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RepZ has been Shutdown this tutorial no longer works.

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They are updating...As soon they release they're new version I will make a new tutorial! Stay tune!
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Marius (3 years ago)
Yes dude but this is the RepZ version....
+xXX_D0V4KH11N_XXx So it worked,or nah?
xXX_D0V4KH11N_XXx (3 years ago)
+WildAndrew Hmm... Fine.
Dude if you want I can give you the link for they're software I use to download and install the game...It's preety easy... If you want ok....
xXX_D0V4KH11N_XXx (3 years ago)
+WildAndrew hahaha, dumbfuck not on every torrent BTW what a flipping late reply 😄
+xXX_D0V4KH11N_XXx Dude avasat says that about every torrent... -.-
Walmer • J'te HOOK (3 years ago)
Alterwinet is not died ? 

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