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Cranium Balloon Lagoon Board Game 2004 - The Four In One Carnival Game For Kids!

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Text Comments (53)
Briana Hodnett (1 month ago)
I only have one word. NOSTALGIA
BlazeMelon5 (6 months ago)
i got this game for christmas in 2004 and i saw it in an old christmas photo and looked it up
Automatic Underground (7 months ago)
I loved this game as a child
Quin Bast (1 year ago)
What is that one song called
hwa523ca Gaming (1 year ago)
I had this game when I was little!
Milk (1 year ago)
So many memory's came back to me
sophia. (1 year ago)
I've forgotten how much this game was a part of my childhood
HennySL hennick (1 year ago)
I had this game I did something I trued to play on the treadmill while it was on highest speed I got burns
Saúl Guerra (1 year ago)
Gasp I remember I loved playing this game in 5th grade
BrainSpyro (1 year ago)
0:52 oh no, N O T this ringtone pls send help *Stabs Glowing 1000 degree knife in torso*
You Lose Some (8 months ago)
Shut up vro
BrainSpyro (1 year ago)
Plus, I need this game to troll the ringtone haters. I was just joking over it.
Parker Maggard (1 year ago)
you have
ConfederateZephyr (1 year ago)
My childhood!
Nolan Nelson (1 year ago)
take a nap
Nolan Nelson (1 year ago)
you need to stop groning
Chase Reinhardt (2 years ago)
No hamburgers... there was one a die.
Chase Reinhardt (1 year ago)
+Bobz tv Lennox ???
sharon roberts (1 year ago)
Firealarm237 💢💢💢💢
Crayonfactory (2 years ago)
This was my favorite game when I was a kid. I completely forgot about it until now, and at first the only thing I remembered was the whale piece that you could put balloons in, haha. It's really nostalgic seeing this again. I also had the game hullabaloo, that was one of the best games when I was little too.
Crayonfactory (1 year ago)
I wish I still had the games so I could play them with my niece. She always wants to play Trouble, Bingo, or Yeti in my Spaghetti. She also brought Hungry Hungry Hippos once, but it isn't the same at all. They really made the new version cheap and the hippos broke every two seconds.
BrainSpyro (1 year ago)
Crayonfactory that is awesome! I love the Cranium series too!
Jonathan Patiño (1 year ago)
Tram Nguyen (1 year ago)
Amanda Rivera
Tram Nguyen (1 year ago)
Joseph Marino
Fiona Haines (2 years ago)
I just purchased this game 2nd hand & was thrilled to find this You tube as there were no instructions. There were no balloons so how do I purchase the balloons?
It came out in the same year when my son (Mitchell) was born!
Marc Weiner (2 years ago)
I used to have this game but I lost it somehow. What a shame. Maybe I'll buy it again.
Marc Weiner (2 years ago)
3:58 That's what she said ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Retro Skull (2 years ago)
I have many cranium games I acquired from thrift stores including this one
jenayee (2 years ago)
cranium made teachers pet, this has the same art style! :D
Fish R Relaxing (2 years ago)
When you did the snack hut you had to get maches because I have played the game before and someone tot me how to play
sniper Millet (3 years ago)
Dude why did you put a hamburger in there nested of ceeping it
oh my gosh! I remember this game. I remember I used to play it when I was bored. I found it today, and from what I know I haven't played with it for like, 6 years and the batterys still work like new! :-)
Alex Montalvo (1 year ago)
chocolate milk cats CMC i remember this game too
David Wagabuga (2 years ago)
+chocolate milk cats CMC wow that great
Cringe (3 years ago)
Did you say heady pouch
Fiveindc Videos (4 years ago)
Re: zoeybatterup... Was thinking the same! Lol. But I love that you were patient! You have a great "teaching" voice (esp for kids)! Many thanks for making this video. Much appreciated & VERY helpful as I got this 2nd hand & it didn't include the directions. You saved me a lot of trouble searching online! Moreover, it's much easier to learn the game this way, esp for my kids. You got us up & running quickly! — I had never heard of this one, & I'm SO glad I purchased it! We've played every day for a few days now & it's super fun! I love finding games that are suitable for a wide range of ages. We only have a few board games with which my 8, 7, *and* the 5 year-old can play, as well as *all* of them having & fun/not feeling like it's too easy/too young for the older ones. Not to mention it's even fun for adults! Most kids game that aren't in the "classics/staples" category begin to feel like torture after a while! Lol. But I'm def having fun playing this one! Thanks again! Fantastic tutorial! 👍😉👏
Alla Shapiro (5 years ago)
Alla Shapiro (5 years ago)
Alla Shapiro (5 years ago)
Alla Shapiro (5 years ago)
KatyLiv LPS (5 years ago)
Oh and we would stick our tounge out and make weird faces at them X_X XD
KatyLiv LPS (5 years ago)
ME AND MAH BESTIE LIV LOVE THE MARIGOROUND!! We would put it in the back of the car and stick out the widow in the person behind us face MEMORIES... MEMORIES
Lucky Penny Shop (5 years ago)
I had fun making the video :) Trying to complete each event...
Lucky Penny Shop (5 years ago)
I had fun with it :)
Zoeybatterup152 (5 years ago)
this game has not been kind to you
Zoeybatterup152 (5 years ago)
omg i had this one player game on my vtech but i lost the conseal and when ever i find it i lose the vetech
Lucky Penny Shop (5 years ago)
That is really cool.. We like to hear from original owners and what a game meant to them. That keeps us making videos like this.
Helena Novatsidis (5 years ago)
This was one of my favourite games when I was 6 LOL it's so cool to see it again! I wish I still had it!

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