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complete overview of thermal power plant

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Hitanshu Maulikar (2 months ago)
bhai plz hindi me banan video
Barskor1 (7 months ago)
Cold Steam the efficient way to use the sun or composting and rocket stoves as heat sources to produce electricity and or distilled water explained from basic concept to employment. Water boils in a vacuum at 75 F or 24 C Two open containers one full of water the other empty connect them at the bottom and water will reach an equilibrium 50 50. If one is sealed except for the connection the other will remain empty because of the vacuum created in the sealed container. Gravity will overcome this vacuum if the containers are taller than 34 feet. If the tanks are 40 feet tall the tanks will reach an equilibrium of water levels at 34 feet leaving six feet of hard vacuum in the sealed tank. This makes a vacuum pump set we need two of them if we were going to distill water as the cold side open tank is used to collect the distilled water from it as the continuous input of water needs to go somewhere. Each sealed tank has four valves three at the top two of those on opposite sides (B&C) one at the very top (D) one at the bottom on the side (A), water-based vacuum pump operations are, Close bottom tank valve A and top tank valve C. Open top tank valve D. Fill sealed tank through top side valve B. Close valve B and D when full. Open bottom valve A. This primes the system to let the warm water in that will vaporize and run through the system when you partially reopen valve B (to control flow rate) and open valve C to its fullest. For only power generation need one pump set and one vacuum tank so we can have a Hot side and a Cold side one to boil the water and one to have the low pressure/vacuum to draw the steam in through the turbine then the cooling coils then to the tank. At the bottom of the cold side, tank is a return pipe with the one way valve to the heat source the one-way valve prevents expansion back to the cold side and as the hot side vacuum chamber is the only outlet for the expanding water and it is drawn by the vacuum the cycle proceeds. You can combine the two and get power generation and distilled water keeping the return line from the power generation system will let you switch if you don't need distilled water on a continuous basis in large quantities. I am going to make one feel free to make one as well it is open source.
Sharada Sharma (9 months ago)
please Hindi lecture bhejiye
rohit01 01 (1 year ago)
mai ne comment padhe ye video nahi dekhu to bhala hi... thanks guys
SK SAKIL AHAMMED (1 year ago)
pressure does not increase to 150 after reheating
Sajid shaikh (1 year ago)
shubham varma (1 year ago)
sir thermal power plant koi Hindi video me upload kijiye
JSut fnu (1 year ago)
bogus explanation
Er. VED PRAKASH (1 year ago)
very useful video...... nice
Vipul Mandaliya (1 year ago)
Jigar Bhojani (1 year ago)
kem 6o bhai...lage 6e gujju 6o..maja aavi gai .
Pradeep Prajapati (1 year ago)
economiser to he ni re isme
Laxmikant Dhaker (1 year ago)
bhosdikee...Hindi me hi bole...leee
Elektro freaks (1 year ago)
Laxmikant Dhaker bhai thodi English sikh le
sahi h bhi maja aa gaya
basshead420 (1 year ago)
Great job man.I am an engineering student and had to look this up for an assignment. After looking at this video I am confident that I understand it now. Thanks
Reyaj Ansari (1 year ago)
Pankaj Kushwaha (1 year ago)
This help me alot . thanks...
Abhinav Patel (1 year ago)
very nice video !!!
SHIVAM BHATT (2 years ago)
nice one sir ! 😊 this helped me alot
Kundan Raj (2 years ago)
dost turbine me inlet steam shorter end pe hota h
Buck Rogers (2 years ago)
In superheater, you convert dry steam to superheated steam, not water to dry steam. Dry steam is still at saturated temperature, you cannot use it for steam turbine unless it is a saturated steam turbine.
Brajesh Singh (1 year ago)
Buck Rogers

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