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PUBG is Giving Away FREE SKINS!! (NOT CLICKBAIT) Free PUBG Skin Set for Limited Time!! PUBG News

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these free skins are super nice.. :: PUBG is Giving Away FREE SKINS!! (NOT CLICKBAIT) Free PUBG Skin Set for Limited Time!! PUBG News :: LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more PUBG Updates, News, Gambling and More!! Announcement: https://goo.gl/BxtfXs ►Subscribe Here: https://goo.gl/wPUC7D ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/slickpubg ►Business Email: slickpubg@gmail.com ►My Channel: https://goo.gl/hQvJ9K ►Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vKhNyKXCHI
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Text Comments (54)
Slick (1 month ago)
Drop a *LIKE* and *SUBSCRIBE* <3
adi adrian428 (1 month ago)
Hey slick im a new subscriber to your channel really love your videos specially your crate opening videos my birthday is comming up on june 16 it would be really dope if you greet me a happy birthday slick❤️
cs go nerd (1 month ago)
Slick PUBG hi
Rexzone (1 month ago)
and I bet it will happen just like the skin bugeadas of steam, of golden tracksuit, that will remain in the market the box, for a strange reason, that we do not know.   because those skin are only console but strange thing come out
jojo pro (1 month ago)
I wish that i can get then😢😢 #PC
PS GAM3R (1 month ago)
For XBOX players only!
D4nnyFrags (1 month ago)
We PC players are the reason why its on xbox rn. We funded and supported there company on pc and we get nothing.
nareS (1 month ago)
0:22 LMAO
Goastoid (1 month ago)
Blueholes showing love for its PC community as always...
Rexzone (1 month ago)
yep all bizarre love.
jojo pro (1 month ago)
Goastoid lol
loknar86 (1 month ago)
fuck Xbox
LastFatmanStanding (1 month ago)
Xbox? Sorry man Pointless vid... press F for PC , but still like for it
The Kick (1 month ago)
I think they should drop a new hoodie for PC players and should be dark Red or maybe Purple and have a slick look! My opinion
sup zoo (1 month ago)
Wow amazing buddy...
FlaminGOD (1 month ago)
Wsup daddy
kronovix 86 (1 month ago)
Great vid as always fucking great!...
evil- Scotsman (1 month ago)
Xbone eww
markerking - (1 month ago)
Come ooon man I watched this for one minute and you told that the skin is only for xbox
Rexzone (1 month ago)
I got excited, then I knew it was for xbox and I forgot
GambiT (1 month ago)
Damn thats WOHOO
Comethazine Up Next (1 month ago)
cool skins
cs go nerd (1 month ago)
Slick (1 month ago)
Ernst Sternberg (1 month ago)
great video been watching for 6 months an´d i think you should have at least half a million but keep up the good work
Slick (1 month ago)
thank you <3
Łukasz P (1 month ago)
FU*K xbox
Arykthan (1 month ago)
I Love You Slick!!!!!
Slick (1 month ago)
love you too <3
Wowskii (1 month ago)
rip xbox only
First Aid Kit Gaming (1 month ago)
AminityGaming (1 month ago)
Why, just why
First Aid Kit Gaming (1 month ago)
Slick (1 month ago)
DaVeRN (1 month ago)
DaVeRN (1 month ago)
no eyy
Slick (1 month ago)
Daniel Tan (1 month ago)

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