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Demon Hunter Boss Battle iPhone

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Demon Hunter Boss Battle iPhone
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Ers Lope (5 months ago)
men i really want to play this in Android i alredy played it on ipod and this game is better than many games out there.
Haiganon CSin (3 months ago)
Ers Lope I heard there is a facebook group who successfully emulated the game and tells you how to. I don't know exactly where it is though.
Ers Lope (4 months ago)
Ramel Eilia time ago i saw here on ytube how to download the apk for android,i installed,opened but doesn't go more far than the menu i think is because is exclusive for IOS,perhaps if someone hack it maybe can work.
Ramel Eilia (4 months ago)
Dude fr, I played this game so fucking log ago and now I can’t find it anywhere
Kuma Pawpaw (11 months ago)
I don't understand why such an awesome game was taking off the market. If anyone still lingers around here and can recommend games like this I'd be very grateful!
Abiola Akano (2 months ago)
Kuma Pawpaw ya I know, I play a game called bleach brave souls you can try that
Kuma Pawpaw (2 months ago)
+Abiola Akano I've looked all over the place mate but can't find anything nor any games similar on a phone.
Ramel Eilia (4 months ago)
I completely agree, this game was so fucking amazing, and an amazing game is Brave Frontier
Abiola Akano (7 months ago)
You know if it’s possible to get it anywhere?
Kuma Pawpaw (8 months ago)
Jonah Ruiz The wankers took it off the market ( Bicore ) and I've no idea why, it was free to download and had in store purchases but it was optional. I think it wasn't making them enough money so they said fuck you to everyone and took it down.
LinkOnHoverBoots (2 years ago)
Does ANYONE still have the game on iOS and can play it?
ultama7 (4 years ago)
Try beating him with gunner....
32Roy32 (4 years ago)
hey guys i have a problem with this game every time i try to open it it tries to connect and ends with a "network error. please try again after verification" anyone have solution?
Franxi Branda (4 years ago)
jajajaja is very easy
tan chong hao (5 years ago)
You would have died then and there at 0.47 if the boss didnt spare you.
tan chong hao (5 years ago)
@ to Tobygamesiscool, you cannot even unlock Distia with that low level. I bet you don't even know who is hanin.
Dwarfo (5 years ago)
Lol just found a funny useful glitch for gunner if you jump dhoot in the are a and try to use a skill that you dont have anough sp for you stand perfectly and can shot and walk in place
I defeated borementa at lvl 37
Your easy time with this annoys me *-.-
Haruglory131 (6 years ago)
damn go faster
100percentofu (6 years ago)
Omg this guy was such a pain. Lv 42 when I fought him.
ahmed demha (6 years ago)
where is count peltos??
isrrael matos (6 years ago)
como abro la 2 puerta de la parte de torre de pecado para ir a matar a elen y salvar a perna ya pase la 1 puerta en la cual use esta clave abajo, arriba, arriba, abajo, abajo con eso abrí la 1 y salio la bruja de hielo y la mate pero luego de hay no se que hacer seguí subiendo por la parte derecha y esta la 2 puerta mas no se como se abre ayuda alguien que ya la a pasado helpppppppppppppp
Dwarfo (6 years ago)
I was lvl forty I beat him while eating suupper
Dwarfo (6 years ago)
Lol illusion is hard to get
mattesx69 (6 years ago)
dood y does no one use illusion on there swordsman? is it that bad or something?
KrOz bucur (6 years ago)
lv 30 plz
Gor TheHunter (6 years ago)
what level should i be to fight the twins??
Kenneth Kim (7 years ago)
@QueenOfSages i don't know which boss it is that you are talking about, but if it's the Water Dragon, you are not supposed to go there. Top of Canal-2, then go up, then go Right. you keep goin.
Kenneth Kim (7 years ago)
@raspberrysays start from the Base of Dubaq, then go to Top of Canal - 2. then go up. go left. then keep going, you will see a skull. press A. you will be there.
raspberrysays (7 years ago)
where is the count of inferno? i've been stuck there for like 3 months, i always can't find it :(
nicobellic4 (7 years ago)
where i find the things for light of destiny (sry for my english iam german)^^
nicobellic4 (7 years ago)
@CowOverTheMoon thanks very much i died 30 times then i see your comment and wola!^^
lawbin (7 years ago)
Does magic attack effect how much damage you do with skills such as crosspain?
gta4derpyderp (7 years ago)
What level should I be when I fight this boss? I'm an eslasher lv 42. With 39 strength
Kenneth Kim (7 years ago)
@elin6469 Try leveling up until you are at least 55... You can level up by killing any monsters that are around. And if you kill just one of the twin, you get screwed cause the other one summons and you have to kill them again... If you have anymore questions about this game, ask me!
Ryuse (7 years ago)
Guys want some lvling tips while making money 1st go to somewhere where there is alot of mutons (for lvl 10 to 20 ) then gather them and use ur best skill to kill them,when you do that u should get alota exp and some drops 2nd go to somewhere where is alot of cavekuro (for lvl 20 to 30 ) and do the same thing 3rd do to where there is alot of sandmuton (for lvl 30 to 35 or 40 not sure) and do the same thing 4th go to the place with the menkuro or fatalmuton (for lvl 40 to 45) and do the same th
monses garza (7 years ago)
@soraeyo i only use the guns
Chew Jia Jie (7 years ago)
I JUST FINISHED THIS BOSS AFTER DYING FOR AT LEAST 20 TIMES. Heres the trick: 1) Set your game speed to lowest. 2) Break the middle tower first coz its weak and then the boss' attack will change (which is weaker and easier to dodge) 3) PLAY LIKA PUSSY! TRY TO AVOID ALL ATTACKS!
Kenneth Kim (7 years ago)
@IMFLUFFYLIKEABUNNY this isn't the final boss, the final boss comes in much later in the game, and he's level 70. lol
Kenneth Kim (7 years ago)
@sakuraba234 go to makerusia and kill a lot of icegolems or whatever its called.
Cro TheSaltyEgg (7 years ago)
where i can find the white soul stone...I forgot where it is...
Kwek meng yang (7 years ago)
how to get the cursed book for recipe to get to makerusia
IzzacV (7 years ago)
@cLcINFERN0671 Yeah, if you upgrade without cubics there is a small chance the item could be destroyed and it will turn from whatever it is to a piece of junk.
cLcINFERN0671 (7 years ago)
im a lvl41 swordsman and im wondering what skills should i get? i only got that 1st skill, and thats it
cLcINFERN0671 (7 years ago)
@IzzacV what do you mean? your weapon gets destroyed failing to upgrade?
ron ferert (7 years ago)
I need some1 to tell me where is the fire boss that will give u the key
IzzacV (7 years ago)
:D This one took me forever but I finally did it! Now I cant beat the Ice one... :\ I stopped playing though because I got so mad one of my best items was destroyed when I was upgrading it only to level 3 =((((( Bad luck I guess....
Kurudo J (7 years ago)
this boss is easy if ur build is elemental walker the hard one is that frost harpy boss
Eric Chai (7 years ago)
I beat this mother-fucker already and next journey is Talagaron
Zachy (7 years ago)
How did you record this and is that the final boss?
Eric Chai (7 years ago)
i can;'t beat this bloody stupid boss..I'd tried more than 6 times and I couldn't even break any of that tower..T.T What kind of set of equipments did you use when battled this boss?
iasuottab (7 years ago)
is that some gay equipment that u've got there? ur +ATK and +VIT are very high!! nice!
Eric Chai (7 years ago)
@StardustMirage000 green minerals is a very rare mineral, it can be found almost at all places of the map, however the easiest way to get it..is at Stigia OR get the green pickax recipe from blacksmith of Geneha (I couldn't remember what his name) after you finish his quest to find Phaladume..hope this will help you ^^
raeyo (7 years ago)
My suggestion about people who are full str build and don't use guns. Find a very strong gun with 3 slots then when you put a soul to the gun don't put add gun damage, put something to increase your stats like stamina,str,agi etc. so that you may cause higher damage :D
StardustMirage000 (7 years ago)
Where do i get green minerals?
whowes1 (7 years ago)
I have a glitch or problem that a few others have had (with no solution to). When collecting the rock cutting sword from Baron (in dubaq) the game freezes and restarts. I cannot start the next quest without taking it from baron. I have even made my own rock cutting sword, but this will not work in chopping the rock pillar until I get the quest active. Can anyone help?
JDarkAngeI (7 years ago)
can some1 tell me were i can fight this baby dragon thats 1m... i think i know were it is but theres a door tha wont open... sum1 help
ilovecodemonkeys (7 years ago)
Finally I finished that part! w0000000t! At level 42 I defeated that SOB!
LUL (7 years ago)
@ilovecodemonkeys Yea,thats why im complaining,the company make a new app EXACTLY the same,instead of making the current APP Free.I dun mind if the app became free.Im angry becoz of the fking company making a new app instead.
ilovecodemonkeys (7 years ago)
@iamzatch I got for freee
LUL (7 years ago)
Fking shit,instead of making this app free,they removed this app and make a NEW app that is exactly the same,just that its free,so basically ppl who paid for this game will get absolutely NO updates at all,Fk u developers
bigxay86 (7 years ago)
@zoomin131 it is
ilovecodemonkeys (7 years ago)
I am stuck on the mini death generator part..... I'm clueless to where it is
xoxoxoLOVELESSxoxoxo (7 years ago)
any tips on how to defeat kalax (the boss after this boss) :D ?
Living2TheMax2 (7 years ago)
omg i just learned its better to be a swordsman ... wow my stats are for gunner
Odelia Yeoh (7 years ago)
Hey I'm stuck at the count peltos near the heart of inferno..I believe I'll need a key because of the 'skull-liked' thing but I've gotten all the keys possible but still could not get thru..could you help please? Thanks in advance!! :)
Odelia Yeoh (7 years ago)
Hey do you know how to get to count peltos? I think I'll need a key to get thru the 'skull-liked' thing but I've gotten all the keys possible but still could not get thru. Please help and thanks in advance :)
Andrey Gubin (7 years ago)
@superredlion123 after defeating this boss you get wing. when you activate wing all enemies freezing (slow-motion) mode. worked only ONE time in 5-10 minutes
Rian (7 years ago)
hey nice battle man!! wats da wing for at the top right?

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