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15 Upcoming Nintendo Open World Games of 2018

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Presenting a list of the upcoming open world video games to be released on the Nintendo Switch and 3DS gaming consoles. These are the most anticipated open world titles that are coming to the Nintendo eShop in 2018. project OCTOPATH TRAVELER https://goo.gl/AEpMDQ whatoplay updates you with the latest, the most anticipated and the best PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, iOS and Android video games today. Subscribe now at https://www.youtube.com/user/whatoplaychannel Discover and Share your video game choices at https://whatoplay.com. Connect with other whatoplay followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ - https://www.facebook.com/whatoplay - https://www.twitter.com/whatoplay - https://instagram.com/whatoplay - https://plus.google.com/100536220375867144593/.
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Text Comments (249)
علاء علام (6 days ago)
And on 2019
mr. derpool (1 month ago)
cube life? wtf switch?!
Aleksander Gullanger (1 month ago)
Steep is cancelled
DRIAX (4 months ago)
should’ve bought a ps4
m1ke (4 months ago)
Really? I was expecting some games like LA Noire.
aina hidayati (5 months ago)
Cibaito Power (6 months ago)
All trash
Realmasterorder (6 months ago)
Sry dont like Minecraft like graphics games
Jwaveyyy (6 months ago)
Half of these games I wouldn’t even consider it a open world
Jeenaud X (6 months ago)
so none
Jeam (6 months ago)
I hope gta 4 comes out on the switch.
Marcquise White (6 months ago)
I thought I wanted a switch...
Fang (7 months ago)
im scared for the poor switch if cube life is anything to go on
Mathieu Ouellet (7 months ago)
Most of them doesn't even have a release date... how can it be a video about 15 games in 2018 if they might not be in 2018?
Mythrays1 (7 months ago)
The only good games are the Dragon Quest Builder games, the rest of these are shit games.
xXSpaceMexicanXx (7 months ago)
Wow all the switch hate lol😂😂😂
seddar (8 months ago)
Are you Dutch?
Joona B (8 months ago)
I have a feeling the switch will die in the next two years or the next Nintendo console will be a Wii U blunder. This is just a guess and an opinion. high capacity game cards delayed till next year- limits devs. The long wait for a good virtual console to get old Nintendo games that you will then have to repurchase. Big devs holding off new games will also hurt the switch. Yeah they are releasing old games but some people have already played years ago on other systems cuz the Wii U was trash. Just like some people won’t buy old Nintendo games cuz they already purchased them from the vc, who wants to buy la noire, Skyrim, steep when they already have it on other consoles. Through in the fact that this is a tablet pretty much and they limit what you can do on it. No YouTube, no real browser. Then hardware limitations means big studios can’t easily port new games to it is bad. Why would they waste money to sell less than 500k on the switch when they can focus on Xbox and ps and sell millions easy. Of course it’s been the best selling console. There was no new consoles to compete against. Xbox one x and PS4 pro are niche markets in themselves and again easy to cater to for big devs. I like the switch. I have one. Unless they start doing something to get big devs to release games for it it’s gonna tank. Then the switch follow up will suffer like the Wii U cuz everyone will realize the subpar hardware will not support new and upcoming big dev games.
Franz IV (8 months ago)
looks horrible, not getting a switch that way
Q (8 months ago)
I know Nintendo has a better lineup then this for 2018. I'm not saying they shouldn't drop them for people who like them but these are the games that put the Wii in the not for real Gamers category. I don't think that's where they want to be when switch has the potential to be a very great system or all gamers
fluffhead9 (8 months ago)
These are not open world games.
Lyte Epps (8 months ago)
This is just the same list as all the other, u simply preyed on ppls love for open world games.. shame
Gisela Marquez (8 months ago)
Switch can handle better graphics yet they keep making games like these
Derrick Castle (8 months ago)
Shitty list. I want a switch, but just can't find many reasons
YouthEnergy (9 months ago)
Feels like every other game on this list is described as "though not exactly an open world.."
Therix (9 months ago)
I really want to play Hover
Jess dela Fuente (9 months ago)
Nothing about avabel is casual...its WoW for your phone lol
Brumski (9 months ago)
we arlready got minecraft for switch
DG THE YT KING (9 months ago)
who wants fallout 4 on Nintendo switch?
Nader Hany (2 months ago)
Hell Yeah!
Ferhat (9 months ago)
Dragon quest looks good
Cube life? Roflll
Chicken Perm (9 months ago)
That's a HARD pass on all
Bionic Freak (9 months ago)
Human Fall Flat is not an open-world game, it just happens to have open-ended maps. That aside it’s still a GREAT game, but you’ll probably beat it in 2-3 hours on your first playthrough. I just wish they’d add more levels.
HONEY (9 months ago)
Abonnez-vous sur akram amrhar
Meme (9 months ago)
If they release GTA V and COD I would rather buy that console instead of PC
colin buffam (9 months ago)
Man im pleased i resorted to skipping through. That was pants
Terryss95 (9 months ago)
Do you understand the meaning of "open world"?
Donald Patterson (9 months ago)
depressed I bought a switch looking at these titles
Younes Ten (10 months ago)
I hope that the Nintendo Switch is the cheapest price, I love the switch but the price is very high, I want to be the cheapest price , One piece open world
TheSavageGangPlays 21 (10 months ago)
Haise (10 months ago)
All these games look like trash man
Fizzl Dizzl (10 months ago)
Haise Haha These aren't Nintendo Switch Gameplay/Trailer xD
2k17 chill (10 months ago)
the switch has the most garbage games hands down. my god
Mushi Rules (10 months ago)
There's like 3 games for the 3ds
Why tf would they not make dragon quest 2 just an expansion or a patch. Misleading title btw.
KakaGridrider awx (10 months ago)
I wanna see dirt 4 come
KakaGridrider awx (10 months ago)
Farmers dynasty cool
Jung Bálint (10 months ago)
There is no Terraria. I don't need this console.
Irukandji 84 (10 months ago)
This guy seems to take the term Openworld very, very loosely.
Crow Migration (10 months ago)
How many of these are already available on Steam? I'm guessing most since that has been the trend. If it's good I'd rather just play it now.
ZakAshChan (10 months ago)
So, in a video about upcoming Switch games, Switch trailers weren't used? 😕
Viktor Lecter (10 months ago)
Meanwhile PS4 gets: Days gone Red dead redemption 2 Far cry 5 The last of us 2 God of war Monster hunter: world Dragon ball fighterz Jurassic world evolution Spider-man.
Chris L. (5 months ago)
Viktor, I'm a PC gamer for the most part but I bought the Switch for the seemless mobility. I'm pretty sure most people who buy a Switch come with the understanding it's not equal to a PS4/Xbox One/PC.
Viktor Lecter (9 months ago)
Joshua Green when it comes down to Nintendo, your "new tech" is a whole generation behind.
Joshua Green (9 months ago)
Viktor Lecter all these games have been in production for 4+ years. Switch just came out 9 months ago. New tech you know.
Russel Crozett (10 months ago)
"Open world"
Shovelware (10 months ago)
All.of those games look like iPhone / iPad games. Lol
jjemerald (10 months ago)
Mulaka= Mexican Zelda
ASENDED BOI (6 months ago)
Haise (10 months ago)
jjemerald LMAO
René Martinez (10 months ago)
It was made in mexico, by mexicans, about a mexican indigenous culture
Viktor Lecter (10 months ago)
jjemerald what's so Mexican about it?
Ebefren Revo (10 months ago)
matthew printz (10 months ago)
Steep looked pretty cool!
Julian Monsalve (10 months ago)
I have a switch and love it but why is the switch hardly getting any 3rd party triple a games?
Joshua Green (9 months ago)
Julian Monsalve because it’s a new system. Porting games to work well and look well on the system takes time and money. Companies are still weary if the switch is worth it.
K.C. Cook (10 months ago)
Just watched neebs gaming do that fall flat.
Kelly d (10 months ago)
Starting to worry I may have wasted my money on this switch with all this childish nonsense coming out......
Vinicius Madeira (10 months ago)
Kelly d Mario Zelda Mario Kart Bayonetta Skyrim Valkyria Chronicles Xenoblade Chronicles L.A. Noire Doom Gunvolt ARMS Splatoon Bomberman Metroid Kirby Pokémon Wolfenstein Are these games good for you?
dafuzzymonster (10 months ago)
lots of minecraft rip ofs
Carlos André Reis (10 months ago)
Pretty sure you know these aren't open world. Clickbait. Edit: Most of it, anyways.
Perfect Cell (10 months ago)
Heyhey what about that Pokemon game? No, not yet? :'(
Lanman X7 (10 months ago)
Jonadab Condeno (10 months ago)
These are great games. I do hope switch last much longer.
ZMM (10 months ago)
The only open world game I'm checking for is the next Zelda
TheMilkMan_is_coming (10 months ago)
Why is the 3ds still getting games like nobody cares the switch is clearly way more better so why
Daniel Kvarnstrom (5 months ago)
They say they'll continue supporting the 3ds till the switch is in every household
Vinicius Madeira (10 months ago)
Because it's still selling well
Danny Sealock (10 months ago)
I love the switch but all of these are ass and some of them aren't even open world. Just waiting on Kirby, metroid, and yoshi
Nookie (10 months ago)
Verbal_Soulzzz (10 months ago)
Nothing but shitty 8bit games or games that are just overall Meh to me. Can't wait for outlast though ! Hype! Hype! Also steep might not come out anymore
WigglyGull (10 months ago)
Yo its like they chose the worst games to show but you know Nintendo's going to have a masterpiece shown early 2018
Blink * Army (10 months ago)
Where is Overwatch for Switch? :/
hi yall (10 months ago)
another minecraft based/style game. how original.
#TK Clips (10 months ago)
Tatltael (10 months ago)
Steep is gone in the wind IMO. Hope Nintendo just makes a HUGE 1080 snowboarding
Collin Dennis (10 months ago)
Steupsss half these games looking like it coming out for the note 8
Jay Chakra (10 months ago)
The Hover game instantly made me want a Jet Set Radio game on the switch. Please do it Nintendo. Please.
Art Attack (10 months ago)
These games are just to neon and cartoonish
Bright.Light.Sights (10 months ago)
wheres mufuckin pikmin
AmnesiaGm1 (10 months ago)
Can you remind "your" definition of openworld ?
AmnesiaGm1 (10 months ago)
XI = 11 IX = 9
cliffy f (10 months ago)
great video sub+like
뿡뿡! ^__^ (10 months ago)
Your grammar and pronunciation are bad. "revolt" is pronounced RE-VOLT not "revault." And your video title is a lie. Almost none of these games are open world, and half aren't even kind of open world. Then at the end of the video you say we csn get the games by clicking the links below. after telling us most havent released yet...
Peacetothehaters (Remix) (4 months ago)
Unkle Adams too bad most countries are influenced by so called “inept” America.
Unkle Adams (9 months ago)
뿡뿡! ^__^ Revolt is pronounced revault. At least in most countries that aren't as inept as America.
J Smith (10 months ago)
your spelling and typing are bad its can and not csn
Cynical track784 (10 months ago)
Hyped for steep
jduran1979 (10 months ago)
I want mulaka!!!
Stacey Harris (10 months ago)
when. seenshakedown hiawii I stopped the picture is flipping weard
lazii man (10 months ago)
still dont see any of them attracted enough to buy
뿡뿡! ^__^ (10 months ago)
lazii man Too lazii to study English, man?
Jinsei Cast (10 months ago)
For a second I thought that was Mario's face, restyled, in the thumbnail. I gotta get some sleep...
puddum (10 months ago)
why are so many of them *not* open world when the title is "15 Upcoming Nintendo Open World Games of 2018"
Ulen Grau (7 months ago)
because saying "open world" is like saying "blockbuster" for movies in the 90s, even those that would clearly not sell many seats... It's just a good way to promote any game that is 3D and isn't "on rails." Even though that's not what open world means.. the definition being quite clear since Zelda (1986), maybe even before then, and does not require 3D.
Mathieu Ouellet (7 months ago)
Most of them with no release date... Title should be : 15 Upcoming Nintendo "open world or not" game of maybe 2018
Emilie Plays (9 months ago)
puddum He wants views for money.
RJCMaxification (10 months ago)
just a clickbait channel i guess
Mirc Amil Ampoloquio (10 months ago)
This people just look at the graphics. What matters is the mechanics and the gameplay. Thumbs up for the effort man!
Oscar WhatTheFck (8 months ago)
What matters isn't graphics nor mechanics and gameplay. What matters depends on the taste of every single person. You can care less about mechanics and more about enjoying cartoony or realistic graphics for example, or maybe you really like to enjoy games with a deep story and matching ost.. it's just a matter of taste, and everything is right, which doesn't mean everything will be liked by everybody, but that is totally okay, because that means there's a wide variety of styles.
Its_Elkku (10 months ago)
뿡뿡! ^__^ I believe he meant "This, people" as in this is something that should be looked up to. Hope I cleared it up.
DesertorMax :D (10 months ago)
WizaDude 40%???? That is too much. Artwork: 15% Mechanics and animations: 20% Fun: 30% Innovation: 25% Graphics: 10% 15% + 20% + 30% + 25% + 10% = 100%
WizaDude (10 months ago)
I believe the graphics should be at least 40% of the game
UGC Employee (10 months ago)
Endert You have a strong ass gameboy if you can play LA Noire , Doom , Skyrim and Outlast on
ramiel555 (10 months ago)
some interesting games, but....this dude really needs to improve his script reading ability
Unicorns and Compliments (10 months ago)
yup youre not reading off a script definitely not
Unicorns and Compliments (10 months ago)
Its_Elkku yeah but its not supposed to sound like it to the point that it sounds like you dont even play video games.
Its_Elkku (10 months ago)
BOSSMODS Why wouldn't he be reading off a script? That's the standard for these kind of videos, it isn't supposed to be a secret.
SPIRITED GAMERS (10 months ago)
I’m really only looking forward for Yoku’s island express and Mulaka based on this video
dobermanbgd (10 months ago)
Octopath traveler is 59.99?! Not sure if Square Enix lost their minds, but this is 2017.
Os Torres (10 months ago)
its actually really good. i played the demo. But i guess its a middleware game so 40-50 dollars seems more reasonable
The Trap Dough (10 months ago)
dobermanbgd well since worse games are 60,octopath doesnt bother me since it looks awesome
Chiafade now (10 months ago)
dobermanbgd Yeah not paying $60 for that. $30 maybe.
spider bro (10 months ago)
Lattrodon (10 months ago)
why are game graphics getting worse over time
Lattrodon (10 months ago)
mandolin quinn so what if the ps5 comes out in 2021 then
mandolin quinn (10 months ago)
Lattrodon theres a concept called "Diminishing Returns" which states that when a product reaches a certain level of quality adding more to that quality will not increase the value of the product. This is one part of the reason we are not seeing graphical progressions as we saw from, say the 16-bit era to the 32/64 bit era. Another reason for varied graphical styles is the saturation of high fidelity, hyper realistic games. An interesting art style will help a game stand out among the crowd much more than a game attempting to create the most high end graphics their budget will permit.
WizaDude (10 months ago)
What's bad about reading a script
ZyrusDesigns (10 months ago)
Lattrodon ur probably blind
jacob munk (10 months ago)
What a shit year for switch if this is it.
FireFly79 (10 months ago)
I suppose that depends on what sort of games you like? For me it’s been a great year for the Switch. We’ve had Zelda and Mario out in the first year. We’ve also had Splatoon 2 and Mario + Rabbids which are great. We’ve also had Doom and LA Noire (both of which I hadn’t played before) which I love and just recently Xenoblade Chronicles 2 which is epic. So that is 7 great games for me to play within the first year and that’s not mentioning some of the great indie titles that I have and love too. So all in all it’s been a pretty good year from what I wanted from the Switch.
Chiafade now (10 months ago)
jacob munk Nintendo is padding their big releases with Indies. They'll have 2 maybe 3 big releases next year. I don't count the ports they're bring over like Bayonetta 1 and 2. Only new releases.
xRPMx Ninja (10 months ago)
These are only open world games and there will probably be many more of these too
jacob munk (10 months ago)
human fall flat open world? cmon_!!!!???
nate dogg (10 months ago)
Basically there haven't been any recent updates on 2018 games so they click baited us with indy crap.
mazrimalthor (7 months ago)
Dragon Quest is indy?
nate dogg (10 months ago)
Not all indy games are crap but these ones do not impress.
Squidward (10 months ago)
Flounder Really?
Flounder (10 months ago)
nate dogg what does it matter whether a game is Indy? Are you aware that Witcher 3 is indie?
KingDallas 167 (10 months ago)
I got the nintendo switch because i thought there will be alot more better games, coming for it soon but all these games are basically indies games.I would love to see Battalion Wars 3.So far the SWITCh has only 3 good games Legend of Zelda, Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I might have to return it and get my money back if this keeps up
Johan Guevara (10 months ago)
Morphies laws coming soon
Michael Angel (10 months ago)
Square and Ubisoft are indie companies now? I think your dictionary is broken.
Phillip Suarez (10 months ago)
Verbal_Soulzzz splatoon 2 is awesome put about 140 hours into it, mario+rabbids is awesome so are arms, mk8dx, poken tournament dx , xenoblade chronicles 2, mario odyssey, Zelda breath of the wild, and fire emblem warriors!
Verbal_Soulzzz (10 months ago)
You hate splatoon 2 ? Man you must be fun at parties. Legit probably the best game hands down for me
KingDallas 167 (10 months ago)
Well i dislike Splatoon not a very big fan of metroid. plus i alrdy have doom,skyrim and L A Noire so why would i buy them again? What i meant to say is that i wanted more selection i know its news but must all of these games are indie or RPG games i want more than that.
D (10 months ago)
these games suck
Vinicius Madeira (9 months ago)
Randybailey Bailey Project Octopath Traveler is good, play the demo, try yourself
Vinicius Madeira (10 months ago)
D Say that to Octopath Traveler

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