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Most SLOTS in VEGAS! 2018 Tour of Harrahs Las Vegas!

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I can't believe how many slots are at Harrah's Casino. Harrah's was originally a Holiday Inn Casino with a giant showboat. In 1992, it was rebranded as Harrahs Las Vegas. The showboat was covered or taken down in 1997. Help support our channel, BUY A MUG! https://goo.gl/Jx8zXC #LiLV - Living in Las Vegas Jumpin Boogie Woogie by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/
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Text Comments (195)
YouCubed22 (10 days ago)
The ants go marching two by two hurrah, harrah
Fox Mulder (2 months ago)
If You don't want too get hassled by security--just get that very small cam that You can get online---its square--& clips on Your shirt pocket or jacket---security will not notice it--its very inconspicuous --
Carol Rogers (2 months ago)
Congratulations to Maria and Sean!
Van Dukeshier (3 months ago)
as always..nice walk thru.. Harrahs has always been a good place for me..always liked the Twins at the Dueling Piano bars..if they are still there need to get them into next Harrahs video.. thumbs up
David Berryman (3 months ago)
Your "blast to the past" segment at the beginning of your vids is a very nice touch. Thanks for yet another great video.
Anonymous User (3 months ago)
I stayed at Harrahs in 98 after the renovations at it was very nice. I enjoyed the location too.
Travis Pirtle (4 months ago)
You guys are awesome, love all your videos. Very informative and I will be there this July for a convention. Who knows maybe we will run into each other.
winebox (4 months ago)
We saw "Menopause The Musical" at Harrah's a few years ago. We both had just gotten over colds when we went on the trip and the air conditioning in the little cabaret style theater was kicking out some cold. When we left, my husband could not stop shivering. We stopped in that little carry out/liquor store in the casino that you showed towards the end, and picked up whiskey, Emergen-C and Advil. Everyone in Harrah's was really nice, too. It might not be the fanciest place but courtesy goes a long way. Went back to the hotel and made hot toddies.
Smug Smugly (4 months ago)
You know you got to get to Harrahs, Oh Yeah!
BoostedTM (4 months ago)
Thankyou for showing us around I haven’t been to a few places and it’s nice to see them before we go awesome stuff here thankyou again!!!!!!
Thomas Cahill (5 months ago)
It would be a short video. But, you should do casino royale
Robert Esensee (5 months ago)
The cocktails waitresses have been here for years! LOL!
Joeluv007 (5 months ago)
You should check out the Video SunGlasses.. I bought mine for $50.00 and the audio and video were 100% great.. Just go on line and type in video sunglasses... There are many different ones to chose from.. I go into casinos where security is always saying "there's no recording",, But with the video glasses they don't even approach me.. You might like them or love them..
Guy Davis (5 months ago)
Great video. Last I stayed at Harrahs was in 2014 and it has changed since then. Still lots of slots but the Food Court is new.
Jk Jak (5 months ago)
Good to see the increase in security
Chakara Davis (5 months ago)
Does Harrah's have parking for guest and can any1 tell me how the rooms are
Ben Majerly (5 months ago)
Harrah's has a parking garage that can be accessed off of the strip. Clearance is 6'11. Rooms are currently being renovated, check the website for more details and photos
David Musielak (6 months ago)
GREAT VIDEO AGAIN AND AGAIN. Thank you for all the hard work you do in making the videos and may you make many more!!!!!!💖💚🙃💚💖💚💖😻😻😻😻😻😻
tracey ellison (7 months ago)
Gold586 (8 months ago)
why does maria and sean look like living in las vegas duo? did they clone themselves?
Roy Lehew (8 months ago)
J Sierra (8 months ago)
If u want a nice hotel but u don’t want to spend witch ones u recommend
Living in Las Vegas (8 months ago)
NYNY or Luxor on the strip. Golden Nugget on Fremont
Chris Comer (8 months ago)
After watching your video tour of Harrah's, I just booked 3 nights for the girlfriend(soon to be fiancee)and myself in mid April. Shhh...don't tell her. Haha
Buckeye Girl (8 months ago)
Awe!!! Congratulations!! 🎉🍾 And message us on Facebook when you are here and depending on what’s going on we might be able to meet up.
Chris Comer (8 months ago)
If you're in town from April 15-18, would be great to meet up and grab a drink...on me of course. You and Craig seem like the most down to earth people I've watched on YouTube.
damianraver (8 months ago)
Love the video!!
Brenda Lu (8 months ago)
Congrats to Maria and Sean!
Mat B (8 months ago)
Have u guys ever been to Page Az?? we spent two nights there Lake powell and antelope canyon are stunning
Mat B (8 months ago)
Buckeye Girl Check it out its great not to far from Vegas Horseshoe bend at sun set is stunning....
Buckeye Girl (8 months ago)
yeltz1 benny No, I’ve never been to Page,AZ.
Kiki Garcia (8 months ago)
Can't get enough of your videos OR Vegas!!! Could you subscribe to my page too please?
toolerloot (8 months ago)
Have you guys ever done the 20 dollar trick and if so, does it work
toolerloot (8 months ago)
Living in Las Vegas thanks for the tip been watching all your videos to help plan our Vegas vacation
Living in Las Vegas (8 months ago)
toolerloot sometimes. Ask if they have any special events in town 1st. They'll be booked and the $20 trick won't work
Ballie Bunny (8 months ago)
OMG! I was at Harrah's last weekend! It was only $39 but plus another $39 for resort fee! :P
Aileen Ruiz (8 months ago)
Where are youuuuu??? I get so excited to watch your weekly videos and you’re MIA
Living in Las Vegas (8 months ago)
Aileen Ruiz sorry, I've been travelling. We have 5-6 videos that just need edited. Thanks for your comment. I'll get back on it
Martin Abraham (8 months ago)
Love to meet you guys hope to see you in June going down on my birthday weekend enjoy the city be awesome to have beer with you guys show us some great places
Osmo&Drone (8 months ago)
Nice tour! Thanks for the great video!!
KRUGE67 (8 months ago)
how come the casinos do not allow videos, free publicity is always good, love your videos, see you in November :)
Tiffaney Perez (8 months ago)
My husband and I love your videos!! Could you please do a video of the State Line Casinos? (Specifically Buffalo Bills!) Thanks! :)
Frank H (8 months ago)
Congratulations Maria and Sean! and to you both for your great vids and ever increasing celebrity status!!
Ashley O (8 months ago)
Why are you walking from Security? I must have missed something in previous vlogs.
Living in Las Vegas (8 months ago)
They will tell you to stop filming in the casino
Buckeye Girl (8 months ago)
Ashley O Typically you are not to film inside casinos.
filipe brandao (8 months ago)
great video guys, the harrahs slot is huge... and beautifull jeje.... the next stop mmm the golden nugget
Don Ames (8 months ago)
Congratulations Maria and Sean!
1swimr (8 months ago)
We are the tourist!
Blimpus (9 months ago)
Hey I didn't get notified! Anyway another great one guys. Harrah's has a great family fun magic act. The great Mac King! He is such a fun show. This was my very first 'Vegas Show' Lol! Great job on the slot world E. Good stuff. Keep em coming.
Living in Las Vegas (8 months ago)
F'in YT. I hear that from other ppl too. Not sure why?
dare linton (9 months ago)
Slot world at Harrah’s was so massive ! I loved it there. I like when a casino has a mix of new and old machines. They also have slot tournaments that are fun ! I entered and won $50 in freeplay.
James Farnham (9 months ago)
Nice video! Love the piano music!!!
donald paluga (9 months ago)
Slots World ain't #SlotsAFun 😂😂😂😂
Thanks for ur vids I'm going to vegas first time in agust hopefully might propose to my gf..
Mike Coleman (9 months ago)
can you show where the MegaBucks slot machines are. Thank you
Milk Shake (9 months ago)
I love Harrah's
Bill Levenson (9 months ago)
Great video! Looks like Vegas casinos have really increased security since last October, unfortunately. Your videos make me look forward to my next trip to Las Vegas! About the poker room: the World Series of Poker is held at the Rio, but since Harrah's and the Rio are both Caesars properties, Harrah's promotes the WSOP.
Mary Sarrell (9 months ago)
Love the video guys. I especially like how you do the renovation experience in the first of each video. I have spent a lot of time, and money in that Harrahs lol. Hope to see you guys in May with BC. Keep doin what your doing.
OVI-Wan Kenobi (9 months ago)
Please do a video of the PALMS Resort & Casino.
number51oco (9 months ago)
You guys keep cranking out quality videos you will need your own security detail to walk down the strip.
ziggy 2shus (9 months ago)
Glad you showed Michelangelo's greatest group sculpture------Buck,Winnie and Chip---at 6:00---and they say there is no great art in Las Vegas - eeeer........ would you believe Michelangelo Schwartz from down in the 'hood. - The Holiday Inn Casino was the first casino to have a mostly white interior. At that time all the other casinos had very dark interiors. The pit at Caesars Palace was black, now its white.
ziggy 2shus (9 months ago)
Michelangelo's statue of David is in Caesars Palace. (Rumor is that the Caesars statue of David is a full size 17 ft. exact copy of the original in Florence, Italy)( It is a little hidden in a off the beaten path shopping area.)
Tom Dockery (9 months ago)
A man named Jeff Bell died Saturday Night.Had he been elected to the Senate from New Jersey in 1978,both Atlantic City and Las Vegas may look far different today as the man who beat him,Bill Bradley,stopped all other states from going into sports betting.At the time Vegas was in a severe recession,trying to redefine itself.If California was allowed to have sports betting in the 90's,Vegas would have been in the middle.
Joanne Fereday (9 months ago)
Your videos are getting me all excited for our 4th visit to Vegas in May, can’t wait 😊 from a UK 🇬🇧 fan 😁😁
michael easton (9 months ago)
Congrats to Maria & Sean!!
Stephanie (9 months ago)
Congrats to Maria and Sean! <3 Cute couple! three more days till I go to Vegas!!!
martin vegas (9 months ago)
Why the dislikes?
Woof Olliesmydog (9 months ago)
I LOVE Harrahs! I like staying there, playing there and eating there. I sometimes stay Wynn and sometimes Harrahs. If I'm going with friends we'll stay Wynn....but if I'm on a solo trip and just want to gamble...then Harrahs is my choice. It's just fun there:-)
Chakara Davis (5 months ago)
Woof Olliesmydog good day how are Harrah's rooms and do they have parking for guest who are staying
luck is long gone (9 months ago)
Got to love running into your subscribers while shooting live, great video, thanks for sharing!
I'm Chris Munoz! (9 months ago)
The big guy with the long blonde hair on 5:17 looks like the guy that is always on "Vegas Dave" channel
I'm Chris Munoz! (9 months ago)
The lady at 3:46 😂😂😂😂
bart bossink (9 months ago)
go to the old continental casino . now named silver sevens casino. a casino for locals.. thank you.
rainranda5 (9 months ago)
I was just at Harrahs last week, it was nice but the buffet was meh. you guys are world famous now!
1962bonjovi (9 months ago)
I'm arriving in Las vegas on the 19th from Australia and your videos are so very helpful it's making it so much easier to make plans. I do hope to see you around vegas while I'm there and thank you personally.
Ihsan Khan (9 months ago)
I am enjoying your videos, I am PAKISTANI FROM PAKISTAN, I like you so much
djmm77 (9 months ago)
Hey Guys! I was in Vegas last week ( back home now - boo!) Erica, thanks for the "quick hits " tip! I won 800 bucks at the 'Golden Nugget' thanks to you! .. I looooved the Heart Attack Grill ... Thanks Guys for your great tips! Yay!
V9513 K (9 months ago)
love love love Vegas......Thanks for the video
katiekat22354 (9 months ago)
Been waiting for Harrahs!! 💖💖
Eric Henry (9 months ago)
Video came to life at 2:47 :)
jungsaymin (9 months ago)
I love this channel because I can see Vegas without going to Vegas (although I try to go once a year). Thanks for all the great videos and congrats Maria and Sean! May your lives be full of love, joy and great success!
M. D. Grimes (9 months ago)
I agree with jungsaymin, keep on truckin'
Nigel Burnie Burns (9 months ago)
Can you do a tour of the monti-carlo to check on construction xx Keep the video's coming Peace out
Living in Las Vegas (9 months ago)
Ya, great idea
DIAMLER (9 months ago)
I do like harrahs a lot. I want to meet you guys now lol, I’m coming to Vegas in June. I live in California though so I could just drive there this weekend if I wanted to lol
Adriana M (9 months ago)
Always love watching your videos. ❤️❤️ keep up the good work!
Bill Norwood (9 months ago)
Thanks guys, another awesome video :)
Semper Fidelis (9 months ago)
Those damn timeshare people are everywhere.....annoying as heck! Good video though
bigalthetank (9 months ago)
Congrats Maria & Sean!
RickB36 (9 months ago)
That keno worker was giving you the death stare 🤨🤨🤨
7UP YOURS (9 months ago)
is it possible to do a video at the aquarium at Mandalay Bay with the 360 cam?
7UP YOURS (9 months ago)
i figured that but if they're ok with it i thought that would be really cool...thanks
Living in Las Vegas (9 months ago)
+ICON not sure if they would allow us to film. Can look into it
Land Scapes (9 months ago)
That place is kind of a dump but it’s always packed. All about location. Last Monday at 1 am it was jamming in there! You guys are great!
Cody Goins (1 month ago)
Land Scapes they've actually cleaned it up a lot. It's no Wynn, Aria, Venetian, Caesars, Cosmopolitan, or Bellagio, but it's one of the better places in Vegas for the price
Bill Yowell (9 months ago)
You know you're doing something right when not once but twice you run into fans that have seen your videos.  Another good one made  more interesting by the amount of action.
KenoBabe777 (9 months ago)
My Favorite Place in the Whole World!!! It feels like home to me wherever we go there!!!
Barry Deditch (9 months ago)
See how far you have come since you started 2 years ago, 2 couples there, and how many on the streets. I wanna see all of you on GMA one day explaining your fame.
Yahjay808 (9 months ago)
& I thought MGM Had The most..Lol!
Yahjay808 (9 months ago)
Wooow!! That's CooOOoo!! 👍 👍 & Let us know where is the losses slots in las vegas..
Jeffrey Cornell (9 months ago)
First year we did the Cosmopolitan for our anniversary and loved the terrace but we wanted to come back the next 2 years on more of a budget and we both love the location and price of Harrahs. If you like to walk the strip at night and people watch, this is a prime spot. Rooms were clean and comfortable. I also love that everyone is running in to you both lol
Tina Lanning (9 months ago)
Congratulations Maria and Sean!
davh10 (9 months ago)
Best thing about Harrah's is Big Elvis.
Michael Spaulding (9 months ago)
When was the first casino made in las vegas?
ddd228/Dave in Seattle. (9 months ago)
My guess is 1906,B-4 gambling was legalized. The Golden Gate.
Andrew Pettola (9 months ago)
Wow, that place has really cleaned up! The last time I was in there I nearly had an asthma attack from all the cigarette smoke.
dennis cahill (9 months ago)
So cool people are recognizing you in public!
Jarison Johnson (9 months ago)
Amazing , nice tour .👍✔👌
Sandkei (9 months ago)
You guys are becoming Celebs :) Congrats Maria & Sean!
The Copper Mustache (9 months ago)
Best Vegas Channel !!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Copper Mustache (9 months ago)
Congrats Maria and Sean!!!!!!!!!
ZTM (9 months ago)
I go to Vegas a lot Harris is my favorite casino and hotel love staying there because it's has a great location and a ton of games and they just remodeled the rooms and they are beautiful, they offer great room prices great gaming and great location you can't go wrong
Raymond Dumont (9 months ago)
Her voice is so freaking irritating
Mike E (9 months ago)
It's easy enough to watch something else if you don't like it. I like your videos though.
Buckeye Girl (9 months ago)
Raymond Dumont Sorry, that’s my god given voice...
David Musielak (9 months ago)
Loved the video. GREAT JOB!!!!!😁😚😁😁
Yule_lager (9 months ago)
You guys should do a tour of the pinball hall of fame in Vegas. Love the videos.
ddd228/Dave in Seattle. (9 months ago)
They already did.
james daniels (9 months ago)
Thank you. That's better. I couldn't handle the 360 on my eyes.
Ivy 7788 (9 months ago)
Twice I've stayed at Harrah's. I like the location of the hotels in the middle of the strip.
PJ Slots (9 months ago)
Nice Tour. Always cool to run into people who have seen your videos. You have a great following and only growing. Hope to bump into you in April :)
Jack Mill (9 months ago)
BEST buffet is Palms!! $8.99 weekday and $11.99 weekends! AMAZING
Living in Las Vegas (9 months ago)
+Jack Mill that's what I'm talking about!

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