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Monster Hunter World: 10 Things You NEED To Know

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Monster Hunter World (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is on the horizon and there are some things you should know about this game and its complicated series. Here's a quick breakdown on the new game! Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Rising Deity (18 days ago)
I've been playing Monster Hunter since MHFU but Monster Hunter World is so different and confusing compared to MHF1, MHFU, MHP3rd, and MH4U.
ThëGëaeGamër (1 month ago)
I was expecting more skyrim style
Marcus Fenix (1 month ago)
🤔 do i buy it?
LonghornRed (1 month ago)
So the Slinger is a Hookshot...
DORITOS101 lLoL (1 month ago)
If you guys wondering wtf is flaura and fauna Flaura is study of plants and fauna is study of Animals
DORITOS101 lLoL (1 month ago)
sis this openworld?
Kiwi Toast (2 months ago)
So uh. Should i buy it or not?
fahmi hinad (2 months ago)
Kiwi Toast buy it
muhammad akbar amin (2 months ago)
Thanks a Million Capcom. 👍👍👍
Skyline R34 (4 months ago)
I'm on PS4, Is this game really worth my money and time?. Honest answers please
Kit Carson (4 months ago)
I did not know!! If I had known that this game has timed quests I would have left it in the store. As a long time gamer, the one thing I really hate in any game is any kind of time limit......time limits suck. Looks like I will not make it to the first quest......I accepted it and it has a time limit..... Game back in the box and stored in the cabinet......I hate timed missions or tasks in any game. There should be a RED TEXT on the case.......missions in this game are timed. Cheers!
Bhargav Sharma (5 months ago)
I just bought it. Hopefully will get the delivery soon.
Azpect Storm (6 months ago)
You said dinosaurs XD
Rudy Smith (6 months ago)
It hooked me
King 2202 (6 months ago)
number 11: no pausing. Because I should be able to hunt a monster, pause it, go pee, and come back BEFORE it finds me and kills me. But no, none of that. Other than that, this is a perfect game.....for monster hunter fans......and fans of RPG's......and fans of good games.
Stephen Seputra (6 months ago)
The camera bothers me so much and targeting is annoying, but I like the game
Banned Gowther (7 months ago)
Does it need to have ps plus for online? Ffs
Kelton Kratom (7 months ago)
Do you need a ps4 pro to play this or will it work just fine with the original ps4?
Dylan McCoy (7 months ago)
First time playing this game and I’m hooked got over 12 hours in it so far
Roy Armstrong (7 months ago)
Level 3 gems are #bugged on xbox please inform the proper authorities THUMBS UP PLEASE
Aerial Eric (7 months ago)
I'm actually new too Monster Hunter Saga. I have been an Xbox gamer sense Halo. I think the safest weapon class to start with would be Boegun class, because I'm used to playing third person shooters all the time and first person. But I think overall it is a very good game worth checking out. A coworker at work thinks it's the best Series game ever made.
AMERICA FIRST (7 months ago)
None of the "things" you listed are of anything i need or would help me in the game . But thanks anyways. This game is overly complicated for no reason.
WickedJr 12 (7 months ago)
I just go it 2 days ago and I’ve been playing since MH1 back on Ps2 and honestly theirs a lot of changes but it’s actually really good
Joseph dockstader (7 months ago)
Heya all this is my first monster hunter game I’ve played. I have to say that it’s blown my mind the monsters are all unique and the multiple phases that they go through are a lot of fun to see. Now the thing that was the most exhilarating was when I was fighting a monster and another monster showed up in a turf war. Suddenly I’m dodging two monsters who both are throwing each other around and breathing fire. I think if it keeps on as it has this will be my new favorite game.
Pellegrini Post (7 months ago)
I love these videos man you're doing gods work
Dragon Edge (7 months ago)
How do I save lol I'm a noob
rodney lamula (7 months ago)
ive been looking forward to this for years time to remove my rust
Marcia Maupin (7 months ago)
This isy album
Nick Schumacher (7 months ago)
I just got this game I can't wait to play it tomorrow
MrTomemac (7 months ago)
Anyway to change the chatacter to a right handed mode?
Saud Otaibi (7 months ago)
Is it hard ?
Kaneki (7 months ago)
im a monster hunter veteran i played it all the way back when it was on ps2 andi like the new changes but im very sad that the paintball is not included in this installment of the series and in dont realy know how i should feel about the scoutflys either lets see how it goes PS:nice video xD
Joseph Alvarez (7 months ago)
Been playing monster hunter for over 10 years. They're finally perfecting the experience.
RatyTang (7 months ago)
So i can play this single player? Cause you know not everyone has friends or wants to pay for psn
Justin Smith (7 months ago)
Anyone know what bowgun is used at 1 minute through
X_Seagull (7 months ago)
I’ve never heard of or played this game but now I️ rlly want to
Game's Gentleman (7 months ago)
Awesome!!! That is my rating on everything...
Precious Icydog (7 months ago)
I’m getting it tonight but I’m not sure if I should get deluxe or just play the regular the deluxe is 79.99 and the reg is 69.99 what do you guys think..
Reece Jones (7 months ago)
Dude I'm getting a PS4 just for this game. So yeah being a PC gamer and buying a console because I don't want to wait is saying a lot.
Cha Eason (7 months ago)
Is really boring to play alone
Doom Slayer (7 months ago)
1. Grind 2.Grind more 3. Grind a lot 4. Grind more and more 5. Grind until 2am 6. Grind without sleeping 7. Grind harder 8. Grind everywhere 9. Grind resources 10. Have your mom grind on me while I grind.
ButIDontComplain (7 months ago)
13.62 GB actually
David Emmanuel (7 months ago)
let us know when it out on PC PLEASE!!!
Repjaws (7 months ago)
The Skyrim of the Monster Hunter franchise.
DestinyLSP (7 months ago)
I literally just bought this after looking up the trailer and read like 1 review so im hoping the greatness of the game makes up for my impulsive buying
Christian Rainey (7 months ago)
I think this game is amazing fun, but I feel like Xbox got shafted between no beta, no real stance on optimized support for the X and that non-working servers.
tango dad (7 months ago)
Leslie Jones (7 months ago)
This game looks really cool, I want couch co-op so BOTH my sons can play and they can carry me when I want to play :-P
Bro u youtubers all the same the same setting r going to be put on xbox one x n ps4 pro setting 1 graphics setting 2 resolution setting 3 i forgot its early as mf so dnt act like ps4 is so special same stuff for both consoles n the game fighting is crap crap n more crap lock on doesnt work nore does the pvp or the coop hunting aka pve
8drifit (7 months ago)
Just purchased Today!! Never played before, and am looking for something new and different to play :) it's installing as we speak! Haha.
Saiman No (7 months ago)
I have to get the game Thursday. l I used to play Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii. I loved it then. Even though the learning curve is pretty steep. It got to the point where the first two monsters were easy enough that I didn't need armor. But the climbing and swinging in this one is making me a little nervous. I didn't like climbing on the DS, plus the small screen, didn't play that much at all.
Darrell G (7 months ago)
I'm so going to play as Aloy.
Anthony Sanchez (7 months ago)
I'm new to this franchise, and I haven't played it yet (I really do want to, though), so is it blasphemous to call this "good Evolve"?
J. Brooks Rawlston (7 months ago)
xbox hunters hit me up for hunts. CreepyVanDude
Nicholas Largent (7 months ago)
So you don’t need Xbox live?
Matthew Theobald (7 months ago)
(I'm a game asset designer) On #8, It's a common misconception that the game's engine has anything to do with graphics. The engine just pulls all of the assets, models and code together into an environment where game designers can work. Graphics are completely based on the artists. Lighting, textures, models, effects and animations are what makes good graphics, NOT the game engine. Just thought I'd clear that up a bit. I see the misconception being said a lot around the internet.
Justin Wertman (7 months ago)
As someone who hardly ever comments on YouTube I have to ask what he means about "monster hunter has dabbeled in multiplayer before but this time its more thought out." Uh what multiplayer has been mh strong suit since tri
symmetricon1982 (7 months ago)
I'm a long time MH player and love this game, LOVE IT!
youtube viewer (7 months ago)
Xbox users i want to do the multiplayer, 😫
Clayton Bloom (7 months ago)
2:05 in... How did he do that wall climb to jump attack on a tree that had mushrooms on it against the aganath ?! That was sick
Grojin Gaming (7 months ago)
Can you invert X and Y camera axis ?
Dylan Smith (7 months ago)
Never played but hooked
JESTO JESTO (7 months ago)
Ok vets get ready to carry the crap out of the swarm of noobs also all vets say I
Jynx209 (7 months ago)
Spoiler alert: it attracted a new player (me).
Adam Yusoff (7 months ago)
All you need t0 know is that palico is soo fuxking cute.
Beach Samurai (7 months ago)
PC sucks..like always 😚
Beach Samurai (7 months ago)
@5:32 how big is monster hunter? How much time complete....he says more than 40hrs..but around how much
Shawn McDonough (7 months ago)
Man I wanna play this game so badly. So bummed about the delayed PC release. I really don't wanna buy it on PS4
Luke (7 months ago)
This is my second time trying to get into the monster hunter franchise and I have to be honest...I just don't like it. I like AARPG's and tough games with tight fighting mechanics, so I got this and everything just feels so unnecessarily convoluted. The menu's are clunky, the combat and controls feel outdated and slow. I mean really unintuitive...like pull out your weapon (which takes 45 minutes to do) attack the monster, who inevitably runs away at the exact second to swing, forcing you to sheath your weapon (again 45 mins to do) to chase them down, to rinse and repeat the process for like an hour straight. The graphics are good but not great with frame rate drops and terrible lip syncing...I don't wanna shit on a game I know people like but at the same time I'm trying to save someone some money because no one seems to be addressing the blatant issues with the game and I can't be the only motherfucker who just doesn't get this shit. On a positive note, the environmental and monster design in this game is cool and I like the option to take the monsters down in different ways.
QuidPanic Gaming (7 months ago)
I have the same feeling man and the mulitplayer play with friends is a pain to do , took me and my friend 2 hours to join echother because we didnt saw the cutcenes both
RED B.F.G SAGE (7 months ago)
I am new to the PS4 era so I dont know a lot of things about the multiplayer experience. Do I have to play a monthly fee to play online?
Yousif Muhssin (7 months ago)
Anyone wants to play on PS4? I need people to play with, username ~ KingRiiku add me
marmite (7 months ago)
Thx game ranx i needed this
james jump (7 months ago)
Can't wait to play and jump into MA first mh game
kyler swanson (7 months ago)
this looks fucking incredible
Frank .y (7 months ago)
11: its a weeb game so if you respect yourself, dont play this.
marcus ll (7 months ago)
I'm going to pass. The game looks boring.
Sir Bertt (7 months ago)
PC salt, gimme my mons
00ironskull (7 months ago)
Down with longsword! Join the movement ! Long swords staggers teammates! Long sword is not a team friendly weapon down with their staggering oppression !?
Christian Penate (7 months ago)
Mr. Autismo (7 months ago)
The multiplayer technically works but I would prefer a system where you actually physically get together in the main base-area and go on quests together from there. The current system is just a little complicated and doesn’t really feel like multiplayer
Its Spades (7 months ago)
Ok so this is my first MH and im getting it on my birthday which is in 9 days. I just wanted to know , do weapons have variants like More than One Switch Axe? Like one that looks Cooler? Or is it just the default one?
RedRangerJace (7 months ago)
One thing I didn’t like was there is a timer so couldn’t really explore. Just at that it was disappointing for me...
Sri Lestari (7 months ago)
I never play on no ps4 pro shitty console. Xbox one x is my style.
crossdaisuke (7 months ago)
Can you play with a friend from another region? for example i have a NA account and my friend has a JP account
YoursTruly (7 months ago)
Unfortunately for me, I’m still stuck in mhgen saddo 😪
Mauricio Figueroa (7 months ago)
Reviews on Amazon are complaining the monsters have too much health; Is that true or are they just crying? I played MH4U and I thought it was good. Is this one good too?
White Guy (7 months ago)
I bought Horizon:Zero Dawn and it is by far the best solo game ive ever played but I don't get the same feeling when I look at this game but should I buy it?
Mark Dermody (7 months ago)
The game does look awesome even though I am fairly new to the series as only just started playing the 3DS Monster Hunter Generations for the 1st time the other day! But am looking forward to getting the incredible looking console version.
Kronickillness Nikolaos (7 months ago)
i been on out looking in since the 1st i heard especially after hearing akira toriyama drew the art work for previous titles it was always the turn based looking like final fantasy that threw Me off on these games&so i never tried it yet. but always wanted to. tho I'm sad to see his arts gone i love the new look this has me wanting to buy it! These games hold their value ffs! The main reason i never got into it was these games cost was so much like 20$+ 30$ on fuckin mobile ffs with MTXs I'm like nope fuck that noise when i was on ios. n even droid i see them same am ff1-17+ wtf ever were at now those all cost far too much ergo this one looks2be worth its price but I'm afraid itll be too much to the learning curve unless the gameplay is just that good! idk i also can't find shit online but good reviews ofc. but ign gave it a 9.5 that's a must buy! ffs so idfkn none of my typical small x reviewers not even yours nor WAB or any other i trust have a review so idfk wtf to do!
James Walker (7 months ago)
Monster Hunter is my favourite game of all time, and the one I've invested the greatest amount of time into. THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!
MaadLuck (7 months ago)
Wait local 4 players????
Local Reasoning (7 months ago)
I hope Nargacuga is in this
MrNumberFour (7 months ago)
i wish there's dogs as an option too
The Coldest (7 months ago)
This game reminds me of Dark Souls. Is it anything like it?
Dark Wolf (7 months ago)
It's £50 😂😂😂😂😂
Dark Wolf (7 months ago)
Can you play solo or can you only play with friends?
Edward Grunder (7 months ago)
Number 11 it sucks
Trev (7 months ago)
Never played a MH game this will be my 1st one and I’m getting it for Ps4.
Jenny Shy (7 months ago)
I never heard of this game till my boyfriend made me play the beta. Honestly, this game is so fucking cool. I have never bought a game so fast
The Last Guy (7 months ago)
Totally buying the one x on my income tax😂
Damon McArthur (7 months ago)
Just spent 600 dollars on the limited edition ps4 pro...

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