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FREE Ballet Barre Arms Workout - Barlates Body Blitz 100 REP CHALLENGE Upper Body Barre

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Welcome to my 100 Rep Challenge Series. You will do 100 reps per exercise for a total of 10 exercises to give you a 1000 rep workout! So that there is no boredom factor there will be variations for each exercise so you won't be doing straight reps. The pace is fast to keep the heart rate up and there is little break between sets. With this 100 Rep Challenge upper body barre workout you will be performing all your favourite traditional barre arm exercises. You will definitely feel the burn, but try to push through! Have a couple of sets of hand weights ready in case you need to drop down. Because I will be counting throughout the workout, there won't be as many form pointers as usual so if this is your first time doing some of these exercises please check out some of my other barre workouts first as form is king to really feel the burn! Fitness level: Intermediate Equipment: light hand weights (1-3lb or 0.5-1.5kg) Subscribe to my channel for heaps of FREE workouts: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGmJMvoQfsmXgnnsmfF95PA Check out many other Barlates Body Blitz workouts and purchase the downloads or DVDs at: http://www.workoutdvdworld.com.au/workout-downloads/download-categories/ Follow me: Website: http://www.workoutdvdworld.com.au/ Face Book Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Work-out-DVD-world/180329732039233 Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/workoutdvdworld/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/barlates_body_blitz/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Workoutdvdfreak
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Text Comments (22)
Wow, what an awesome workout! i love the low weight high rep exercises. Totally feeling the burn!
Linda Wooldridge (4 months ago)
Yes, light weights are an awesome way to strengthen all the smaller supporting muscles! 😀
Brittany Smith (5 months ago)
Amazing!!! I have big arms i would like to know what size dumbells to use to get tone smaller arms? I been using 5 pound but my arms are still big and i do a lot of cardio and arm machines at the gym.
Brittany Smith (5 months ago)
Ok thanks
Linda Wooldridge (5 months ago)
If you mean big as in muscly, then you don't need to go heavier in your dumbbell size, but do more of these ballet arm exercises that use tiny weights. If you are storing fat on your arms then you need to do more fat burning exercises and I would still stick to the smaller weights so that you don't bulk up under the fat while you are reducing it. 😊
Gin Rod (7 months ago)
I do want to do this but you go so fast I can’t see if palms are up, down, etc.
Linda Wooldridge (7 months ago)
This one is a more advanced video where I talk less about form because I am keeping count. My style is fast so you will see that most of my videos apart from those that say beginners or basic in the title are quite fast. I am sure you will get used to my style and will be able to follow along in no time 😁
Carolina P. (1 year ago)
I simply love doing this workout. I'm done and already feel my arms fitter ;o)
Carolina P. (1 year ago)
I have just finished this killing and amazing routine. I'll do it 5 times per week.
Carolina P. (1 year ago)
Gracias ;o)
Linda Wooldridge (1 year ago)
You can mix and match with some of my other upper body workouts which are just as effective! You will get better results that way than just doing the same workout every time. Check out my upper body playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzDFFkf4D5gC9zz-W2ITNbuem7Hsohkfl
Brooke G (1 year ago)
Amazing!! Your low weight/high rep upper body workouts have been so effective. Not only do I see increases in strength and tone compared to when I was liftng heavy/low reps, it has helped me to recover from a shoulder and elbow injury that the other was aggravatingthe. I feel confident and stronger in my upper body strength thanks to you : )
Linda Wooldridge (2 years ago)
@onceruponamake-up If you did it 3 times a week you will definitely start seeing results as long as you also watch your diet and do some cardio exercises alongside. Here is a link to some more info on my website: http://www.workoutdvdworld.com.au/workout-downloads/barlates-workout-rotations/
oncer upon a make-up (2 years ago)
How many times a week should you do this exercise to see results?
Tiffany McCann (2 years ago)
I loved this workout! Just completed it for 2nd time this week. I use 2 lb weights & have to drop them a couple times. Felt a nice soreness in biceps, triceps & upper back for a couple days after doing it at the beginning of the week. Today I combined with your ankle weight lower body workout.
Linda Wooldridge (2 years ago)
Yes, I was sore a few days after filming this too. I love training with light weights :)
Amy F (2 years ago)
Oh my gosh...this proves you don't need heavy weights or even any to get a great arm workout! Thanks again Linda! as usual...the "BURN"!!! :) in a good way!
Kasia KG (2 years ago)
Great workout. Unfortunalely I wasn't able to complete 100 rep with 2- kilo dumbbels per hand. I did about 70 so it wasn't that bad, wasn't it?
Carolina P. (1 year ago)
1 kilo is indeed challenging!
Kasia KG (2 years ago)
Thanks. I will follow your advice. I just thought that 1 kilo won't be challenging enough :)
Linda Wooldridge (2 years ago)
As you continue to do this workout again and again you will get stronger, but if you are struggling just use lighter weights cause you don't want to strain the smaller supporting muscle groups that we are targeting :)
Usia55 (2 years ago)
You did great, but lower the weight to 0.5 -1 kilo as Linda suggests above.

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