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Steamwheedle Cartel Rep Guide (Insane in the Membrane, Cataclysm Updated)

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This is the Seamwheedle Cartel portion of my guide. As promised, here is the macro for tracking your progression and the link to the goblin quest page: /run SendChatMessage(GetAchievementLink(2336),"say") http://www.wowhead.com/quests?filter=cr=1:1:1:1;crs=21:470:369:577;crv=0:0:0:0;ma=1#0+13+1+11+2 Link to Bloodsail guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O77WPeOdDpw Link to Ravenholdt guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gM6A2Z40dcA DISCLAIMER: I do not own any part of the songs used in this video or World of Warcraft. Full credit is given to the artists who created the tracks, and Blizzard for the creation of WoW.
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Text Comments (15)
Bob Marley (22 days ago)
exactly what i was wondering about the spillover rep. i was like surely theres a better way but nope
Muskee (3 years ago)
great guide
nirvgorilla (3 years ago)
For some reason when I copy your tracking script: /run SendChatMessage(GetAchievementLink(2336),"say") it adds a hyphen when I paste in game and causes it to not work. I have no idea why it adds a hyphen, but here it is (just after the 2336): /run SendChatMessage(GetAchievementLink(2336)­-,"say") It doesn't add it if I copy from the battle.net forums -- only youtube. Weird.
Amra (5 years ago)
You said how many stacks of runecloth, but did not mention how much silk, mageweave or linen. =(
Vermund Austvik (5 years ago)
The progress macro doesnt work for me :/
Simon H Jonasson (6 years ago)
I think its just a visual bug, I asked like 3 GM's after getting a good reply, but the GM said to me that I had reached honored on the server with bloodsail dispyte the "uncheck" on the tracker. I proceeded to raise my goblin rep as I intended.
Alan McCormack (6 years ago)
I just did the Bloodsail grind to honored and checked the tracker and it was checked off. I did 1 Everlook turn in, so went down to friendly with Bloodsail but it was still checked off so I turned in all my Runecloth, I then relogged and it was gone.....Im awaiting a reply to my strongly worded ticket...
Grandifame (6 years ago)
Great guide mate. Thanks!
Oni Akuma (6 years ago)
So I grinded bloodsail up to honored, but killed a few pirates and dropped it back down to friendly. When I tried the achievement link it didn't have the bloodsail rep checked, this was in 4.0.5 Do I need to have all the reps at the same time now?
twinkmaster2 (6 years ago)
Intro song?
Zoul (6 years ago)
Hey Eturnle I've read somewhere that you can now basically farm Tanaris for all Steamwheedle Cartel rep all the way to Exalted and then slay 1 mob on Fray Island to get the last for Gadgetzan when you need that last 1 point of rep. Is this true? And if yes is it faster than doing the Cloth turn in quests if you're gonna farm all the cloth?
ikkedaniel (6 years ago)
why is the intro, is a nice volume and do you speak so VERY quitely. not quite of use.
gewoonniet oke (6 years ago)
Bloodsail first, seeing that you need to be hated for the hat, and bootybay is easier to farm then Bloodsail,.
TheMonsterzzz (6 years ago)
wait nvm jsut got to the part about quests lol
TheMonsterzzz (6 years ago)
dont quests give rep?

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