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Nintendo Switch Virtual Console - When will it Launch?

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When will we the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console Launch? We investigate the matter and see if Super Smash Bros might have something do with it! Support us on Patreon and get your Pin!: https://www.patreon.com/Commonrealm Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm: http://bit.ly/Commonrealm Join our Discord Server Today! https://discord.gg/PkXTHbS Follow CR on twitter! https://twitter.com/Commonrealm
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Commonwealth Realm (9 months ago)
So when do you think the Nintendo Switch Online and Virtual Console will launch?
Michael Braimah (7 months ago)
Infinity War is cumn out April 20th not May 4th.
The Unownlord (7 months ago)
2019 if there using smash
Carlo Nassar (8 months ago)
+Commonwealth Realm We already have emulators where you can play those retro games for free. Though we're talking about a system that can be played on TV and on the go and that is a good advantage. You could play NES games with the joy-cons in horizontal mode and that can mean extra buttons for turbo. However, I say the games should cost free because they can be downloaded free online for emulators.
Darryl Parkinson (8 months ago)
Their website says September 2018.
Benjamin Yn (9 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm the virtual console will have pulseman right
Josiah A (1 month ago)
Simple answer, it won’t.
spencer graydon (2 months ago)
The Animation Trash Bin (2 months ago)
You sound like a combination of being sick and being punched in throat
AlejandroGames (3 months ago)
I want all 3d zeldas because I havent played them
Nullarc77 (3 months ago)
Hey $20 for access to retro games isn't bad. But still. Paying for online is bs
I just want all the old pokemon games i never played on the switch :P
Vincent C. Castillo (4 months ago)
Nintendo where’s my Rob The Robot with my Switch! LOL!
iiMysticFrixx (5 months ago)
Want Super Smash Bros On Switch? Look no further! : Super Smash Bros. ULTIMATE for Nintendo Switch :D
UltraMM950 (5 months ago)
Lol, they said no
Stuckon Thepot (6 months ago)
Would buy console at full 200-500 easy if has nes-gba/gc
IWantSand (6 months ago)
The new smash is not a port. It’s facts. Look up a video explaining link’s connection to new smashes
CammyThe Inkling (6 months ago)
Tbh I just want Mario kart 64
Saturated (6 months ago)
There are hackers out there that could find a way to get this on the Switch before Nintendo puts it out there. (Hacking on the Switch isn't illegal unless you use it for piracy and mod games online.)
Saturated (6 months ago)
Most people need to understand is that when you pay $300 for a device, you should have the capability of doing almost anything with the device because you own the device. Android is doing the right thing and that's how it should be done.
hi hi (6 months ago)
Guess who’s not buying the next Nintendo consoles! I liked Nintendo because it wasn’t payed multiplayer..
E. E. McCutcheon (6 months ago)
If Mother 3 is available internationally for the Online service, Nintendo wins.
FishyLemonDude (6 months ago)
Here is a list of Virtual Consoles the need to be deserved for the Switch Nintendo ----------- NES SNES N64 GameCube Wii Wii U Virtual Boy Philips CD-I Nintendo DS + DSi Nintendo 3DS + 2DS Sega ------------- SG - 1000 SG - 1000 II Sega Master System Sega Genesis Game Gear Sega CD Sega Pico Sega 32X Sega Saturn Dreamcast Advanced Pico Beena Sony ------- PlayStation 1 PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5 PSP, and the PSX Microsoft ---------- PC Games Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox One And also it needs Steam.
paco ramon (7 months ago)
The "Nintendo online service" is only unlock the paid online
Gaboon (7 months ago)
If I have to pay a sub to play VC games, I'm going to consider games dead at that point. I will never pay a sub for VC games.
FunMiner8 (7 months ago)
I hope there be a WIIU to SWITCH virtual console game transfer ability it wouldn't destroy the sales on virtual console games but will make the fans happy to be able to transfer there games or they could even make the transfer tool cost like 5 dollars on the eshop
CringeCrypt (7 months ago)
I’d rather just buy my own games.
dEvOUr mE (7 months ago)
I want to own my retro Mario!!! Not pay to play !! 🤬
dEvOUr mE (7 months ago)
Andrés Márquez (7 months ago)
My guess it's they don't want virtual console to compete with classic mini consoles, and also remaster every GC title they can. they don't even added vc games to the 3DS for the last two years, with the exception of pokemon
jeff maas (7 months ago)
Sucks that its on line only the Switch i suppose to be portable to play anywere on the go.
Franic (7 months ago)
I just wanna play mario galaxy on the go
Yakarot Sennin (5 months ago)
YAASSSS!! And Super Mario Sunshine too!
Galactic Bear (7 months ago)
I keep seeing SNES Classics at walmarts and best buy in very small packs as in, extremely limited and leaking out few by few.
Drycell 611 (7 months ago)
Ive been waiting for the virtual console
wickednda2k (7 months ago)
I want ALL the zelda games on my switch! :(
IMDARKFIRE007 (7 months ago)
Nintendo labo was a great idea...but the material is trash, literally. If they were to have use a better material, it would have been the next big thing for Nintendo. Instead....flop.
Nate Hollingsworth (7 months ago)
Nah, they're going to make melee remastered with every smash character and stage ever (and hasbro paid dlc [transformers and mlp])
Steaven Fernandez (7 months ago)
Wow this a lot of complaining for some old ass games honestly rather them focus on new games if you want to play thes very old games go plug in your nes honestly don’t know one person who is dying to play the hundreds of side scrollers from the nes and snes
no thanks (7 months ago)
DIY virtual console: Raspberry pi zero-w 7" usb powered LCD usb power bank mini keyboard-trackpad. Retro-pi software on a micro-sd card ALL THE ROMS! pair the joy-cons, play till your thumbs bleed.
no thanks (7 months ago)
or just pair the joycons to your android phone and install an emulator on there. Get the same lcd and an hdmi adapter.
Hugh Mungous (7 months ago)
I’m pretty sure switch online will launch along side smash 5 in September. I also think VC will shortly follow
Bryson Hitt (7 months ago)
I want to play super mario 64 on the goooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shepherd Of Light (7 months ago)
I want gamecube and n64
Odyssey Central (7 months ago)
GameCube is all I want because I can get nes on my Wii U and there aren’t many I like, I just picked up a snes classic from target (lucky me), N64 I might consider getting ocarina if time but I already have the other good n64 games in my Wii U, I can play Wii U games and Wii games on my Wii U although Mario maker with new content is something I’d buy in a heartbeat! I really want GameCube because 1. My Wii can’t accept discs anymore the day I got a GameCube game! 2. I’ve never gotten to play Mario kart double dash, Luigi’s mansion, Mario sunshine, and most importantly to me animal crossing. Smash melee I’ve already played and I would love to get it on my Switch
_The_Chocolate_Boo _ (7 months ago)
I want the virtual console to have all the classic and newer kirby games and as in newer I mean up to the Wii
unicornonthecob (7 months ago)
What's the helicopter game at 5:27?
Diddy Kong (7 months ago)
Nintendo switch is a huge disappointment...its pure shit, nintendo only talks, no action
OldSchoolBBC 20007 (7 months ago)
Super Smash For Switch
Poulpeh Chan (7 months ago)
Dunkey reference. Nice touch
Llama Boy (7 months ago)
I think Nintendo shouldn't do the mini consoles because there is less of a chance we'll get Virtual console titles like N64 and GameCube ones on switch
Soreign (7 months ago)
Maybe they are waiting for the titles on Wii U's Virtual Console to sell a while longer.
Sara Arpagaus (7 months ago)
My media markt has snes minis on stock..if you want help with it let me know!
Da__Kracken__Is -here (7 months ago)
The online service sucks ass.
Noah Gilgallon (7 months ago)
Aaaand why was Nintendo’s best work not mentioned? The gamecubeeeee
RevolverLuigi (7 months ago)
Do you want to know what I want? I want Mario 64 on switch virtual console. As in ON THE GO BABY
EvolvingFetus (7 months ago)
Tits and Balls.
Jared RB Garrison (7 months ago)
Ugh! I don't want to have to buy a plug and play console to play my old games. I'd rather just have them all on one console.
FutureZoologist (7 months ago)
I want Megaman battle network on the switch .
TheAlanDude (8 months ago)
Tbh I would rather have a separate app rather then subscribing a Online membership
Dat Boi FaCeBjEr (8 months ago)
Online payment is starting in september 2018 (at nintendo direct march you can see at some annoucements that it starts at september 2018)
Rob Lan (8 months ago)
I feel like the recently announced Luigi's Mansion remake killed any hype for a GameCube Virtual Console. Let's hope this is a one-off, and that they'll go ahead with a VC for the GC!
Wesley Patterson (8 months ago)
I'm not gonna lie, I was mad when they announced ionline would be paid from now on, but then they said it would be $20 a year, and I was like, "well, I can't NOT buy it now......"
Some Stones (8 months ago)
Just keep looking at gamestops for the snes classic that's how I found mine
denny deveto (8 months ago)
Wishlist: Lttp OOT SMW SMB1,2,3 SM64 Apps: Netflix Spotify Remakes: Super mario maker New: SSB
Luan Carlos Kyrino (8 months ago)
Could anyeone tell me the name of the shown in 1:39, please?
HUNT3R (8 months ago)
If you didn't get your SNES classic yet, I've seen them on the shelves of Walmart and ToysRus. Go take a look at your local retailers.
netweed09 (8 months ago)
I madly need my Super Mario Galaxy fix. Naowww!!
netweed09 (8 months ago)
6:36 # hashtag JUST, NO
Fabio Alves Show (8 months ago)
Fabio Alves Show (8 months ago)
No Virtual Console
El dandy 14 (8 months ago)
Why people are so desesperated to pay 8 bucks for snes ROMs?
I was at a store the other day and they had 4 SNES classics.
Apple_ PRODUCTIONS (8 months ago)
Nintendo, drop everything you are currently working on and just make a Mom Hide my Game 2, and 3, and 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, skip 12, do 13, 14, 15, and a 15 1/2
Demented Duskull (8 months ago)
When the virtual console launches, I hope they include GameCube games. Then maybe everybody will finally shut up about smash on switch once melee is available.
Seekarr (8 months ago)
You do realize that Labo and Switch online are by two completely different divisions of the company, right?
TudBoatTed (8 months ago)
josepumodx1 (8 months ago)
I kind of want them to bring a GameCube port of luigi's mansion
CapSparrow00 00 (8 months ago)
I think Virtual Console will launch at the online day release
Ednardo M.Toledo (8 months ago)
Oh, man! Do I hope you're right!!!!!!!!!
Cesar Barrantes (8 months ago)
nintendo laboo can suck my dick!!! where is virtual console!!!!!!!!!!! CMON..... WTF AND IS IT TRUE IT WOULD BE ONLY AVIABLE IN CHINA?
after the release of the n64 mini in december :-D
Jonas Guilliano (8 months ago)
i wanna play gc games on the switch
TheRedeyes222 (8 months ago)
Megaman Battlenetwork 7 confirmed
JediRockStar (8 months ago)
Am i the only one who wants them to hd brawl but fix the gameplay a bit. Brawl was by far the best smash game content and fun wise. Smash 4 was a HUGE disapointment content wise.
JediRockStar (8 months ago)
i hope they hd every 3d zelda and bring it to switch. Including the hds on the wii u.
Noah Frank (8 months ago)
Christopher LeBlanc (9 months ago)
Do you still need a snes classic?
DeAwesomeGamer (9 months ago)
It’s September 2018 now sooooo
Shiro (9 months ago)
I want game boy advance games to return!! The fucker can play cartridges so why not?
Lars Stolze (9 months ago)
Um ssb won't break any sales records compared to other games... Mario Kart has always sold way better for example...
Nathan Explosion (9 months ago)
I hope we’ll be able to transfer are WiiU virtual collection over for a discounted price like the Wii did for WiiU. But as long as I can get my Donkey Kong Countries on Switch I’m good.
Synthetic Lord (9 months ago)
cm a (9 months ago)
Rowlo Eightyeight (9 months ago)
Steve B. (9 months ago)
Snes classics are all over now...
psp785 (9 months ago)
nintendos a joke
Corey Lewis (9 months ago)
Better be able to straight up buy a retro game like anything else on the eshop without the bullshit subscription
Nubzworld (9 months ago)
They should emulate nds so I can play heart gold and soul silver
5layerinmybelly (9 months ago)
Pokemon on the switch is the only reason I bought mine . I'll pay for a nintendo type Netflix but I need a YouTube app on my switch an a internet browser
FredTheCookie (9 months ago)
Setther (9 months ago)
I bought a switch for the virtual console. Please don't fuck me over
Taylor Cenorita (9 months ago)
i think after the release of the switch people forgot that gaming laptops exsisted
EpicSexGay (9 months ago)
Guys, its not coming, deal with it
William Cail (9 months ago)
There are a handful of non Arcade Archive Neo Geo games available. Mario Bros, Double Dragon, Kid Niki: Radical Ninja, Traverse USA and VS. Super Mario Bros. There is a Super Mario Bros for the Switch. The more difficult version of the game.
Lucius Vorenus (9 months ago)
its junk. nintendo needs to get their virtual console shit together. i want all retro systems. not just nes. an how long does it take ffs. pathetic nintendo. fucking pathetic
Nomenclature HisDaddiest (9 months ago)
I just want to play the best N64 and Wii/GameCube games
Geter Moura (9 months ago)
I´ve found several SNES classics in a Carrefour market in France laying around in the shelfs, bunch of Switches(on bottom shelf!) and even WiiUs. Guess nobody would think they would find them in Carrefour so they ate staking there lol

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