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Top 5 Played STEAM GAMES - 2017. Today we discuss the most played games on steam as of 9/4/17. Were you suprised by any of the games on this list, let me know down in the comments down below. Thanks for watching and let me know if you would like to see a top 5 played steam games of 2018 video in the future. ★ 2nd Channel - https://goo.gl/RyvCmn ★Snacphat - TheChosen1inc ★Instagram - https://goo.gl/EwZRmF ★Twitch - http://goo.gl/kRBgH2 ★Twitter - https://goo.gl/xUmcOE Thechosen1inc is a cs go channel focused on talking about everything cs go. The focus is bringing you the latest cs go news and also opinions on the latest things going on in the counter strike global offensive community. Feel free to subscribe if your interested in counter strike global offensive content and the opinions of an angry man. Johnny BumbleFuck Is Always Watching ༼◕_◕༽ Contact Email - Schonewise@gmail.com
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Text Comments (101)
Jonathan Toh (4 days ago)
Battle royale is like copying pubg
beameron (3 months ago)
Where is Warframe ._. ?
WALID Abdul (4 months ago)
where's name of games man are u make this videos with out mintion name of games title
Youssef Naguib (5 months ago)
league of legends is better than dota 2 -_-
Lol isn't a steam game
Amerikan Templar (5 months ago)
csgo not a dying game? if csgo is not a dying game then TF2 is peanut and butter with overwatch
rapstazy zyzy (6 months ago)
rip pubg say hello to fortnite bayb
flaming death (5 months ago)
there both terrible
Ruben Stevenson (8 months ago)
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ForT Builder (8 months ago)
Warframe ??
runmyfade (8 months ago)
i played pubg for 30 minutes and returned it, i didnt like it. I like fortnite a lot more. Why do people like pubg anyways?
Jonathan Toh (4 days ago)
Fortnite for kids pfft
runmyfade (7 months ago)
1,000 subs no vid pls lol? i only play fortnite squad with my gang on discord. So, yeah.
Simon Milburn (7 months ago)
runmyfade do u have friends
TheJinsup (8 months ago)
im sorry but i cant like the video since i use my likes list as a play list
Skating Channel (8 months ago)
Pubg gay fortnite is Lord
Jonathan Toh (4 days ago)
Fortnite for kids pfft
dr triangle (2 months ago)
bruh wut
flaming death (5 months ago)
they both suck you latterly jump half the time on fortnite and you litterly have to have no skill they just give out some of the best guns in the game you don't have to earn em its stupid
Alex Reed (6 months ago)
AlphaRed your mom gay
Youn Ju Lee (9 months ago)
FPS games are so fun. Check this “Throw anything” looks like it also has as stage where you can rampage with guns. Looks so fun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKQQyhzj4aw
tanner farmer (10 months ago)
*Takes off extended quickdraw mag for extended
Simon Milburn (7 months ago)
tanner farmer lmao
Dekstar (10 months ago)
Karl Dalum Hosbond (10 months ago)
I like how you say that you wont spoil the most played game, but you already did. When rewieving H1Z1, you said that PUBG had more players than this H1Z1, and that must mean that its higher on the list. So. You did actually spoil it, since 3rd and 2nd place was CSGO and dota 2
ok ok (9 months ago)
Karl Dalum Hosbond my thoughts exactly
Echo tech (10 months ago)
Csgo is dying
MadLife (10 months ago)
League of legends has 60or 80million a month ? It blow player unknown out of the water if it was on steam
GG.EZ (11 months ago)
Why do you put a mg2 noob at the csgo showcase?
nemanja pejcic (11 months ago)
i remember one day i saw pubg had peak of 3 million
DASH3RZ CSGO (11 months ago)
I have pubg already but i cant play it because it cant find my MSCPV140.dll and btw if u know a fix please reply
The GStarZz (11 months ago)
whats is the game with the parkour in the last seconds of the video where he like keep liking please someone tell me
The GStarZz (11 months ago)
Zevio ty
Tyler Stewart (11 months ago)
The GStarZz just go onto custom maps and search surf. This might be wrong I haven’t done it in a while so if it is just look it up on YouTube
The GStarZz (11 months ago)
Zevio can you tell me
The GStarZz (11 months ago)
Zevio how to play it I have csgo
Tyler Stewart (11 months ago)
The GStarZz it’s cs go surfing
Indon Sial (11 months ago)
I though this is was countdown😥 wrong channel
Anal.excavator Gaming (11 months ago)
lol you used Neebs Gaming footage for Ark
Spotter3006 (1 year ago)
wheres skyrim
xsuperduperspoonx (1 year ago)
was it insane? insane
TechPump (1 year ago)
Thanks TheChosen1inc
Peter Castricum (1 year ago)
Yo were is garrysmod? prob most bought game on steam
NoName908 (11 months ago)
This is the most played games in 2017, not most bought steam games ever.
MuoviK (1 year ago)
Buy a pop filter, don't pop that popcorn baby.
DEFCON 1 (1 year ago)
I got a pc because of battlegrounds
yoval kuleshov (1 year ago)
Youre mum are gey
flaming death (5 months ago)
... omg dude did you go to first grade first off you`re* mom* is* gay*
Daffy Ducky (11 months ago)
You're very funny no sarcasm
yoval kuleshov (11 months ago)
Daffy Dack i did in purpose That is the joke you know..... Never mind i am not funny
Daffy Ducky (11 months ago)
"You are mother gay?" nice grammar.
Combine Overwatch (1 year ago)
running out of words? nothing to say anymore?
GodTierReviews (1 year ago)
ARK is the worst popular game on the planet. Fuck that game.
Combine Overwatch (1 year ago)
GodTierReviews is it because you suck at it?
dude you should relax a bit more, you are SHOCKED way too often about nothing. haha
ARK Is life
Khizar Shahid (1 year ago)
top 4 in Asia, 1.PUBG, 2.DOTA 2, 3.CSGO, 4.GTA V
Nekomeko (1 year ago)
i've played most of these and heres what i think of them 5. a pile of shit 4.hunger games the game ps2 edition 3.glorified gambling 2.something thats more boring than watching paint dry 1.hunger games the game decent graphics edition
General Townes (1 year ago)
In current players Dota and cs are 1st and 2nd, and then Pubg, but they are quite close to eachother.
Shriadid (1 year ago)
General Townes pubg is 1st
TheEnderking (1 year ago)
I don't want to buy playerunknowns battlegrounds because I hated H1Z1
NoName908 (11 months ago)
And an i5 6600K
NoName908 (11 months ago)
I have a gtx 960 and i can run the game at 70 fps.
Izzy G (11 months ago)
nah, im used to the run-n-gun stryle of h1z1, i mean after 1,500 hours of h1z1 i should be. pubg is honestly garbage right now. i mean, it has potential, but even with my PC, gtx 1070 and an i7 cpu, it is not optimized like h1z1. only reason pubg was so popular is because all the people who were garbage at h1z1 could suddenly "be decent" in a game that rewards you for camping. meh, i dont really care anymore as i have quit playing h1z1
Koen Morre (11 months ago)
Izzy G you have campers everywhere. I bet you camped a lot too
Izzy G (11 months ago)
i loved h1z1 and bought pubg, its alright, but its full of campers who lay down in the grass and you cant even see it. pretty much a game for campers. worst $30 you can spend
HellooGavin (1 year ago)
intro song?
MarkofMe Games (1 year ago)
HellooGavin FETTI by Playboy Carti
EazyENUzzi (1 year ago)
The information is global not for your region.
The Alpha Flamingo (1 year ago)
Press the stats tab or go to steamcharts. This video was pointless. Sorry Chosen.
Chromaz (11 months ago)
ShaxxHD At least he is talking about the games, unlike steam charts, although you can go to game info
Vapey (1 year ago)
Dota 2 has way more hours per month then PUBG.
NFINITY XTRA (9 months ago)
BrEEzy TonY (9 months ago)
Blänk YT in the USA maybe but no way in global
Vapey (1 year ago)
Sentoz steamcharts.com (this only counts people playing through steam so games like csgo arent accurate)
Freaak. (1 year ago)
Sentoz i think at the store page of the game, there is a button called community or community hub.
Sentoz (1 year ago)
i mean generally, where can i see how much hours this game has been played ?
Razvan Pasca (1 year ago)
Cs go is STARTING to die
RehabCZ Games (5 months ago)
Merlin Wizard yeah Its still one of the Most played games on the Steam, but it lost about 43% of the players cause fortnite -_-
Merlin Wizard (5 months ago)
Nope 2018 and still going strong
Tekof (6 months ago)
Razvan Pasca It is dead right now xdd
RehabCZ Games (7 months ago)
ShaDOw (7 months ago)
Datiger I never get bored I play to much and then I’m trash XD I derank then rank back up Although I wish u could get out of silver easier
cRaZiishox (1 year ago)
Early squad

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