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https://www.twitch.tv/skylent https://www.patreon.com/skylent DISCORD: https://discord.gg/jx7cYPW Best games that only cost one dollar; $1 games on steam. These are my picks, my top ten best cheap games on steam that only cost $1. Some might say they are bad games, I think they are gems in their own way. Silly games, puzzle games, short games, they are all just one dollar games I believe worth trying out. BEST CHEAP GAMES ON STEAM! MUSIC BY: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/RoccoW/ LIST! ORBIT XL http://store.steampowered.com/app/615610/Orbt_XL/ HOOK / SiNKER http://store.steampowered.com/app/367580/Hook/ http://store.steampowered.com/app/676420/SiNKR/ BIT BLASTER XL http://store.steampowered.com/app/433950/Bit_Blaster_XL/ BLOOD AND BACON http://store.steampowered.com/app/434570/Blood_and_Bacon/ ZENGE http://store.steampowered.com/app/461840/Zenge/ REVEAL THE DEEP http://store.steampowered.com/app/411560/Reveal_The_Deep/ MOUNTAIN http://store.steampowered.com/app/313340/Mountain/ SLASH IT 2 http://store.steampowered.com/app/583760/Slash_It_2/ UBERMOSH http://store.steampowered.com/app/357070/UBERMOSH/ BAD RATS http://store.steampowered.com/app/34900/Bad_Rats_the_Rats_Revenge/ HARDWARE PC: Graphics = GTX 970, CPU = CORE i7 3.6ghz CONSOLE :PS4, Nintendo Switch, Nvidia Shield
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Text Comments (60)
Caden Sheeran (11 months ago)
Yo just letting you know, you are a great and honest youtuber and I love watching your videos. You make such honest and great content and convince me to buy games that I actually love. Keep making videos man, you're awesome.
CBS (4 months ago)
Caden Sheeran awe ela mi we
Caden Sheeran (11 months ago)
thanks for the pin man! can't believe you don't have more subs
BTB Bert (1 month ago)
bad rats best game ever
Chroniclzz (2 months ago)
im sorry but that was one of the weirdest intros ever
Gen. Snekaroo (2 months ago)
wait so you're telling me insurgency was *1 DOLLAR?????????*
And they know that if they put that free more people will know about the "new game" and that game.
Yeah, because the game is so so, like some people knows the game but others no, and they're working in another Insurgency game, that's why they put the game cheap.
Gen. Snekaroo (2 months ago)
+〈〉〈SirKylox〉〈〉 yeah i know that, i got it before the sale for 1 dollar (in my country, RM3). Its just, the game is so well done and modding capabilities are endless and it runs so well and then they sell it off for 1 dollar??
It was free.Literally, no price.
Sir Fijoe (3 months ago)
7:51 i thought the game company had a lot more of a controversial name for a second lmao
Chris Papadimitriou (2 months ago)
*nibber videos studio*
Robert Mihai (3 months ago)
Mostly repeated argument for getting a game: *It s just one dolllaaaaaaar* I love your video btw
Sampra (3 months ago)
splash it is 5 euro
WhiteStone Game (3 months ago)
For me its Blood And Bacon...
Well i h8 the first game cuz its about killing cats. i like cats and i have 3 cats and they are cute.
Optical Salt (4 months ago)
Just get doom three on steam if your poor like me and have never played it for a good time :P
EthanPlayzGamez xD (4 months ago)
Oh lemme say something valve games are just a dollar or less or maybe 2 dollars its so frickin cheap
BU𐍂AGØ (4 months ago)
Blood N Bacon is more fun than most AAA games for me...its care free you know...
Fellow Intellectual (5 months ago)
the only good game in this list is blood and bacon , the other games are cancer. stop...
Reazet Clips (5 months ago)
Thanks, I had 2$ left to spend, now I found 2 Awesome games.
Eulenperspektive (5 months ago)
what a great channel :)
BombyLovesYou (5 months ago)
super neo pug should be on here
BombyLovesYou (5 months ago)
wow a heart that fast :P
enhillax (5 months ago)
Bad rats😂😂
Zello (6 months ago)
thanks skylent youre awesome
Fiery (7 months ago)
I searched for this because the money that is left on lunar sale is $1
Isaiah Mahmood (8 months ago)
half life 2 and half life 1 are 99 cents today on steam
BU𐍂AGØ (4 months ago)
You missed the point of the video, this is about games that are 1$ all the time, not special offer.
Isaiah Mahmood (8 months ago)
Gabe (8 months ago)
Isaiah Mahmood yeh u got the 2nd one
SW3910 (9 months ago)
Shark dating simulator XL
Skylent Games (11 months ago)
I actually forgot a game and it was the first $1 game I ever bought on steam ORION: PRELUDE http://store.steampowered.com/app/104900/ORION_Prelude/
Zenge is fantastic! Highly recommended! Hook, Mountain and UBERMOSH are good pics as well. I would leave Bad Rats off the list though, even for a joke its not worth it...
Just A Fake Account (11 months ago)
Guys, what do you think about the Master x master closure? It will be real or just fake?
Joel Landström (11 months ago)
Good video!
swenpai (11 months ago)
Montaro? :'(
truemisto (11 months ago)
finally, advice for me
MrVisa1000 (11 months ago)
"Yet Another Zombie Defense" on steam for 0,49€ Good price for a fun game.
Skylent Games (11 months ago)
That game is going on another list for $5 games.
Paddy Mc (11 months ago)
"When a game has an entry price point of just *a dollar* prototype games these experimental games and just *a dollar* entry fee just a barrier of entry of just *one dollar* it's hard to say no to that." He sounds like Leafy. Just saying the same thing over and over again in slightly different ways.
Westy (2 months ago)
Anyone would say one dollar or a dollar that many times. What, on paper dollar backed by the government to pay for games on Valve's DRM.?
Skylent Games (11 months ago)
That was the poetry.
Steven Escobar (11 months ago)
Steven Escobar (11 months ago)
Skylent Games ohh yea, i forgot it
Skylent Games (11 months ago)
Spelunky is a $15 game. http://store.steampowered.com/app/239350/Spelunky/ It just happens to be on sale atm.
Steven Escobar (11 months ago)
Skylent Games well 1 and something
Skylent Games (11 months ago)
Not a $1 game.
moblue 289 (11 months ago)
bad video
sammie dot com (6 months ago)
Moblue umm why you saying bad all the time just asking
moblue 289 (11 months ago)
bad human
darklyger64 (11 months ago)
liking this vid, sharing this to my friends
darklyger64 (11 months ago)
moblue 289 how so? i thought it was very informative and showed us with games that is good for the price. Not everyone can afford all games and he is showing us viable options
Slime Belge (11 months ago)
can u do low games? ( for low pc )
Omega Destroyer (11 months ago)
Slime Belge I recommend Zygorat (hope I spelled right). An amazing 3d roguelike, ran on my laptop like silk. Amazing fun.
lwrx (11 months ago)
Jun Park (11 months ago)
The only games I can afford
YungKidz Swift (3 months ago)
lol same
sengarion (11 months ago)
Hello :v
Skylent Games (11 months ago)
Asder Sen hello

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