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PS1 Mods That You've Never Seen Before!

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**LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE IF YOU ARE DOWN WITH MY WAREZ!** - Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Voultar - Store Website: http://voultar.com In this installment, I perform a variety of very awesome and rarely seen modifications to a SCPH-7501 that's lived a rather hard life. I'm confident that a few of these modifications are things that most of you have never seen done before! I hope everyone enjoys this and learns a little something! Track List: 1: Battle Arena Toshinden: Theme of Rungo 0:00 2: Battle Arena Toshinden :Theme of Eiji 1:08 3: Battle Arena Toshinden: Theme of Cupido 4:06 4: Battle Arena Toshinden: Theme of Sho 7:07 5: GB Battle Arena Toshinden: Theme of Eiji 10:45 6: GB Battle Arena Toshinden: Theme of Uranus 13:41 7: GB Battle Arena Toshinden: Option Screen 16:33 8: GB Battle Arena Toshinden: Theme of Gaia 19:25 9: GB Battle Arena Toshinden: Cutscene 22:20
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Text Comments (2777)
Christopher Ivan (2 hours ago)
can i knw what kind of watery liquid you using???
osearth esp (2 hours ago)
Please clarify at : 16:10 *"Note these awe the same tissues [Moody Nude-Lemur?] misused at [the] No-Shoe Sauna-Mighty - BisexuaOhasis"?* We in confidence, look forward to your expedient reaper-lie. - Thank you kindly!
stephen shank (4 hours ago)
so wtf did all this do?
Charms434 (5 hours ago)
Ummmm... the saying is “strap in”... not “strap on”. That’s something a tad different.
Chris Motch (7 hours ago)
Seeing the comments is it only me as an electrical engineer that squirms when seen using nail clippers to strip and cut the wires lol
Joshua Guthrie (7 hours ago)
Toe nail clippers. Really. I mean, you can buy flush cut snips for like less than two buck. Talk about cheap. A man after my own heart.
renno0301 (8 hours ago)
Dino Crisis... oh the memories.
em2dajay (8 hours ago)
the master modder n u use nail clippers instead of flush cutters???
Voultar (6 hours ago)
Mobiliardi Arquitectura (10 hours ago)
Great welding cathedra!!! But in simple words, what did the old MOD, and what does the new MOD? Can you play directly NTSC and PAL games in full color with good quality?
George Crespo (11 hours ago)
Strap on what? Don’t know what kind of person you think I am.
immasmashyourface (11 hours ago)
What exactly did all that do to the system? I get the video sync and LED. What was the first chip installed and what does it do?
What ?W 560ohm resistor that been?
PrinceBejita (15 hours ago)
I dont have the patiience to figure out what he is doing when...maybe a list would be good with time stamp
Petter olofsson (15 hours ago)
No current limit resistor on the laser sled LED?
SunburstHD (17 hours ago)
you bitin your nails Voultar? ^^
7:11 Bach tocatta and fugue
Wyatt (1 day ago)
I'm not a PS1 guy (im a PC guy) so what would these mods do??
nino gucciani (1 day ago)
You got my sub
Ricardo Suarez (1 day ago)
What game is that music from?
Brad Cox (1 day ago)
Didn't understand any of the technical specs of when your doing but it was fun to watch and learn and your soldering skills are of the charts. Great video.
Jedi Knight (1 day ago)
i installed thousands of them chips lol still got some.
day dazed (1 day ago)
Thanks to not having access to roms anymore due to the gov and greedy corps lawsuits I see no point in watching this R.I.P. Emuparadise
M3NI 021 (1 day ago)
Resident evil!! My fav game
PCHSwS (1 day ago)
Why do you solder wires directly to the pins even though there's a probe point directly beneath it?
vinish shetty (2 days ago)
Lets do it to the ps1? No thanks i will just pass you on the other hand are welcome to do it to the ps1 i will just watch the cyborg sex.
DryTaste (2 days ago)
The way you tug the wires after soldering them and how you use a damn nail clipper to cut the wires makes me cringe.
Voultar (1 day ago)
Unfortunately, nobody cares about your feelings here.
Garlash (2 days ago)
I collect third party PS1 shells as well :) I have 10 different colors now! I'm missing pink and dark purple
shadowslayer552 (2 days ago)
You obviously know nothing about signal integrity running a wire through a chip like that. Also fingernail cutters... really?
Rick Sanchez (2 days ago)
The f*cking music... *ARGH*
gramshaku (2 days ago)
hmm get a pc with a emulator is better in my opinion but ok.but sad to see 2.5 dislikes for someone who is trying to teach others
Micha Ingo (2 days ago)
I never thought of using a nail clipper that way.
Sloppy Mechanics (2 days ago)
“Must have been installed by a teenager or college student” proceeds to use nail clippers to strip wires... lol other than that and the 3x volume on the 8 bit music I enjoyed watching
Wade Preston (2 days ago)
I'm not worthy, lol. You sir have serious skills, pleae. Now do a ps4! Can someone copy a game and play it? Just a hypothetical question. It would be super cool to construct a custom case for no other reason than to place a gigantic amount of hardware with no other purpose than to make a beast of a gaming system that plays multiple generations of various consoles that have been maxed out. Like a ps4 that has ram capabilities of around 20,000, multiple solid state drives, 50,000 terabyte, top of the line lasers, to read disks, liquid cooled everything, instead of inserting one, game at a time, have a multi disk changer, built in projector as well as an option to play on Tv. Wireless remotes that never need charge due to wireless charging, along with VR that makes occulus look like old technology. Have air vents in the Vr head set so one can feel the air hit them while riding in a convertible. Put a sensation device on the player so every sensation is abld,to be felt, except pain. Make a head piece that when worn every sensation in the game is felt by stimulation of the brain. Have a baggy suit that inflates with air to give sensation of flying. Possibilities are limitless
zeroDOTjon (2 days ago)
the L in solder is silent. It's pronounced "sah-der".
John Lucas (3 days ago)
This takes me back. Rent a few games at Blockbuster, then burn them onto cheap cd's. Those were the days
bmgjet (3 days ago)
Wow that brings back memorys of my first modchipping and soldering 18 years ago with the first chip in the video.
Gilani Rogushvili (3 days ago)
0:54 sounded like he was trying to sound like Liam Neeson
medsha (3 days ago)
I liked this video instantly because of the Battle Arena Toshinden background music you used.
matias viera (4 days ago)
Alguien me explica lo que hizo? No entendí una mierda
bomb prank bomb prank (4 days ago)
you lie, you wasn't buy that thing, but you stole it from museum
Luis Higareda (4 days ago)
Is this ilegal?
Alucard (4 days ago)
So... I can play crysis on it now?
PunchSuccaa (4 days ago)
I think i zoned out for a minute there cuz i have no idea what this mod changed 😅
Shane Masters (4 days ago)
awesome video. You taught me a few things
Redy Beats (4 days ago)
2.5K Dislikes WOW if I had that much views in my channel lol 😂
LNxTCB (4 days ago)
Good ASMR video.
chris sidwell (4 days ago)
What is the fluid he uses at 4.16 and what is it's purpose?
Joshua Guthrie (7 hours ago)
i hope it if flux :)
K2_SLAYER_ (4 days ago)
Is this the new 500 million ps1 edition console lol
Aaron Roider (4 days ago)
Cool video but I cringe every time he says solder, its pronounced sädər or sod-er.
title10 (4 days ago)
It's not too small, that's what he said. Not she
Andi P (4 days ago)
what about telling us what the mods do?????? omg
Mikeman hoff (4 days ago)
Cool video....just a suggestion, go to a fishing store and ask to see their compact fishing line snips. They look very similar to fingernail clippers, but are sharper, compact but easy to handle and the cutting edges are straight. Either way, great video.
Justin Maybee (4 days ago)
Make a Vet happy? Can you do a blue clear system....ILL PAY!
GrimReaper4383 (5 days ago)
I have a clear case for the og xbox that I didn't use.
Draco Shooter (5 days ago)
idk why but the background music reminds me of dragonball z lol
blink182enema (5 days ago)
So I'm a little confused, what did these mods actually do?
Caribe 88 (5 days ago)
Awsome video I used to love my ps1 that was my 2nd system I got for christmas, keep the videos good videos going.
Jager Gerg (5 days ago)
All that for the led wow great job
Shawn H (5 days ago)
He un-modded, just to mod it again?
Bibs (5 days ago)
What do these mods even do?
Blazarch Zagnatz (5 days ago)
hmm Would you go on a walk, or wool'ld you go on a wall'k? There are a lot of places where "L" is silent. Solder is one of them. mnemonic and pneumonia also have interesting spellings where letters are not pronounced. Of course I don't know how the British would pronounce them.
Uplinkpr0 (5 days ago)
The LED looks like a Blue/Red led not an rgb , Ive been looking for 3 pin common annode RGB LED's and cannot find one X_X
Robert Johnson (5 days ago)
Nice soldering skills mate
jojolozano (5 days ago)
So what is it that you did to it
Aye Uplink (5 days ago)
Was that a solid snake impression
Enferny De Ecstase (5 days ago)
What is the reason of modding the PS1 please
weaktech (6 days ago)
8:40 you need pliers dude.
j fun (6 days ago)
wait nooo what was it all for????
Tallon Baird (6 days ago)
I am a Latter-day saint...
Deadly olivas (6 days ago)
I wanna know what that guitar song was being played :’) or the band
Ben Murphy (6 days ago)
Ok I've got my strap on ready, now what?
Christopher Mendonca (6 days ago)
now can it run crysis?
Vova Syhin (6 days ago)
Twaz painfull to watch nail clippers used instead of side cutters or wire stripper.
Mini Elhendy (7 days ago)
good video but idk why you want me to wear my strap on so bad
BlueSmokeGamer (7 days ago)
"Strap on"?
I got mine for 5 dollars
Task514 (7 days ago)
Back in '99 I was a teenager living in the basement at my parents and actually did a dozen PS1 modchips for friends 😂 hearing your comment was hilarious!
Chester Rico (7 days ago)
"Strap on"? Don't you mean "strap in"? Yikes.
HUE Master (7 days ago)
Strap on? We just met. Whats your address? ;)
Skammy5 (7 days ago)
I liked the video but anybody else creeped out by the way he says "strap-on"?
Shshssh Dhshsshsh (7 days ago)
Damn all made in japan! Now these days if you open up a ps4 you find everywhere made in singapore :(
El Pelucas (7 days ago)
your patience must be over 9000
puti imsong (7 days ago)
i wonder why boys find this things interesting, maybe deep inside we all fell like super engineers.
Jay Walking (7 days ago)
So did it end up being ps5?
Harro (7 days ago)
Spend some money and get real wire cutters.
cos a (7 days ago)
music is annoying as fuck
oechikr (7 days ago)
HOW DO YOU LEARN THIS?!?! I know some basic general shit about processors, graphics cards, ram, a little bit about how motherboards work, but damn this is some crazy shit.... i'm jealous I don't know anything about hard modding.
D A (7 days ago)
I recognize the music from a Sega Saturn game
G. Del Toro (8 days ago)
i thought we mexicans were the only ones chipping these things D: broke childhood.
Eduardo Rivera (8 days ago)
DONT HAVE A WAIRE CUTTER?! dont worry! you can just use a nail clipper and save money!
David Basara (8 days ago)
This was a great video! I'm curious to see the composite sync mod side by side with a stock console. Google results has nothing.
Ryan Loomis (8 days ago)
Did he say strap-on, I think he meant strap in, LMFAO.😁😂😂
AfterRealLyrics (8 days ago)
What kind of welder are you using?
Lecksington (8 days ago)
Sit back, strap on
Otávio Fuganti (8 days ago)
Please, take off the music
Stephen (8 days ago)
about the case replaement, what the mod can do? I don't have understand
Дак чего наделал-то в итоге, я не сообразил?
jonathan romine (8 days ago)
I feel like this guy is the slightly creepy Mr. Rogers of vintage video game consoles
Noyan Ozkan (8 days ago)
can someone briefly explain what can we ultimately gain by modding ps1

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