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Dragon City || 1 || New Dragons!

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Dragon City is a Dragon breeding game where we develop our own little city of dragons! Breed, train, battle, and grow! Watch as we learn how to create the most amazing world! Our first look at the game, creating our first dragons and buildings. We learn how things work after the tutorial has ended, placing buildings, breeding dragons, and hatching new ones. ~~ If you want to help the Dragons out, do so on Facebook! ~~ http://facebook.com/PoetPlaysYT Check out the TimeShot subreddit today! Get in on the discussion! http://reddit.com/r/TimeShot/ ▶ Twitter: http://twitter.com/PoetPlays ▶ Instagram: http://instagram.com/PoetPlays ▶ Music by http://www.audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music Dragon City and all of its respective logos, graphics, sounds and related material are all the intellectual property of socialpoint. Everything else is me
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Text Comments (511)
James h (6 days ago)
James h (6 days ago)
Am I the only one watching in 2018 November
Tom Post (19 days ago)
The flame dragons name is Loche like low-key not lock.
Melina Gunadi (1 month ago)
I have a VR
Laura Macdonald (2 months ago)
This now in 2018 has updated so much
Heart Break (1 month ago)
Ikr I Still Like It Tho
Rachel Madhwan (3 months ago)
They forced me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Rachel Madhwan (3 months ago)
You didn’t get volcano dragon 😤😤😤😤😭😭😭😭😭😤🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🧐🧐😏😕😢😣
Tanner Beard (3 months ago)
What's your name
Dino Dare (3 months ago)
I remember when the game had these graphics and ui. So simple. I loved it. The whole game was just, breeding, hatching, collecting and fighting. Now you have all of that and more, weekly dragons that prevent the collection of every type. Ancient world's that look like a different game, a tedious island event mechanic, clans and arenas and god dragons and super breeds and heroic dragon's and so much content squeezed into a small little game with the same base idea and mechanics.
Rodel Liwanag (4 months ago)
you don't know to play ha ha ha
Melina Gunadi (1 month ago)
Tatorial 😑
Aspen Wolf (3 months ago)
Aspen Wolf (3 months ago)
he started lile i Guess 3 years ago :/
Erebus (3 months ago)
he only just started lol
Evelyn Rooke (4 months ago)
Good start on getting dragon and are you on a computer?
Wow how did you get already the hatchery 3 I'm level 23 and I only have hatchery 2
Alexandria phantomHive (7 months ago)
Came to gether 😂
tirta maju bersama (8 months ago)
Pew is nerf gun in the word
little vlogs (8 months ago)
That is a fake Dragon city
Squid OVERLORD (10 months ago)
I'm only lvl 67 :l
Ninja Recruit gaming (10 months ago)
I love the game
Sylvia Tate (10 months ago)
I have it I love the game🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉
Sylvia Tate (10 months ago)
I had that game😬😬😬😬
Queen 8795 (11 months ago)
who else is watching in 2017
uncertain pancake1789 (18 days ago)
Paige (1 month ago)
Melina Gunadi (1 month ago)
Im watching
Sylvia Tate (10 months ago)
! me
Queen 8795 (11 months ago)
I'm only on level 12 but i have 36 dragons
Foko Loko (1 year ago)
where do u download it?
Julia Gleason (1 year ago)
OMG he you start with hatchery level 3
Lord Rip'n'Dip (1 year ago)
Jordan Merritt Beals (1 year ago)
Love these s game new update is cool I subscribed
Molty Cleon Playz (1 year ago)
I love so much dragon city woooooohooooo!!!!!
ZAK BOYLE (1 year ago)
I love this game and I'm at level 21!
Tyler Neri (1 year ago)
wow love dis game
OG CRYST4L (1 year ago)
Means ur getting gold
- Axxion - (1 year ago)
I legit have now 17 Million gold and im lvl 18 XD But i have a heroic dragon so.. yeah
Lordvoldymort123 (1 year ago)
thank you butt maybe hire your voice a little
Nonoy Joel (1 year ago)
are you kidding i'm alredy enjoying! I unlocked the 2nd island LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
How to begin the dragon city
Matthew Woytowitz (1 year ago)
Do a part 1000
Llama farZ (1 year ago)
I have the Spector dragon
SnakeScale (1 year ago)
danny Reissner (1 year ago)
I'm level 19:r
ibo 7 (1 year ago)
aj lvl 9
Sam Rai (1 year ago)
Sam Rai (1 year ago)
Austin Pascua (1 year ago)
I have 92 dragonzz
Yang Xiong (1 year ago)
I like it
Nicole Elaine (1 year ago)
i am level 29
Evan (1 year ago)
its loche not lock
Fool Jayyy (1 year ago)
I have high comet dragon and gonna have high realm when the race is over
Adventures By Will (1 year ago)
Arne shh do shd
Adventures By Will (1 year ago)
You playa Laptop
Ninjaboosh (1 year ago)
Please continue the series!
G Ø D ĪS DĒaD (2 years ago)
l have a heroic dragon :D
Lay wah (2 years ago)
l play Dragon City
ThePerfectoBrotherz8 (2 years ago)
What level is Loche now? (November 6th 2016)
Phil Grant (2 years ago)
how do i get it on my pc
nervexmvp (1 year ago)
Phil Grant Facebook
Marisa Rogers (2 years ago)
who is watching 2016?
The DerpDude (2 years ago)
Marisa Rogers me
Exooz (2 years ago)
The DerpDude (2 years ago)
Svašto Gamer just go to Facebook and play
Damien Moss (2 years ago)
i am lv 13
Damien Moss (2 years ago)
i am lv 13
Burning Godzilla (2 years ago)
I downloaded dragon city yesterday and have a Element Dragon a Electric Dragon a Double Terra Dragon a Cloud Dragon a Blizzard dragon and is they are level 7 also I'm level 11
Mr insanity (2 years ago)
I am Lv 45
Martin Garcia (2 years ago)
Good for a starter
Dangerpeter123 (2 years ago)
my dragons are now big and i have a elements dragon and more!!!!!!☺☺☺ i like dragon city
Victor GamingplY (2 years ago)
right now I'm breeding flame with sea
Rogue Urbex (2 years ago)
how did you get it on pc..?
Rv (2 years ago)
you can play it on face book on the pc
Connor Payne (2 years ago)
ive got so many dragons[butterfly dragon,cloud dragon ,fire dragon,rock dragon,double rock dragon,flaming rock dragon,volcano dragon,sea dragon,nature dragon and cactus dragon] within 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Potato Ackerman (2 years ago)
JBH888 (2 years ago)
i play dragon city on facebook
JBH888 (2 years ago)
i play dragon city and i have the dragon king of the gold i also play dragonvale too
L0000s 1.0 (2 years ago)
Someone help how do I get my old account because I logged into Facebook and lost all my data
Jason Huang (2 years ago)
Just log back in
اويس احمد (2 years ago)
Shockwave 058 (2 years ago)
i'm level 32 and i have 163 dragon's i dare you to fight me :) PLZ!
Shockwave 058 (1 year ago)
sure but i was level 32 11 months ago now i'm like level 52 xD and i have 264 dragons wanna fight me now?!?!?
XY ZBX (1 year ago)
Shockwave 058 i willl im lvl 47 238 drags leggo man
Gabriel Torres (2 years ago)
great job
otako arab (2 years ago)
DragonCityGlitcher (2 years ago)
you're recording good vids man :)
Roger Arias (2 years ago)
I dont want to brag but I'm on lvl 35, 74 drags, 5 gems, 9555 food. Anyway, I hope you become a dagon city master, too. :)
XY ZBX (1 year ago)
Roger Arias lol that aint braggin to me
I'm level 49, 158 drags, 21 gems, 800k food. You're technically not bragging xD
France Magtibay (2 years ago)
how did you already got lvl3 Hatchery
burnt baconator (2 years ago)
my friend Jacob has a iPad mini
burnt baconator (2 years ago)
my highest dragon is level 15🐲
JontZ (2 years ago)
skyrimniano LOL (2 years ago)
Hy guys . I recommend to all this:*=>* https://twitter.com/08dd13ae6c919597d/status/718825584252620801?pidid=4e54f402-d7d1-456a-8829-3b15feb084ad Work really well, I got all for 1 minutes!Cheers! Dragon City || 1 || New Dragons!
Demon Cat (2 years ago)
I have metal dragons
R O G E R (2 years ago)
brbr caralho
Darlyn Breton (2 years ago)
I need friends would anyone be my friend in dragoncity
ss.sniperDuck GameZ (2 years ago)
u need to have facebook and my name on it is Maciek Plotka so if u will add me reply
ss.sniperDuck GameZ (2 years ago)
add me
CB Vlogs (2 years ago)
play monster leagends plz
Natzuu Playz (2 years ago)
Best offline dragon game for iPad?
DoubtDoubts (2 years ago)
Good video!!! I'm lvl 30 and I have 100 something dragons
Ajay Tej (2 years ago)
how do you get your hatchery L3 can you show us
Gianni Tube HD (9 months ago)
Yoshi Apple1 (1 year ago)
Love it
Yoshi Apple1 (1 year ago)
Love it
go onto the hatchery and click upgrade (its kind of obvious when you see it )
Qais Dar (2 years ago)
+Ajay Tej Thalari gems
im level 18 but i have a pure electic egg 0_o yeah!!!!!!
rontti 814 (2 years ago)
how do you play with computer
CouSin Crash (2 years ago)
Connie Rink (2 years ago)
you are cool .
xXSaber toothXx (2 years ago)
I'm on level 20 on dragon city
Legendary Dude (2 years ago)
My stronges dragon is super sonic dragon level 15
Freddy 007 (2 years ago)
I'm on level 56
Freddy 007 (2 years ago)
in on level 99
Destructionz (2 years ago)
It's pronounced dusz! Not day-uhs
sextaano b (2 years ago)
good video
Wonderstruck AJ (2 years ago)
Eh, they want you to win a player and then keep them lolz.
Wonderstruck AJ (2 years ago)
Can't believe you have a hatchery 3 on your first day. I upgraded my hatchery up to 3 before.
Wonderstruck AJ (2 years ago)
Oh, so that's why your island seems so empty... But I started Dragon City way after you did and I never even knew that they had a tutorial (well, sort of). I started a few weeks, almost/about a month ago and I got the hang of it in less than a day. When I started Dragon City, it looked quite idk, but maybe confusing, but it's one of my most favorite games. I know, I seem new to Dragon City, but I've made great progress since then.
Adrian Giron Santillan (2 years ago)
Savana Armer (2 years ago)
+Adrian Giron Santillan dafuq
Ceara Tapin (2 years ago)
By thè way łevel 7 is grown up fully ps I'm 8
Logic GAMING (2 years ago)
My highest dragon is level 23 flame dragon 😀😀😀
Logic GAMING (2 years ago)
+Ceara Tapin nice 😅
Ceara Tapin (2 years ago)
Hahahahah! I have a level 100 on a legendary dragon
Abdul Najmi (2 years ago)
funny when I breeded those two I got volcano
He did it in a different order
Logic GAMING (2 years ago)
lol me to
Lemon Soda (2 years ago)
you can change the names

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