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Top 5 Reasons Why Hereditary is the Scariest Movie of the Year

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Top 5 Reasons Why Hereditary is the Scariest Movie of the Year Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! http://watchmojo.com/suggest If you're in the mood for a new take on horror, look no further! First time director Ari Aster's instant horror classic has been terrifying audiences with its haunting score, creepy performances and countless twists and turns, but is it the scariest movie of all time? While critics have been comparing it to The Exorcist and audiences have been divided as to what it all means, we just can't wait to watch it again! Check out these other great videos: Top 50 Influential Horror Films Of All Time - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pob6ngBDFzw Top 10 Horror Movies That Did Something Brand New - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AomCCIFefUs Top 10 Best Indie Horror Films - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3DeWqogDrE List rank and entries: #5: The Twists #4: It's a Slow Burn #3, #2 & #1: ? Watch the video at http://www.WatchMojo.com Check our our other channels! http://www.youtube.com/mojoplays http://www.youtube.com/mojotalks http://www.youtube.com/msmojo http://www.youtube.com/jrmojo http://www.youtube.com/watchmojouk WatchMojo's Social Media Pages http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo http://instagram.com/watchmojo Get WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.com WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.
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Text Comments (1785)
Neiltwo2 (32 minutes ago)
Scariest movie? Is that why the whole audience in the cinema I went to had to laugh at the big finale? The CGI was laughable too.
fragglepuppies (2 hours ago)
For me ......This movie was shit. Aimless, painful and boring....yes boring. This is movie is not scary. I watched for an hour before walking out- first time in 26 years. It just sucked.
AnnaBanana 55 (5 hours ago)
I've seen this movie and the reviews are a lie. It's seriously not that scary at all. I love scary movies and this didn't even make me jump at all. I'd give it 2 stars...and that's being generous.
Calum Nesbitt (4 hours ago)
literally one of the biggest points made in this video was that the movie isn't reliant on cheap tactics like jumpscares. The intent was to build a dark atmosphere of dread that good classic horror movies contain
Philip LaBeau (5 hours ago)
Top 5 Times Watchmojo Ran Out of Ideas
McNills (5 hours ago)
This movie was trash. The pacing was too slow, and I felt no emotion for the characters at all. Admittedly the film does make good with the twist and score was excellent, but there was nothing about it that made me as a viewer feel scared or really moved at all. The audience was either laughing at the cheesiness or bored through almost the entire thing and no one left feeling unsettled, just confused and robbed of our time.
Ileana Cazares (7 hours ago)
What is it about ?
African Monkey (7 hours ago)
Great movie, but I've seen scarier...
Jmaylife (7 hours ago)
Sorry for the negative comment but the movie was good
NocturnalShines (8 hours ago)
It was probably the worst movie ever , it was more funny than scary
Ryne Carrie (8 hours ago)
This movie was boring and took half the movie to get to the scary parts😑
The MJ Theory (8 hours ago)
I'm sorry but whenever I hear the tongue clicking sound, I'm waiting for that one snoop dog song to come on. Ya'll know what I'm talking about.
Samantha Kelley (8 hours ago)
Wonderfully articulate bullet points!
Androsferrum (11 hours ago)
Top 1 reason I will never ever trust any opinion ever coming from this channel AND UNSUSCRIBING for telling awful lies FOR MONEY: THIS MOVIE IS UTTER CRAP BIG TIME
JT98 (13 hours ago)
I watched it with some friends when it came out. The trailer makes the film look ok and not that scary. But flip the switch, and when you watch Hereditary it’s fucking terrifying. Psychologically is horrific, messes with your mind a ton, and the elements in the film make for an intense night at the movies.
Moto Boy (15 hours ago)
you mean the worst movie in this year
Arie de koning (17 hours ago)
Also the film Siccin is much better then Hereditary!
Arie de koning (17 hours ago)
Also the film Siccin is much better.
J'Nay Vann (17 hours ago)
I didn't like the fact the movie cheapened the impact the cult had on the family. It was the main plot behind it but it got reduced to a less than one minute book flip and a necklace
Anika Quaiser (18 hours ago)
No it’s not.
Simon Page (19 hours ago)
Quite frankly this film is the biggest pile of dog shite ever, it must rank in the top 2 worst films I've ever seen, save your money and go sit in an A+E waiting room or watch some paint dry for 2hrs as it will be more entertaining. I feel sorry for alot of the people in the cinema with me today as there was a bunch of about 15 teenagers that must have wondered what the hell they had paid to come and see. As everyone was leaving everyone was saying the same, what a load of rubbish. Save your money, don't do it!!! I read a review from some newspaper that said it was the scariest horror of the decade and it was a real brown trouser moment, you sir need to get out more and stop watching Pepa Pig if you think this was scary.
Daniel Selk (22 hours ago)
I saw it and geez, it’s very unnerving and creepy! The acting was excellent!
Sinjin Smyth (19 hours ago)
i fell asleep 4 times during this shitfest, fake reviews.bastards This was no horror film
It's me (23 hours ago)
That little girls face is a horror movie in of itself
Christopher King (1 day ago)
This movie was horrible. Waste of time and money..
Sinjin Smyth (19 hours ago)
lol, it was a borefest and not a horror, highly overrated garbage look at the comments, people like crap
TMYAD Gaming (1 day ago)
This movie was not scary more hilarious than anything
sierra parker (1 day ago)
I thought this movie was great. I have not been on edge from a scary movie in years. I really enjoyed it.
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
edge of your seat???? WTF - LOL, what a blatant LIE People were falling asleep in the aisles. I heard people snoring they only awoke because of a big noise on screen (nice tactic for such borefests) You were probably standing up while watching or paid to leave such a fake comment, Edge of your seat hahaha
Joseph O'Neill (1 day ago)
Rosemarys baby rewritten as "Milly's grandma". I had a scary grandma too!
best boi (1 day ago)
it lowkey sucked but ok
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
it sucked
edchanful (1 day ago)
I cannot wait for this movie!!!
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
prepare to be very disappointed. Download it online instead
Courtenay McKee (1 day ago)
Wasn’t scared at all. 😕
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
i fell asleep 3 times during this shit fest. it was not a horror film
dylan OftheNorth (1 day ago)
It was very...um... Emotionally draining.
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
u r too polite, it was boring, not a horror and suspiciously overrated!! I heard people snoring in the aisles
KajunMs39 (1 day ago)
I'm so happy I didn't spend money on this. Not only was it a slow beginning, but made no sense whatsoever. Wait until it comes on DVD if you must watch it.
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
too much truth all in one go!! Wonder why is was falsely overrated. this was not a horror. only horror was the price i had to pay for popcorn
mae lee (1 day ago)
This was so creepy just by the accident and the way the brother was such in shock he just went to bed and laid there till the mother found her headless. Then the last part when he woke up in the dark to be chased by his demonic mom ugh.
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
it was boring and not a horror. it was about depression.....which says it all really
Ape E3industries (1 day ago)
Cus the kids creepy af
glazese (1 day ago)
I didn’t find it scary 😟
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
it wasn't, these people are over rating this bore/shitfest. its not a horror, no way
Milton Hunter (1 day ago)
Rotten Tomato viewers was right. Dumb ending,
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
it was a film about depression, i hear the sequel will about a woman on her periods.
Just saw it, scariest? Nah. Not my cup of tea. But the performances, yes, those were award worthy
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
this film stunk, people were snoring in the aisles otherwise i was so angry, fake hype no way was this a horror
Kellie Carson (1 day ago)
I watched it. Scariest movie of the year? NO. Scariest Movie of the month? No. Creepy? Yes. But it was pretty average to me...
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
This film sucked so bad, people were falling asleep in the aisles. I could hear some people snoring and that cheered me up a bit. BOGUS MOVIE
sahasa prathipati (1 day ago)
This is the stupidest movie i have watched in recent years. Its too boring to watch. No horror at all
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
100% TRUTH
Arie de koning (17 hours ago)
Scarie? Let me laugh! The film the Conjuring and Insidious are better!
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
100 times better, critics have been lying
Briona Hamilton (1 day ago)
Its not worth going to see.. This movie was made for satanist☹at the end of the movie everyone stood up and screamed whaaaat ?
Briona Hamilton (1 day ago)
It had like too good parts🤦
Fayslay_ (1 day ago)
This move sent me
Buckeye 19 (1 day ago)
Not scary at all. Stupid movie.
IMDB 7.8 if you considered that horror genre usually rated more strict by the viewers relative to other genres because there is no consensus on what is "scary" 7.8 is more like 10/10!
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
imdb is a joke
SAS GOAT (1 day ago)
All the old asses and tits scared me more than the other parts in the film
SAS GOAT (1 day ago)
I didn't know what to make of the film but the one thing that annoyed me was Peter's cry
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
this film was boring and shit
Luke K (1 day ago)
The audience in the cinema I was in laughed it wasn’t scary for me
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
i heard some people snoring in the aisles
dynamo kiev (1 day ago)
The ending was so shit can’t lie
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
ending??? this whole movie was SHIT
k c (1 day ago)
Nightmares Haha lol
TruDragon88 (2 days ago)
The part where she’s head banging upside down is by far the creepiest to me
tozzarozza (2 days ago)
Terrible film, watched it yesterday, expecting to be scared shitless walked out of the movie and forgot about it five minutes later... a waste of time you won't get back!
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
Exactly what i had thought, but why so over-rated?? Boring and NOT a horror.
Schehrazad A (2 days ago)
But it isn’t though and the fact y’all have to explain reasons why says it all. It should take home a hefty award for cinematography and that accident scene was brutal, however, this film is completely glorified. In my opinion, (assuming they’ll go head-to-head) it pales in comparison to A Quiet Place. It’s John Krasinski’s year. If we’re specifying Psychological Horror (and barely I don’t know why folks insist it is), I can name a few recent films that surpass it in most ways listed — The Babadook and Baskin being two. Pseudo-fanatics most probably don’t know the second film I mentioned, the same ones hyping this film up. I don’t imagine a true Horror fanatic would disagree with me.
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
they guy that made it must be connected because no way those reviews/hype is genuine!
Pain Bae (2 days ago)
Scary? Meh, funny af, I mean I almost died when I saw the woman floating, it was like someone dragging an image in Photoshop, in the words of poochie, I have to go my planet needs me, a comedic masterpiece
Penguina (2 days ago)
I had a stroke when she was chilling the corners
Penguina (2 days ago)
Just watched it yesterday and I loved it
Dj Davis (2 days ago)
Is that the same little girl from a quiet place, in the thumbnail picture?
Sally Evans (2 days ago)
It’s a shit movie
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
i do so admire your brutal honesty, lol
Kit Kat (2 days ago)
Great Movie..Didn’t care for the ending though...Shit I even got scared from Annie’s face
I’m gonna watch it with demi Ritson and johanne Walden
Noyze (2 days ago)
One of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen in my life but I wouldn’t recommend this to everyone, because it’s very different from most horror movies coming out today. You’re not gonna get any scene where there’s a fake jump scare followed by a comedic moment to ease the audience. Something bad is happening and you know it’s gonna get worse.
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
its not a horror its about Depression being passed on and the sequel will be about a womans periods the director said so
Nightmare Files (2 days ago)
Favorite movie of the year so far
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
u must not watch many movies
Joey vs. Horror (2 days ago)
This was by far the least interesting movie I’ve ever fucking seen
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
in other words was BORING and not a horror
Always Tired (2 days ago)
It wasn't really scary, but it was a really great movie.
spookym123 (2 days ago)
From the trailer and a cast that included Toni Collette and Gabriel Byrne, I was expecting a "smart" horror movie. This film pulls out every cliche, along with every predictable plot device and line, in the horror movie book, complete with annoyingly stupid characters, capped off by a been-there-done-that ending. "Scary" didn't even enter the picture.
mary Ellen (2 days ago)
In the end people just have different feelings about what is scary. But answer this. Would you watch it again? I personally wouldn't
Megan Casual (2 days ago)
Went to see this with my bestie this shit was funny as hell. I laughed the entire time so no it’s not scary at all
The Mighty Umbreon (2 days ago)
1:38 I wish I lacked emotions for movie characters
D. Brown (2 days ago)
Just watched it. Dumbest movie of the year
green rocket (2 days ago)
That girl's face is scary im sorry but is she wearing makeup or having down syndrome? Im sorry
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
she has an unusual looking face but they did add make up
Ryan (2 days ago)
Literally wasn’t even scary
Sarah McGrath (2 days ago)
It wasn't. There hasn't been a truly scary movie in decades
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
although i kinda did like the Conjuring
Smart Nerd (2 days ago)
I watched it and was not that scary at all. The Conjuring in my opinion was by far scarier.
Demetrius McCray (2 days ago)
This is a good film but it’s not a horror movie, it’s not scary at all. It’s just really deep and clever writing. It’s not a horror film, please leave the genre to actual horror directors and lovers of the genre.
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
it was about Depression and the sequel will be about a woman's periods. Not a horror, i agree
"The scariest movie since the exorcist." more like "the slowest movie since salems lot"
Me OnlyMe (2 days ago)
Not scary and a awful movie, my opinion though.
Meme Elia (2 days ago)
The stupidest movie EVER!
Nelson queeseso (2 days ago)
I don't think it was really scary. But I think it was an excellent horror film. By the way , it should get some academy nominations. Including best actress for Toni Collete.
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
Toni Collete is a always awesome and wonderful actress but this film was a horror like Schindlers List was a comedy
Hav3L_ Smash3R (2 days ago)
Not enough scary parts and took a very long time with irrelevant stuff
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
it was dead boring
Theotter Islands (2 days ago)
I just watched this movie a a fist date. I hid my eyes most of the time, but he saw all of it and was obviously scarred for life. We'll see if theres a second date
Lisa Bolekaja (2 days ago)
The damn ending with that music! Whew! One of the best horror films out right now. And yes, the score was a huge part of that.
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
lol, u r joking right??
urizen (2 days ago)
wtf? all these things are crap. Exactly like this shitty movie. It;s sooooo bad. And for the record: there's almost none this girl in the movie. And trailer has literally all good scenes.
I went to see this movie yesterday and I was so disappointed... Although the acting was absolutely amazing, I expected so much better. The only scary thing about it was seeing naked old people and the girls head on the road. Everything else was just pointless and the plot was so confusing. One moment they try to kill Peter and the next he's their leader? At the end of the movie everyone started laughing because all they heard was me in the front say "What the fuck was this shit?"
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
Jade (2 days ago)
This movie sucked. Boring and slow.
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
amen sista!!! I could hear people snoring in the aisles
Kayla KW (2 days ago)
tbh it wasn’t even that scary 😂😂 just the end was really weird
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
honestly this film was so shit and boring
Jamzee ShyShy (2 days ago)
Really isn't that scary.. btw is something wrong with the girl who played charlie?
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
it was not a horror, I think she girl is an unusual looking kid so they used her and added a little make up
Kaleah Collins (2 days ago)
Deanna Giddens (2 days ago)
I kept sayin the little girl looked like 3 finger from wrong turn
Jun Luo (2 days ago)
Why do people keep complaining about it being SLOW? To me, the movie was well paced at storytelling and character buildup. And every minute of the film was loaded with creepy messages. It was not SLOW at all.
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
People were snoring in the next row and we were laughing at that - it was so much more fun that this SHITFEST. Not a horror, it was about DEPRESSION
Miranda Sanders (2 days ago)
I have steen this movie, its nog scary. Its a but movie.🤨
Frank The Bunny (2 days ago)
Duck, didn't realize Colin Stetson did the soundtrack. i should've known. I love his New history warfare albums
The dog. T 4Real (2 days ago)
Bro score was good, but I thought the story was a little lacking , But the pros to The story was definitely Annie
GalaxyMaster (2 days ago)
Ok this may sound like a joke, but this actually didn’t scare me that much. Prolly cuz I’ve seen the babadook too many times 😂
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
This was not a horror movie, it was too boring to be one
Venkatesh babu (2 days ago)
No Malaysia or Singapore or UAE in India.
ayden whitted (2 days ago)
This shouldn’t be called a horror movie half the scenes are the mom crying
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
it was more about DEPRESSION - false advertising and no way was this a horror
Crazy Dude (2 days ago)
I was hugely disappointed with this movie 😥 I found it overrated and unoriginal 😕 and I have see it all before in all the other horror movies I have seen for years 😒
Clorox Bleach (2 days ago)
Paid promotion...
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
Joshua Tracy (2 days ago)
The cinematography was brilliant. The acting was great. However the audience in the cinema were laughing out loud at how cheesy some parts were.
Bella and Billy (2 days ago)
Alright this movie was not scary like at all. WAY more disturbing than anything
Jhannier Marulanda (2 days ago)
My only question was: Why on Earth would you trush in Aunt Lydia? 😂
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
trush??? are u trying to say things that u can not even spell. How can she slap and how can we trush you!
Jhannier Marulanda (2 days ago)
It's not that scary. A great movie tho
Gwendolyn Bien-Aime (2 days ago)
I scare pretty easy....this movie was NOT SCARY!!!! IT SUCKED!!!!! Didn’t care what happened to the characters because the movie was too long and boring!!!
Sinjin Smyth (18 hours ago)
i would say it sucked bawlz

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