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Low Pc? No Problem! Best 20 Games For 2GB - 3GB Ram Pc & Laptops & Old Computer

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Text Comments (1028)
GETGAMINGPK PK (7 hours ago)
assal e alikum
Ertuğrul Nuroğlu (1 day ago)
SSStylish (2 days ago)
0:18 Didn't know about this Tomb Raider. :o
Hasan Basan (2 days ago)
u dont have ram ? no problem ! play with your old toys :)
Valentine Konushenko (3 days ago)
low pc its not small RAM, its weak CP
Medrod (4 days ago)
He has 35/50 ammo - reload !! <3
DeiAsPie (4 days ago)
good work
Hisan bro (4 days ago)
subscription done, but i expect more comfort bro
Noot noot (5 days ago)
well so why wont you just put the pc on an higher place?
Happy Chester (5 days ago)
my name Jeff
Bruce Kyle (5 days ago)
Not really the best 20 and you know it! I could think of plenty older games that surpasses these games,and they requires basically nothing. As matter of fact,a lot of these games in the video are refund tops.
Fabinoushletroll (6 days ago)
une Pensé pour ceux qu'arrivent qu'a faire tourner midtown madness 2
Darkus - (7 days ago)
You can also play Mafia II
Ghaith Zd (8 days ago)
Can I play these games I have 515 mb ram
El Editor Misterioso (8 days ago)
Medal of honor?, no NO
NickyTwe Twe (9 days ago)
Need graphics card?
skin09588 (10 days ago)
every game is shit
Mhadhebi Helmi (10 days ago)
1:12 console key symbols ? fu
Ultimater Zone (10 days ago)
STORM TEAM (10 days ago)
ghost recon are you kill me hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Endalk Fassil (11 days ago)
Mr. Panda (11 days ago)
Gaming Tutorials Ft (11 days ago)
Saulo Guardiao (11 days ago)
wow great game ! i have more 2 games Saints Row The Third and Prototype 1 and 2 too !
Suliman sofi (12 days ago)
how to dowlode the game on PC
king king (12 days ago)
Nice video
Rokeya Begum (12 days ago)
Where is Bioshock infinite and DMC devil May cry
mourad belk (13 days ago)
can i play this games on my laptop LENOVO V110 with no problems and nice graphics Specs: Processeur Intel Core i3-6006U (Dual-Core 2 GHz - Cache 3 Mo) Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 520 4 Go de mémoire DDR4 (4 Go intégrés + 1 slot libre - maximum 12 Go au total) Ecran large de 15.6" anti-reflets au format 16/9 (1366 x 768) Sortie HDMI, pour le raccordement à un téléviseur HD Disque dur de 500 Go (5400 RPM) Communication sans fil Wi-Fi AC + Bluetooth 4.1 1 port USB 3.0 : vitesse haut débit avec des périphériques compatibles Batterie offrant jusqu'à 5h30 d'autonomie (selon l'utilisation et les programmes installés) Webcam intégrée 0,3 Mégapixel Sécurité : puce TPM 2.0 intégrée Haut-parleur monaural (1x 1.5 W) + microphone monaural intégré Windows 10 Famille 64 bits Direct x12
THE IRAQI KING (15 days ago)
where the link
rayyan yousuf (15 days ago)
ganduu gamaaa haiii
Sid (15 days ago)
Ovi Sharkar (17 days ago)
Give me the Darksiders 2 game exe link....plzzz.....
Mehdi Benaboud (17 days ago)
god of war (17 days ago)
Ooo i dont need this game because i have gameing pc
ruchi mehra (17 days ago)
very wow
Harsh Raj (17 days ago)
Assassin creed 3 have good graphics it does not support in 2gb ram
Bojan Mikic (18 days ago)
really american truck simulator?????? LoL!!!
fx forget (18 days ago)
if you dont have a graphic card you cant play almost all these games
Dimka Chornyi (18 days ago)
- James Bond 007 Blood Stone - Tom Clancy’s Ghost recon future soldier - Table top racing world tour - American Truck Simulator - Max Payne 3 - Medal of honor warfighter - Battlestrike shadow of stalingrad - Rooster teeth vs zombiens - Motorcycle Club - Warmonger Operation Downtown Destuction - Rollcage stage 2 - Truck racer - Elite warriors vietnam - Darksiders 2 - Assassin’s creed 3 - Fast and furious Showdown
Mir Memon (18 days ago)
webstes are not avaable
Puneet Sharma (18 days ago)
bro please provide me a link where i can downlaod it with crack or key free of coost replyy me a soon as possible thanking y
Kick My Son (18 days ago)
can my gtx 1060 6gb vram and 8 gb ram run any of these games?!
LisPlays (6 days ago)
yes at high settings !
Tejas Dahake (19 days ago)
Ashmith KP (19 days ago)
can these games can get in Microsoft store
Ashmith KP (19 days ago)
Black HAT (21 days ago)
LusytGamer (21 days ago)
Minut of the thumb?
Jupri Chan (21 days ago)
Fast and Furious Showdown is the worst game ever lol
Jharred Viray (21 days ago)
table top racing is not the best game
Gourav Bhattacharaya (22 days ago)
what are the graphics requirements for such games.
Briefing gaming (22 days ago)
In this video 24k subs and now 174k subs congrats M pro channel
planet of tech games (24 days ago)
the only thing i didnt like was he gave xbox360 and ps4 gameplays
NAVEEN P JOSHY (24 days ago)
You should have included mafia 2...it works fine in my 3gb ram pc
Fati ibrahimi (24 days ago)
thanksbro it works
MajesticSam (24 days ago)
Need for speed most wanted 2005
@M Pro Channel can you do: Top 10 free steam low speck games ?
TKT Channel Music (27 days ago)
*11:58** VietNam Is My Country :))*
Tôn Ngộ Không (3 days ago)
haha Ziệt Nam kìa
Việt Nam (3 days ago)
Việt nam
Tech Know (27 days ago)
you are the best
Little mallow (28 days ago)
Highly compressed games please .
shut up and subscribe (29 days ago)
i mean my pc couldn't even run Minecraft.
Zaki DOTA 2 (1 month ago)
Oliver John (1 month ago)
put the ink to download also to increase the subscriber
Denis Black (1 month ago)
just play legacy of kain series... don't waste your time on this shit
Zero001 LP (1 month ago)
Yes, because there isnt a MB and 1 GB ram which is the real low end... Even tho rams dont really matter and more the graphics cars it still annoys.
A C (1 month ago)
Downloads# gets 1 fps.
BlitzKriegBoy (1 month ago)
the game in the thumbnail?
Zanzi97 (1 month ago)
Useless video...An example : if i play max payne 3 on 3gb of ram does not mean that the game will run. If i have a pentium d 820 and integrated gpu i will not be able to play the game, but if i have a ryzen 7 1700, 3 gb of ram (yes, no one gets a ryzen 7 with 3gb of ram...i think the lowest amount you can get is 4gb with a very crappy ddr4 stick) and a gtx 1080 it will probably run maxed out at 120 fps, in 4k maybe...So stop considerating ram the only "hardware spec" to play a game, thanks.
Maksims Fofjfhs (1 month ago)
U stupid? Max Payne 3 is not for low pc
robbob46 (1 month ago)
I have 32 mb
Shashank Rana (1 month ago)
bro freedom fighter game is also best
Ramzee Abrahams (1 month ago)
Sucks wud b great if had website downloads in discption
Foca Da Madrugada (1 month ago)
Flatout 1 and Flatout 2 too
abdallah samara (1 month ago)
but can my intel hd 3000 graphic handle these games?????
GReek Box Gaming (1 month ago)
great list,thank you
Mugnimodi (1 month ago)
i agree......never will look like this or work anyway as we did see in this video....wanna know what a gpu is used
盘盘 盘盘 (1 month ago)
xbox 360 ,ps3 version still good than 5 - 8 years before pc version (incl.99% port games)
Malk Sherif (1 month ago)
تستحق 100000000 مشترك\Well worth it 100000000 Subscribers
Mujtaba Adeel (1 month ago)
Very good
Channel of Volgs (1 month ago)
U r awesome bro
Whitey (1 month ago)
also Half-Life series, Postal 2, Mortal Kombat 9, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, Left 4 Dead 1,2, Killing Floor 1, Star Wars Jedi Knight series, Star Wars Battlefront II (2005), Mirrors Edge 1, FlatOut 2, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto III, Portal 1, 2, Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike Source, Team Fortress 2, Driver: Parallel lines, and more other popular games.
Neal L. (1 month ago)
bhai inme se kuch games k torrentz mil skte h kya? mere pass i3 2350 processor h
Asesino de Neuronas (1 month ago)
Thanks, i love you.
AsahiSenko (1 month ago)
I have an i3 6100k 3.7ghz 8gb ddr4 but my main problem is my gpu...Gt 710v2
{عاشق سجى } (1 month ago)
you are the Boss
jacob godson (1 month ago)
You have missed a game that is sleeping dogs
FREEKILL Dz (1 month ago)
dude in your videos you have only 3 good games the other games looks like piece of shit
Phoenix500 (1 month ago)
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim <3
gile (1 month ago)
Shit games. MAME games is best for old PC
Saha Saurav (1 month ago)
Bhai link de do windows 10 ke liye
luka Barda pro (1 month ago)
luka Barda pro (1 month ago)
i have6 ra.
what s your name music 00:1
what s your name music 00:1
Sonali Art Press (1 month ago)
Can you give link for download this game
Michal Zajac (1 month ago)
Sonali Art Press steam
munnna pandey (1 month ago)
android Mobile me ye sab game chal sakta h
ranjith kumar (1 month ago)
Rise of the Tomb raider
Rvi kumar (1 month ago)
Sir ji link to Dal dete
MINCRAFT2222232 (1 month ago)
First can you speak Arabic because I'm one of them second the game need these good ram room\good processor \ fine video card and all of these just take almost 60$ I hope that I helped you in something :)
Yao Kuassi (1 month ago)
RAM doesn't render graphics. If you want to play games with higher fps, upgrade your graphics card.
otakuboy 600 (1 month ago)
Very nice...how about a video on Married Gamers and Un-married Gamers?
Mohamed Alsaadany (1 month ago)
If you want to be perfect specially in this video give us some links to download them ;)
Michal Zajac (1 month ago)
Mohamed Alsaadany steam
AJ Shadow (1 month ago)
Gta San Andreas Sleeping Dogs CastleVania GForce Renegede Transformers And Many more

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