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GHOST IS ALIVE!? Evidence Suggests "Ghost" Never Died, Returning in COD: Ghosts

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Lots of speculation about "Call of Duty: Ghosts", so I thought I would make this video and revisit the supposed "death scene" of Ghost. I hope you enjoyed. ► Click to Subscribe! (Its Free) http://bit.ly/Sub2Nero ► Follow Me on Twitter! http://bit.ly/NeroTweets ► Like Me on Facebook! http://bit.ly/NerosCinema ► Nero's Lets Plays! http://bit.ly/NerosLetsPlays ► Watch More BO2 Videos! http://bit.ly/MOARVIDS ► SONG: April Showers by ProleteR ► PC Review of Death Scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZ5RrJlsI9A I hope you all enjoyed the video! Please remember to leave a rating whatever you feel the video deserves, and I hope you all have a wonderful day :) - Nero
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Text Comments (3980)
Fivebeat (10 days ago)
OLD VIDEO I GET IT. Just triggered me. Exit wound, not entry wound. Shot through the lungs? In fact, looks more like he was shot through the heart.
KMH — (16 days ago)
The spleen plays multiple supporting roles in the body. It acts as a filter for blood as part of the immune system. Old red blood cells are recycled in the spleen, and platelets and white blood cells are stored there. The spleen also helps fight certain kinds of bacteria that cause pneumonia and meningitis.
SD Gaming (18 days ago)
Come on ghost got shot in the left lung by A FUCKING 44. MAGNUM AND SET ON FIRE
Johan Rios (1 month ago)
Ghost is alive he's called keegan in call of duty ghosts
Scottish Trooper (1 month ago)
Number 3
Zack Atkinson (1 month ago)
Yes I loved ghost
Cassey Calhoun (1 month ago)
I don't believe the shot killed him but his clothes could be flamable.Ghost is just a new team.
will k (1 month ago)
The will spread so ghost actually burned aswell
Doctor Vibes (1 month ago)
If only
Dhruv karandikar (1 month ago)
Ghost and gaz are same
Jamari J. Williams (1 month ago)
Lol we all wish
Jamie Parker (1 month ago)
Well then soap is alive
Peyton Long (1 month ago)
Rip gost
wokzop (1 month ago)
I think that GHOST is Keegen, you see his headset.
Julian Garza (1 month ago)
So in ghost the old guy he had the mask and he died when roke shot him and that mite have been alive when he was burned when he was younger and that might be his son that put on the mask
Heinrich von Rommel (1 month ago)
Five years later and I see the disarray of a great series of something with amazing oportunity
Random Boy (2 months ago)
No hes not
Jesus Arteaga (2 months ago)
I am a 2k18 time traveler saying it will be a task force the game is heavily under appreciated and hated btw but i loved it
alexthegame 35 (2 months ago)
Heres my idea for the end of mw2 Shepard kills roach and ghost gets away before he gets shot we dont get to see him untell the end and ghost saves soap instead of price from the end of the game and ghost fights sheperd and soap throws the knife at sheperd and boom end of mw2
William Allan-dunbar (2 months ago)
Merrick wears ghosts mask
StratosXDgr Greek Gamez (2 months ago)
He used Final Stand
Ricardo Rodriguez jr (2 months ago)
ghost is alive
Dakota Thompson (2 months ago)
Hope Ghost comes back in another game that takes place after MW2 and MW3.
GodlyPotat0 671 (2 months ago)
It's been 16 years since ghost died And no matter what u can't deny the undeniable
Bogdan Chirita (3 months ago)
you know gaz?? on mw 1 ?? its ghost in mw 2 ? gaz=ghost
true life now (3 months ago)
What if a future cod games came out and it has you go back in time and you could chose to save ghost or soap and it then affected the rest of the campaign
TLOU Oreo (3 months ago)
Guys I hope u know that ghosts arm was covered in gasoline cuz his arm was on roaches stomach
the Beast fatality (3 months ago)
Shoot in the head
Blue Teegs (3 months ago)
2018 anybody ! can't wait for modern warfare 4
EvoGamer Ae (3 months ago)
Ghost's Hand was in roaches Chest or something
SniperGhost XT (3 months ago)
If Ghost was shot in the head he most likely would have cocked his head back, but no, he turned sideways and didnt catch fire, there is also a possibility of Ghosts 2 wich sounds cool I actually think that......lets go through the characters in Ghosts Logan, Hesh, Elias, Maverick, Keegan, and Rorke(fuck you dick) Ghost was mainly seen with a sniper right, how bout Keegan, hes seen with a sniper too, they both snipe, omg...Ghost=Keegan??? And Ghost's name was Simon Riley, theres a Riley in Ghosts too, the dog Damn this insane, what if theres a whole hidden story waitin to be found behind MW2 and CODG, maybe they connect together??? Really think about it and let it sink in real deep, understand??? Like if u agree and understand
Shiro -_-Death (3 months ago)
sqWEezY cHeEzsE bAlLs 4K (4 months ago)
Yeah then we realise it's absolute shit and THE FUCKING CAMPAIGN REFERENCES GHOST
Muizzudd Gamer (4 months ago)
he not alive but the fucking idiot in cod ghosts not died after shoot but died after throw smoke grenade :/
Clarissa Nicolia (4 months ago)
This is just a fluke ghost is so alive I play Call of Duty ghosts and he's alive he dies at the end
Clarissa Nicolia (4 months ago)
What the heck
Vladimir Makarov (4 months ago)
Ghost is Gaz.
Meme Source (4 months ago)
Bruh watching in 2018...
llamagaming meme (4 months ago)
He tripted
McKayla Kirk (5 months ago)
And Ghost is like: Nuyooooooo! Lmao
redskull's Adventure jos (5 months ago)
Call of Duty ghosts is bad
Fortnite Gamer (5 months ago)
2018 anyone?
Zombie Halo (5 months ago)
And everything that he predicted was wrong
This is my Name ツ (6 months ago)
BARŤÁK / (6 months ago)
My theory is that ghost is still alive cuz shepherd poured only roach with the gasoline not ghost and I think that the two snipers have seen the whole thing so when shepherd leaved they've been going there to see if ghost is still alive and if he was still alive they called for extraction and ghost might have survived THIS IS ONLY MY THEORY!!
but ghost was burn to deathO_O
Right is Right (6 months ago)
Yes ghost definetly survived being shot in the face and burned
Talena Sargent (6 months ago)
I played cod ghosts it does not have ghost but there's a skin for him
Burr 64 (6 months ago)
Burr 64 (6 months ago)
Not ghosts sin
Burr 64 (6 months ago)
He us not in it
WIl INGRESO GAMING (6 months ago)
He is ghost now
80Northwest f (6 months ago)
That's what I thought he got shot in the back
lolkennyyy (6 months ago)
If only there was cod ghost 2
Random Boy (6 months ago)
NerosCinema You're a fucking idiot
Dog98k21k98k Studios (7 months ago)
ghost was shot at his shoulder, where his fire-proof Kevlar jacket cut off at the shoulders, but he is Alive,due to the fact Kevlar is bullet proof and fire-proof
Dog98k21k98k Studios (7 months ago)
MIKETIKE ! (7 months ago)
Intro song?
britty b (7 months ago)
Whos watching in 2018
Ashssasin 3245 (7 months ago)
I agree merrick is ghost
Faze Rain 2.0 (7 months ago)
No roach is alive ghost was alive so ghost 2as only burned to save roach is alive
TuffyChub (7 months ago)
lol bullshit
shady kingsly (8 months ago)
Ghost is not in Ghost
JCMartoia (8 months ago)
Top ten saddest anime deaths
GHOST foxy (8 months ago)
ghost is alive because in mw3 on the mission were you have to stop the trucks and play as a guy called burns warface or somebody like that sounds like ghost and he keeps saying bolloks LOL
Joey Scott (8 months ago)
Yeah but if you get shot in the spleen, you bleed a lot so it is most likely he died.
No Comment (8 months ago)
Ghost wears fire protection jacket
Grostfreak (7 months ago)
Leo K (8 months ago)
But pretty much burn alive
Yar Zar (8 months ago)
Opening song = April shower
Exotic Razor (8 months ago)
Going back to this and i have a feeling we might see a Infinity Ward 2019 COD that we will see Ghost again my opinion.
Ghilled Kid (8 months ago)
Is 3
moto kid (9 months ago)
maybe ghost caught the fire later
William Bunstock (9 months ago)
If only they knew back then ;-;
MetroIsHere YT (9 months ago)
I think that timeline of Ghost came before mw2 that's why ghost was alive
Devin Weeda (9 months ago)
He's not in gost
NateLikesPie (9 months ago)
Everyone in 2017 is like nahhh your wrong!
Cpt. John MacTavish (10 months ago)
The 3rd possibility is actually true.
Josh Kyle (10 months ago)
If he survived the gunshot he still would’ve burned alive.
Patrick Popescu (10 months ago)
maybe he died of hemoragy or blood loss
TnK Plays (10 months ago)
Not his son but ghost got shot at shoulder man
TnK Plays (10 months ago)
TnK Plays (10 months ago)
Know you know ghost is still alive
I Games (10 months ago)
Just because he got shot doesn’t mean it’s gonna come out and they was already gasoline on the floor
ammon nicolas (10 months ago)
2:09 DAB!!!
Dylan Johnson (11 months ago)
There is a possibility that the designers got lazy and only decided to put one bullet hole on his back
Bittah Bandit (11 months ago)
Cod ghost is a prequel
Grostfreak (7 months ago)
it takes place in 2026. mw2 is in like 2011
HDO Comedy (1 year ago)
delete this video. it makes you look stupid now lol
Ik all
Frost is ghost
thecodcraft12 (1 year ago)
Ghost got burned
Donnie Lu (1 year ago)
I always thought he got shot in the heart, not the face. But I recently played the campaign again and I'm like "wtf"
spider_ war_gamer (1 year ago)
Ghost is never die beacuse his return on COD:GHOST
Luis Martinez (1 year ago)
It's 3 a new task force
Jared Allen (1 year ago)
call of duty gost's Two
Buffalo Bills (1 year ago)
fire spread ever heard of it plus they were on grass so its gonna spread
Poke Mon (1 year ago)
Guys notice the solider to the right when they throw ghost
Camo Cash (1 year ago)
But ghost had his arm on roach so ha
bigmouthprick 0 (1 year ago)
Well,there was a small refference to Ghost tho in Ghosts.His full name was Simon 'Ghost' Riley.And the dog's name is Riley.So,the devs did not forget about him at all,considering they even made his mask a thing im the game
red battalion (1 year ago)
actualy in my country theme park there was a game named operation G.H.O.S.T it maybe linkable it game genre was terorist bust
Bryan Javier (1 year ago)
the bullet got stuck in ghosts body

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