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PS1 Mods That You've Never Seen Before!

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**LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE IF YOU ARE DOWN WITH MY WAREZ!** - Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Voultar - Store Website: http://voultar.com In this installment, I perform a variety of very awesome and rarely seen modifications to a SCPH-7501 that's lived a rather hard life. I'm confident that a few of these modifications are things that most of you have never seen done before! I hope everyone enjoys this and learns a little something! Track List: 1: Battle Arena Toshinden: Theme of Rungo 0:00 2: Battle Arena Toshinden :Theme of Eiji 1:08 3: Battle Arena Toshinden: Theme of Cupido 4:06 4: Battle Arena Toshinden: Theme of Sho 7:07 5: GB Battle Arena Toshinden: Theme of Eiji 10:45 6: GB Battle Arena Toshinden: Theme of Uranus 13:41 7: GB Battle Arena Toshinden: Option Screen 16:33 8: GB Battle Arena Toshinden: Theme of Gaia 19:25 9: GB Battle Arena Toshinden: Cutscene 22:20
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Text Comments (3431)
Telvi Unicorn Gaming (2 hours ago)
Well you talking about the previous mod like you're the god himself. But using a nail clipper to cut and strap wires. Dude buy yourself a wire cutter
Rem (6 hours ago)
Nope, thats because I've moved on. I'm at PS4 at the moment. Been there done that.
Zoeiro DasInternetsons (6 hours ago)
"it s not too small, thats what she Said" LEL
CloudGod (12 hours ago)
U keep playing Orochimaru's theme song from Naruto
fredrik olofsson (16 hours ago)
Battle arena toshinden theme anyone
G Ghost (17 hours ago)
But what exactly did u do ...... it worked before ........... what extra does it do
Thor Svendsgaard (19 hours ago)
Do you have links for where you sourced your ps1 mod chips? I didn't see any ps1 parts on your store page. Also I've read that it can be beneficial to replace some of the older bits with more modern parts to further improve the original scph 1001's sound quality. Any ideas where to go to find more information about that?
Alex Rib (20 hours ago)
Gta V came out in 2013
Trex Reptiles (20 hours ago)
what do these mods even do? excuse my ignorance.
Red Impulse (1 day ago)
15:29 goat
thedurp1`23 (1 day ago)
scp 7501? the 05 might be on to you now
Jason Groze (1 day ago)
Plot twist, he broke it.
Zachery Rich (1 day ago)
Did he really use nail clippers to strip the wires?
usedport100s (1 day ago)
My boy, put that lucky luke disc into a CD player
igotedumacated (1 day ago)
another youtuber that blasts the DAMN music
Vi _XXiV (1 day ago)
For anyone who didn't understand and want an oversimplification of what he did: He made game loading time shorter, installed an LED light and changed the case. Will that do?
Dantheman2610 (1 day ago)
Next mod, strap a cpu socket to it and put an i9 in it 👍
RippedKillerzZ (1 day ago)
Jeez, your well clever 😁 2018 and I can't wait to see the loading screen on a ps1 lol
Martin Tóth (1 day ago)
Ps1 gtx 1050 and core i5 mod?
Chill (2 days ago)
95% of viewers played PS1.
Red Impulse (1 day ago)
I wasn't born in the ps1 age but I still played it lol
Masheen (2 days ago)
Awesome video, I still own mine from 1995 Feb. on my birthday. I think this video has made it time to break out and mod.
alexelmanco 34 (2 days ago)
I see I'm not the only bargain fan here. I got a PS2 fat for 5 euros.
All Things M3 (2 days ago)
Great video, brings back memory’s. I wish new consoles were that easy. I have modded tones of ps1 mod chips. I started with the first then upgraded as the chips became more capable. I was doing about 20 a week for about a year. I flashed my own chips so they only cost pennies.
Tari Harden (3 days ago)
Soon as that music played I knew it was from battle arena toshinden. Soundtrack was radical
Will Warden (3 days ago)
OK I adapt improvise at times but please get yourself a pair of flush cutters and get rid of those nail clippers. LOL
20sentryboy (3 days ago)
Why are you modding it..
Katana2097 (3 days ago)
This super sexy soldering to epic neo-classical shredding is so mesmerizing.
Oscar Fernández (4 days ago)
R6-D2 (4 days ago)
2:54 - Your PS1 is full of white pubes. 🤡
gameofthrones fan (4 days ago)
7:10 old church 10:45 old game on the Gameboy
VoorheesTV (5 days ago)
So...what did the mods actualy do???
warlockd (5 days ago)
I remember going to a good will and finding a chipped Original Xbox. It had the mod where the games could be installed on the hard drive and had a 20 gig drive installed. I only recognized it because of the odd switch that was installed in front with hot glue. Eight bucks haha. I spent more on the cables and controllers than the xbox.
slutfishy (6 days ago)
Where’s the video of it up and running?? Wanted to see some games going
MQ Dickinson LLC (6 days ago)
Sounds like ff8 sound track
Liquid Divide (5 days ago)
Nope, Battle Arena Toshinden.
craig rennie (6 days ago)
How did I get here sweet backing music
Gaby (6 days ago)
wtf r u doing
I bought my PSOne in an extremely reliable store here in Brazil, but it came modified, I think that explains why it always ran all games regardless if it was original or fake.
Jjj Kkk (7 days ago)
Now all that is needed is a proper PSone LCD screen -> --https://www.amazon.com/Sony-PSone-LCD-Screen-SCPH-131-playstation/dp/B00005QI2S/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1541692468&sr=8-2&keywords=ps+one+lcd+screen-- --- I still have a few of these screens brand new in the box. (Not my amazon store-just for reference)
miskaa L (7 days ago)
and why am i watching this?
Beau Blessing (7 days ago)
Someone please tell me this dude has bought some precision cutters since this video
GGEvan317 (8 days ago)
What Modchip are you using? Would like to do a cleaner chip installs with less hanging wires and this is the best way I've seen so far.
Hideyuki Hayabusa (8 days ago)
Dino Crisis, nice touch
James Welch (9 days ago)
Not sure if anyone posted this yet, but did anyone notice the Lords of Thunder soundtrack in the background ;) TurboGrafx-16 ;)
Mob (9 days ago)
Oh boi did i hate the music, sick video tho
fr33kSh0w2012 (11 days ago)
Why didn't you do the 52x CD mod for it, My friend put a 52x cd drive in it and Damn no load times dude!
Darkside Blog (11 days ago)
Wow dude where did you found this amazing transparent PS1case?
Cooked Brains (12 days ago)
Finger nail clippers lol but why
CaptainSpanky96 (13 days ago)
I have no earthly idea what any of what I just watched means. Still pretty cool to watch though.
Jim Vicious (14 days ago)
@6:22 .. Okay you're decent enough with a handheld hotstick and bodge wire .. but WHAT are you doing? What does the QFP do? What lines are you accessing? What did the previous mod that you removed do? I'll watch the rest of the vid hoping for an answer..
Scott Larochelle (14 days ago)
So, what did we just watch???
advanceddarkness3 (14 days ago)
Or you could just use an emulator.
illuminatioracle (15 days ago)
3:29 this shit makes me want to puke. look at the size of that pad. how could you make such a garbage solder joint?
good guy (15 days ago)
One of the rare times when YouTube recommendations actually get you to qualify stuff..
Don C (16 days ago)
It's "strap in" not "strap on". Lol
Popo For President (16 days ago)
You're a wizard Harry!
Klaas J (16 days ago)
not seen before? this was my income as teenager. I bought the 12c508 (still remember that bitch haha) build my own programmer for it. My dad got his first cd burner in 1996 and started also selling game copys. Just rented the games in the library. Fuck those were the times, still miss them. nice to see you can 1.5 million views with crap videos like this.
Bilal Anarwala (17 days ago)
What exactly do these mods do?
New User (17 days ago)
ive been soldering since i was a kid never properly trained,, whats that clear shit he is putting on before soldering it?
New User (16 days ago)
thanks +Alan _
Alan _ (17 days ago)
william frost (17 days ago)
This is an awesome vid never thought I’d see this ps2 mod next please
william frost (17 days ago)
As soon as the music started I knew what game that was from
glen ferguson (17 days ago)
i dont understand the reason this was done.
Screw The Net (18 days ago)
Masterfully done! CHEERS!
VeDd_ DeV (18 days ago)
**Anyone **20:18****
devtrash (18 days ago)
the sexual undertones of your comments make watching this video near impossible.
frank mathis (19 days ago)
sounds like the music in Wizardry
Nice choice of music at 7 minutes. Bach's BWV 565. That's not what he called it, though. Bach was a very busy guy. There is a group of dedicated experts working to sort out the mess of Bach's lifetime's works, and that's what they have cataloged it as. Bach called it, without much creativity, "Toccatta and Fugue in Dm", but he also wrote at least two other completely unrelated works and called them the exact same thing. And that's just what I know of. I used to mod PS2's, I didn't even know there was a chip for the PS1. This brings back some memories. My favorite console is the SCPH-30001-R.
HerzlosXL (20 days ago)
Alter das hat nix mit Löten zu tun das istn Brenneisen... oO Warum nimmt der Flussmittel...OMG
Leahpar Suidualc (21 days ago)
So i'm in 9:02 now and i'm impatient to pester you with questions, maybe due to the fact that i'm having a youtube-long-haul right now for no reason to think of and about 17h without a pause AND that i am right now watching the beauty of an art named modding, done by an obviously whole-lotta-practicing guy .. on a machine that rocked my world .. in April 1996 .. which you mod in july 2018 ... .. ahem, without further ado, the questions (namely three): Q1: Asides the sexyness; Why do you strip the red-jelly-spaghetti underneath the pins? Q2: Ever considered to give that nail-bite some tooth, to perfectuaticenizing (i invented this word) the strip-show of the red-jelly-spaghetti-coat? - ( A Stainless-Steel-Diamond-nail-file do wonders on such tools; or being the Punisher while you are strapped on a babylon gun) Q3: Do you know of any hardware-mods, that raise quality in terms of resolution, render-steadiness, responsiveness, filtering the output, etc. without need of also soft-modding the games? - ( Like in exchanging specific IC with newer/better models, straighten known weaknesses of soldering when manufactured, replace resistors and the like to stabilize the signaling, well stuff like that ) Okay, i'm watching on, now. By the way: Thank you! - You do very well and got me curious to rip out my old consoles from that now-hardened pile of crap-i-want-to-hold-on, coz some futuristic day in 2018 ( when the world already shattered, 'the day after', due to some skynet trickery ) some punk may push a video on the channel of the resistance ... T H A N K Y O U . Y O U A R E T H E R E S I S T A N C E.
Leahpar Suidualc (21 days ago)
Update: Now i'm at 14:31 and, well hell yell yeah, i was tooooo impatient .. and sometimes when you riddle yo delf ta deaf bout that bug in the ear hummin titleless tunes you know sooooo well: IT HELPS TO ' R E A D M O R E . . . ' .. duh. Nonetheless, if you feel like it do answer my questions in close detail, it is magnificent to see and hear how much of a thought gone into that. Thanks!
RetroMaticMike (23 days ago)
Best $2 ever spent
Alisa Menna (23 days ago)
Snake ? Snaaaake ! !
Luis Rada (23 days ago)
OMG! Looks amazing! Great mod!
Hunter Mclaughlin (23 days ago)
What is that water looking liquid your useing to solder with v
Keelan Fox (23 days ago)
i loved this man i think it would be cool if you made a video taking this psx and modding the original controllers and system with a aurduino bluetooth set up and a hdmi built in. come on guys right? i would buy that in a heart beat, well i would buy this psx in a heart beat too :D
Jon Knapp (24 days ago)
2.00 I remember buying the ps1 when it 1st came out with 1 extra controller and twisted metal and payed 700.00
meetfluffy (24 days ago)
Also you sound eerily like Sheldon Cooper
meetfluffy (24 days ago)
Dude get some mini side cutters. Those nail clippers are making me nervous.
DJ ALLIOUS (24 days ago)
battle of toshinden love that game great frighting game. me and my brothers use to play it all night long.
DJ ALLIOUS (24 days ago)
battle of toshiden love that game.
DJ ALLIOUS (24 days ago)
battle of toshidan
Dan R (24 days ago)
Nail clippers 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
Guillermo Amaral (25 days ago)
It pains me to watch this. Not using the probe pads when available, adding capacitance by sticking the wire between the pins of the IC, and the nail clippers... oh glob the nail clippers.
Voultar (25 days ago)
Fortunately, nobody cares about your painz. ;-D
Carson Hubbard (25 days ago)
I did not understand or follow a single thing he just did...
Rob DeadSmile Black (26 days ago)
You are like the Bob Ross of mods
hussaka lee (26 days ago)
i love it i have 8 devices now some still new
caboseBvR (26 days ago)
is there a mod to load isos onto a ps1 slim
ntzutzancmoon (27 days ago)
i have the same crap inside my ps1. it's time to rewire
HaSTe_CM (27 days ago)
dude I want to do all sort of mods to old consoles but I don't know how to solder motherboards and components. Like I really want to mod my Dreamcast. I have an old PS3 FAT that yellow lighted and I wanna take the HDD, and CF/SD slots from my old ps3 and put them on my dreamcast.. i also wanna add wifi and bluetooth to mmy dreamcast lol.. all from spare parts not buy new crap but i don't know how lmao
Just a random dude (27 days ago)
Damn it can't you just play normal music?
Jon Doe (27 days ago)
Waste of time I thought we were going to see some game play with this mod
KEEVVY (27 days ago)
And I thoat I was the only one to use a nail scissors to cut wires
Succubus (28 days ago)
what does it do?
bob bob (28 days ago)
thumb down bitch for not showing the use of the mod . fuck you .
LetsGetGaming (28 days ago)
Pretty sure you voided the warranty.
Clorox Bleach (28 days ago)
Why do all youtubers who are into retro anything more than me always have a laid back attitude and a very calm voice ¿
I love modding!!😋😋😋☺️☺️
Hugo Duarte (29 days ago)
Crash Headroom (30 days ago)
Instructions not clear enough, PS1 has now taken over household and is demanding virgin sacrifices...advice please.
Dan d (1 month ago)
These were junk. I had to flip mine upside down so it would read the games
POV NW (1 month ago)
Nice work on that board. Love the soundtrack.
Lone pube (1 month ago)
I thought composite is sync already, what does the mod do?

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