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The Donkey Kong Timeline With Tropical Freeze (Switch)

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The complete Donkey Kong Timeline with DK Country Tropical Freeze for Nintendo Switch! Nintendo Switch Celeste, Fe and Owlboy Giveaway (Product Provided by Nintendo): https://gleam.io/GCkGS/nintendo-nindies-giveaway-celeste-fe-and-owlboy-prodcuts-provided-by-nintendo Join us on a journey from the early DK Arcades to the HD glory of Retro Studios modern interpretations Support us on Patreon and get your Pin!: https://www.patreon.com/Commonrealm Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm: http://bit.ly/Commonrealm Follow CR on twitter! https://twitter.com/Commonrealm Join our Discord Server Today! https://discord.gg/PkXTHbS
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Text Comments (207)
Commonwealth Realm (4 months ago)
Hope you all enjoyed the Donkey Kong Timeline and have fun with Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze on Nintendo Switch! As mentioned, I will be a VIP-guest at Retrospillmessen (12-13 May/Mai) and host a panel with DexTheSwede 12:00 on 12. May/Mai. http://retrospillmessen.no/ Nintendo Switch Celeste, Fe and Owlboy Giveaway (Product provided by Nintendo: https://gleam.io/GCkGS/nintendo-nindies-giveaway-celeste-fe-and-owlboy-prodcuts-provided-by-nintendo
leonardo curiel (2 days ago)
i think of what happened to dk jr because dk jr acculatly grew up to be the donkey kong we know and love
Robin McCormack (4 months ago)
Could you plz speak louder?
ArmondoJR Vickers (4 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm Drr
Robin McCormack (4 months ago)
Margarito Trevino (4 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm May 12th is my birthday I'll be 33 years young
Unamused Sonic (13 days ago)
Diddy is not his cousin but his nephew
Pure Star (1 month ago)
Then K. Rool returns to finish what he started years ago in a new Switch DKC? Please.......?
DarkMind The Corrupter (1 month ago)
mgm boy (1 month ago)
And now k rool comes back for smash
ArcadeRay Gaming (1 month ago)
Can you PLEASE make Wario and Yoshi timelines? Then do a combination timeline of Paper Mario, Donkey Kong, Mario, Wario, and Yoshi?
Anonymous Indominus (2 months ago)
K. Rool should really make a comeback.
Anonymous Indominus (1 month ago)
mgm boy Look at the date I made this comment bro. And I’m excited beyond all heck.
mgm boy (1 month ago)
He did he back for smash
Lauren (2 months ago)
This was so cute! Fantastic story-timeline.
Drswag 007 (2 months ago)
you should do a timeline of silent hill and resident evil
JubJub444 (3 months ago)
How about Mario Tennis with an adult Donkey Kong III and a young Donkey Kong Jr.? Time Travel?
AmericanBoy 2739 (3 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm, The Mario vs. Donkey Kong series takes place between Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and New Super Mario Bros.
Parker Salyer (3 months ago)
I love the first part of the vidio
I love how unironically donkey kong jr math is apart of the timline
Tim Villarreal (3 months ago)
You've experienced the Donkey Kong universe in your own way, but want to learn more about its story. Well, to get to the heart of the story, you have to go back to the beginning.
Johnathan Do (3 months ago)
Beautiful!! Just beautiful!!!!
Bradon Ray (3 months ago)
I thought diddy and dixie were siblings?
Tristan D (3 months ago)
Diddy is DK's nephew
Mazingersaurus88 (3 months ago)
Wow after seeing this history Mario is kind of an Asshole
Dark Claw (4 months ago)
Makes sense overall, but did Tiny Kong de-age between Barrel Blast and 64 if the former takes place first? That's the one inconsistent thing about all of this. ..Meh. Her redesign never made any sense anyway.
you got it wrong the one in the arcade donkey kong game is Mario's father jumpman
ElectroBlastLuigi (4 months ago)
Does this mean Mario's dad is still alive? (Those who aren't aware, there's originally a theory saying that DK's dad killed Mario's parents.)
Toast Roast (4 months ago)
What I think is that Donkey Kong Arcade is Cranky Kong, while JR is the new Donkey Kong we all know and love.
Blackheart Gaming (4 months ago)
Great video. I think you might have to update this video with the recent findings of another Donkey Kong game. I haven't seem much of the lost game, except for some screenshota but hope you can put that part in a updated timeline.
285wilson (4 months ago)
Hey, so I noticed a small mistake in the timeline. Unfortunately DK: King of Swing and Jungle Climber have to take place after DK 64. Because in DKC2 we see K. Rool's first flying contraption The Flying Krock. In DK 64 K. Rool tries to escape using the King Kruizer II. Then in DK: King of Swing we find the final world to be the King Kruizer III. Finally in Jungle Climber K. Rool uses his spaceship King Kruizer IV. So technically both DK games have to come after Donkey Kong 64. But if you have a better reason why not please explain. I am a huge fan of both the DK series and your work.
FarrinBwoy 62 (4 months ago)
Jumpman** not mario
Knuckles la enchilada (4 months ago)
I have a theory of why the dk island look different since dkc returns: I think after all the attacks of the kremlings, the kongs were tired, so they go to another island very far from the original, that will also explain why the kremlings don't appear again
PutnamentalAnimation (4 months ago)
Wario games next!!
PK Radical! (4 months ago)
I still like Mario.
Seifchen (4 months ago)
where the fuck is the cartoon show
Bling Entertainment (4 months ago)
Where is Diddy Kong Racing?
jhvghjgjkhlihli (4 months ago)
thumbs if you had a donkey kong tropical freeze ad before video
Robin McCormack (4 months ago)
Good video. Donkey Kong is amazing and, believe me, I do consider doing a Donkey Kong fanfic at some point. Here’s to hoping Mr. Kong continues on for the next few decades. Maybe we can see a Mario vs Donkey Kong Timeline. Heck, I’d enjoy a Star Fox Timeline and a Super Smash Bros timeline. Not to mention a Pikmin Timeline. Bye for now guys. Sorry I’m late to the party!
Loweegee 33 (4 months ago)
Hearing the guy that does Fallout lore talk about Donkey Kong lore expands my dong
Tyler the Yoshi (4 months ago)
Diddy is DK's nephew, not his cousin.
R_Mop (4 months ago)
Pretty sure Diddy is DK's nephew, not cousin tho
Samurai Forever91 (4 months ago)
Treesikle confirmed do is junior however after tropical freeze rerelease on switch has funky Kong as a playable character I am starting to think he might be junior and is possible dks older brother and changed his name to differentiate himself from his brother due cranky Kong was probably not creative at naming people like how George forman named all of sons George.
Samurai Forever91 (4 months ago)
Nextime line should do should be Sonic or better yet Yoshi.
James Martin 64 (4 months ago)
That's not mario it's jumpman
GrimZANs̶ (4 months ago)
First video ive seen from you and I absolutely went bannas for it cant wait to see more
Royed King (4 months ago)
2:55 Wait what I thought JR was Cranky Kong
Kiddy kong probaly donkey kong jr.
fnaf game boy kid (4 months ago)
I love the begging of this video
Miner Mole (4 months ago)
Interesting placement of a handful of the games when making this timeline.
Super Zach 2005 (4 months ago)
J.R may be the future donkey kong.
Zash 27 (4 months ago)
Donkey Kong is the best Nintendo franchise ever!
perryperez (4 months ago)
64 should have preceded Diddy Kong Racing and Donkey Kong Barrel Blast since Tiny Kong was a kid in 64 and aged into a teenager in DKR and DKBB
rootbeer543 (4 months ago)
I could swear that DK Jr is the DK from the modern games and Cranky is his father, aka the original Donkey Kong.
Chris Nowak (4 months ago)
Its said Dk jr is thee current donkey kong and cranky kong is the donkey kong from the arcade games
Umbreon (3 months ago)
HEHEHE I AM A SUPAHSTAR WARIO possible, but is DK Jr. Math even canon?
Umbreon (3 months ago)
Chris Nowak Cranky Kong is Donkey Kong's grandfather and Donkey Kong Jr. is Cranky Kong's son so unless Cranky Kong had more than one kid Donkey Kong Jr. has to be the father
matt ford (4 months ago)
Chris Nowak It's be confirmed since the first DKC game that the current Donkey Kong isn't the DK.Jr but his son
rebrornsucmyunlcorn (4 months ago)
Chris Nowak No watch the Meet cranky kong tropical freeze video
The Gluteus Maximus (4 months ago)
Is he the same voice for the storyteller? I only realized the similarity recently.
Nin10dohgirl1 (4 months ago)
Tried to flee the arena? No, no, no! K. Rool tried to get back at Chunky by attacking from behind, but was distracted by Candy!
Andrew Elmore (4 months ago)
So this is just the order they were released lol
SonicKen Willett (4 months ago)
Diddy is The NEPHEW of DK....not cousin.....
Brambles (4 months ago)
Oh come on! You just have to put "Switch" in the title to get views?! It seems people will forget this game is a port even faster than I thought...
cyber895 (4 months ago)
I like to think of Jumpman Mario as the current Mario's father: -He wears red overalls, opposite to his son -Where Mario has Peach, Jumpman Mario has Pauline -He battled with Cranky Kong and his son (DK Jr.)
warhammer/Metroid (4 months ago)
Please do a video about rundas :(
Kez Simpson (4 months ago)
Diddy Kong is Donkey's nephew, not his cousin
H Nickel (4 months ago)
I'd say Jr. stuck around with the Mario crew and because the DK we see in Mario Kart/Party/etc.
LinkedHero (4 months ago)
great video man I loved it
Eustace Bagge (4 months ago)
I wish they would bring K. Rool back
Rasmus Holte (4 months ago)
Donkey Kong Jr leaved and didnt die in my theory. In the new Super Mario Oddesey we hear a voice who welcomed all to the festival, and in the end of the pixelated level we meet a DK monkey. In the end did Mario capture Bowser and both Bowser and Princess Peach went inside the pixelated pipe, so enyone could go inside the pixelated pipe like... Donkey Kong Jr, and may also been the voice I talked about earlier. Think about that!
Failingpepper 11 (4 months ago)
Rasmus Holte they don't talk
Brian Perez (4 months ago)
I miss king r rool. Hope they bring him back in future dk games
Failingpepper 11 (4 months ago)
Brian Perez me to
Jestin (4 months ago)
& Knuckles
TheRealAgentGoldfish (4 months ago)
The way I see it, the Mario vs DK series takes place before Donkey Kong Country Returns and features DKIII. He travels to New Donk City to trace his heritage and understand Cranky's adventures, but falls into the villain role himself. However, since he's not a coward like his grandfather, he owns up to his mistakes and becomes good friends with Mario and the gang and gets invited to parties and karting tournaments and sports matches along with the others. This placement of it also gives DKCR's title more meaning, as DK literally returned to his country for his next adventure.
King Fire storm (4 months ago)
K . Roll: i want you to do everey thing in your power to kip donkey kong detracted,steel all his golden bananas and treasures he love so mush and mind of his patetic friends this time is convenient no mistake Man k . roll is the best villian 😊
theGanonify (4 months ago)
King Fire storm his whole motive is stupid tho the whole reason he wants to steal the bananas is so they will starve to death then he can live in donkey Kong’s hut
Commonwealth Realm (4 months ago)
He was rather insane at that point though ;)
Bokz (4 months ago)
I thought Diddy was the nephew
Kez Simpson (4 months ago)
Bokz he is. Must be a mistake
David Audette (4 months ago)
Hey commonwealth realm can you make an yugioh timeline video please and when it's done can you send me the video please to me?
Andiworks (4 months ago)
You´ve forgotten Yoshi´s Island DS. ;) Baby DK, who the heck he is, plays an important role with the other babys! ^^
dsplayer2 (4 months ago)
One thing I don’t understand is if the original dk is cranky Kong why is Pauline still young?
Zeo Daisuki (4 months ago)
Apes do age fast, it a scientific fact that they do. This is also the reason the both modern day DK and Mario are the same age: 24 years old (I heard other sources say that they’re both 26 but that contradicts with Tropical freeze so either 24 or 25 years.)
Dunkle Paul (4 months ago)
DKJR is DK, And Old DK is Cranky Kong! Remember that!
Jimmy St.Denis (4 months ago)
Do the Kingdom Hearts timeline
Jimmy St.Denis (4 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm I hope it happens
Commonwealth Realm (4 months ago)
Will need HMK's help for that.
Zach Dangerfield (4 months ago)
*Come Back Here You Big Monkey*
Game Crusade (4 months ago)
This story line is so damn whack, only Nintendo could come up with something like this, I love it <3
Mr. GR (4 months ago)
The Game Master (4 months ago)
I first subscribed this channel hoping for the Pokémon anime timeline part 2. Was disappointed when it was taken down, but this channel has release great content that more than made up for it. Great job on the timeline.
The Game Master (4 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm I’m sorry for that loss. Maybe one day it will be possible without legal issues.
Commonwealth Realm (4 months ago)
Thank you. We tried, and I lost well over 100 USD, but there was no way to get it up. It is one of our greatest disappointments and we are extremely saddened by the fact that we couldn't keep the timeline up or finish it for that matter.
RobJuanDeLaNooch (4 months ago)
Lol spoiler warning for a 4 year old game 😅
Angel Pérez (4 months ago)
Cool timeline! But I thought that Nintendo retconned the original Donkey Kong game out of the timeline and that Cranky Kong was just Donkey Kong's ancestor
Malik Crim (4 months ago)
This is important.
Bluster The Benevolent (4 months ago)
It’s ever-expanding.
Javi Koopa (4 months ago)
I was expecting an explanation on tiny Kong’s growth spurt but you put barrel blast before 64 so I guess tiny was shrank herself to be as tall as Dixie cuz she called in sick that day
Failingpepper 11 (4 months ago)
Javi Koopa well the bananas make things bigger
TrainerDerek (4 months ago)
Swear to god I just saw you on Etika's stream today and then reddit leads me here..
Commonwealth Realm (4 months ago)
Correct. Got to have my dose of laugh. Seriously, Etika would have been an excellent stand up comedian. So donating for a good show is definitely worth it.
Master Yoshi (4 months ago)
I say that DKC Returns and Tropical Freeze are prequels to the first 3 games from SNES.
Master Yoshi (4 months ago)
I didn't do much research it. It's just my thoughts.
Master Yoshi (4 months ago)
Because there is no sign of the Kremlings or King K Rule. Also DK Island isn't in the shape of DK's head yet.
Failingpepper 11 (4 months ago)
Master Yoshi why
Patrik Nordin (4 months ago)
So lame
Cédric Nydegger (4 months ago)
Thanks for the warning spoiler. I just stopped the video at that time 😀
Bertin Ernie (4 months ago)
This narrator tells me about what ash and pikachu are up to
Chad W Smith (4 months ago)
Basically "And also.... Mario vs. Donkey Kong happened.... we guess." lol But you didn't mention all the times DK & friends played sports, board games, or fought with Mario and his crew.
Amanda Hingston (4 months ago)
Is it a crime that I have never played a Donkey Kong game before?
Michael Scott (4 months ago)
I like to think that Mario has changed his ways after the events of dk jr.
Mario Adventure 2 (4 months ago)
4:30 Cranky kong is just simply describing the PS and XBOX problem lol...
MrPandarilla (3 months ago)
About 10 years before each were invented too! Cranky is actually a mouthpiece for miyamoto, as he is on record with the opinion that dkc was only as popular as it was due to its graphical innovation and move away from sprites towards prerendered models.
Steven Rutter (4 months ago)
I know a new timeline for the Mario sides series, The Wario or Yoshi timeline, anyway keep it up.
The #1 Yoshi (4 months ago)
You should really leave this to DK Vine, if there's any group of people who are hardcore DK fans it's them.
Nicolas Marr (4 months ago)
"summoned the banana queen" how did he not burst out laughing at that point?
Herr Zeiens (4 months ago)
Nicolas Marr he could have did more than one take xD
Myles Gilbert (4 months ago)
Jason's narrating is on-point in every video
SoyAlexPop (4 months ago)
Wait didn't JR grew up to be the new Donkey Kong?
Bloody Killer (4 months ago)
C.D. Riley my life is a lie..
C.D. Riley (4 months ago)
SoyAlexPop nope
Erno Figueroa (4 months ago)
Really! Did anyone like to play as Kiddy Kong?
Eddie (4 months ago)
Nope. Not really. Dixie is the way to go.
Sabith (4 months ago)
So Cranky Kong is Donkey Kong jr.
Furry-chan Jeff Andonuts (4 months ago)
Sabith No, Cranky Kong is the original DK. Jr is his son, and modern is the grandson.
Rank 28 (4 months ago)
The dude sounds like Star Fox 64 narrator.
Jo (4 months ago)
Yes! Another timeline video. My all time favorite series from you guys.
inexfan89 (4 months ago)
Cant get enough of these timlines.
Dude 712 (4 months ago)

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