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All 22 New Switch Games RELEASE For Week 2 July 2018 | Nintendo News

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This week 2 July 2018 Nintendo Switch got many new games release. Which one of these do you like? And which will you buy? ◆ MUST WATCH ◆ (HOT!) 12 BIG Switch Games You Need To BUY In June 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hX8183Ma74E -Follow Us Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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Text Comments (187)
SwitchPlanet (12 days ago)
15 BIG Switch Games ANNOUNCED Recently! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0ogLGGBm94
Jacob Florence (3 days ago)
SwitchPlanet where is star ocean? Why did you not include it if it's the thumbnail??
S.P.D.F S.P.D.F (10 days ago)
SwitchPlanet does bomb chiken has physcal copy ?
Brenden Marin (11 days ago)
Where's star ocean?
本崎宮野 (12 days ago)
SwitchPlanet yayayayayayayayyayayyayaoooooop
本崎宮野 (12 days ago)
Joe H. (1 day ago)
Switch is looking good, but that wait for an updated hardware is arduous. Apparently now people are finding cracks on their hardware...
Amber Devos (2 days ago)
The only games i play on switch are splatoon2, arms, bayonetta2,skyrim and when it comes out go vacation
shaved93 (3 days ago)
No one plays these games. I want a switch but not one good game. These are pretty much cell phone games.
Morbid Gamer (3 days ago)
100% garbage! Absolutely nothing in this video even remotely made any sense to show off, nor did it make me want to play any of these titles.
の人ソロ (4 days ago)
Ryuk551 (4 days ago)
Nintendo makes some stupid childish games nowadays. Only games that keeps me getting Nintendo consoles are Smash Brothers, the Mario and Zelda games.
Keng Kang (5 days ago)
全22種類じゃなくて、全22作品だろ。 こういう動画を出すんなら、日本語をちゃんと勉強しろ‼️
髙橋はあな (4 days ago)
大べん太郎 全然違いますよ!
大べん太郎 (4 days ago)
this reaper (5 days ago)
What'sup with this mobile games been transferred to the switch I have seen better mobile games on the Google play store fuck
Miri Auster (5 days ago)
Most of the games look like you can get them from the app store on your smartphone.😂
mochio games (5 days ago)
Red Diamond (5 days ago)
These games are so bad honestly
thumbs down for a misleading thumbnail! jesus christ a ps exclusive on a nintendo channel? wtf!
Daniel Keller (6 days ago)
include Pocket Rumble in your next video, its a simple fighter inspired by SNK and neo geo, it deserves more attention!
Melanie Brewster (6 days ago)
Why you using this to decide what games to buy it literally just showed mostly indie shovelware that's like seeing video for PS4 with it show nothing but the worst games on the system then being like yup god of war horizon zero down Nier automata etc. Suddenly don't exist anymore (oh and octopath traveler is an exclusive Square rpg that is actually amazing doesn't deserve to be with all this other shovelware)
S쓰나 (7 days ago)
동숲은 언제나오나 ㅠㅠ
sato simo (7 days ago)
FTK Brave (7 days ago)
Thought that was star ocean on the cover
Tabby Scientia (7 days ago)
Only one looked like a real game
lc0806 (7 days ago)
Games suck but I'm poor so whatever
mbsgamerpro (7 days ago)
Can we actually get some real games for the switch? We only get one game about every 3 months...
Gianni Gonzalez (7 days ago)
*Super Mario 3D World*
Gentle Guy (7 days ago)
Bad thumbnail choice.
Jay Christiaans (8 days ago)
Go vacation ?
Maximiliano Castillo (8 days ago)
Bomb chicken is really? Jajajaja
morreu já (8 days ago)
Smash tá chegando
김선욱 (8 days ago)
내 지갑이 위험하다 라고 할줄 알았는데 딱히 재밌어 보이는건 없네..
Sybli Endele (9 days ago)
Seriously? this is bullshit, i can't imagine if i really bought a sw.
Real Skaarj (9 days ago)
sungjoo Han (10 days ago)
특별히 끌리는게 하나도 없네요 그나마 좀 흥미생기는게 토드캡틴이랑 옥토패치라는 스퀘어에닉스 알피지정도인데 이것도 특별히 기대까진 안됨
Derek Treadway (10 days ago)
What the hell. Why is your thumb nail star ocean 5. Made me think it was coming out on switch.
Jayman493 (2 days ago)
Almost everything is a 2D sidescroller. Gimme some 3D Open Worlds You Developer Jerks
madog7 (11 days ago)
I didn’t know that bomb chicken is going to be released in the Japanese version (?), because in the Nintendo’s Japanese site there is nothing about it. But some games weren’t on their official schedule until they were released.
. (11 days ago)
I want Octopath and Captain Toad since I didn't get to play it on WiiU. Still haven't decided o Shining Resonance, the later gameplay looks kind of fun but the demo wasn't that great. Enemies weren't too responsive and 90% of the demo was just watching cut scenes so you didn't even get to try out playing all that much. Either way I'd probably wait until after beating Octopath.
JOHN XD (11 days ago)
All the new games are garbage except captain toad
Vlad Safronov (11 days ago)
When we see normal games????? Mad Runners, assasin's creed and other?????
Travis Mills (11 days ago)
Looking forward too titan quest comes out end of this month.
Zachary Foster (12 days ago)
Fruit Racing without Billy Hatcher or Super Monkeyball characters?😕
Takeshi Edwards (12 days ago)
These games suck
Miguel Ortiz Marquez (12 days ago)
Si no fuera por los indies sería de risa la cantidad de lanzamientos de la consola
darien taylor (12 days ago)
Refrain is trash
Black Beast (12 days ago)
Pls Stop
Denios (12 days ago)
why is star ocean 5 in the thumbnail?
AtomicEmrys (12 days ago)
My dudes you gotta stop with these thumbnails. You don't need to be this excessive. Most people will,watch your videos, one thing that will make them stop is these Damn thumbnails. Please please please please please just please my heaven. You guys like your audiences reaction?.
s vargas (12 days ago)
more indie shit
bigorange2082 (12 days ago)
22 Switch games but 19 are crappy Indy games you should be able to get for 1.99 on your iPhone. Come on Nintendo. This is frustrating.
Carlos Recinos (12 days ago)
Porque swicht nos está tirando Games como si estuviera jugando en un Gama Boy XD no me esta pareciendo pase ahorrando desde que salió el anuncio de la consola swicht y ahora nos hace esto no me parece.
신아라 (12 days ago)
그놈의인디겜 비타니?
本崎宮野 (12 days ago)
류현진 선수 생활을 시작하였다 오늘 하루도 화이팅 하세요 화이팅 입니다?
本崎宮野 (12 days ago)
阿阿阿휴휴휴 사용자 EBAY and
本崎宮野 (12 days ago)
하루종일 비가 오네요 오늘 3078嗯嗯
本崎宮野 (12 days ago)
You류현진 사용자
本崎宮野 (12 days ago)
本崎宮野 (12 days ago)
本崎宮野 (12 days ago)
You down you have a 효과 본
Mad Luigi (12 days ago)
Calling this lame would be an understatement. The Switch is losing its momentum currently. I am playing on my 3DS much more often again than on the Switch.
Squirtle Squad (12 days ago)
Thumbs down for misleading thumb nail
B1ack1ce22 (12 days ago)
Nothing for me!!!
importryderify (12 days ago)
r u guys 4 real
Wow Seb (12 days ago)
Unsubscribing for misleading thumbnails, that's a Sony game in the thumbnail
Engrossing Kraken12901 (12 days ago)
I got a switch for Christmas and I have ,botw,doom, Skyrim, wolfestien 2,Mario odessy,etc.,but I don't why but I'm not as interested in it anymore
Echo Echo (8 days ago)
Engrossing Kraken12901 get some online games
B (12 days ago)
Damn It! Another JRPG!? I still haven't finished the last JRPG game I'm on. That and Octopath Traveler will be out also? I still have three other games I've yet to 100 percent! Talk about a completionist' nightmare
Mike Dayton (12 days ago)
That trailer for Star story the horizon escape sure throws a lot of shade for a 2d side scroller.
Mike Dayton (12 days ago)
20xx looks pretty fun still gotta get the MM Legacy collections too.
Talan Mortensen (12 days ago)
So basically nothing good except for shining resonance refrain? Thanks Nintendo for making me waste 300 dollars on a system with no good games. 😕
Mr. Video Person (3 days ago)
I’ll admit there isn’t much this summer but are you forgetting...? Odyssey, BOTW, MK8D, Xenoblade 2, Sonic Mania, Star Allies, Mario and Rabbids, Snipperclips, Arms, Octopath, and the many other indies available on Switch such as Wizard of Legend, Death Road to Canada, Golf Story, Celeste, and I could just go on and on... My point is this system was not a waste, at least to me.
Melanie Brewster (6 days ago)
Talan Mortensen it's one month how are judiging 4+ years of possible games on one month games everyone knows is coming
NIRO LIBYA1989 AL (11 days ago)
Shadow supercool Shadow supercool قبل يوم واحد Splatoon 3 25 Mik Mak Mik Mak قبل يوم واحد I miss those people who were kind enough to post timestamps 49 kyoushiro zaijen kyoushiro zaijen قبل يوم واحد really disappointed in the lineup the only game I'm excited for this month is octopath traveler. 26 Corey Hare Corey Hare قبل يوم واحد Shovelware is getting worse and worse on the Switch :( 24 AdventFate AdventFate قبل يوم واحد Your thumbnail is Star Ocean 5. I guess I can give you the benefit of that doubt that it was supposed to be Shining Resonance. 19 Solution 66 Solution 66 قبل يوم واحد Did anyone genuinely get excited when they saw the star ocean thumbnail? I did then had infinite sadness when it never showed on the video =( 17 Craig Morgan Craig Morgan قبل يوم واحد Octopath traveler, everything else I’ll pass for now. Have enough indie games.. cool update video 😁😁 2 Jinxster Plays Jinxster Plays قبل يوم واحد Hey switchplanet just want to say thank you for always keeping us updated!!❤️ 3 Kareem Abdullah Kareem Abdullah قبل يوم واحد Stop with bait thumb nails. Star ocean isn’t on switch. 4 Talan Mortensen Talan Mortensen FIFA2018 FIFA2019 ZELDA MARIO ODISSEY BASKETBALL 2K2 ONE PICE YOSHIY SPLATOON SUPER SMASH RISEDINT EVILL MARIO+RABB ..STEAM WORLD DIG2..XENOBLADE2..MARIO KART BAYONETTA2 FAST RMX ARMS FIRE EMBLEM SONIC SEASONS OF HEAVEN RIME YOKA LAYLEE DRAGON QEST XL THE SACRED HERO SHIN MEGAMI TENSI SEITCH
jose hugh (12 days ago)
So much Indy garbage 😭😭
Emily Harford-Spratt (12 days ago)
Don't complain about it. You should of have done research before buying to make sure there was games that you would have played
zero12590 (12 days ago)
Wheres the game shown in the thumbnail?
Talon Marshall (12 days ago)
I'm unsubbing on the basis of how bullshit your thumbnails are.
Casepb (12 days ago)
Why is the thumbnail a pic of Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness when that is very much not coming out for the Switch?
tyler rodriguez (12 days ago)
Not one of those games were good
Jemar Shaw (12 days ago)
Only octopath and 20xx looks good these other dumb game making the switch die
catra 7 (12 days ago)
octopath y poco poquisimo más
catra 7 (12 days ago)
catra 7 (12 days ago)
danyo (12 days ago)
20xx, bomb chicken, octopath, shining resonance. Good week.
Sage Llivokin (12 days ago)
Bomb Chicken!!
anfall28 (12 days ago)
One more shit week of games
PremTalk Football (12 days ago)
U could have made this list, and only had octopath traveller in it
Craig Morgan (12 days ago)
Octopath traveler, everything else I’ll pass for now. Have enough indie games.. cool update video 😁😁
Kareem Abdullah (13 days ago)
Stop with bait thumb nails. Star ocean isn’t on switch.
AGATH0R (13 days ago)
Yay more indie rouge lites!!!!
Pepper (13 days ago)
wow look at all the shovelware Ive got my preorder set for Octopath Traveller.
Black moth (13 days ago)
Bit disappointed with these lineups.
Black moth (5 days ago)
Javan Bowen in terms of quality game's it's lacking. I would much rather have a smaller choice of games I would like than a truck load of shit.
Javan Bowen (12 days ago)
Black moth why
Ricardo Martinez (13 days ago)
What's the music in da intro?
daddy fatsacks79 (13 days ago)
They are going to kill themselves with these darn indie games man they were on a roll in Nov. Quit giving us a game like wolfenstein 2 and then another major title 3 months later
daddy fatsacks79 (12 days ago)
Loni Rowell at one point the adult consumers were the main ones buying the switch but they keep this up stocks will continue to decrease. All these retro looking games are just fillers no one is interested in
Loni Rowell (13 days ago)
daddy fatsacks79 and they are shocked because the stock is dropping
icy lady (13 days ago)
Fruit Race looks good and a bunch of others.
Dysth Ymia (13 days ago)
Star Ocean 5 a playstation exclusive game in the thumbnail smh. this channel's quality is becoming worst than the shovelware switch titles shown in their videos.........
Martin Sørensen (13 days ago)
So much shit
إشترك في قناتي
Justin Hazlett (13 days ago)
Very good week. 3 Big games, but it seems Friday is the big one. Heck, Epic Loon and even that Space Invader game look good on Friday.
JCookie (13 days ago)
already preordered Shining Resonance a long time ago... gonna get Bomb Chicken n maybe Muddledash, Radio station hammer. fruit racing seems nice but i already hv mario kart... hmmm~
Luis Murillo (13 days ago)
So many cool games!
Link 23 (13 days ago)
Ffs your thumbnail is #^@&@*$
Corey Hare (13 days ago)
Shovelware is getting worse and worse on the Switch :(
Nathan Li (12 days ago)
HOW DARE YOU CALL BOMBER CREW SHOVELWARE jk I know what you mean though
Solution 66 (13 days ago)
Did anyone genuinely get excited when they saw the star ocean thumbnail? I did then had infinite sadness when it never showed on the video =(
PokeTrainer_Alex (4 days ago)
Mik Mak (13 days ago)
I miss those people who were kind enough to post timestamps
anal duchess (18 hours ago)
Mik Mak LMAO I love u
Mik Mak (8 days ago)
lol im not that kind
Lauralaura (8 days ago)
then why don’t u do it
evildarklemons Dark (13 days ago)
It's getting worse
Alex Klim (13 days ago)
nowonmetube (13 days ago)
Epic Loon is like a combination of Alien, Jurassic Park, Godzilla, Metroid and Duke Nukem?? Wtf!
Jennifer Cushman (13 days ago)
Definitely getting Never Out, Captain Toad, and Octopath Traveler
Jennifer Cushman octopath is gonna be amazing
B (12 days ago)
I'm going to pass on Captain Toad. Loved it on the Wii U, but I feel like aside from the added "Mario Odyssey" content, I'm getting nothing new and its a quick game as well

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