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PUBG Drops Lawsuit Against Fortnite Developer Epic

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PUBG Corp has decided not to pursue its lawsuit against Epic Games, for reasons as unknown as PUBG's titular Player. LRR's story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgJERaSrPhw&feature=youtu.be&t=1m40s
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TheSeptet (2 days ago)
Using insider knowledge to make yourself a competitor against someone who was working with you to create something? Isn't that the situation that happened between Nintendo and Sony that birthed the Playstation?
Panzer Commander (2 months ago)
Fortnite is shit they had a base building coop game and scrapped it for a cash grab remake of a popular game
Slash (2 months ago)
At least pubg doesn’t have bloom
charl X (3 months ago)
Oh come on, pubg didnt invent the battle royale, or even the circlezone, almost none of fortnite actually is based on pubg since OTHER GAMES DID IT FIRST Literally the only thing fortnite took was the flying into the map, but you know they did it with flying busses and you cant copyright basic gameplay ideas PUBG looks like an arma 3 mod, come on cant pretend you can steal something so incredibly basic and unoriginal like that, itd be like nintendo suing other platformers because mario can jump and so can other platforming characters Battle royale games already existed, pubg just did it slightly better but with the same generic shooter look that all the others had, then fortnite did it much better and with a more original style
Sandb0xMagician (3 months ago)
Bluehole studios just wanted to be a big baby, and throw a temper tantrum. They finally cooled down, and realized they had no ground to stand on.. in that lawsuit.
MechaEmperor7000 (3 months ago)
The real reason Bluehole dropped the suit is the same reason Digital Homicide dropped the suit against you; a lawyer sat them down, told them exactly what would happen in court, and things got a little too real.
Kade (3 months ago)
Professor Sterling....why do you never discuss PUBG's development team making their new MMORPG
First Last (3 months ago)
So many epic dickriders in the comments. Ok lets get the facts right. 1.the case was in S.Korea 2.in Korea, Korea leads towards Korean company's 3.Bluehole is a Korean company 4.epic is not a Korean company 5.Bluehole would of won I'm a fortnite player heavily but epic would of took an L
RED SEA GAMING (3 months ago)
I hate fornite
damien kehler (3 months ago)
This is actually surprising because Korean copyright law was hugely in favour of PUBG. Their law basically says since PUBG was the first major BR game it would be a "parent" to any that came after it meaning a parent to fortnite. Even though the game has no similarities gameplay or visual wise, just the fact that its a "Battle Royal" after PUBG means they actually had a big chance of losing.
Wildexan (3 months ago)
Zach Strout (3 months ago)
Does anyone know where the music being played in the background from? DW game or something else??
Khaos Yin (3 months ago)
is this a joke??? Or this whole Suit Shown is just for getting more attention because of popularity decreasing.....
Joseph Hernandez (3 months ago)
Fuck Fortnite
Israel Harris (3 months ago)
I'm going to go out and say I do have to honestly believe that PUBG makes a believable argument of Epic using insider knowledge to rework fortnite into a battle royal game.... Its one thing to from the start go out and try to make a battle royal game... but to take a game that was meant to be a PVE game and then rework it then into PVP game is going to take really long time. Reasonable speaking you have to not just do the work of making a PVP game... but also make sure all your new work cooperated with your old work for pvE.. Of course.. by all accounts It sounds like the PVE portion of fortnite is dead... Look at what boss key, (who had no knowledge of Battle royals being develop while being developed) then tried to hope in the market with about 6 months worth of development time.. the art work is not important for this question.. what is important is main underlying mechanics of the game... PUBG while bad, did have a working system in place that did all that it was asked of and then some... Then if you looked at the workings for Radical Hights while it worked it clearly was behind the polish for PUBG....yet, Fortnite was/is clearly more polished then both PUBG and Radical Hights while being handicapped with PVE content that predates its PVP content. They publicly state they had as much time as the Radical highs team to develop there Battle Royal mode.... but clearly far more ahead of even the pioneers of the game mode. Someone is lying about something but its hard to tell who? Epic really could have game designers and software engineers leagues ahead of PUBG... but I question knowing the time frame, how quickly could they really turn a boat around to get in onto this successful course so quickly without already having a large program in place to do PVP content.. But if that true...that might be the reason why this case is being dropped... So if Its true that fortnight's PVP portion has been in development as long PUBG has been in development... but you want to clearly prove no insider knowledge had been used in it's development... there is a easy way to settle the lawsuit to be dropped.. That is to be able to show development of the PVP fortnight was started before development of PUBG... that's a fairly easy out and then it becomes much harder if not dangerous to argue they stole anything... In any case...Now if this is true.. alot of companies are not going to be so willing to work with Epic in the future. That would be when Google ended up releasing its own phone (google pixel) while supporting a billion phones with android OS... The only difference is those phone makers really did not have a choose in using anything besides android... its not anyone would buy a windows phone... And even if its not there is actually alot of damage for Epic to try and control...
Murpaderp (3 months ago)
I thought pubg's format was a mod to begin with.
Spy C (3 months ago)
PUBG dropped lawsuit, it is over. No more money spent on a useless lawsuit.
Jay Kim (3 months ago)
Imagine Riot Games sued Valve for Dota2. I doubt Riot would still be around
Nick Nevco (3 months ago)
well it is hard to sue yourself
rjc0234 (3 months ago)
if the PUBG guys had simply told us outright why they were suing epic games, people like Jim and Yong would never have had to form their own take on the situation, i I bet it would have gone a whole lot better for the PUBG guys.
Anthony Corrigan (3 months ago)
It's interesting that lawful Masses (who is an actual copyright attorney) was far more leaning to the side of these cases being legitimate while you ridiculed them
Mr. SlippyFist (3 months ago)
Most people who don't have PUBG say its because fortnite is free.
Mr. SlippyFist (3 months ago)
PUBG could've won, the lawsuit was taking place in South Korea, and theres a lot less laws on copyright infringement. My friends dad is a lawyer, and he said Epic most likely would've lost, since it was taking place in South Korea.
span luver (3 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_6gpaj_L04 If matpat’s theory was correct about home court advantage in South Korea, maybe that’s why they sued
David Perry (3 months ago)
Copyright sucks
Random Ashe (3 months ago)
If they used a professional relationship and inside knowledge/experience to their own advantage, that is actually quite a shitty thing to do and PUBG would actually have reasonable grounds to sue
Bindair Dundat (3 months ago)
PUBG is still a lame-ass title...
alessa2211 (3 months ago)
ok I got to ask. Where is the music from?
Heather Vandermeer (3 months ago)
I will say one thing as well, South Korea did NOT appreciate them taking advantage of the difference in their copyright courts from the US. They're taking advantage of the difference between their court and US court to affect the gaming community. Unfortunately Pubg is learning the hard way that greed doesn't appeal to customers. I mean... Trying to copyright broad terms doesn't turn out well with your company. Just ask Fine Bros.
Alessandro Fettuccine (3 months ago)
All I could focus on is how weird fortnight looks on the switch. It makes me uncomfortable
Farhan Rizki Ahnafa (3 months ago)
But, that doesn't really mean the battle between PUBG and Fortnite is over........
It sums up to the very problematic aspect of losing the license to use UE4 in a commercial capacity (and thus killing its own bug-ridden-excuse-for-a-game until they could migrate it to a competing engine, which could take some years of recoding and lost profits). Let's think it like this: Qualcomm still holds many patents which are used in a licensed capacity by most (if not all) of the cellphone manufacturers which don't currently have alternate or substitute tech to use instead. Now let's see LG or some other sue Qualcomm just because they made a phone with the same color and home button shape... LG needs Qualcomm's tech patents' licenses in order to even function so if Qualcomm rescinds their licensing to LG, then LG is completely driven off the cellphone industry until they can come up with their very own replacement tech which, again, can take years of costs and no profits. Anyone can see just how idiotic and braindead suing the very creator of the tech you licensed and used to build your own product is.
Looming Death (3 months ago)
Throwing this out to jim and all... You guys know Waluigi isnt even owned by Nintendo he actually own by Camelot owns waluigi Right thats like how Square Enix owns Geno from Super Mario RPG. The more you know....
Aether Toast (3 months ago)
Did Bluehole ever think that a lot of the reasons Fortnite is doing so much better because Epic Games is that they have a game that isn't nearly as buggy, has a fun mechanic they lack, has appealing visuals, and isn't as nearly scummy when it comes to monetization? Did Bluehole really not see the problems that is wrong with PUBG and think to fix those first before doing anything else.
stapuft (3 months ago)
Saying those pos's are only "tenuously" ripping off pubg is HILARIOUS. I never got why they would ever sue epic....but the other ones, deffinately deserve to have lawsuits slapped on em.
Morgan Yu (3 months ago)
Who pays the legal costs accrued so far then? Is that just written off?😕
Lynx X (3 months ago)
Epic probably did fast track Fortnite BR with some insider knowledge gathered from PUBG but unless they had a non compete clause it really doesn't matter. They certainly dropped their original hoard mode zombie survival game in favor of a battle royal mode quick when they saw the insane success of PUBG. I guess that makes Epic guilty of jumping on the BR gravy train slightly faster than every other single publisher in existence. Not really something that would hold up in most courts.
Hay Hay (3 months ago)
*I HaVE nO iDEa WhAt PeOpLe ArE SAyInG aLL KiNDs oF CoPYRiGHt TAlK.*
WorldsWorstBoy (3 months ago)
Lol Pubg is salty and can't do shit about it. And their battle pass is broken.
Zorixas (3 months ago)
Uh-oh, a Redbull add. Youtube took over again...
C G (3 months ago)
Fortnight looks like anything Pixar.
Theianguy (3 months ago)
Both of the major Bluehole lawsuits have been jumped on and summarized to the outrageous. The frying pan wasn’t the reason for the first one, and the game mode wasn’t the reason for the second. All the information was in the stories, but not the headlines. It’s almost like people didn’t bother reading about it, and jumped for the memes.
Thomas Crouse (3 months ago)
Hey Jim just wanted to let you know for some reason you're not appearing in my sub feed anymore, I have to go to your channel to see your new videos. I fucking hate Youtube
Alex Brown (3 months ago)
This makes me feel like Jim doesn't really understand how these kinds of legal battles play out. The fact that the lawsuit disappeared so quickly, with both sides staying mum on it, says to me that Epic paid out. If both sides are looking to keep the details quiet, it's most likely because the larger, richer company (with more to lose), paid a settlement and the stipulations of the settlement is that no one says anything that would further damage their place in an industry. If, as Jim and his sheep seem incapable of parsing out, if PUBGCorp lost, they would have no reason not to talk about it. There would be nothing holding them back from reiterating their complaint. Come on Jim. You're supposed to be smarter than this.
Justin Kim (3 months ago)
Damn it.
ted rosa (3 months ago)
ah yes PUbguh corpse my favourite shitemonki
awesomestuff81 (3 months ago)
Boglin Boy!!!! I just wanted to say that...
TheVeryPuffyJigglyPuff (3 months ago)
Anyone know what the music in the background is.?
stg (3 months ago)
Bluehole = jewhole
Naren K (3 months ago)
1:58 Dropping a chug for slurp and minis lol
Minus Sixty Eight (3 months ago)
Jim, love your videos. Would you be willing to share any secrets for my new series, Fortnite Secrets? Daily REAL secrets from people who email my fortnite secrets account.
Erren Chetty (3 months ago)
Dynasty warrior st in the back 🙌
tehf00n (3 months ago)
Top tip. Epic are the good guys. Bluehole are the moneygrabbers. A spoilt brat of a money grabber too.
Oliver Quick (3 months ago)
Epic are the copyers, Bluehole are the moneygrabbers
Eville Caston (3 months ago)
Fortnite wins by default. Meanwhile I'm still here trying to figure how how BR games aren't dead yet...
Everett Smith (3 months ago)
Odd question, anyone recognize the song in the background?
dank lord 69 (3 months ago)
i dont like PUBG or FORTNITE but i wanted fortnite to shut down because it is runing gaming
dank lord 69 (3 months ago)
I know PUBG is also fucking up gaming but the less battel royale games the better
Car 2004 (3 months ago)
pubg is overrated
legion999 (3 months ago)
Well, if they had a legit claim they wouldn't just fold like this, would they? Not with the corporate muscle behind them.
Karl (3 months ago)
Lawyer Royale
别放屁 (3 months ago)
I hear a Dynasty Warrior OST playing in the background...
SpyengoEen (3 months ago)
PUBG is an ugly game for babies and you should feel embarrassed for playing it.
TheSyrian Eyes (3 months ago)
SpyengoEen shut the fuck up
Zoltan Z (3 months ago)
SpyengoEen every br game is that.
Oliver Quick (3 months ago)
RedCrim Chan (3 months ago)
It's just stupid from the start. Epic own unreal engine. And then they sue them. Idiots.
Oliver Quick (3 months ago)
So because you own the rights to an engine you can hold the games created with it hostage and copy them?
DawnOfTheOzz (3 months ago)
It was never gonna end well anyway. But it doesn't matter now, I already said piss off to my copy of PUBG. I didn't need that game stinking up my hard-drive. Now what else is happening in the world of gaming? Oh, the Australian Senate apparently passed a motion to investigate loot boxes and "whether they constitute gambling, and whether they are appropriate for younger audiences". The final report will be released by September 17th. The motion to go ahead was swept through the Senate unanimously by the Greens, the Labor Party and the Federal Government without any debate or vote required. Welp, lets see how this turns out. It could all just be a waste of taxpayer money or something could good come out of it. In other news: the suicide of a 15 year old boy in Manchester has been linked in some capacity to the game Doki Doki Literature Club. While there hasn't been any calls to ban the game or take it offline (aside from the father of the deceased boy probably spouting pained rhetoric about it... and the media's description of said game) there has been warnings from the coroner and the Greater Manchester Police about exposing children to the potential dangers of online gaming and the internet and to monitor what your children are watching or playing. Sad that the child died and all, but to lay blame at a video game is ludicrous at best. There has to be more to the story than what's been let on. That is all.
ravager48 (3 months ago)
This reminds me of the classic lawsuit Capcom issued against Data East back in the 90's for copyright infringement.
BloodfelX (3 months ago)
2:18 Makes me wonder if given the claims, Epic Games went along the lines of: "Hey - if you wanna go through with this you're gonna need to find a new engine, pal."
BloodfelX (3 months ago)
My question would be what it takes to get a license revoked, and whether there is any sort of safeguard against losing that license.
Oliver Quick (3 months ago)
PUBG is licensed to use it
Koffin Kat (3 months ago)
If Epic "rushed the release of Fortnite to get ahead of PUBG", then that says a lot about their competence. The "rushed" game looks like this, nice and properly working and full of updates, while the "not rushed" game is a barely functional mess :D
Dejan Cah (3 months ago)
ReasonUnknown's Lawsuitgrounds
Blood (3 months ago)
Ahh one of my favorite tracks from Dynasty Warriors
Beastman AiDz (3 months ago)
Loading ready run still exists? And... Sub
Erutanx7 (3 months ago)
So I ended with a whimper no shocker here neither of them had a leg to stand on.😒
Lady Wanderer (3 months ago)
Battle Royale is cancer.
Timmy76 (3 months ago)
They can't even finish a game let alone a lawsuit
Riasiru Neovas (3 months ago)
It's a case of the boy who cried wolf. They went after everyone with anything like PUBG and the one time there might have been some real legal reason to sue someone, everyone just rolled their eyes and wrote it off. What have we learned?... Probably nothing... There is a reason history repeats itself so often.
DodgeWatt (3 months ago)
"the best example of battle royal around" that's a very subjective term, its the most simplistic version and that's why its popular. Its easy too play and as such it can engage a larger player base of "casual" gamers.
Color Bars (3 months ago)
I love when Jim says the art style is a big part of Fortnite's popularity, as if the BR mode isn't free. it's free. It's big because it's free.
balrog0444 (3 months ago)
Call me a hipster, but when anything is hyped up as heavily as Fortnite and PUBG are, I don't want to get involved unless I'm already invested in it pre-hype. It's why I won't watch Game of Thrones. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds though, now that's a game I've got my eye on =P
Shedovv/Nals (3 months ago)
Back when the first news and breakdowns of this case came about, I thought that this could be a very convoluted and secret PR stunt on the part of Bluehole and Epic since apparently Bluehole is owned by someone who has a large share in Epic. So I thought "Just imagine if they are secretly okay with each other and they are just blowing smoke all over the place, in order to cause a ruckus and draw more attention to both titles!? Afterall if consumers decide to drop PUBG to play Fornite and vice versa the people with shares are still getting money either way. And the ruckus potentially draws new unaffiliated consumers into either of the 2 games so it's a win-win!" and bloody hell this outcome is reinforcing that "conspiracy theory" I once had... A LOT!
dmeobbt (3 months ago)
its free as well, might have something to do with it
Paul Curtis (3 months ago)
But I already bought the popcorn and a comfortable seat and everything...
varagor23 (3 months ago)
I loved it that Jim acknowledges when he doesn't get a story right. The man has integrity, no doubt.
Captain Anopheles (3 months ago)
Don't know why Jim doesn't talk about pubg loot boxes which are the worst in the industry.
fcukugimmeausername (3 months ago)
That PUBG lost this is a tragedy. Epic should be ashamed.
MastaDJMax (3 months ago)
'For reasons currently unknown' Possible reason: someone from the legal department accidentally told the management and they were all like 'We're doing WHAT?!'
Mart Mine (3 months ago)
Wanted to see how that single guy could kill 23 people by himself
J.T. McGhee (3 months ago)
To me I think the only reason why they dropped charges is because since the fortnite creators own Unreal Engine they can just drop EPIC games from using the engine at any point if they want, this could be the reason they didn't say exactly what happened because they are scared to because this means they would have to remake the game from scratch all over again.
Oliver Quick (3 months ago)
PUBG is licensed to use it
J.T. McGhee (3 months ago)
So if you think about it this way they have the short end of the rope of this situation which on the other and longer part of the rope dangling off of a cliff and on top of this said cliff is fortnite with a pair of scissors that they can just simply cut it off at any point hurling EPIC games to there untimely demise
Baal. (3 months ago)
Fuck, I wanted to see this shit show go through
Hu Nightmare (3 months ago)
Lmao even korean law knew bluehole were shite
Withdreday (3 months ago)
They probably remember what happened to Silicon Knights...
sugarfrosted (3 months ago)
Death to fortnite
Alt+Doom (3 months ago)
The concept of battle royale has been around before the Unreal 2 engine.
Aldy Evia (3 months ago)
PUBG Corp has decided not to pursue its lawsuit against Epic Games, for reasons unknown battleground
Lifesizemortal (3 months ago)
We all find this hilarious because it was established that video game mechanics could not be patented since the invention of video games, and this simple premise has been tested time and again throughout the short history of video games. The only way PUBG could ever sue Fortnite is if bluehole could somehow prove that original assets were stolen from their program like in the recent case where the developer s of Westworld were sued by Bethesda for stealing the exact lines of code and using it in their program (Westworld contained a bug that could be found in early versions of Fallout Shelter)
Asmodeus (3 months ago)
Do I hear eve from DW4?
TwerpKnight (3 months ago)
Last night I had a realization that the first instance of battle royale styled gameplay is the process of impregnation, unless you get twins, I guess. Can you sue that?
Elite GamingWolf (3 months ago)
how come this guy dont make any red dead redemption 2 videos? i want to know what he thinks about it
Nukem Dukem (3 months ago)
Looking now on steamcharts Dota 2 has 200k more players than pugb
ElectroShadowAngel (3 months ago)
Bluehole may have withdrawn this lawsuit... but they are without a doubt going to keep suing people.
Jessie TheMedic (3 months ago)
Now I don't like pvp but I am interested in the concept of forenights game play if it did some kind of Co op metal gear survive that could be played on the switch free to play I think I'd use my switch before smash
Planet Life (3 months ago)
Both games are cool but do I ever play them much? Nope. Trendy Hype is all they are. I have both games...... and I tell ya ... I rarely turn either of them on.
Vercusgames (3 months ago)
They had to drop it! This was settled (type of legal battle) back in the 1990's and again with the City of Heroes. Now they wait for Unreal to drop the hammer hard on them. Also to all the YT channels that said this might go through... You are what's wrong with this world!

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