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Yugioh Deck Profile: HERO Link (Post Feb 5th)

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Decklist for HERO link that worked out pretty well for me today in testing. Allows the deck to combo out again much more consistently.
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No se ve bien el extra deck
Dr.Rockso X (8 months ago)
As a fellow HERO player I am worried about having to use 'A HERO Lives' and 'Instant Fusion' in the same game these days. I like the idea but how do you keep yourself alive?
Jamie Williams (8 months ago)
Dr.Rockso X as long as I have atleast 1 life point then I can still play. This decks trickster matchup isn't amazing to be honest. You have to rush them down with mask change and honest neos and hope it sticks
xArtsyy (8 months ago)
How about Destiny Draw or Twin Twisters for just in case Mally ends up in ur hand? Other than that, nice build.
C. J (8 months ago)
Jamie Williams are you selling this deck by any chance sir?
Jamie Williams (8 months ago)
xArtsyy twin is a possibility if true Draco and other backrow heavy decks become more meta, but I don’t like the idea of running d-draw for if I draw a single Mali

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