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Atlanta Steam Warm Ups 2017 LFL Championship Part 3

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LFL Atlanta Steam Warm Ups 2017 LFL Championship Part 3
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Karl Jean-francois (1 day ago)
If I was the coach I would touch Dem cheecks😆😋😁
Mark Alan Arghyrou (4 days ago)
Yeah really How can you concentrate Cant wait to see what else is next
aryan ayaan (5 days ago)
The coach has the best job in the world....alongwith a permanent hard on.
aryan ayaan (4 days ago)
TheRawfishking (4 days ago)
I disagee...Equipment Manager is the best job here mister. :-P
Cristianrpbeijo (6 days ago)
Who is the big fat ass blonde with ponytail?
Cristianrpbeijo (2 days ago)
porra velho que rabão grandao e macio... parece até de negra!!!!!!!!!!
Ahk Sihon (8 days ago)
Are they hiring water boys? …… sexual harassment.! Guilty as charged!
VIEW8472 (9 days ago)
Those shorts got to smell like ass at the end of the day. I wonder if they sell them?
Rod Steel (10 days ago)
White women seem to be fully equipped now...
Corey Hannah (20 days ago)
Had shit like this existed back in 1989-1991, I wouldn't have any kids. I would've skeeted all of em watching this! I wouldn't have left my bedroom.
Victor Wormley (20 days ago)
Damn wedges! Might as well wear thongs
ynot julikelickey (23 days ago)
Christopher (26 days ago)
How doors he keep a straight face...
I coming to play with them
Randolph Tolbert (30 days ago)
Wahyu Dirli (30 days ago)
kegeden bokong
Asiman Aqayev (1 month ago)
Что за ебанута забава😀, ну-ка лишь неплохой фигура кушать тут 🙄
Shemarlison Junior (1 month ago)
russell dick (1 month ago)
nice ass bigger ass than the black girl
Rodrick Hayes (27 days ago)
russell dick Not every women has a big wide ass. Get over yourself and colorism.
prvi front (1 month ago)
Its pretty sickening to see what men have done to women. The gentle sex is now a raging beast not fit for motherhood or family.
al allday (2 days ago)
You as well sir.
prvi front (2 days ago)
al allday friend I'm not asking you to prove anything nor am I a saint. Live long and prosper.
al allday (2 days ago)
First of all, I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. Like you know me. I also don't have to prove crap to a pretentious social media preacher who can't live up to his own self-righteousness.
prvi front (2 days ago)
al allday my friend yes you're right entertainment comes in many forms. You can watch women/men get brutilized on pornhub, two grown men beat each other to death, yes death is legal in UFC, you can also watch regural male footbal knowing full well that 90 perceny of those men have or will have CTI. They will either commit suicide or maybe kill their spouse do to CTI. Best case is they become addicted to opiods from all the pain they have entertaining your drunk ass. These are degenerate sports not seen even in the hay days of ancient rome. I dought you know history since google for you is generally for porn. BTW I hate femenism and I'm not a white night, but I do have an understanding of what constitues normal entertainment and buddy this aint it.
al allday (2 days ago)
What kind of question is that? Entertainment comes in many forms. You have grown men beating each other to a pulp just trying to get into UFC and never make it, yet they entertained someone in their pursuit. You act like you are saving women with your comments, but these women are grown and this is not a Sharia Law country.
mrguystarr (1 month ago)
lmao..pure nalgas
MALDONADO Pacheco (1 month ago)
Vou me acabar na punheta já foi 5 hoje
jawson37 (1 month ago)
Camera man got so excited he squirted on the lens
Elias Aliaga (1 month ago)
Number 19 is looking good.
thecouldntbe (1 month ago)
The Ass Cheeks League? Me approve.
Muscles.. I'm crying
Nintendo Pilot (1 month ago)
Cover them nasty shit asses up.. females trying sports omfg!..
Nintendo Pilot (26 days ago)
Rodrick Hayes I love clam chowder.
Rodrick Hayes (26 days ago)
Nintendo Pilot Are you theh gheh?
MiMi A (1 month ago)
Tesfanesh Demeke (1 month ago)
Nice 19th
Ray Rivera (1 month ago)
McDonald's team mates ?
Bryant Dailey (1 month ago)
I'd love to take a shower with them
Sam Sammssoula (1 month ago)
Nik Mills (1 month ago)
what the girl with the big booty behind number 19
Ray Rivera (1 month ago)
All that jelly less ,peanut butter
Milt Farrow (1 month ago)
No More male football- Let's see those booties!
Reginald Nixon (1 month ago)
That's one lucky dude
SaGi FLow (1 month ago)
Omg go youporn
Rolls royce (1 month ago)
dammm.that one white girl has a phat.ass😊👍👍
aqua buddha (1 month ago)
which one....all the white girlz got fat arses......
Rolls royce (1 month ago)
Bryant Dailey yes indeed😂😂😂😂👍👍
Bryant Dailey (1 month ago)
Rolls royce Hell yea dat ass is real nice 😂😂😂🔥
Rolls royce (1 month ago)
Bryant Dailey word😂😂😂 but the one with the long ponytail😈😂😂
Bryant Dailey (1 month ago)
Rolls royce which one all of them do lol
Jose Arellano (1 month ago)
Que ricas nalgas
Nutted 😍
chevyblue66 (1 month ago)
My goodness! Or should I say my goddesses!! 😍😍 you know what I believe women should be able to do anything men do! Even football..Judging by this video they’d probably be better at it! 😉😘
Patt Hatt (1 month ago)
disgusting .is there any more integrity for sport anymore ...ATLANTA NEED TO RETHINK SODOM & GOMORRAH _//JUDGEMENT is just around the corner
LaMarkus Mays (2 months ago)
Slapping ass through 📺
Dragon Master (2 months ago)
Donta Johnson (2 months ago)
What channel
SM SAM (2 months ago)
My dick so hard 😈 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
mark marrow (2 months ago)
Lord have mercy...heven
Dave N. (3 months ago)
To hell with the Falcons
Jack Meoff (3 months ago)
That coach don't know shit about football!! He's trying get sum pussy..or he's queer!! Lets see some stretching!! That's how you score touchdowns!
Satch Flight (3 months ago)
kudos to the coaches..Stevie Wonder would have a hard on
Eric Snow (3 months ago)
great blocking techniques
KYLE MILLER (2 months ago)
Eric Snow yea.... Rite... Lol!
Dre Deezy (3 months ago)
How in the world can these coaches remain professional in this environment?
Satch Flight (3 months ago)
i would be nursing a permanent hard on
Driving with Mr. Lee (3 months ago)
Nothing but fat asses beautiful my new favorite thing to watch there are some beautiful sexy strong women
Sam London (3 months ago)
I love this sport as long as women are playing.
Nick Gonzalez (3 months ago)
culos aguados pero .... se ven sabrosos sobre todo la chica de la trensa debe de dar unos ricos sentones a de escucharse muy rico ese culo cabalgando
rayshawn howard (3 months ago)
Damn those girls can't feel that in there ass I would be going crazy with that feeling it's very uncomfortable I know because I used to get them a lot when I was a kid wearing the wrong underwears but not anymore now i wear boxers so that I don't have that wedgie problem
Joey Bikes (3 months ago)
I was having a hard time understanding how they made the team and then looked and saw this was the Atlanta team. The brothers love white chicks with fat asses.
The warriors code X (3 months ago)
Great job for a coach
freddietiphany (3 months ago)
Definitely not a good video to watch while practicing Nofap.... 😐
Fernando vidal (3 months ago)
Q ricoooo!!! 😋
James Wood (3 months ago)
I. wanna. play. and .I. don't mean. football
S B (3 months ago)
Adnan khan (3 months ago)
gand sub ke tait hai peche se marne main maza aye ga
Proud Kiwi (4 months ago)
I appreciate the view and all but WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING? They running into one another and instead of the tackler lifting them, the running just jumps in the air. Like what the fuck is that warming up?
Bionus Davis (4 months ago)
Look these thick ass white girls
Randy ThirdSun (4 months ago)
My dream girls!
TheGamingAffiliate (4 months ago)
Never in my life ever seen finer ass than those
David Medina (4 months ago)
that atlanta coach has got to have the bluest balls ever.
Guy Kratzer (4 months ago)
Dang those asses I'm watching them one handed,,,whew
Delta Floss (4 months ago)
They lost the game 28-3
Evan Chappell (4 months ago)
Delta Floss what game?
andy gomez (4 months ago)
JaJuan Wilder (4 months ago)
andy gomez right lol
derreck taylor (4 months ago)
Who's the super thick white chick? That's how these white chicks in Michigan are, lol
The Darkskin Philosopher (4 months ago)
They gettin like this in New York also, I cant believe it
KoolHandDuke (4 months ago)
All size 2 models with small asses and shaped like little boys NEED NOT APPLY!!
Hill Co. (4 months ago)
I couldn't be the coach, the whole team would be pregnant.. Lol
appa the skybison (4 months ago)
Imagine having Them rub their butts together with your dick in between. OH my 😫😍🎂
TehutiBrim 59 (5 months ago)
Big booties matter
Brody (5 months ago)
I want to get a petition signed to have this league take over the shitty NFL.
black women in y-s-a sexy and big ass
Yasir Javed (5 months ago)
Healthy soft ass
Penumbra Hey (5 months ago)
Dina W. = my favorite lfl player
Nuron666 (5 months ago)
I am surprised in this age of feminism and equality, these women are allowed to be running around in such provocative revealing under pants.
Buge Halls (5 months ago)
Damn!  Look at all that ass!
mrhoffame (5 months ago)
They may use the whole "bikini" thing as a way to get people to come it, but if you ever watch a game....THESE FREAKN" LADIES ARE NO JOKE!!!   They play straight up football!!  They hit, they crash, and they bang like the real deal. I really wish it would spin off into an actual pro league for women.
ItOnlyHurtsWhenYou Lie (5 months ago)
"Ass? What ass? I'm totally professional".
Don Wal (5 months ago)
I fucking love this sport, the only place where sports and sexy mixed well together. the WNBA could have taken this rough but no we got a bunch up manly looking dudes
Alex Sanche jr (5 months ago)
All these girls can take turns sitting on my face
AssRiderBlack (5 months ago)
If that girl (ponytail) can get a dollar for every stare her ass gets, she'd probably own an estate by now.
Tim Neal (4 months ago)
I wonder what her name is,her ass is killing all the other girls
osvaldo montalvo (5 months ago)
AssRiderBlack yeah u can see the other girls jealous
p wee (6 months ago)
all them asses!!??
CezDmX (6 months ago)
favortie spectator sport :D
Shaggy Outlaw (6 months ago)
The one with long ponytail and sexy big ass is Jessica Salazar
Tim Neal (4 months ago)
She's thick as hell!
Naz958 (6 months ago)
You da MAN!!! Bout time I get to see the shyt I really want to see!!! Close ups and hungry azzez!!!
Arni (6 months ago)
1:39 wish pull her panty.and fuck her anal hole. No condom
Evan Chappell (4 months ago)
none needed for the anal
Khromeface Aberash (5 months ago)
steel44551 (6 months ago)
Better then porn omg
mikerap240 (6 months ago)
Munoken 23 (6 months ago)
Pornhub has nothing on this...
Shuaib Shabazz (6 months ago)
Munoken 23 bull shit
manny gomez (6 months ago)
Munoken 23 . view silicon silycock z biieetche z who're z
ScrewHeadJuNgle (6 months ago)
G Check (6 months ago)
i'm in love wit dem ass
nicky (6 months ago)
G Check what her name with that ass big one
David Johnson (6 months ago)
One too many happy meals being eaten.
David Johnson (3 months ago)
Youre dismissed fucktard, youre a waste of skin and my time!
Michael Leukofzo (3 months ago)
Therapy is something you pedophilles need. Thirsting after women that are shaped like little girls is some latent ass pedophillia.
David Johnson (3 months ago)
Dude you really need some therapy, the topic was about a chicks fat ass and for some fucked up reason you keep going on about little kids and pedophilia, really creepy and sad! Its time to STFU, you keep embarrassing yourself.
Michael Leukofzo (3 months ago)
Said the dumbass who made this about race. You crackers love to fuck children, so it's also not surprising why you demand women to be built like little girls with no secondary sex characteristics.
David Johnson (3 months ago)
And yet you're the dumb-ass that brought up pedophiles and children, hmm sounds like someones trying to tell us something about themselves.
im donald trump why the fuk am i watching the nfl when i could watch this and masterbate at the same time i just nutted 3 times
Where the fuck have I been wow
Rick Sanchez (6 months ago)
Good Lawd, the NFL done fucked up now.
Josh Coleman (6 months ago)
There men should feel disrespected ...... why do people think it's ok to show all this :/
Evan Chappell (4 months ago)
all simps should fucking die!
Tim Neal (4 months ago)
fuck outta here,it's up to them
Epictetus of Hierapolis (6 months ago)
If anything, they should feel disrespected.  It sound a little middle-eastern to say their men should feel disrespected and forget all about how they should feel.

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