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Booker T. on Doom (Ron Simmons & Butch Reed) - Shoot Interview

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Five-time world champion Booker T. discusses WCW world tag team champs Doom. Doom was a groundbreaking tag team that featured African American wrestlers Butch Reed and Ron Simmons. Ron Simmons went on to win the WCW World Heavyweight title just as Booker T., eventually did after his run in the tag team Harlem Heat. Filmed at Absolute Intense Wrestling.
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Sidney Parker (7 months ago)
Doom and Harlem Heat were my favorite teams of all time.
Dramahawk Promotions (1 year ago)
wish Doom would have faced Harlem Heat
Betty Humpter (1 year ago)
never say a black them before? Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas before his time?
laggerg (7 months ago)
To add, Atlas and Johnson didn't get along. Atlas wanted S.D. Jones to be his partner.
rebellifemedia (1 year ago)
Hello Betty. We're very aware of Rocky and Tony, however they didn't get a run like Doom and Harlem Heat were able to have. They kind of came and went in their era. No fault of their own.
Jefferson Flair (1 year ago)
In a shoot interview, Ahmed Johnson tells the story of when vin e mc mahon called them into his office before raw.....and said.....'LOOK AT THIS TAPE.....it was the nation. of domination walkin down the isle.....said said to them, lol with the smallest mano being 280.....said this' WHO IN THE WORLD AIM I GOING TO. MAKE BELIVE THAT U GUYS CANT BE BEATEN BY ANYONE'. this business called pro wrestling......will never let blacks stay on top for long.....it's only when they look at a tape....lol, and Fuckin realize that the black wrestlers. can be beaten......if this was a legitimate fight every nite.......the white guys would not have a Chance. that's what I think.

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