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StonnyMc (11 months ago)
Even as a heavy pay to win player on a certain game I couldn't agree more with you and the industry will only get worse I reckon.
GYCo (11 months ago)
It's pretty simple yet ppl still do it. It's the way of life. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO PAY FOR A GAME, ¡¡DING DING DING!! DON'T PAY!
lubu523 (11 months ago)
Games that I consider pay to win World of tank: after tier 5 it's start to get harder to make a profit after each match due to many factors such as repairs ammo and consumables Is that enough? Nope After you finally bought that tank that u wanted you will have to go through a hard grind with stock weaponry that will render you useless in tier 2+ matches I swear I had a flanker tank who have a " yellow" chance to hit the sides of a tier +2 tank and I had to use gold ammo to turn it green.( I was at point plank) Not only that put the total cost of last tier add on might cost half the price of the tank and it take gold to replace them.... And u are fucked if u encountered a platoon with mics Warthunder And any mobile smartphone rts Holy shit it's the same thing since 2011 and I didn't even check the final fantasy game even after it was butchered in advertisement Games that I consider not pay to win League of legend and dota : both does not give in-game advantage. Every ingame item is given to you by gathering resources which requires skill and any money u put in the game gives you either permanent charecters or cosmo tics that will hardly effect your playstyle without them Over watch, u just buy the fucking game and enjoy every charecters Still I remember that intisial advertisement for pre order saying something about the number of hero obtainable soooo we wait
Mideler (11 months ago)
I totally agree. This sucks. My vision of this industry is changing drastically. I guess this is the future of AAA games, they will suck up every cent we have. I don't encourage this sector of the industry and I want to believe that many people think this way... Lately i just play indie or single player adventures with a different type of view. Thanks for sharing!
Well said you should not have an advantage just coz you got money
Ventem (1 year ago)
Man, it's gotta be said (before people flip shit), some companies patent just about any thing some guy comes up with because software/hardware patents are valuable even if you don't implement them. Just because a company has a patent doesn't necessarily mean they plan to use it. A recent example is Sony's Switch-like console. I doubt they'll actually use it as they've said numerous times that they're done with portable gaming since the Vita. Also, what ever happened to that QoL thing Nintendo patented a few years ago and they talked about maybe once? Shit gets patented all the time.
BeyondDaX (1 year ago)
Can't stop the money flow of charging more to players. That is the new reality and no one can stop it outside of a video game crash.
Keith B (1 year ago)
I thought this may have been happening for a long time and the fact that it has just come to light is scary thinking how long these algorithms have been in place. How many times have you bought a pack in hearthstone changed 1 thing in your deck and started winning. (not specific) but stuff like this. Gj! Skylent
Krazzy Singh (1 year ago)
Youre literally the only one on youtube to says it. Says that these kind of games are just straight up pay to win. And the thing is your definition of pay to win is extremely small. You make sure to cut pay to progress and pay to convenience and even so , so many games now days are becoming literally pay to win. And with activision putting this shit out there...what in the actual fuck are they doing. Makes us look stupid and feel stupid. Never ever buying an activision game every day
davidiswhat (1 year ago)
Now these are interesting topics.
Creative Lightning (1 year ago)
This was a very intresting video! I love it when you talk about pay to win problems
basil Bass (1 year ago)
its cool skylnet sometimes you just need to rant and if you can't on your youtube channel then where? i agree that this seems very scummy on the surface level but unless activision don't give a damn about their public image this will only concern cosmetics and no affect the actual gameplay because if it does... yikes
Bowman (1 year ago)
Seems to me that more and more the FTP games are P2W games. I'd rather more games be subscription based and time involved and experience be key factors than someone putting lots of money to have a LARGE advantage. Well, I play Archeage so you know where I'm coming from. These games should be labeled "Free to Pay to Win".
Dustin Pope (1 year ago)
It's a little vague but like you i think it's pretty obvious that it points towards scummy dev practices.
SamuraiMotoko (1 year ago)
Gears of war had a system that made new players slightly more powerful than a veteran player, so they could get some kills during the first matches and have fun until they learn. That is brilliant, This is in the complete other end of the spectrum. Just dirty.
Teddy Vain (1 year ago)
Demonitized LUL
Skylent Games (1 year ago)
I'm tired. I'm going to bed. If this video is worthless I don't care, some times you just need to yell and luckily I share it with my friends lol.
ayikart (1 year ago)
while they get ripoff
ayikart (1 year ago)
I just want u to know we are listening, this shit is not going to stop. but I will watch these sheep/fanboys of these games from the sidelines
Amadingus Mozart (1 year ago)
Good night. This video isn't worthless, I think this is a pretty important topic to talk about when it comes to gaming and the game industry. I'm with you on this, it disgusts me. I'm telling you, these kinds of things are the reason why I stopped buying AAA games and I'm very picky with the games I do buy because I think gaming is going down the shit hole, I've always loved gaming but these days I'm finding myself having a very cynical outlook on it and shady business practices just cement my views even more. I kinda just want another crash, a massive one, just nuke everything.
Tom Ladrille (1 year ago)
You just gave yourself the reason to keep making these kind of video's, we're getting fcked and no one even seem to care. You have reach so don't keep yourself from making these, unless it's all about the money and shares. Since YT even flags kid video's I guess there's nothing to lose :p.
gaming Zed (1 year ago)
Pa......pa.....pa.....pin me man 😃
ShowMeHow0 (1 year ago)

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