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The Meg - Final Battle I Jonas Defeat Megalodon - Megalodon Will Die ? [FHD]

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Explore the Final Battle - Jonas Defeat Megalodon from the new Shark Movie 2018 - Warner Bros' The Meg / Megalodon will die ??? ✖ #themeg #megalodon #themeg2018 ✖ The Meg is a 2018 science fiction action thriller film directed by Jon Turteltaub with a screenplay by Dean Georgaris, Jon Hoeber, and Erich Hoeber, loosely based on the 1997 book Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror by Steve Alten. The film stars Jason Statham, Li Bingbing, Rainn Wilson, Ruby Rose, Winston Chao, and Cliff Curtis, and follows a group of scientists who encounter a 75-foot-long (23 m) megalodon shark while on a rescue mission at the floor of the Pacific Ocean. ►Subscribe KenrryTV for more THE MEG MovieClips: https://goo.gl/NlAabd ►Follow KenrryTV on Google +: https://goo.gl/DOKYu9 or Twitter THE MEG - Playlists: - All Scary Scenes: https://bit.ly/2OJOVRI - The Megalodon All Kill Scenes 2018: https://bit.ly/2xqvU0f ✖ THE MEG © 2018 - Warner Bros. Pictures.
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Text Comments (1285)
Jazzie Wiliams (37 minutes ago)
When you're glad the dog survived
ismail akbulut (41 minutes ago)
Pes Fanatiği (2 hours ago)
Man i just see Micheal Myers trailer when im watching this im getting terrified
Pes Fanatiği (2 hours ago)
Ian Lockyear (2 hours ago)
the meg got sick from all that msg lol - gut eeeeem
Pes Fanatiği (2 hours ago)
Larry Coates (4 hours ago)
Just happy the dog lived lol
Xeno Morph (5 hours ago)
You're gonna need a better Movie...
CrootexGaming Liang (7 hours ago)
So smart going to hunt the Meg with a little kid on board I part to you lil kid :/
Bakir Jensen068 (8 hours ago)
hnjhymj hahhahs
Reverse Flash (9 hours ago)
MVP Sharks
Robert Meyer (10 hours ago)
the crew should sue the new network because of their damn helicopter pilots crashing into their ship
Manosso filial gerdau (10 hours ago)
Gonzalo Ochoa Oscós (13 hours ago)
Well, the effects suck... Movie**
Rebecca Grooms (14 hours ago)
Not the dog 😭 Sike! 😂
Tokyo Japan'sx (14 hours ago)
What's the name of this movie anybody knows please let me know
Jianqun L (16 hours ago)
So those helicopters went all the way there just to crash into each other?
Malte Martinson (18 hours ago)
Júlio Emanuel Dantas (19 hours ago)
и нахуя я это поглядел, если не знаю корейский
KANEKI GOL (21 hours ago)
Brayn [BS] (23 hours ago)
Хватит блен перематывать не можешь нармально сбросить дибил
Marcel Jimenez (23 hours ago)
😩que disparate
GV Subramanian (1 day ago)
Kurt Bajar (1 day ago)
Is the megalodon exist
geoff hill (1 day ago)
wow that was truely pathetic
Reaper - Gaming (1 day ago)
Me when I see all those kids. You do not realise there’s A FLIPPING SHARK IN THERE AND ITS WAY BIGGER THAN A GOD DAMN GREAT WHITE. Another explanation: Their stupid
Dashcam Fellow (1 day ago)
I won't be wasting my money on this CGI bollocks..
Albinmilo (1 day ago)
And guys there is 2 megalodon in the movie they killed the small megalodon then after the big megalodon Came out to eat all and the big meg just eated a guys friend
Albinmilo (1 day ago)
I SAW the full movie the dogs alive
NoScope360 (1 day ago)
another hollywood movie with chinese touch... i love chinese movie, but when it combined the cast, the place with hollywood actor and set or places, its a straight no from me its just doesnt fit correctly to me.. i just dont know why... i mean why not a beach in maldives, or maybe mariana trench, why must be in china? the invasion has begins i guess.. this is just my personal opinion, dont judge me pls.
i love roblox (1 day ago)
Ok cool I haven't seen the movie but whatever
KeepItSimple (1 day ago)
sighs... your gonna need a bigger boat...
Gabriel AA (1 day ago)
This movie was really, really bad,....Hollywood does really, really shitty SJW/Feminist movies that blow.
i love roblox (1 day ago)
Feitzi Feitzinger (1 day ago)
Do those people at the beach not know your not supposed to swim frantically when there's a shark in the water?
Fort. Craft574 (1 day ago)
What came out of the megs mouth,oh just a baby meg,great THE MEG 2
oh hell no master (1 day ago)
The little shark's where whiting alone time
Bárður Kruse (1 day ago)
Extremely bad movie
Genthiely Baobaoen (1 day ago)
the dog eat the kid. the end
Elev 352 (1 day ago)
They always make stupid choices in movies
Nate frambach (1 day ago)
Shut up meg
Billy Shanahan (1 day ago)
I have seen this movie
Ejazz Duz Manga (1 day ago)
imma love sushi tonight 😂😂
this is the coolest movie on earth
sonicbun (1 day ago)
that water's too clear to be Sanya Bay.
Maria Delacruz (1 day ago)
Enrique te cas air ho es pir mis trenditas no quieres que me towuen baby
Hungry shark
Prasenjit Mishra (1 day ago)
Lisajay Platero (1 day ago)
Well..... Imguess da shark s just a robot
Lisajay Platero (1 day ago)
The dog is just okay... Who would want 2 kill a precious dog.....
ReddoKiddoPlayz _yt (1 day ago)
Whos scrolling down the comments while watching
Sheldon Wijya (1 day ago)
So judging by how many sharks started to chomp on injured megalodon i have a question - there are THAT many great whites and other sharks near overpopulated chinese beach? And if you say "Well sharks can smell blood from miles away" - yeah but this either means that sharks have turboengines in their asses to get there THAT fast or all sharks of the oceans just so happened to mind their own business nearby even though large carnivore like megalodon should've scared them away just by presence alone. But i have to admit - i didn't see this scene coming and it was pretty dope so -1 sin
Nurul Jaya (2 days ago)
Gino Tan (2 days ago)
How can that Meg go swimming in that level of water? Also another way to reduce the population in China..haha
Prot (2 days ago)
Shut up, the Meg.
Jared Lehi Torres (2 days ago)
The Lesson Of The Story:Don't swim in the ocean and don't take dogs cuz the dogs will go in water and go to a far far super far very for super-duper far places cuz the ocean have megalodons
ROMAN BARLAM (2 days ago)
thats weird how many MEG is there?
DJ StarBucks (2 days ago)
you can watch the full movie at 123movies then find The Meg
FOX skills gaming (2 days ago)
why x2 meg ???
Mega Dragon (2 days ago)
Poor megalodon
Abdurrahman Siddiqui (2 days ago)
Shark porn
Tammura Ray (2 days ago)
Sharks keep their kids in their stomachs and a baby came out of its mouth
Sargent 404 (2 days ago)
I like how they don't notice a 60 foot shark swimming beneath them
ale989like333 2018 (2 days ago)
Pobre perro
ale989like333 2018 (2 days ago)
Puto video de mierda
hamster lion (2 days ago)
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Nemo TheEight (2 days ago)
So how exactly huge shark swam on relatively shallow beach? And how dare you put ads in sth you've didn't make? And WHY it didn't attack until they started to shout "shark"?
Ahmad Kamal (2 days ago)
How did he outrun a megalodon they are so fast but still
Philip Mccullagh (2 days ago)
I don’t have to watch it now cool agree if you’re glad the dogs ok.
Arthur Nascimento (2 days ago)
The sharks eat megalodon s corpse
Oh back kill shark dog is alive
Karan Singh saini (2 days ago)
Nice video
Coelhinho Fufu (2 days ago)
Another horrible movie to fulfill the stupid kids and teens from nowadays, lol
biggixer (2 days ago)
That megalodon is gonna have a lot of plastic in it's stomach that won't be good for it
Cecilia Del Rosario (2 days ago)
I love your thumb nail!!
joe herters (2 days ago)
its better the shark eat it than the asians
김ᄌᄋᄅ (2 days ago)
이거 완전 재미 있음 취향 저격 ㅋㅋ
Jerrett E. (2 days ago)
Cannibalism is key
Kaiserr (2 days ago)
Can we just talk about how rubbish this scene was ? A Megalodon would never ever eat a human. Humans are too tiny for it to eat anyway it would prefer whales which are what it ate before it went extinct. And besides, Megalodon sharks do not go near the surface, they arent surface dwellers according to some scientific research. All in all, this movie is bs and im glad i didnt spend any money to buy a ticket and watch it
Donny Indrawan (2 days ago)
Cmon guys..... Its only nazi secret submarine
Nivek (3 days ago)
What a stupid movie
Oscar Shap Masry (3 days ago)
احسن 4:51 خليه يشبع
Izunabi (3 days ago)
Meg : u gonna die Human : no u
Poopmanisred 666 (3 days ago)
10:28 wassup?
Tiana Elsie (3 days ago)
ok but pippin is the soul thing i want to see survive this movie
Shut up meg
Patrick Nalty (3 days ago)
The Helicopter Scene...... Not going to happen in real life 100%
ZOMBER_GAMER123 (3 days ago)
I feel bad for the guy inside the plastic ball because he died inside that ball which is pretty sad
Abraham Mclean (3 days ago)
A Pack Of Bull Orcas Would Tear That Thing Apart Ha!!! :P] .. .
MR_YT chu (3 days ago)
Ira Dunav (3 days ago)
The megalodon should have stayed where it was and should never messed with the Stath. Jason kicked that shark's a$$.
Dee Nice3749 (3 days ago)
Blue Sky123 (3 days ago)
FernandiZ ChanneL (3 days ago)
The Meg Full Movie Watch Here : https://tinyurl.com/y96col5e #TheMeg #TheMegFullMovie
phugwellsmind (3 days ago)
10:06 sharks that had their families eaten show the Meg how it feels.
Anda peete

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