkness (22 days ago)
My Wife and I have a theory for BotW's references to the timelines, primarily the scene regarding the ceremony with the Champions. The Triforce of Wisdom is a powerful catalyst for magic, granting it's bearer (Primarily Zelda), an almost divine level of magical power. However, in the hands of Zelda, who already has been proven to have a gift for foresight and prophecy, it gives her and her descendants visions of the past, present and future Hyrules regardless of their placement in Time. As for the flavor text for the rock salt, water levels ebb and flow over time, and 10,000 years is a long time, certainly long enough for a small inland sea to (mostly) drain. (I say small because, let's face it, Hyrule is positively tiny for a country.) And in regard's to MatPat's Game Theory on Link's Tunic of the Wild lends the strongest evidence to it being the Fallen Hero Timeline. The Twilight reference isn't coincidence, however, as it would be likely that a curious wizard or even a Sheikah Sage could've discovered it, or even explored it. A separate theory is that because of this aforementioned "Time Visions" is that the games are being told by one of Zelda's descendants to a scribe or chronicler. They could all be the same time just spread out by tens of thousands of years between the "timeline breaks". Thus, each one is both legend and fact being passed down from Princess to Princess across Time. They wouldn't record the gaps between because they couldn't, there was no Zelda in those gaps, as she and the Hero are only reborn when Evil is on the horizon. Sorry for the tangent, just felt like sharing, and yes, there are holes, but maybe someone can plug them. just food for thought.
thomas sky438 (22 days ago)
I don’t get why snes Zelda title “a Link to the past”? It got nothing to do with time travel.
Joseph Dale (23 days ago)
Check gametheory's video in where BOTW sits in the timeline, its in the fallen hero
SimplySam (23 days ago)
God I forgot how stupid the DS games were
Jordan Shea (23 days ago)
I can't watch this without picturing the Storyteller haha.
caleb Kovarovic (24 days ago)
This sounds like Shoddy Cast with the FO lore
M G (24 days ago)
I created an infographic highlighting The Evolution of The Legend of Zelda over 31 years. What do you think of it? https://public.tableau.com/profile/marcus.grant#!/vizhome/CurvedTimeline_1/31yearsofZelda
Solarinas (24 days ago)
My personal opinion is that sometime before the events of Breath of the Wild the 3 timelines merged together.
Karat3K1d0 No.1 (24 days ago)
I think botw is a timeline conjunction. why CUZ MAGIC BRUH
Karat3K1d0 No.1 (24 days ago)
theyre not bokoblins theyre bulbins
ZELDA fan (25 days ago)
Amazing video!!!
Cameron McGee (25 days ago)
I’ve always thought of Breath of the Wild as a remake of Zelda 1. Or rather, a reimagining. It’s a collection of everything Nintendo would have put in the game if they had the technology, with an open explorable world to boot.
Cameron McGee (25 days ago)
I forgot how stupid Spirit Tracks was. Okay at best gameplay, weird ass story, and shit graphics
Tdgaming45 (26 days ago)
Hyrule warriors!?
SuperNobody2ss64 (26 days ago)
You should watch HyperCharge's video on the zelda timeline
Steve Miller (26 days ago)
You guys really need to find some synonyms for "decisive", otherwise awesome!
John Smith (26 days ago)
Could BOTW be the culmination of all the timelines? As in, this is where everything was meant to end at? Being that there is Easter eggs for all of the times lines there, that this was meant to cull time back to one unified order, if not be the end?
Gilbert Antonio (27 days ago)
Wait Wut?? Where's Corey?
Even if Aonuma wants to be cagey about anything definitive, I still see such a means of defying placement as reunification of the timeline. What this essentially means is that enough time has passed to collapse probability to a point where this era is inevitable; what has transpired in each of these various histories has been blurred and shuffled by the forces of necessity to the point where all of the timelines might as well have occurred in the past...probably. Like the wild itself, distortions in time such as the dispersion caused at the end of OOT are quickly rectified by natural counterbalances that act relentlessly with the passing ages. It's without a doubt Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle on steroids. I believe Escaflowne referred to such a thing as "The Zone of Absolute Fortune": what better fortune than the untamed bounty of nature pervading the entire realm?
Kingdom Player (27 days ago)
It should be Link to the Past then Oracles of Seasons and Ages then Link's Awakening.
exploding tacos (27 days ago)
Wait is this the dude who voices the storyteller on shoddy cast??
Ricky Lyon (28 days ago)
After listening to this amazing video, I feel the next game should be called Zelda: Apocalypse, take hundreds of hours to complete and have a reference to every single game and every single timeline that precedes it. It should have characters from all previous incarnations of the games as well as iconic items such as the master sword but also the four swords and the wind waker. The story could be something along the lines of: Somehow, the demon king Demise has resurfaced and found a way to mess with all the different Zelda universes and eras and Link has to travel through all of them to fix them all. The action would not only happen in Hyrule but also the Great Sea, Termina, Skyloft, Dark world, Lorule, Twilight, etc. Villains such as Vaati, Yuga, Agahnim, the Lady, Zant, Majora, Bellum, Malladus and Ganondorf could all return as generals of Demise, as well as a plethora of dungeon bosses. What do you think? How epic would that be?
Adam Siveri (29 days ago)
what is the storyteller now in legend of zelda
Swagking Gameing (29 days ago)
In ocorina of time I turned Ganon into bacon I still have some anybody want some its fresh and why is Zelda getting kidnapped posed turned to stone sealed away just for us to save her Jesus cut link a break even if we're not saving Zelda link is saving someone else or getting hearts or doing puzzles *sigh* and having to be reincarnated just to do it again without that many people thanking him ;-;
Super Cuphead Plush (29 days ago)
The Hero of Time Couldn’t help the hylians in Wind Waker, Because The Hero Of Time Died of old age or some other thing.
Super Cuphead Plush (29 days ago)
How is People trying to seal away the triforce bad? Isn’t supposed to be sealed away, so that it can’t get in the wrong hands?
Ivanosque Van schaick (29 days ago)
We can still bring it close to either the hero's triumph or defeat in the child era, since the land is still being called Hyrule. Plus all the ruins that wouldn't exist in the adult era
Kitty (30 days ago)
*Why am I more interested in Hyrule’s history than the real world history? Haha.*
TheMobFighter Gaming (30 days ago)
51:9 Out of love to link??!
Anime Junky (30 days ago)
I should be doing something productive, but I can't
BOT Chen (30 days ago)
i always thought botw was in the fallen hero timeline bc the "of the wild" set in game resembles every, if not, most of the tunics in that timeline
BOT Chen (30 days ago)
also is that pink shit on link in a link to the past his hair?
Garyn V (30 days ago)
Christian Armstrong (30 days ago)
This is the best video on youtube
hopper24 K (1 month ago)
Out of all the games made by sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo the legend of Zelda twilight princess is hands down my favorite video game of all time
Trihawk (1 month ago)
Can someone please link me to the pic in the thumbnail? its cute :3
Non Spicy memes (1 month ago)
I’m fairly new to the Zelda timeline and I just wanted to ask something. Is the timeline where link is defeated canon? From my perspective when you’re playing OOT you defeat Ganon. You don’t really die or lose in that game. Every death you get just eventually leads up to you beating Ganondorf.
Herr Wagnerianer (1 month ago)
I'm a little bit shocked that so many Zelda fans don't care at all about the timeline or even discard it as an unnecessary hindrance to creativity. That's the impression I got reading lots of comment sections of other BotW-related videos. I myself, though, am a great fan of the idea that all Zelda games are linked ( :-) ) together, thus formin a Gesamtkunstwerk, a total work of art consisting of dozens of mosaic pieces. Every single game is a piece of art in its own right, but coevally, they, as a whole, form a picture. It gives depth to the series while the shackles it places on the creative freedom of the developers are minor. Hopefully, I'm not completely alone, and hopefully, Nintendo won't backtrack and declare that there is not timeline at all.
NightStar The Reader (1 month ago)
Also it's hah-tee-no
NightStar The Reader (1 month ago)
It's not geh-rudo, it's guh-rudo duh
Kito * (1 month ago)
You guys just earned a sub for your hard work
Kojis (1 month ago)
But that's a story for another day
Jeice Mordio (1 month ago)
In a way it does make sense to not have as part of the any of the three lines. And explains why Zelda in BOTW would know of the twilight realm.
Royal Shark (1 month ago)
I personally think that skyward sword and breath of the wild are the only games that actually happened and all the other games are just different possibilities from different choices.
Big Man Boris (1 month ago)
gameboy gaming (1 month ago)
To people that don't want to west an hour of there life it doesn't say where it is
Bernard D Tamzil (1 month ago)
The Legend of Zelda series is the best game that I have ever played
Luc Girard (1 month ago)
I wonder where cgi loz places?
Caleb b (1 month ago)
great video!
Micheal Does Who Knows (1 month ago)
and when i thought only game theory made this video good job
Mattarific Link Gaming (1 month ago)
sixstringpsycho (1 month ago)
Hey look, someone actually knows what they’re talking about!
Richard Rider (1 month ago)
Time for an update
Sleepy Ghost (1 month ago)
This really explained itself. Dude good job on actually getting his right.
Ben P (1 month ago)
Adult timeline: Link defeats Ganondorf and is sent back through time to warn Hyrule to avoid the disaster repeating. Child Timeline: The timeline he returns to before Ganondorfs arrival and take over in Hyrule. Other Child Timeline: The timeline Link returns to throughout the game to complete temples and quests. In this timeline the ocarina doesnt exist anymore as its in the adult timeline , Zelda and impa are still running from Ganondorf and Link is not here either as he was sent to the child timeline. Is this the fallen hero timeline?
Ben P (1 month ago)
Also, if Link brought the master sword with him to the Child Timeline then surely the master sword would not exist in the other two worlds. Maybe the swords would appear different in the different timelines as two would have had to have been forged again.
Gamer Guy (1 month ago)
I wish they knew about the curse and wished to end the curse forever
Mr. Payne #VaiPhill (1 month ago)
Storyteller? Is that you?
Daniel Jones (1 month ago)
how much of the BOTW content was DLC?
Alex 8a (1 month ago)
We’re those army animations from a total war mod?
RoMaRo (1 month ago)
You missed the "Tetra was petrified... Or should I say *tetrified*" opportunity
dudududun Jr (1 month ago)
1.i was and still am kinda confused about all this but they did a great job clearing everything up. 2. I think all the times meet a common point and FUSED into one timeline
Vampirezero 12 (1 month ago)
zelda is one of those princesses who actually have the balls to try to help or fight. unlike princess peach who just stands there and gets captured even as soon as she gets rescued XD
286mic (1 month ago)
Wow. Amazing work.
daevius udy (1 month ago)
Sorry to tell you this but a link between worlds came before a link to the past
Vampirezero 12 (1 month ago)
Just a never-ending cycle of awakening, kidnapping, and defeating.
crimsonwolf (1 month ago)
Would love to play a game developed with a remastered versions of all these!
Young1738 (1 month ago)
If the minish cap basically explains why link wears a green hat then why does he have it in skyward sword?

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