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Royal Princess Party Makeup

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Free Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.supergirlstudio.princess.party.makeup.dressup More Games: https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=6975331594263996421 Welcome to the fairy land. A tale of a royal princess with long hair. Her evil stepmother cuts off her hair. She must get them fixed before the prince arrives for the castle party. Choose a princess makeover. Give the little princess the best hair design. Make a fashion statement by choosing the best designer dresses for the fairy princess. One day the pink princess who was known for her long hair. Everyone in the town loved her hair. The royal princess was sitting in the castle balcony one day. Her step mother sneaked up to her from behind and cut off her hair. She is a evil witch who is jealous of princess hair. The little princess gets upset and starts to wonder what she would do at the royal party. The noble prince is not going to be happy. A magical fairy appears. She gives the princess a magic potion for her messy hair to grow back before the prince charming arrives. Enjoy the new princess makeover game. Start with the hair salon. Give your little princess the best spa treatment and the best makeover. The royal princess needs a hair makeover. Grab those scissors and give her a designer cut. Use the cream to enrich and make hair strong. Apply shampoo on the hair and then wash by shower. Dry them up with the towel. Still wet hair? Use the blow dryer to properly make the hair dry. Hair brush comes next for the styling along with a pinch of fragrance. Make the best hairstyle for the little princess. Decorate the royal hair with head accessories. After the spa treatment of hair comes the second part of this princess game. It is time for the make up game. Make the fairy princess a star celebrity by choosing the best princess makeup from the beauty salon. Choose from variety of cool lipsticks. Give the royal princess the eyelashes of your choice. Make her a fashion doll by applying mascara. Choose from many blushers. Show your style sense and use your skills in this fantastic makeover game. Royal Princess Party Makeup does not end on princess makeover. The third part of this girls game has a royal fashion boutique. A marvelous dress up corner for the royal princess to choose from variety of elegant dresses. This dress up game for girls brings you not only fashion designer dresses but also other accessories that go along with the royal dresses. The fashion store also has trendy shoes for the royal princess. Royal Princess Party Makeup is a complete princess makeover game game. It has fashion design for hair style. Marvelous hairstyles picked by hand from famous hair stylists around the globe. A makeup salon with all the necessities of a makeup party. A fashion makeup game with a hair makeover as well? Isn’t that amazing? It is amazing. Download right now. It is free.
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