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Burial Magician New Tier 0?| Heart of the Cards Guide Me!|[Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links]

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Here is super fun magician/spellcaster deck featuring underrated card overdone burial. Please support our channel by clicking like and subscribe. Thanks for always stopping by. 😎 🇵🇭 Warning: Dont try this at home. This is a fun deck not competitive.. Haters always hate. Tribute to Yugi before Destiny Draw get nerf. Original build ™ Discord: https://discord.gg/TJ9x8bw Donation: https://www.paypal.me/zanetruesdale
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Text Comments (56)
. Checo (3 months ago)
Que buen mazo , pero cual es la carta magica UR
Zane (3 months ago)
im guessing you ask where i get the UR spell.. its from the ticket rank rewards
Monika (3 months ago)
Love your deck, but always watch your vids on mute ~^
Zane (3 months ago)
lol..thanks 😂
Rael Realx (4 months ago)
Never is Tier 0, Tier 0 is deck don't pass turn3 with more than 90% rate of victory
Zane (4 months ago)
its a meme deck..dont take it seriously.... its a questiomark
eyeshield21lee74 (4 months ago)
Fun but I don't think "competitive" sadly :/ but nice idea tho !
Zane (4 months ago)
yes i know.. this is a meme deck.. thanks
Mohammed Sami (4 months ago)
As expected from zane ! A fun and competitive deck .
Zane (4 months ago)
haha thanks.. this is a meme deck for now... 😂😂😂
Benjie Barba (4 months ago)
Zane (4 months ago)
haha 😂
Daniel Bellaria (4 months ago)
Insane deck!!! Nice games mate. And I got a question for you: any Dark flare Dragon deck you have in mind? I really love that card and I have my deck but you know.. meta changes, blabla
Zane (4 months ago)
haha im pressured... i will try what i can do.. 😂😂😂
Daniel Bellaria (4 months ago)
Zane I'll be waiting for the deck :P
Zane (4 months ago)
yeah its outdated... needs a new fun build.. 😂
Daniel Bellaria (4 months ago)
Blue eyes in the same strategy as Darkflare? :o that's really interesting. I have the standard last gamble deck and it's getting a bit boring hahaha.
Zane (4 months ago)
hah thanks.. it just for meme.. i think that card will be playable after all nerf.... all i can think is the same deck over again last gamble but i think a fun deck using blue eyes is good with this card for animation... 😎
Brandon B (4 months ago)
I finally have a magician deck I can use thx to. This one is my fav
Zane (4 months ago)
thanks my friend.. try to change it because this is bricky.. maybe restart 😅
Miguel Joker Duelinks (4 months ago)
nice video zane
Zane (4 months ago)
thanks miguel 🙂
Rock RL (4 months ago)
All I see are bricks
Dominick (4 months ago)
Do you think a dark magician deck will ever be tier 1-2? I really like dark magician,I wish I can make a competitive dm deck:S Maybe good in gold and platinum..but will ever be good at legend and KOG?:( (sorry for my bad english,peace and love from Hungary:* )
Yung Loco (4 months ago)
With eternal soul even 1-2 copies would make dm tier 0 thats the card im waiting for
Zane (4 months ago)
it will soon konami release more support... after the skill nerf and banlist, dark magician is KOG potential again
Mot Hot (4 months ago)
Dominick yes it will if eternal soul and magician circle released, even it could be tier 0 😂
adrian pinder (4 months ago)
Zane (4 months ago)
Abdellatif Abaeshak (4 months ago)
is this a meme ?
Zane (4 months ago)
fun decks or meme whatever you called it 😂😂😂
Andy Fitra (4 months ago)
what is the spell card sr on the left?
Zane (4 months ago)
dark burning attack.. tea levl up reward 😎
Black Bullet (4 months ago)
I like this thing on Zane's head😅
Zane (4 months ago)
haha thanks.. thats pre evolve cyber dragon😂😂😂
Alpha (4 months ago)
my own video i feel honoured :P
Zane (4 months ago)
wow first time i saw you on youtube..give me that frog emote with gun here... haha 😂😂😂😂😂
Kortezzy (4 months ago)
I did not think of this nice deck 😁 i finally got kog after facing sb and extra extra tilt 😂
Zane (4 months ago)
haha thats scary... you know stall is really annoying.. 😂😂
Kortezzy (4 months ago)
The funny thing is that the extra extra player bricked and it was anti climactic lol😁
Zane (4 months ago)
wow congrats.. winning against annoying stall deck is a major success.. dont worry stall dies in few days.. 😂😂😂
Daniel Rodriguez (4 months ago)
Hey zane, since the new changed to the sylvans and skills I have been trying today my “old” SSA deck, since there will be even more amazones in the meta i think it can do quite well versus them, on the other hand spellbooks probably destroy it, what do you think?
Vasana612 (3 months ago)
its still perma banish.. tho alot of people running alot of CCyclones nowadays knowing that its easyer to shut it down. amazons will still have a place.
Daniel Rodriguez (4 months ago)
Rodrigo Mesa no that skill is useful too but restart is the best to increase the chance of princes or the trap and now you can only use 2 of those traps and no econ so its a big change
Rodrigo Mesa (4 months ago)
0 sense. Amazoness is played with bless guard, not restart. And 2 traps are ideal, 3 have been too much
Zane (4 months ago)
i think SSA may return.. amazon is semi dead.. i mean its playable but after restart hits hard and only 2 onslaught is not good with no econs on deck.. i play amazon alot because its f2p but after this nerf its very bricky and bad....spellbooks may be good with 20+ cards and no more grass greener spell but need yo tweak the deck to avoid brick hands... i will say Aliens and REZ maybe return to tier 1-2 and golden flying fish..
Pharaoh (4 months ago)
what is tier 0 ?
Zane (4 months ago)
yes its just a meme deck for viewers.. its a questionmark afterall ,😂😂😂
Pharaoh (4 months ago)
okay this is a fun deck so not tier 0 ?
Zane (4 months ago)
tier 0 means superior to all meta decks.. meta of all meta.. but this is a meme deck just for fun... 😎
Luex Illust (4 months ago)
Nice meme deck :) And I want to make confession to you. I used your Weevil Hero + Amazoness thru WCS grinding in group F. It worked pretty fantastic. I made it thru 41k DP on second day. But unfortunately, the god hand players and top players recognized the strategy on second day. I fell down to 30k DP with same deck. So I tried to use other meta deck, it just didn't give me luck at all now. So I finished at 21k DP because of misplays and opponent's god hand. Anyway, you're great meme deck maker, I love it!
Zane (4 months ago)
thanks my friend..youre support means alot.. happy to serve.. 😂😂😂
Johan (4 months ago)
That deck so expensive but good thanks for the video Zane
Zane (4 months ago)
maybe some player skip that box for f2p... 😎😎😎
Andreas Nicklasson (4 months ago)
Expensive? Wall of Disruption is a staple worth getting for any player while Blizzard Princess and The Tricky are both from the same minibox (which is filled with all those lovely Spellbooks btw). The rest just seems to be from tickets, duel rewards or level ups.
Zane (4 months ago)
thanks aron your so fast.. 😉

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