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Warframe PVP 2v2

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Gameplay commentary of me playing the f2p Warframe in its PVP mode which was recently introduced. Expect more warframe. I studied video game design at Full Sail University and I work as a professional video game journalist. I tend to get into most if not every alpha/beta so do a request on a video and I will be sure to follow through if you post in the comments. The games I am playing right now include: HearthStone Dota2 League of Legends Guild Wars 2 Team Fortress 2 Blacklight Retribution Warframe Hawken and many many more! I own and manage the Gaming YouTube Community on Google +, it's a place where people can share their own gaming uploads and get subs/views and make friends! Thanks for watching, -Skylent Shore
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Lara Joicy (3 years ago)
como inicio o pvp ? ... Precisa fazer as missões ?
KI /\/ G (3 years ago)
Warframes are actually humans that doesnt talk but i wish they do
Channel (3 years ago)
Subscribed :)
b less (3 years ago)
I dont know which Gears you played, but in Gears 1 you're either a human or a fucking bug with a human figure- but ultimately the characters look so different from each other's team's. It's not hard to tell. Also, yes, PvP is very unbalanced, that's why whenever I play it, my strategy is catching them off guard, no matter what. If you want to fight head on, Volt's first power has knock down, if not stun effect, and Zephyr can deflect bullet damage. The main thing you want is to put all your mods in one weapon (killing weapon) then choose a melee that provides either good escape (Karyst or Amprex) or one with good status (Jat Kittag, etc.)
b less (3 years ago)
Sean Ferguson (3 years ago)
your a noob son
Jip Jackson (3 years ago)
Waa.  If your enemy is doing something which is defeating you, change tactics.  Are you a ninja or a mouse.  Your technique is called, cry about game not being fair.  If you were winning there would no doubt be no balance problems.
Tony Banderas (4 years ago)
Wow, look at the comments in the game. As I expected, the PVP in the game is filled with children.
J Chahin (4 years ago)
how to play pvp in warframe
Lifecloud (4 years ago)
Your awesome hope you become a bigger channel on YouTube!!!

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