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Top 5 Reasons Why Hereditary is the Scariest Movie of the Year

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Top 5 Reasons Why Hereditary is the Scariest Movie of the Year Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! http://watchmojo.com/suggest If you're in the mood for a new take on horror, look no further! First time director Ari Aster's instant horror classic has been terrifying audiences with its haunting score, creepy performances and countless twists and turns, but is it the scariest movie of all time? While critics have been comparing it to The Exorcist and audiences have been divided as to what it all means, we just can't wait to watch it again! Check out these other great videos: Top 50 Influential Horror Films Of All Time - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pob6ngBDFzw Top 10 Horror Movies That Did Something Brand New - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AomCCIFefUs Top 10 Best Indie Horror Films - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3DeWqogDrE List rank and entries: #5: The Twists #4: It's a Slow Burn #3, #2 & #1: ? Watch the video at http://www.WatchMojo.com Check our our other channels! http://www.youtube.com/mojoplays http://www.youtube.com/mojotalks http://www.youtube.com/msmojo http://www.youtube.com/jrmojo http://www.youtube.com/watchmojouk WatchMojo's Social Media Pages http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo http://instagram.com/watchmojo Get WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.com WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.
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Text Comments (2523)
Ryan Roddy (5 days ago)
Am I the only one who loved the ending? Seems to get a lot of hate.
MAO is BOSS (5 days ago)
movie was ok, little different to most, little boring at some points, but had some creepy, surprising moments
4EverKELZ (5 days ago)
I heard it was one of the scariest movies out to date and another YouTuber said it was the scariest movie he have ever seen so I need to check this out
R CR (6 days ago)
Movie was absolutely rubbish.... was not even scary ..... was just plain boring ...
Pedro Salvino (6 days ago)
Wanx Twitch (7 days ago)
The movie was so bad has never seen a movie so bad before!
Para Bellum (7 days ago)
Not only was that movie not scary, but it was stupid.
D-Ramz (10 days ago)
Just saw this film yesterday and it was an absolute masterpiece of Horror, definitely one of those movies that will be talked about years from now.
thimarn Löfgren (11 days ago)
So dose that mean there is no jumpscares? I sure hope not
Justin Piontkowski (12 days ago)
Why the hell am I the only person who thought it was the most stupid movie in the world
Italia Ponticorvo (13 days ago)
It was awful. Not scary at all
Sonicfan1429 (14 days ago)
I Tried So Hard Not To Stream In The Theater When I Saw This >_<
BlubberMonkey (14 days ago)
I thought it was pretty shit :/ All the way until the end I thought "the real stuff has still got to starrt", but it never did
Scary? Try boring
Jesse Brown (14 days ago)
Halfway through the movie I thought there was a chance it could be a huge build up to an amazingly scary ending but unfortunately I was very wrong. The theater was silent for at least the first half of the movie in pure anticipation. There was a genuine sense up build up to the scenes leading up to the ending. However the ending fell flat and the audience erupted into laughter. As far as I am concerned the movie was hilarious and not worth the movie nor a second viewing. You have to really really be into and heavily invested into some weird ass cult shit to have found this movie scary at all.
Warren Parham (14 days ago)
What a joke, that movie "SUCKED ROYALLY" I can't figure out who could have possibly been scared by that crap. And I am not talking about Jump Scares either, which is something that movie could have used. Oh, something horrific did happen which definitely bothered me, but that was it. Nothing else happened in that movie. What a waste of a Good Movie night. But to each his/her own, and to those of you who liked it, I respect your opinion. but in my opinion, it sucked.
This was the worst movie I’ve ever seen
Miss Lunari (15 days ago)
i honestly was so dissapointed when i saw this movie. just the misleading trailer was enough me and my friends sat there just laughing at the movie instead of being scared in any kind of way the acting was great but some of the scenes were so stupidly funny my opinion! < i didn't think this movie was scary at all but it keeps getting called the scariest movie of 2018 and i think i'll never understand why>
Glenn (15 days ago)
Easily the best horror i've seen in many years, i loved everything about it ;-)
Naj Ri (16 days ago)
Sponsored. This movie was total garbage.
pe.trikor (16 days ago)
This movie was such a pleasant surprise. I came there, prepared for the shitty jumpscare horror that all horror movies are nowadays, and was more or less planning to have fun with the audiences reactions to the scares. My mum forced me to watch it with her soo,,,, hah. Buut then I got far too busy with the movie itself, because 1. it had, like, almost no jumpscares. There was like, what, 3-4 in total? And they were nice n evenly placed. So nobody was screaming, nobody was jumping. Easier to focus on the movie then. 2. it was an actual psychological horror at first? It turned around at the end there but after,,, uh,,, Twist 1?? It seemed more psychological. And I *love* psychological horror. So yes, watching it was interesting. I loved that you actually had to think, read, remember, theorize... You know, use your brain, while watching. And me, my mum and a friend, we actually discussed it for like half an hour after the movie. *That's* the sort of stuff I wanna see, movies that makes you think and that you can discuss about, give different viewpoints etc. It's sad that most people are like "Jumpscares=Scary. Too little scares makes the movie bad" nowadays... And I'm 16, I should be one of them... Huh
John Burden (16 days ago)
The acting was no doubt really good, but to be honest I wasn't blown away by this movie. didn't think it was scary at all. It ended at bit on the strange side! You simply can't compare this to The Excorcist or The Grudge for that matter.
Magnus Cholok Mauser (18 days ago)
That film was AMAZING, but i had one problem with it. I have read some books about demonology & black magic back then, and already knew that seal of Paimon, so I've accidentaly spoiled the ending to me
M L (18 days ago)
I just recently saw this movie and let me tell ya, it’s every bit as scary as people say for the reasons stated.
lissybearx3 (19 days ago)
Okay. After watching this video; I'm planning on seeing it!!
kvngdell23 (20 days ago)
worst movie I ever seen in my life!
etru6 (21 days ago)
It was pretty good, but not amazing. I think we have reached a point where horror has gotten so formulaic and boring that any horror movie that is even somewhat original and interesting just gets fawned over by critics and fans as the best thing ever. When was the last time we saw a horror movie that was truly on par with something like "The Exorcist", or Kubrick's "The Shining"? The last such movie I can think of was "Pan's Labyrinth" 12 years ago, and it's a slight stretch to even call that horror.
VerryLongName (21 days ago)
Can’t wait to watch it
Red Hood Gaming (22 days ago)
I didnt even get scared.What's the point then?The point is that i wasted 2 hours of my life watching this movie, thinking it was good.
Jo Bones (22 days ago)
The score "Reborn" is extremely scary......I was shocked and terrified at the end.....
Edwin Swartz (22 days ago)
This movie sucks,not even close to any of the Greats like the Latest Evil Dead movie.
Rosa Space (23 days ago)
Well i didn't like it and find it overrated.
Will C (23 days ago)
Only until "Suspiria".
sneakymia1 (23 days ago)
i wouldnt call it the scariest, i would call it unsettling and super sad, and from the beginning, the mom's hobby of painting miniatures of real life events, is just plain weird, and everything else that follows is so strange and upsetting
Michael Martin (24 days ago)
I loved it.
g4insbourg (25 days ago)
yaaaas colin stetson! i love his music and i loved the film. felt kinda bummed because i've only recognized his remarkable sax chords at the very end of the movie... it was a very confusing moment because i didn't know if i should feel surprised for realizing it was him or horrified by that grotesque end scene lol
iaquil (26 days ago)
It´s not that scary at all: slow, boring during the most part and an over explained ending. This video is misleading and exaggerates a lot. I forgot about it once I got out of the movie theater...
nya skye17 (26 days ago)
I saw the movie and honestly it wasn't worth it was bad
Pato Paolo (26 days ago)
I'm not fan of modern sacary movies, but this one... is like the old ones: no inneseceries jumps but more psycho
Kurt Stevens (27 days ago)
its was good but the ending out covered the plot which is super bad
Chris Masters (27 days ago)
Worst movie I’ve ever seen
Mary Catherine Lopez (27 days ago)
We all have different opinions and that's okay. I must say that I understand that this movie wasn't for everyone. Even though I anticipated the ending and saw a lot of the twists and turns coming, something can be said for how different and revolutionary this film is. The portrayal of true grief has never been done like this before. The cinematography and mixture of sound was drawing. The subject matter was unique even though the film makers drew inspiration from Rosemary's Baby and The Exorcist. The family setting was so realistic, yet bizarre and very dynamic. The execution of the film relied solely on the psychological side without many jump scares (which I find pretty boring- let's save those for teen screams). The blend of drama slowly turning into horror is truly brilliant. I personally love films that deal with "beyond the world" themes and "beyond your control" which is blatantly stated in it's title. If something is inherited you have no choice! This film's style reminded me a lot of The Witch except this film felt more realistic and more relate-able (probably due to the time setting). Movies that drop hints and keep the audience on their toes deeply interests me and this film delivered that. I was never bored, I hardly laughed-I don't care if a film's effects look weird or cheesy- it's not about that to me. It's about the effect it is having on the characters involved. It almost felt like this movie wasn't for the audience- that it was only for the lives of the family involved. And that had me feeling like I was peeping into their lives without permission. To truly enjoy what this film is I believe a person has to have a high level of emotional maturity- and there is nothing wrong or right about having a high or low emotional maturity- I just wanted to say that because I know some people will be offended by that statement (which is my opinion). I don't particularly enjoy body horror films (unless they have gripping stories) so maybe that makes me weak in that the sight of blood makes me queasy. I'll never be a doctor and save lives OH WELL just like someone who has a lower emotional intelligence will probably never be a successful therapist. But there's nothing WRONG with that. But anyway: WOW what a treat this film is. I could really go on and on. What a true horror masterpiece. Definitely in my top 5... damn maybe even top 3 favorite horror flicks. (also just want to clarify that horror and scary mean different things. I expected the film to be more scary than it was because of the trailers but it WAS truly horrifying). Damn. 10/10
Dope JKT (28 days ago)
Agreed. The scariest horror movie this year so far. It’s very disturbing, it has all the creepy elements. Great job!
Myrlandie Hellen Rancy (28 days ago)
I went to see that movie Tuesday I left 16 minutes before the movie ends ,it was too scary😭
Jasmine Tanner (28 days ago)
That kid played Matilda 😂😂
Jan Brady (29 days ago)
Not scary at all which tells me WatchMojo got paid to make this video. The scariest thing about this movie is there are people who watched it and were actually scared - weak.
Cjk (29 days ago)
Not going to lie me and my friend laughed our asses of at the last 10mins it was just so out of nowhere and wierd 😂
Jo Stevi (30 days ago)
Not scary at all
Andres Bocache (30 days ago)
This movie is shittt, so overrrated and predictable. Like no shit sherlock, it's Rosemary's Booboo cheap copy..
BHM Productions (30 days ago)
Girl that scene at the dinner table with them fighting was so damn good.
The Dude (30 days ago)
It's terrible don't lie
Ethan Simpson (30 days ago)
Watch mojo has more subscribers than jakepaul XD
timoppi (1 month ago)
0:48 Is the boob of the miniature grandma actually cover with cgi-clothing in the US release?
timoppi (1 month ago)
Wow, don't quote me on this out of context.
Matthew Wray (1 month ago)
This movie was good but was kinda bad at the same time😟
Geof Mahl (1 month ago)
Heredity sucked, wasn't scary at all, and the pay-off at the end was too unbelievable. So much hype about a POS, forgettable film.
Jason Murray (1 month ago)
That's the ugliest child actress ever seen on film. No doubt.
S6N 6F G6D (1 month ago)
i have seen the movie. it was good but the ending was funny. i felt like they tried too hard to be scary there. making it not scary.
ayu amanda (1 month ago)
the only movie that makes me nauseous, dizzy, and unable to keep walking straight for few minutes after watching it. literally.
Matthew Pirante-Perez (1 month ago)
I saw this movie four (yes, count them) four times in the cinemas. Toni Collette is largely responsible for the film's success. It's like watching her getting flayed alive on screen. At the very least, she deserves an Oscar nomination. And if she does get an Oscar nom, she would make a strong contender.
Dr. Joy Sivakumar (1 month ago)
Personally would give it a 7|10 , it can't be called a pure horror film tho.. the soundtrack was probably the best part in d film... The way it absorbs the audience right from the start, if the script had been written a bit better the film would have been a super hit... too much drama in some scenes and the ending could have been better.
Serina Johnson (1 month ago)
I was so into this movie ALL the way through. I don't understand the hate? I guess slowburning is true, but that is far from a bad thing. The characters were so real to me and I could feel their panic as if I was in the room with them. It was fantastic. And every frame had something important to contribute to the story. It was honestly a masterpiece imo.
Tan Di Hiong (1 month ago)
meh... overrated. Sure, I acknowledge and respect the decision to avoid jump scares but the story itself wasn't all that amazing to me. The seance thingo is a concept I really do not like because it has been well overused in horror movies. (That and ouija boards) Same old stuff really. Family loses someone close to them and, out of grief, would go as far as channelling their spirit back from the realm of the dead but ends up contacting a demon, devil or malicious spirit instead.
TrippieAsFuck (1 month ago)
TrippieAsFuck (1 month ago)
Jordan Raley (1 month ago)
I didn't realize how big of an impact the score had on this movie until the second watch. So good. When songs played during this video, I could pinpoint exactly when they played in the movie, something I didn't even realize I could do.
dave rumbear (1 month ago)
This is probably my most favorite scary movie
Serena Liom (1 month ago)
It wasnt that scary...it was too stereotypical
Tyler Gutierrez (1 month ago)
I think people that don't find this movie scary, just don't understand how absolutely real these psychotic breakdowns are in our world. The horror in all of this is that it's happened to families and will unfortunately happen to many people who are affected by mental illness. That's what happens when you need jump scares to enjoy a horror film and completely forget the various kinds of feelings the horror genre can bring when grounded in reality.
Ananthu Sekhar (1 month ago)
Not scary but good movie
William Brown (1 month ago)
Wasn't scary at all
AlexHDArt (1 month ago)
Ok but it wasn't scary....
George Anthan (1 month ago)
This is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Slow, boring, and DEFINITELY not scary. On top of that, the ending was stupid.
Sinister Garbage (1 month ago)
This movie gave me so much anxiety. Also my cousin force me to watch this, I wanted to watch Ant man
christian failauga (1 month ago)
Smh. This movie was rubbish.
Nadya Im (1 month ago)
it was not scary at all
Jiggywitit Jiggywitit (1 month ago)
Movie was bullshit...it was about the lil girl getting her head knocked off... and her family being in a cult...at the end they all worship her brother...💩💩💩💩💩
Madison M. (1 month ago)
The fact that this movie doesn't rely on jump scares to me is a huge triumph. So many "horror" movies use this and other lame devices to give you a quick adrenaline rush. It's boring because those are easy to do and leave you with a movie that doesn't intellectually stimulate you at all. Yeah they might be more scary in the moment but the truly great movies rattle your psyche in a way you can't explain or easily shake and leave you with a general, unexplainable uncomfortableness. If you take each scene out of context they might seem boring and placid, but if you watch the whole movie and really open yourself up to the experiences of these characters, you'll be horrified, both at the gravity of their grief and loss and at the creepy cult activity. IMO everyone who says this isn't scary doesn't understand (or isn't receptive) that there are many, many ways to scare ppl, some much more potent than others, and are accustomed to adrenaline rushes instead of pure bone chilling creepiness (something that the horror genre has been s e v e r e l y lacking).
Danial Khir (1 month ago)
This movie was such shit dude
Dimzy Ld (1 month ago)
It really wasn’t scary
Andrew Wowk (1 month ago)
I really loved Hereditary, but it doesn't really "unfold in an unpredictable way" - if you pay enough attention you CAN work out what's going to happen. (Admittedly, I didn't pick it, but after watching a video to explain the film I was like "fuck, if I'd been paying more attention I would have totally picked it.")
mhhmvmnmhm sunyam (1 month ago)
This is good quality horror, kids. If you want cheap and cheesy jump scares, go watch something else. This is for adults.
khayam ali (1 month ago)
the problem with people these days is that they rely on jump scares to much and don't pay attention to great movie scripts and good acting. yes the movie wasn't scare and was more freaky which is why I would use that word to describe this movie. you see things that other horror movies don't give you. e.g. someone head getting cut off, people getting set on fire and random weird things happening when you don't expect them to. 4 stars i'd give it
BlackCJ jooris (1 month ago)
2:37 uganda?
Jadyn Garrett (1 month ago)
This was the scariest movie I’ve ever seen😰
It reminded me of Rosemary's Baby, and I thought it was super disturbing. The scariest part to me was what the family went through - also Toni Collette is AMAZING in it!!
Oliver Longshlong (1 month ago)
Absolute trash turned it off half way through. Love films that are suspenseful. That have mood and atmosphere. The Ring 1 being my all-time favourite horror although a special shout out to Room 1408. First film I've not sat through in a long time. Hype and pretentious bullshit.
Djmike Lost (1 month ago)
It is not a horror movie, more like comedy
45682s (1 month ago)
this movie is weak
KyleFazza aka Chiclet (1 month ago)
n.j. (1 month ago)
The soundtrack was the best thing about this.
Rahman Yii (1 month ago)
Rubbish film trying to sound sophisticated. A waste of time and money.
Taylor Henbury-Hescott (1 month ago)
My boyfriend took me to the cinema to watch this on our first date 💞
Luis Perea (1 month ago)
Ppl who say the movie sucked are either trolling or don't know shit about the horror genre and should go back to watching jumpscares on a computer screen since that's horror to them
House of M (1 month ago)
I tried to predict all the jump scares let alone the ending I failed every single of it good job Hereditary you deserve all recognition
rainbow (1 month ago)
This movie was simply horrifying
N Richards (1 month ago)
The ending was the exact same ending as the VVitch.
Sunni Quin (1 month ago)
This movie wasn't even that scary, and I'm really weak when it comes to horror.
clint iacuone (1 month ago)
Definitely not the scariest movie of the year quite far from it actually! But if others think differently that’s a okay!
BluJay (1 month ago)
it actually wasn’t scary. sure it had some spooky parts but i’m definitely not going to have nightmares. but i have to say, the last ten minutes or so, when Peter woke up at night, i couldn’t help but just laugh throughout the whole end.

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