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MGTOW is Becoming Cult-like and Ideological

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Followup video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYHl28A2xco Sources: I don't want my kids sitting next to a man on a plane: http://ow.ly/3zkDnR http://www.realsexism.com/ Are mental health services inherently feminised?: http://ow.ly/3zkCBB “Boys are treated like defective girls.”: http://ow.ly/3zkCVT Armoured Skeptic video: How to Pump and Dump Chicks - MGTOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvhBN... Mayor of MGTOW video: HOW I BECAME A MGTOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGOLR... The Drugging of the American Boy: http://ow.ly/3zkDmK The Facts About Men and Boys: http://ow.ly/3ywsl9 The feminisation of education: http://ow.ly/3zkE6X A girl falsely accused me of rape and it almost ruined my life: http://ow.ly/3zkHyf ‘RAPE CULTURE IS A DANGEROUS MYTH’: http://ow.ly/3zkHHx The Men's Rights Movement and the Women Who Love It: http://ow.ly/3zkIdF All images are creative commons from pixabay.com, wiki images and bigstockphoto.com, all other content is covered under fair use for commentary. Creative commons, royalty free images used in this video presentation are sourced from https://pixabay.com/ and Wiki Media Commons. These are public commons images. Support my work on Patreon: http://ow.ly/3ymWFu PayPal Donations Welcome. Click here: http://goo.gl/NSdOvK Help Support My Channel. Buy Computing Forever Merchandise, Mugs, Hats, T-Shirts: http://ow.ly/3v3TWq Sign up to our Monthly Newsletter to receive exclusive FREE Computing Forever video and blog content: http://goo.gl/YKq7ZK SUBSCRIBE TO THIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/user/LACK78 KEEP UP ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter : http://twitter.com/lack78 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ComputingFor... Google+ : LACK78: http://goo.gl/k4gWsg Google+: Computing Forever: http://goo.gl/Q8gZpY ALL MY TECH BLOGGING NEWS CONTENT:http://computingforever.com MORE VIDEO AWESOMENESS: http://youtube.com/daveknowsstuff
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Text Comments (7206)
Pelom Pelon (5 hours ago)
Can someone give me definition of this word please how can you make a. Video and not explain
Bad Dude Philosophy (14 hours ago)
Shaming Manipulation Tactic By Women Explained - MGTOW --> https://youtu.be/YIbc0AtpbDI
Corkfish1 (1 day ago)
I'm 59 and never married. Smartest thing I ever did!
C.E.L T.V (1 day ago)
Bath in male tears. Semen lol that one is a win. Lol
The Wandering Man (2 days ago)
For you to sit and have a problem with men appropriately addressing that women are indeed the enemy, not wanting to get married in a system that allows a woman to quote-unquote change her mind because she's unhappy, or simply wants a man with more money take our children from us, destroy our reputation you have to be White Knight. And you know what at this point in time for a man to say that being a pickup artist and sleeping around is the thing to do does not make him MGTOW there is nothing valuable about sleeping around and there's nothing to stop a woman from falsely accusing you of rape so no those men are not MGTOW it is a philosophy not a cult. Comparing it to feminism is dishonest we are not falsely accusing women of anything we are not out to take their resources that's what women have done to us we are going our own way. Happy unicorn hunting
The Wandering Man (3 days ago)
it's not sad that men are engaging in marriage it's sad that women aren't worth engaging in marriage anymore the source of the problem is not us. In fact freedom taste better than pussy
Nathan A (3 days ago)
Did you hear how the democrats accused that supreme court justice? Fear of the Democratic party has been common since the Civil War.
Ayberk Tiras (3 days ago)
Yes as a MGTOW, I hate womyn, I despise them. I wish to end their existence and replace them with companion bots which are waaaaay more humane than them. For the sake of menhood, females must be genocided.
kesselrunner (4 days ago)
I shall be a confirmed bachelor until I meet the girl who can change my mind. :-) But then, I never claimed to be MGTOW.
Master Yoda (4 days ago)
The author of this video lost me when he called MGTOWs misogynists, MGTOWs do NOT hate women, they just hate the gynocentric system that throws men under the bus. By the way, I’m a TFLer/Incel/MFTGTOW (Men Forced To Go Their Own Way), but I respect the MGTOW ideology and what it represents. The author of this video is way off the mark regarding his assessment on MGTOW men.
Loxley Smithett (6 days ago)
MGTOW (Men.Going.Their.Own.Way) do not care about the current state of society and do not want to change laws to benefit men. They just want to be left alone, living their life free of women.
Ray (7 days ago)
hey ginger it's not movement it's filosofy
Micah Falline (7 days ago)
This one MGTOW who got a lot of likes on one of Sandman's videos was accusing female nurses of sexual harassment during his appendix surgery (because they had to check down there to monitor for signs of infection), claiming that by checking the surgical area, they "were coming onto him." These people are definitely suffering from some kind of mental health issues. They are just as bad as feminists. It's disturbing.
Cognitive Dissident (9 days ago)
Not nearly as cult-like or ideological as their opposition, of course.
The Xt Files (10 days ago)
Hi there CF, just wanted to give you my own view of what MGTOW means. I agree that cult-like behaviour is NOT the answer. I feel that MGTOW needs to realize that, like it not, that men and women are 2 sides of the same coin. Moreover, my own experience and observation here in the U.S. and abroad is that western culture is definitely being hobbled by pervasive gynocentrism. I have decided to fight this in as positive a way as possible by starting a YouTube channel that promotes the idea of working on ONESELF, not an incessant rant against the inequities of our societies today. In other words, play the long game towards a solution or be ready for when the time of equilibrium occurs; I have faith that it will for the same sort of reasons like water receding after a flood. I am linking one of my shorter videos, bear in mind I am new to the scene as a content creator and need to promote. Although I am quite green still, step by step I hope to gain a greater audience. Would sincerely appreciate your feedback. Love your work as always and here is the link to 2 of my videos. What MGTOW means to Me https://youtu.be/zPzNOg0sX8w Alphabet Soup or Train Yourself to Find Peace Within https://youtu.be/fyKp4byIR-U Cheers, XT
Þór Trausti Ingvason (11 days ago)
we need more stupid and borderline evil sexism how else will i get to bath in men's tears lk lol
Jo Jo (11 days ago)
are mgtow(s?) the same as wizards and r9ks?
MCPunk55 (11 days ago)
There's a problem with the "mouse utopia experiment". We ain't mice. We ain't even rodents. Try doing the same experience with primates - namely chimpanzees. If your ideal man is the type that has his head crammed up 200 years in the past and only has sex missionary style, disregarding the female side of the pleasure equation - which appears to be the case with many, if not all, "Traditionalists", aka Conservatives, the testicular cancer of the planet - YOU are one of the major parts of the problem. Not only do you have a completely skewed understanding of the human condition, but you also romanticized bullshit that has proven to be detrimental to society. YOU are one of the main reasons why Feminists - and the resultant MGTOW movements - exist. If your understanding of human behavior doesn't go beyond that of a rat's - which is incompatible - then you've already failed. Here's a little hint: STOP FORCING YOUR OBTUSE RHETORIC. Even my Scoliosis-ridden spine isn't so bent... when you tell a kid to stop doing something or he'll get hurt but he keeps doing it, let him get hurt. If you tell your kids to not abuse the chocolate but they keep eating it, let them. The pain and suffering caused by their actions is the punishment they need. The same goes for women. MGTOW is pretty much the "Okay women, have it your way. Men will stay the fuck away from you. Now solve your own problems". It's a necessary evil.
MCPunk55 (7 days ago)
Yes I know, but I'm glad you understand what I'm saying.
Bell AH-1 Supercobra (7 days ago)
Fair Points.
MCPunk55 (11 days ago)
I may be MGTOW by definition - if one can actually define the initials - but I refuse to hate women. For starters, hating requires wasting time and energy on it, which is stupid because you can spend those on something productive. Second, no one hates women more than other women. So why should I hate them?! For me, it's like this: women are irrelevant. I treat them like I treat my male friends - which they fucking hate because they want to be treated like damsels and queens - if I have to choose between a woman, my dog and a sweet classic car, I'll pick the dog, the car and the woman, in that order. In the grand scheme of things, here's the order: Shelter, food, health, career, family - blood kin - friends, material goods, freedom, stability, hobbies, a pet (most likely a dog)... point is, of everything in the list of human needs and desires, women are at the very bottom of mine, kind of like Oscar comes after whale shit in the Shark Tale movie. So why would I hate someone I don't remotely care about? If I want to hate something, it might as well be a government. They have the power to make things right but choose not to.
MCPunk55 (11 days ago)
"A small percentage of western women". False. The ones who don't say they're Feminists are just lying. They don't want to lose the attention, sex and resources from hard working men. Feminism is just female nature in action. I'll say this, I don't like Feminists but I do admire their courage to show their true colors. Not many people can say that, especially not those on the "right wing" of the eagle.
MarzMonkey (11 days ago)
This will be fun in 10+ years once you've realized everything we told you was correct; You're allowed to bang women, you can fuck every single one. REFUSE TO INHABIT DOMICILES AND MARRIAGE, YOU ARE FUCKED LEGALLY NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO.
Xaracen (11 days ago)
mgtow is the other side of the sexism coin, a coin which should have no place in society but sadly has been given it.
Nick Williamson (12 days ago)
Lol. My first comment was so short a time ago! But hell, I only started watching this stuff a short time ago and seeing that the producers of the vids are just saying what I've always felt.
Nick Williamson (12 days ago)
However you are correct. My first comment was when I first got into MGTOW. I fully support my family members and friends getting married and having long term relationships and wish them life-long happiness. I just think it is more of a risk than a reward. I just recognize that MGTOW is best for me personally as I'm socially awkward and that's not going away. Jackie Moon from semi pro said it nicely: "EVERYBODY LOVE EVERYBODY! WE GOT 13 HOURS LEFT ON THIS RIDE!" Except it's we got until the world ends. I'll continue to just say no. But I don't hate on people who change their minds.
James Green (13 days ago)
I'm mgtow and proud
jason kennedy (13 days ago)
These iddiots just need to get out more, surround themselves with good people that are extroverts, talk to woman, and enjoy life. Sport helps with the endorphin levels and give confidence.
EPW (16 days ago)
BRILLIANT VIDEO!!! Great insight for someone like myself that loves my (divorced) wife and needs to look inward towards my own faults, instead of blaming her
Zentz29 (16 days ago)
MGTOW is literally, exactly, nail-on-the-head feminism for men. These are some sick fucks. Go watch 20 MGTOW vids, then 20 feminist vids. Same insane, creepy, sick, weird creep shit. They are as (or more) delusional and sick as feminists. Fucking creeping creep fuck weirdo creeping festering boils on humanity is what MGTOWs are ... Sick fucking creeping creeps.......GTFO 😂🔫
once you Tale the red pill and escape the Plantation. The sentinels will want you back.
Travis Reed (18 days ago)
Dave, I'm against radical feminism, and MGTOW, because a normal human being. In fact I've never heard of MGTOW until now. Both are just poor excuse for discrimination. I weep for humanity.
White Knight (19 days ago)
Im glad that ik not the only one who sees that MGTOW and Feminism are just two halves of the same coin.
Nak Muay Guy (20 days ago)
MGTOW is a butthurt answer to feminism. Yeah i get that women conjure up stories about rape, drinks being spiked, slut shaming blah blah. But not all women do, so what, spit out the dummy at all women? Are you retarded? The majority of women aren't like this, you will always have outliers, extremes on the spectrum. But you should treat that demographic according to the majority. Jesus Christ a little intellect and testosterone would go a long way in wising these pussies up. Women are a different breed, yes, but fucking hell millions of years of evolution can't be switched off because "women are hoes" cop yourselves on. Stop being betas
Richard White (22 days ago)
I'm not MGTOW. I have had a couple bad marriages, and just choose not to date because of the slim chance of it ending bad and having to start over at my age. I am sure there are some wonderful ones out there. The other reason I refuse to date is the "baggage " that comes with most in my area. Crazy ex's , adult kids that are unemployed or addicts living at home, grandkids living with them, I would rather die of old age all alone than have my life cut short due to a bullet from their crazy ex, or a knife from their drug addict , excon kid...
platuim knight (22 days ago)
Mgtow is a classic case of he who fights monsters.
MrDannydavislive (23 days ago)
MGTOW is not a cult. Some individuals have their own way of interpretation of it, but bottom line, its just a way of living. Not to be confused with the forced act of doing.
Hozzy Daemon (23 days ago)
I am a woman who quit the workforce for the same reasons men are. Sick of feminist gossiping narcissists getting me fired for standing up for my male coworkers when they are literally being abused in the workplace. Jobs are a cancer!
Gabriel Ciambelli (23 days ago)
its actually true study shows that women talk about killing themselves more than men but men have more consummated suicide rates.
Heather Swift (23 days ago)
Thank you for providing a viable alternative to the (current) status quo-which is that you are either feminist or mgtow. To be sure, academia needs to reform the learning environment so that boys are not being indoctrinated to believe that they are evil predators by nature. Reform is possible if we start to dispute the tenets of feminism (that women are always victims to men) and reject the mgtow premise that women are incapable of understanding these challenges posed by the current system.
Animoo Bunny (23 days ago)
I agree!
L_A_U_ Y (24 days ago)
Feminists need to mind their own fucking business and leave all of us normal people alone!!!!! Feminism is CANCER!!!!!!!
White Knight (25 days ago)
Ive noticed that MGTOW is becoming radicalized just like feminism. I opposed to 3rd wave feminism and agreed with mgtow but damn i also cant deny how MGTOW has been taken over by assholes who bash on women and gays
izzi and jayla studios (26 days ago)
Maby humanity should commit self extinction
Starman (27 days ago)
I see 2 main type's of MGTOW the main one is about how men are treated unfairly in divorce settlements and the legal system all together the other one is a more redpill then normally they feel like society treats men like that dirty shirt in your closet out of sight out of mind the other's are a bunch of incels pretending they have choices they call themselves monk's but i say at most 20% have access to pussy on a week notices
Nick Williamson (27 days ago)
It's not a cult you idiot. It's men taking care of themselves cause no one else will.
Lord Vader (1 month ago)
My strategy is a woman pays. As long as I don’t have to be financially responsible to fix some broken woman’s life, I’m fine. If a woman is single and she can’t pay, then she’s not for me- she’s just trying to use me as a resource while she stocks up her savings.
MGTOW with God (1 month ago)
MGTOW is an acronym and title which our generation has attached to what some men has been doing for thousands of years...... it's not a group, community or movement. For someone to now 'discover' mgtow (or men who go thier own way ) is proof to the fact that men in today's societies has been brainwashed into believing relationships, marriage or finding a female are priorities..... They're not.....
Oscar Gold (1 month ago)
What's the problem? I just wont give money to women, ever. Not even dates, seems to me women are very willing to pay. Just get one that is a little bit desperate.
Wuanslm (1 month ago)
I sympathized with mgtow when it was just about avoiding long term relationships cuz marriage laws in the west are seriously fucked up man. But now somehow it has mutated into " we must convince every other man to antagonize not only women but also all of society and call him a cuck for wanting to spend his life with someone instead of living alone in a cabin in the middle of the woods!!!" how about you let those men who WANT to marry or have a normal life actually GO THEIR OWN FUCKING WAY, it's none of your damn business you hypocrites, jesus.
ArchetypeApollo (1 month ago)
Dave, all the rational women are already happily married and wont accept most men left in the marketplace. I went my own way after being red-pilled so hard I slumped around the black-pill zone for a while. Women dont want most men. Most men are deemed unattractive. But I also cant afford another relationship. Last one cost me 5 figures and the kid wasn't even mine.
britcom1 (1 month ago)
Feminism is a political ideology. MGTOW is not a political movement and is not the opposite of feminism, it's a pragmatic social ideology. The problem is that nations are tilting their laws and institutional rules against husbands, fathers, boys and men. Men and boys are purposely being shoved to the sidelines in the west in a effort to destroy western civilization by co-opting and brainwashing women. Individual men don't have the ability to prevent or stop this from happening to them, so they are taking the only safe road left to them that they can see; the MGTOW road. Marriage used to be a hedge against this kind of damage to our society, but since the rise of unconstitutional "Family law" and "Family law courts" and now unconstitutional and one-sided "Sexual harassment", and "Domestic Violence" and "Dating violence" laws, the law now treats men is if they were wild animals instead of human beings and citizens with natural rights and constitutional rights in these courts. Women have naturally discovered that they can now use these laws, to Intimidate, demand, and threaten men with destruction by the State and even enslaving men legally with involuntary servitude to them, simply because they are women who know how to wield the State against men. There are powerful consequences to this unjustly tilting of the scales of justice in favor of women that are severely undermining our society and our nation and our government and MGTOW is just a symptom, not a cause, of that societal destruction we now see happening. Men have a right to be happy and safe, and MGTOW is one way to achieve that in the society we now find ourselves in. Don't be shocked that it has come to this. If you don't like it, protest the laws and courts that have created this and get them abolished.
Gary Lamb (1 month ago)
I don't like it when people like you makes sense. I can't argue your points! So, stop it or I'll sub out of logical thinking!
Karl Quetzacoatl (1 month ago)
You should try Russian Roullete pal. You'll LITERALLY have better odds at it than in a marriage. Plus, your suffering will be far, far less with a bullet than with your ex wife. There's a reason after all why so many men commit suicide. Trust them, death is far more generous than an ex wife. But sure, keep shaming and blaming Men for everything, as always. Like men care about what a bunch of hoes and their doormats think
Karl Quetzacoatl (1 month ago)
Take a wife and have kids. Tell me if you'll still have the same opinion after your ex wife divorce you, take your house, forcing you to live in a tiny apartment so you can have the privilege of paying her bills, while she takes your children, denying you the incredible experience of being a father, because now you'll only be able to see them twice a month, and your ex will spend her life bent on making your own children to hate you. But sure, it's always Men that are to blame, so, keep shaming men. You MUST get marriaged, man up! The society needs men to marriage women! Not all women are the same! That's not even the point. The point is, they have all the power, while men have all the risks. No guy thinks that his little precious angel will dump him and ruin their lives when they get marriage. But at least HALF of those idiots will end up fucked. So, marriage is like taking a gun, putting 3 bullets in it and spinning the will. It's EXACTLY the same odds: 50/50. It's not a matter of "not all the women are the same". Sure they arent. But, the problem is, it is too much of a gambit for too little reward. And, women are INCENTIVIZED to get a DIVORCE. They know they'll get the kids and they'll get your money. Marriage is a GREAT deal for WOMEN. But only for them. But hey, enjoy being the lap dog of your female overlords. Keep being a doormat pal.
David Thomspson (1 month ago)
they are feminists with beards.feminists hate men.mgtow hates women
Dylan Drake (1 month ago)
Very well put. Although by definition I am MGTOW because I am doing my own thing and trying to improve myself, I no longer identify with this movement because of exactly what you said. Half of the members are super paranoid nut jobs who think all women want their money. Or they say things like "women expect men to be 6'3" , jacked, with a defined jaw line, and a 6 figure salary." Very few women think that, and the ones that do are models, so fair enough. It's crazy how judgmental some of these men are, and a lot of them are just as crazy as the women they're against.
Evil Evan (1 month ago)
This video (and many others) are pretty one-sided perspectives. Extreme MGTOW is just as detrimental as extreme femanism. We are sick of femanism taking thing way too far. I dont want to see MGTOW end up there too. If we want a more fair society, what we need is a more balanced and fair discussion.
Rex Wire (1 month ago)
MGTOW and didn't even know it. Glad I know, dont know why you think it's a bad thing. When men (white specifically) leave, are jailed or killed out. Then they will have plenty of other men (mainly Muslim) who will with no doubt treat them with the utmost respect.
HispanoMGTOW501 (1 month ago)
Can I do better than this? Yes Must I improve just to get a girl and be her financial slave? No
af k7 (1 month ago)
Nobody becomes successful chasing women, that's how you end up paying child support. But everything you've said is describing Incels and TFL'ers who've spread into the MGTOW society like a damn virus. MGTOW are people who think by cost analysis and out weight the pros and cons of marriage. 80% of all marriages have at least one cheating partner, over 50% of all marriages end in divorce, over 50% of all married women cheat, over 50% of married women report having a man in the sideline if they ever need him, false domestic violence accusations, false rape accusations, child support, women not letting you see their children out of spite, alimony, bias family courts etc. now I have never ever heard of a single benefit in marriage... So again, why marry? And by the statistics I just mentioned, we're not just a group of guys projecting a minuscule group of isolated incidents, this has become a marriage crisis and happens the majority of the time. Now if you're encouraging men to play Russian roulette and they're dumb enough to listen, I won't feel bad once their lives are ruined. And it'll only get worse. Self entitlement, narcissism, and social media changed the game. And it'll never resolve.
Cat Poke (1 month ago)
Thinking of improvement as "Appeasing women" is thinking of it the wrong way. You don't improve to appease women, you improve to become an attractive partner to give anyone a reason to WANT to be your partner, and it goes both ways, that's why these people are MGTOWs to begin with. They are MGTOW because they aren't satisfied with women's behavior. They don't want to be someone's partner if they don't like who they are.
Agt.BADASS (1 month ago)
10:30 The likely what the Corruped Top 1% wants to have happen, @$$ well @$$ the "Elites"
Rigoberto Torrez (1 month ago)
Mgtow is about telling men the dangers of marriage. 56% of first marriages end in divorce. Dont do it guys. 50/50 chance.....
Ben Therdunthat (1 month ago)
I saw this coming since MGTOW became known to me. It's the equal and opposite reaction to Feminism. Both are toxic and resentment-driven.
Dion Water (1 month ago)
we need to start our own city. how many men are with me? we have the power and intellect to do it. let's start a city of our own.
Dion Water (1 month ago)
men need to start a city of their own and regulate any type of power for women.
Lye Zaard (1 month ago)
Meh. I just hate errrbody..
TheBlackiwid (1 month ago)
What is a bit funny is that feminist and MGTOW both are against "traditional" family (marriage / living together), for different reasons but still they both don't like it. Or to put it differently MGTOW is the result of feminism, feminists made the marriage laws so bad that man start to say, ok you succeeded feminists we do what you want :D Except feminists sometimes should be careful what they wish for, it could become true.
TheBlackiwid (1 month ago)
Well using a label yourself and being one are 2 different things, some woman think there exist more than 2 sexes and they want to call themself some funny random names. They are still woman, I would disagree with most far right people which most mgtows are that a real transgender person is even if he/she operated her/his genitals and get the legal status of that gender, that they still stay the gender they were born. But that is a different discussion, point is what labels we want to use for ourself and what we are must not be the same. So I can refuse the label MGTOW but the definition is pretty clear as soon as you don't want to marry you are a MGTOW. Yes you can compare that to the textbook definition of feminist, so that if you are for equality you are a feminist. But what they define as equality is not the textbook definition of equality, so they have a seperate definition of equality. So only if you are for FEMINIST view on equality of the sexes/genders, you are a feminist. And that is a legitimite description if you are honest about the feminist part and don't just rape the textbook work equality without mentioning that you redefined it. While MGTOW don't have that redefining of words, if you don't want to get married you are a more or less accepted MGTOW. So there is a difference here, its not all the same even if it looks similar on the first view. You also said that you messure a movement on their worst person, again not really true, in feminism the most famous iconic people are horrible people with horrible messages. it's not some folks that are not well known. You could say well most famous youtube MGTOW are that too, but I think it's to early to say. And even they at least don't try to censor others or change laws to a sexist version in their favors. It's a bit like saying the resistance under the nazi regime in france did some bad stuff they probably killed a few innocent civilians in their actions, they are as bad as the nazies, that's to easy. That all said I see some legitamicy in your claims, especially if they get politically, I totaly support the message to men that they should protect themself and always assume the worst and be prepared to that. Like using protection in sex, because else you don't guarateed get sick or create unwanted babies, but there is a big chance. But when they mix it up with anti-socialism anti-tax... heck often even racism or anti-islam, islamophobie really in the word, they really often fear that somehow they all come to america and genocide the white people or something like that. But racist groups and islamophobie and anti-state, red baiting, the inability of americans to differenciate democratic western centrist socialism with communism. That all exist outside of MGTOW. Sadly they can't seperate that clearly. But in theory there should be no big problem if somebody would create a channel left MGTOW. which has different views on most stuff but still agrees to the point of no marriage. And if the label MGTOW is really redefined that you have to be a racist or stuff like that, you could create with an eyeblink a new label. America is very divided in 2 groups, I think MGTOW is a bit a victim of that black/white thinking, it has to do with the 2 party system which is retarded, so you can only choose between 1 of the 2 candidates of the big money party. I would not even wonder if you would get a real civil war in the next 5-10 years in the US. I don't have to look at the MGTOW people to see only far right people, with MRAs its the same, they all hate islamist, ignore the fact that we either throw bombs on their countries or forced them to be part in free market so they could not protect their economy, overflow their markets with state subsidiced goods from our countries and killed their economy. Or we steel all the fish on their coasts with big fish. And then we complain if they come to us because we ruined their lives. But again listen to anybody from the MRA they talk the same shit, its a big circle-jurk everybody loves the racisti Terrorist Lauren Southern, Karen Straughan also talks similar shit. And while they fight the big "socialist" boogy man and islam they miss the point that many feminists are also islamophob, there is no automatation, feminist is no other word for socialism and socialism not for feminism, that are 2 different things that often you see combined but it's not nessesarily the case. So if you can be a right wing feminist, why should you not be also a left wing MGTOW?
Brent Travis (1 month ago)
Totally agree in the common sense approach. However women in fact want to change men but they do not want to change them self that's why the group and or cult as you called it is growing by numbers when women become more realistic then that's when we reach a happy medium. Good luck to all
Ryukikon (1 month ago)
Cant be a cult not small, doesnt worship person or a thing. - That is lile saying statism is a cylt or capitalism is a cult. They also are closer in definition. - Bias, its in how we phrase things.
yarrl egap (1 month ago)
Great video ... but you're trying to psychoanalyze a tsunami.
CornCod1 (2 months ago)
As a recently divorced man I can state that everyone in society would benefit if young girls were taught from an early age to respect their future husbands.
Leo (2 months ago)
But the sad part is, you can't blame them.
Don Pacificognito (2 months ago)
I actually have ADHD and I never took medication when I was younger. I think my dad was afraid of putting me on meds because of the education system being so quick to dope up kids who misbehave, despite the fact that I actually needed them and given all the warning labels I've seen online and from the pharmacy, it just infuriates me even more when such meds are given to children who don't need them. As Chef said on South Park, "for every child with ADHD, you give Ritalin to 10 more that don't". This type of mentality in public schools has created a stigma for children who actually have ADHD as well as resulting in a mentality of "all misbehavior is ADHD", which can have disastrous results when you take into consideration that a person of any age should not be taking meds for conditions they don't actually have. That can lead to schizophrenia among other things depending on the person and meds. What really needs to happen is teachers need to be trained on mental conditions.
Glorious_Dominator16 (2 months ago)
Shadow X (2 months ago)
Ideologues=💩 People are such idiots. It’s not difficult: treat people respectfully, think logically, don’t think in black and white/absolutes, be capable of being wrong.
Tyrone Brown (2 months ago)
Unsubscribed, Mgtow is saving lives..
Trump-a-tron 5000 (2 months ago)
Don't call yourself MGTOW in public ffs! Just counter-blue-pill the normies by saying _"Oh, I'm just waiting for the right one to show up..."_
shane stewart (2 months ago)
TFM response to this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EEW7UswYxNM
David Banner (2 months ago)
Finding the unicorn " a good woman " becomes irrealavent when the system incourages betrayal. When the male becomes a slave to the whims of the female? The best males will retreat. Meaning only those intelligent enough to spot the exploitation will refrain from behavoir that comprimises their well being. Women will breed with less capable men and force the men that rejected them to pay through the State for the short commings of their poor reproductive decisions. The end is Nigh.
Degrelle Holt (2 months ago)
Dave, I will say it. You miss the point. The stats you show in you vid should give you a clue. Why would anyone in their right mind "try" something (again by the stats) will most likely end in bankruptcy, emotional devastation, and marginalization. It's like asking someone to "Try these mushrooms, they may not be poisonous.". Also, you speak of "society" as if it were some sentient thing. Women I hear speak when they believe they have only a female audience say the most sexist things, and I believe they think of feminism as a safety net. Just in case I don't like him after 10 years, I have no price to pay only prizes to win.
Tashba Benu (2 months ago)
I will not let these sick fucks destroy my son.  And I won't  let these sick fucks dismantle my marriage either. I am NOT a FEMINIST, NOT EVEN FUCKING CLOSE.  These fucking CUNTS are destroying the very fabric of humanity.  I don't understand how this toxic poison keeps fucking going and going.  Now the MGTOW is getting corrupted from this poison.  FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK LET THIS NIGHTMARE END ALREADY...
Porkchop Periwinkle (2 months ago)
MGTOW what a fucking joke
Jimmy Jerenfelt (2 months ago)
If a person havn't put their own spawn into the world and do not belive in reincarnation, what motivation is there to care about future generation and thier society?
Sensei Ois (2 months ago)
eventurally a womans place is in the kitchen if not if she is single and alone thats ehere shes gonna end up getting fat worrying about her biological clock then man hating men for not wanting them by which time where no longer marrage meterial if im wrong just go back fifty years when women wanted to be the home maker if im wrong then why does these study say that this is the mind set of most women to secretly want to rase children be a home maker the truth is no man in hir right mind will matty a feminist sexurally aggressive or an aggressive woman or a there is no equality women have had thet system there own way too long now men dont want these women they complsin wine bitch anc mkan cos now they cant have there cake and eat it they by way of wsnting control but wanting the man to be an alpha male at the same time and when we dont conform to there the feminist idology they then berade bash shame and use political corectness as a tool to get what the want and now they realise all the tools they used dont work any more so i wonder what other trick they will use cos the tears arnt working anymore
Bryan Vasquez (2 months ago)
i am MGTOW but this video is actually a very good critic, i like the way you talk i can hear reason and logic sounds like music
ETB (2 months ago)
Not all women are like that. True. But that is not the point. ALL WOMEN have the choice to become like that, thanks to our Gynocentric society and legal system. You may meet some woman that is "rational and ethical and gets it" today, but who is to say how she will feel in 20 years? What legal protection do you have should you decide to marry and father children with her? None. You will be at her mercy. That is hardly a masculine way to live. MGTOW is not a lifestyle choice. It is a necessity. When times are tough, you gotta tighten your belt, hunker down and weather the storm. It does no good to pretend that old rules and norms still apply. Someday women may start acting like women again and governments may start protecting the interests of men again. Until then, MGTOW if the only logical choice.
Blind Sniper (2 months ago)
*So they hate men in the human world and it's made against men?*
Henning Malland (2 months ago)
It is very easy men have been trained to become women and women have to be trained to become men. Men are showing more and more feminine traits and women masculine ones. This repells both sexes and is totally unnatural. Men are spit on the media,the school system and everywhere else in society they are learning that they are toxic,rapists,dangerous and stupid. This creates weak males and this weak males do NOT know how to put a woman into her place and to call her out for her BS. Another thing is he has to be a man and has to take responisbilty for his actions and women most of the time NOT !!!!! Women are the priviledged ones in our society now and a lot of them are behaving like that. They learned that men are worthless and they are superior which leads to narcissism and a total wrong impression of the world. Men are deminished and demonized where ever the media/schoolsystem can and this results in less and men being capable of handling their lives and got forbid a relationship. Women have become more and more masculine and men feminized. So exactly the opposite of what is natural for men and women. Men which are complaining or disagreeing with this narritive are called women haters and so on. A lot of young men learned that they are a worthless peace of shit and are treated badly by women because they have no selfasteam. We see this lack of selfastem back in the declining rate of males going to the university. Then women are complaining about not getting a high value guy anymore because they have created a shortage by them selves. Do not tell me this is NOT the case because most of the teachers are women now !!!!!! They are controlling the educational system and with that THEY have to take the responisibilty for their actions. Another thing is not only the lack of selfasteam the other thing is men do not learn anymore how handle women. Because in the old times you had a wise guy teaching them about women and how to deal with their emotional behavior many guys took their advice and relationships worked out better. This happens no often anymore because of that many guys are either quitting dating for good MGTOW or are trying to become pickup artist's. With the huge demand of alpha males and free and easy sex the last group is trying to use the amount of free pussy and the women are enjoying it as well. But with failing to realize that their sexual market value deminishs a lot faster then that of a man. Then when their carreer has been established they often DEMAND a man out of their self entitlement.. Which often does not work out for them because a lot of men are ready to pump and dump them but not willing to have a relationship anymore. Many men do not want to deal with the bullshit many of the younger women are spitting out and learned it is easier to fuck them and dump them then to invest in them. So the balance is totally off the relationship between men and women and BOTH are victims of this unnatural brainwashing called MARXISM !!!! Then we have to acknowledge that men are more and more te victim of women accusing them of sexual harrassment. Which makes men fearful to interact with women at all. This resulted in companies hiring less women and making sure that no business meetings are held in private of conversations in the office. The mee too movement got totally out of hand and this inspires a lot of women to make money with accusing guys of false rape. Also a woman simply does not liking you is enough to get you framed. There are cancelled business christmas parties because of men refusing to be alone with women out of fear for false accusations. So with this possible negative outcome a lot men made the rational decision to not date at all. The next thing is many men are not capable of dealing with women because of their own weakness. They can not handle this manly women and they do not want to put up with putting them into their place. All logical reactions to the hole situation and nothing to blame them for. More and more women are feeling miserable and are crying out where are all the good men gone. Those were often the guys which they surpassed when they were younger.. When they become older many of them become alone bitter cat ladys and there for they are accusing men again !!!!! Is every woman a deranged superficial idiot which is not capable of thinking rational and willing to see that SHE has to do HER part as well . NO !!!!!! There is where MGTOW becomes a ideology and that is what it makes dangerous for the society. Because when men are opting out a society goes sown under. Men and women can only be united when there is the will of both to acknowledge that work has to be done. Many women will only admitt that they did something wrong as well when they are foced into a lonely life without the perspektive of a male. They have to see other happy couples and have to learn it the hard way WHY they failed to attract a man. Without the confrontation this women will get the simps which they do not want but which is the only thing left. This will create another gen of even weaker men and children over all. Because children tend to copy the behavior of their parents... This is very difficult to correct later that is why the Marxist propaganda is used so early in our lives to make sure that we are carying it for the rest of our lives. So short without women willing to admit that this femunist BS does work out for them and tryng to change things nothing will change because most men are not allowed to change anything from women and many men will simp for women and fight against those men as well. A very sad situation for many young people out there i also had the situation that i was falsely accused of stalking a woman which almost resulted in losing my job. So i totally understand the situation and why many men are fearing women now. It took me a long time to interact with women in a flirtious way again. I am lucky that i had a copy of everything what it wrote to her and my employer was able to read it. He laughed about it and told me everything was ok also police did nothing. All because i complimented her and wished her and her boyfriend the best. But i do not hate women now or say they are all evil even my mother abused me !!!!!! BUT i do not take crap from women anymore and i will always be the dominant part when i am with a woman. I do not allow any woman to use me in any way. I am only intending to pump and dump now unless there is a very interesting LADY which is worth my time and effort. I am honest about my intentions to only have sex with them so they can make the choice... SO those accusing me of USING women FUCK YOU !!!!! Then you are telling me that women are victims and can not handle their own business !!!!!! I had a woman once which was grabbing me directly in the balls without any kiss or what so ever before she was not wasted som she knew clearly what she was doing. The myth of women not liking sex is one of the BS stories in history !!!! There are more then enough women which want to have sex at the first night without even knowing you. So keep your shaming tactics for your self.... !!!!!
Henning Malland (2 months ago)
Mgtow is the result of Femunism which is nothing else then part of the political marxist agenda to destroy the family unit. Women are used against men and men are responding in opting out of the dating game. That is exactlly the result which feminism tried to achieve. That will result in less white children been born and a lot of problems with high divorce rates.Men are more and more behaving like women and with this they ae forming no threat to the 1% which is supporting the feminist global agenda. The Rockefellers invested heavily in feminism and all mainstream media is owned by the 1%. That all works fine for the 1% which want people without bond with each other without a culture and so on. Short less intelligence,less own thinking no personal development and weak men which all leads to total domination.
Chickenmanic Mrt (2 months ago)
I agre with you on most thins though ild have to say im one of those men that stay away from them because of life experiences. I have yet to find 1 women i could trust and doubt i will for a very long time
ihatescreennames89 (2 months ago)
"Many men are sadly distancing themselves from relationships with women..." MGTOW guys don't seem sad. They're living the dream. Why can't people let these guys be? How is it anyone's business how a person chooses to live.
BaconMinion (2 months ago)
Because how dare the slave class actually enjoy themselves. They should be on the plantation, putting themselves into an early grave for the sake of the women folk.
The (2 months ago)
Wake up fool
Suzette Watson (2 months ago)
10:13 Gabe Lewis???
John Dough (2 months ago)
Is it perhaps the most considerate and caring thing a person can do is go mgtow and not make a future generation knowing it'll be fucked for them to exist since everyones life is difficult and self destructive
John Dough (2 months ago)
How much pleasure can someone really get from creating the future when you'll be too dead to feel it anyways
John Dough (2 months ago)
Though the specific phrase mgtow does seem like the biggest possible generalization in the whole goddamn world
John Dough (2 months ago)
Uh yeah dude I got punished pretty hard for pushing back or fighting when I was growing up. Being born is a torture/death sentence 100% it's a lose/lose. Why do I need to hold up someone else's values. Why not be a fox? I got 1 life. Period.
Dranzer Jetli (2 months ago)
I think western Society is shallow and materialistic hence they are paying the prize
NukeCorruption (2 months ago)
yeah I agree. Glad I don't live in the west
Jacob Wiren (2 months ago)
The only thing that will save us from imitating the mouse experiment is the propagation of information. Keep doing what you do, it might save us all.

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