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Top 10 Best (Android, iOS) FPS Games 2016 | HD

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Here is the list of top 10 best Android/iOS FPS games of 2016. This list includes the best Android and iOS FPS games with good graphics and multiplayer for those people who love to play FPS game on their smartphone. Some of these games are free and paid and some games have multiplayer which requires WiFi to play. Comment down below and tell us your favorite Android/iOS FPS games in this list. ➢ Top 10 Best FREE Android Games 2016 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3TCUMox-zM ♦ List ♦ ■ Modern Strike (0:23) Android: https://goo.gl/s3fU8b iOS: Coming Soon ■ Blitz Brigade (1:20) Android: https://goo.gl/YSzYE5 iOS: https://goo.gl/GU3lWD ■ Suicide Squad: Special Ops (2:07) Android: https://goo.gl/cQZyHX iOS: https://goo.gl/4bk2Pe ■ Dead Effect 2 (2:32) Android: https://goo.gl/WOqpYk iOS: https://goo.gl/i9MraI ■ Crisis Action (3:07) Android: https://goo.gl/IRVEKi iOS: https://goo.gl/MCnqLO ■ Nova 3 Freedom Edition (3:36) Android: https://goo.gl/IqwnTm iOS: https://goo.gl/YbDesr ■ Unkilled (4:18) Android: https://goo.gl/HVZ8z6 iOS: https://goo.gl/c3AUVP ■ Dead Trigger 2 (4:56) Android: https://goo.gl/QOngR5 iOS: https://goo.gl/R6L3BM ■ Modern Combat 5 (6:01) Android: https://goo.gl/FFXdrU iOS: https://goo.gl/PW1BHK ■ Critical Ops (6:25) Android: https://goo.gl/jK0pxl iOS: https://goo.gl/jUI5Cw ♦ Follow us ♦ ■ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TechMasterTricks ■ Twitter : https://twitter.com/TechMasterTrick ■ Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+TechMasterTricks ♬ Music ♬ ■ Intro : Different Heaven - OMG ■ Outro : Audioscribe - Free Fall ➢ Thank you for watching!
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Text Comments (387)
Batza The beast (5 months ago)
C-ops all the way
Conetfun Gaming (7 months ago)
Can You Please Tell Which Front You Use at Starting Anyways "You are The Best"
TheSusPect IOS (8 months ago)
Nova 3 not even in the play store anymore
Har-yo 935 (1 year ago)
What is that game on the thumbnail
Zul! (11 months ago)
A click bait Its actually a PC game
parsa hasanzadeh (1 year ago)
number 1 is modern strike online💙💙💙
Aqif2K (1 year ago)
blitz look awesome
ELITE Pyro (1 year ago)
KARABATAKOO7 (1 year ago)
modern strike online <3 nick:[TR]⭐✩⭐BlackHell⭐✩⭐
old banansley (1 year ago)
0:40 what's that song called
Darude - Sandstorm
San Ehrhardt (1 year ago)
Bullet force should be no. 1
Mr. Flames For u (1 year ago)
Critical ops yes it's so good you've got to try it
Moonlight (1 year ago)
Modern Strike online !!
Zend Rive (1 year ago)
Crisis action is not in the us store dammit
KRAZY GZ (1 year ago)
why gameloft using wifi i need to play the gameee any advice to play the game in 4g ?
FAZElite (1 year ago)
lol diablo is like the best in the game of Suicide Squad
after I played blitz brigade I can't get interest on any other games, my blitz brigade account banned, I'm a pro
Maç Özetleri (1 year ago)
Kaus_ Green (1 year ago)
Modern Strike Online is the beat Multiplayer shooter in the Word. On Android or iOS. But he is on 10th..
Juriasu makkai (1 year ago)
i have a squad in c-ops
Ayush Goel (1 year ago)
i played all of them and also continuing but i need new games
Anoni Mosu (1 year ago)
why do people like zombie so much....
Mobile player (1 year ago)
is nova 3 freedom edition can be play offline
And it has a great campaign
Mobile player yes
alessandro philips (1 year ago)
where is shadow gun deadzone
Aron The Pokemon (1 year ago)
i have alredy played nova 3 before i get to see tgis list
I think bullet force is No.1 game
jamesryan099 (1 year ago)
I don't have a controller so its hard asf to aim move and shoot at the same time. Unskilled has autofire which helps a lot does anyone know if any of these games also has autofire? If they don't then I have to stop moving to shoot probably and not moving in most games equals death.
TheShadow - (1 year ago)
modern strike has lots of hackers
BLEACH Boss (1 year ago)
Alex Soto (1 year ago)
Did blitz brigade remind anyone else about overwatch
Mr Omarr (1 year ago)
plz see my channel and subscribe for more vedio about many game plz subscribe and like
Mr Omarr (1 year ago)
I wana be friend
go away
Mr Omarr (1 year ago)
+[NAR] Clan Owner TGR/TheGunRoomYT hi
John Bennedict Torda (1 year ago)
you should really download NOVA 3 its awesome!
HenkeZzz (1 year ago)
Seriously were the hell is Bullet Force
GE GA (1 year ago)
if MADFIGERgames higher gun effect is best games
tanyon derrick (1 year ago)
where tf is bullet force tho?
YT얼음강아지 (1 year ago)
fuck you clickbaitet
Oyuntsengel Hoojin (1 year ago)
im vining the modern combat 5
Kubongaming (1 year ago)
I recommend critical ops
tk99 firstelady (1 year ago)
the only game i have in the video is modern strike online i really like the blitz bridge, and the suicide squad special ops
Amit Panwar (1 year ago)
Rafaeza Oliver (1 year ago)
hey u guys must try critical ops
more like, play a piece of shit cod game because it's popular but shitty.
SESH-SkillTroll LA*** (1 year ago)
i'm the 4th player in leaderboard in blitzbrigade lol
Kevin Valdez (1 year ago)
wtf are this shity games where is my bullet force?
Ir0XN (1 year ago)
Kevin Valdez Lmao u say critical ops is shit? Tf? I must confirm youre a cod cringy kid lmao
KandyKainePowdah (1 year ago)
Hey when's modern strike coming to ios? Anyone know
Dope (1 year ago)
I Subbed! :D
시공조아 (1 year ago)
fuck mc5
Spisey Boi (1 year ago)
Dude the first one was like phantom forces from ROBLOX
Scyride's World (1 year ago)
You did not put Bullet Force
dodopipi1233 92 (1 year ago)
dude um a nub at c opa android
you forgot pixel gun \___:-/ TF m8
gvng m9ne (1 year ago)
random guy weeb
Qiulix (1 year ago)
#2: Modern Strike*
Dana Jacksi (1 year ago)
where is bullet force 😦
Dana Jacksi (1 year ago)
i have it on my iOS device
T Sugi (1 year ago)
Pranay Sharma (1 year ago)
modern combat 5 is really good. its literally call of duty on ur phone. there's campaign and online where u can choose ur gamemode for online.
Makoto Shishio (1 year ago)
modern strike sucks
Makoto Shishio Maybe because you suck at it
Ibims1Tim (1 year ago)
C-Cops is 💩💩💩
Ibims1Tim (1 year ago)
i love Modern Strike ( nice Update New Map )
love me dat nitefort (1 year ago)
modern strike should be hire
WALL. E (1 year ago)
i already have modren combat 5 did you heard about modern combat 4 i dont know why but modern combat 4 is for money
WALL. E (1 year ago)
my squad name is Sucide squad join
WALL. E (1 year ago)
Suraj Murmu hey whats your mc5 username join my squad
Suraj Murmu (1 year ago)
Tanner Fox Mordern combat 4 and 3 are great. Can play offline too unlike MC5.
The BomSter (1 year ago)
Lol critical ops= CS:GO for phone :D
Zakk W. (1 year ago)
Nice video...
ZenReX - (1 year ago)
Dont play Crisis Action, full of hackers 😧
Inlight Encore (1 year ago)
#1 Bullet Force
Sean William (1 year ago)
C-Ops is only allowed on the Singapore store
ese critical ops es de tipico niño rata 😂😂😂
Unka Boy (1 year ago)
What's the thumbnail
Unka Boy (1 year ago)
ChewingGummy no
Naimmain (1 year ago)
Unka Boy b1
Varinder Singh (1 year ago)
There's no mordern strike online on iOS liar I'm disliking
Nzxt (1 year ago)
blitz brigade reminds me of TF2. Anyone else?
Gameloft copies games like call of duty, halo and tf2
Tugra Sahin (1 year ago)
ToastyTaco HD wanna play tf2 😂
Capt. Raptor (1 year ago)
Dead Trigger 2 made it on the list. And in a high spot, too. Can't say I'm surprised. It's a damn good game.
Colin Williams (1 year ago)
where is bullet force
tanyon derrick (1 year ago)
Colin Williams that's what I said lol
Colin Williams (1 year ago)
+TheCrafterThe1st it just got released on the app store
Colin Williams (1 year ago)
+TheCrafterThe1st yes
UnatMar (1 year ago)
MLG_Spike you can play it on iOS?
Colin Williams (1 year ago)
+MLG_Spike you can still play it on iOS using test flight or something
Crying Seal (1 year ago)
Nova 3 is unbalanced. Look the lvl 10 vs lvl 1 total destruction
Gabriel Gamer (1 year ago)
Como que critical ops ficou na frente de modern combat 5 e blitz brigade?
Karışık OFİS (1 year ago)
thank you
Dennis Diaz (1 year ago)
en moder soi nivel 10
Sutra (1 year ago)
nice clickbaiting you cancer tumor
Space Boy (1 year ago)
Special Force Groups 2 also
Thypo VD (1 year ago)
Hey Blitz Brigade is like TF2 but on android
So what is the best in this list??
BLEACH Boss (1 year ago)
The ChannelTN that game was great til it went free to play
〰Salsa (1 year ago)
Usama mathers
Duel Tactics (1 year ago)
MiKO GameAddict critical ops
Adha YT (1 year ago)
Usama mathers haha
Adha YT (1 year ago)
Usama mathers alliance
AguTi11 (1 year ago)
and bullet force?
Eric Lajeunesse (1 year ago)
Hey guys I'm the dev. of Natural Born Soldier, a rising FREE FPS on iOS and Android where you can have really some fun, not listed here unfortunately. Great customization you'll not find anywhere else. Don't judge by the cover, try it out! iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id995799744 Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.timistudios.nbs Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/mas/dl/android?p=com.timistudios.nbs Cheers, Eric L.
Local Entertainment (1 year ago)
at least inform about the game is online or not 😠
PrakkPlayz (1 year ago)
Nice video, now i can upload more content on my channel!
The first one is blitz brigade the intro game I played for years
Afif Azlan (1 year ago)
for me...blitz brigade is the first
D. Purwanto (1 year ago)
MC 4?
Lukas Haas (1 year ago)
Passion change judicial round across
Gintoki Sakata (1 year ago)
Still no on Ios lol
Justin Chan (1 year ago)
go crisis
BAWS Official (1 year ago)
Please music "Top 1"
Goku800 YT (1 year ago)
Venoquil (1 year ago)
Suicide squad has auto fire dont download it.
XDiversitYX - (1 year ago)
I hate critical ops because whenever I play even when I log in into facebook it will back out for me.what a bitch
DGamingPro (1 year ago)
+Proclaz SikePRO awesome profile picture btw.
XDiversitYX - (1 year ago)
+Gabbi Gamez I'll try
DGamingPro (1 year ago)
Proclaz SikePRO log in to your google account. works everytie for me
Steve (1 year ago)
Pls give me the link for modern strike
#SorryBadEnglish (1 year ago)
Crisis Action <3
nope. (1 year ago)
C OPS is the best
WANz SPARROW (1 year ago)
wuu crisis action I'm lvl94
WANz SPARROW (1 year ago)
Sulaiman Mohd Yassin (1 year ago)
WANz Gamer noob
WANz SPARROW (1 year ago)
wuuuuu hawau
WANz SPARROW (1 year ago)
wecit pon wecit la
#SorryBadEnglish (1 year ago)
R.I.P English. Hapuskan Dak2 wicet.
NWYRK69 (1 year ago)
AsianSoe Gaming (1 year ago)
keenan s (1 year ago)
the graphic maybe bad but the game was fun
keenan s (1 year ago)
i play crisis action
Robert 117 (1 year ago)
Crsis action é online ?

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