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Logitech G933 Snow 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset

189 ratings | 43994 views
Get in the game with G933 Snow for incredible 7.1 surround audio quality and a cool new look.
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Text Comments (37)
Alex Romeo (2 days ago)
You know nothing John Snow...
AmirethDAB (1 month ago)
I bought this. Never been as disappointed for a product as I am for this one. It had a premium price, but the functionality is worthless. Atm I have to change the USB port I use for it between BOOTs or the software loses track of it. Computer detects it when it's turned off, but as soon as I turn it on, it goes away. I've tried the "hardware reset" and the "firmware update"; doesn't work. Only thing that worked for me is to change USB port every now and then. Am I suppose to have to do this with a $300 headset?
이기훈 (1 year ago)
not very interesting
xM4trix69 (1 year ago)
why white version is 70€ more ?
Shadex93 (1 year ago)
mfw amazon sells the black version for £77 but the sweet white version is still £170 >:(
Flashing Fox (1 year ago)
Oh for flip sake why didn't you do that in the first place! Oh well..... I had to claim warranty on it a few days ago I just my replacement yesterday as it didn't work as it should. And this one came with a braided USB cable rather than the rubber last time so nice touch!
Kei Angelus (1 year ago)
Inb4 they change the logo again for 2017
Dev (1 year ago)
jonasxdufek (1 year ago)
so just different colour ?
Rade Veselinovic (1 year ago)
FreezekY (1 year ago)
what a beast
Fuze (1 year ago)
<3 my sponsor
Kevice (1 year ago)
I tought suround is spelled surround
Kevice (1 year ago)
+Jamakinz I don't know I'm not an American I'm from Indonesia
Jamakinz (1 year ago)
Isn't tought spelled "thought?"
Lin Ihao (1 year ago)
lol in the description is spelled "surround" in the title "suround".
I N F I N I T Y (1 year ago)
I'm only buying it if they fixed the god awful microphone on it.
Time Shift (1 year ago)
+mikos321 thx for the mike . i did not know of tha capability . tell me , does it have an integrated mike as well ? i mean it has a small indentation in it ... or is it some sort of system that eliminates the background noise or something like that . thx
mikos321 (1 year ago)
the jackport on the dongle is so that the usb can be connected to any usb power source without audio and then have a audio cable running into the dongle from any audio source and poof you now got wireless audio from anywhere
Time Shift (1 year ago)
since you have a g933 , some questions : what is the jackport out of the dongle for ? what does it do ? there's also a whole in it , like a microphone whole on the top side , just above the G sign . is that a mike ? how do i turn that on if it's a mike ? the jack cable has a " volume " thing on it . does that thing has a mike as well ? cuz if it does , it's not working for me . thx
WaKen (1 year ago)
had the g933 for a year now, mic works perfectly sooo?
ArchieGamez (1 year ago)
Will there be a smaller Logitech mice for FPS games maybe a compact design that is different from the G502 and G402 maybe not like the G302?
Raeivet (1 year ago)
If they actually kept the old logo then I'm getting it.
RRUS Owen (1 year ago)
hay Logitech we need some custom side plates for the g933 and the g633 where are they?
Mrxmasftw (1 year ago)
is there a 633 snow version? i have the 633 but these look sick
Jamakinz (1 year ago)
No sadly
Joshua Manalo (1 year ago)
the only difference i see is the color? wut? i was expecting the new logo
xLawnGnome (1 year ago)
those LEDs will give away your position
iCamskiez (1 year ago)
when is it available etc?
Henalphabet (1 year ago)
when will you release another wired headset?
Henalphabet (1 year ago)
+Xedhadeaus idk why I asked that. Wireless is better. Have the Astro a50 rn
Xedhadeaus (1 year ago)
The 633 is wired. These are also, but can be wireless if you want.
iCamskiez (1 year ago)
logitech god damn ive got all logi equipment mouse G402, mouse pad, keyboard G810 and headset G930 which is dying just sponsor me already lol. but oh my gosh do these look sick
DVNOLIUM (1 year ago)
I got G810 (absolutely loving it) G502 proteus spectrum and G430. I love logitech but their "gamery" design is kinda annoying (g910)
Tempus (1 year ago)
Vermillion (1 year ago)

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