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So, I Was KINDA Wrong About That Nintendo Direct...

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Will there be a ANOTHER Nintendo Direct this month? We were WRONG last time, let's try again! What upcoming Nintendo Switch games will we see? Will GTA V come to the Nintendo Switch? Will we finally get a Pokemon RPG release date? Rumors, Theories, Predictions! - Like/Comment/Subscribe Become A Patreon And Join Our Family By Supporting The Channel - https://www.patreon.com/BeatEmUps Want to send me MAIL?! - Wood Hawker PO Box 152751 Arlington, tx. 76015 Metroid Prime Confirmed! - http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/02/sounds_like_bandai_namco_really_is_working_on_metroid_prime_4 Buy Some MERCH Maybe! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/BeatEmUpsMerch/ PayPal - beatemupsmerch@gmail.com Business Email - beatemupsbusiness@gmail.com Follow BeatEmUps on Twitter - @BeatemupsWood On Facebook - facebook.com/BeatEmUps Instagram - @BeatemupsWood Join The BeatEmUps Discord Chat - https://discord.gg/zyUGPfs My Second Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/WoodsMaj... Music: Erek Ladd - https://erekladd.bandcamp.com/releases "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." All clips and videos belong to their respective owners.
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Text Comments (804)
BeatEmUps (9 months ago)
We'll get'em next time! Here's some links for you to check out! 😊 Beatemups Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/BeatEmUps EXCLUSIVE Zeldies Shirt - https://www.bonfire.com/zeldies/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/BeatEmUps/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/BeatemupsWood
Key Wise (9 months ago)
BeatEmUps i just saw a video on facebook thats a couple weeks old. It showed some dudes that rescued a grey kitten. I swear to god you where in that video or im going crazy. LOL
[TK] Hachi (9 months ago)
No gta v will not be added to a family friendly console stop and get some damn help besides this is completely wrong but the labo is coming so dont get your hopes up and burie them would you
ANGRY_ TECH (9 months ago)
BeatEmUps I
Beenish Tanveer (9 months ago)
BeatEmUps dude wassup I sent u a friend request on the switch my name is Mr.yolo just letting u know k have good a good day (please accept pls) thank u
Cindy Erickson (9 months ago)
BeatEmUps Love everything you do. Thanks for all your hard work and insight on all things gaming!!
No Zaku Boy (3 months ago)
At first glance, your thumbnail looks like I’ve already seen this video....
Steam Account (5 months ago)
Okay guys we wait GTA V on next E3 Nintendo & Rockstar 🙏🙏🙏
DeeDee Lee (8 months ago)
I thought u said direct was in feb 14-16
kaylsbro (8 months ago)
One game that I wish would come to the switch that has never been on any Nintendo console is xcom 2
WindowsWhelider (8 months ago)
Smash I think is gonna be there if recent rumors are true
Flower boy (8 months ago)
Wtf is thatnshirt my guy
ロロロミミミ (8 months ago)
What happened to his shirt?
jose ramiro reynoso ruiz (8 months ago)
Calling it, next ND will be in April!!!
Patrick Jaeckle (9 months ago)
I think they will hold online for E3.
Sean Turner (9 months ago)
You were wrong
You were wrong again
MindGamingMantis (9 months ago)
Where's that direct at?
Callinater (9 months ago)
To predict Nintendo, you have to think like Nintendo...
courage1 (9 months ago)
Well your still wrong since none of the legit websites like Nintendo Everything or Youtube channel Gamexplain didnt mention about the February Nintendo direct being a rumor at all, since you probably got it from Nintendolife or some other non reliable webpage for Nintendo news.
Freddy R (9 months ago)
Still no direct :(
ミク Deviluke (9 months ago)
did not happen where in a droght again
Dillon Vincent (9 months ago)
When are you going to put more videos on your second Channel.
prsluvcctx (9 months ago)
So, will there be a direct this month or not lol?
Alex Brock (9 months ago)
When you gonna make a video about being wrong about Xenoblade though?
Elzarik (9 months ago)
I’d love a new skate title. I’d love for it to be on switch but I’d just love a new skate title in general
Michael Mansell (9 months ago)
Do u think we will ever get super smash Bros on switch
Posoidon (9 months ago)
5:17 *Cough* Skyrim *Cough*
TSG Blizz (9 months ago)
Fortnite,Mario Party 11,Smash Bros,Animal Crossing
Imagine 757 (9 months ago)
Put them pea shooters away bruh!
chanberries (9 months ago)
who are you hearing saying gta is running on the switch like you know anybody like your not an idiot youtuber acting like you know what your talking about
Geoff Williams (9 months ago)
who hurt you?
chanberries (9 months ago)
chanberries (9 months ago)
they arent doing a mario rpg or a pokemo game on this thing period
unoder (9 months ago)
You clearly have no idea what you're talking about, Pokemon has been CONFIRMED for the Switch.
chanberries (9 months ago)
i thought you had to have muscles to wear muscle shirts?
SpaZZAddictz (9 months ago)
God dammit people, respect the man’s shirt!
Kyle Glover (9 months ago)
Overwatch Will Be Revealed For The Switch. Yesterday Blizzard Posted A Message Saying Its Going To Be A Free To Play Weekend From Feb 14 - Feb 16 On PC, Xbox One, PS4 And Nintendo Switch. Here Is A Picture That My Friend Sent Me
Perry Publico (9 months ago)
Super Smash Bro!!
Deleted channel (9 months ago)
If we get a direct it’s gonna be more Kirby and Yoshi. I feel like Pokémon would get it’s own mini direct and Metroid will get an E3 trailer at the earliest and a launch date if we are that close.
RedGeoBlaze (9 months ago)
Praying to Iwata that it will be so! GTA5 Fallout NV Assassin's creed VIRTUAL CONSOLE!!!
Bobby Johnson (9 months ago)
That shirt says "I'm from Kentucky"
Barry Huber (9 months ago)
i already have gta5 on the ps4 so i won't be getting it on the switch. besides, i got tired of gta5 a long time ago and haven't played it since. until the pokemon rpg releases or another game catches my eye, i'll stick with zelda breath of the wild and mario odyssey
Tonic (9 months ago)
yeahhh, f...ing awsome video...subscribed!
Jordan Diaz (9 months ago)
I need a new smash bros
Jlopez240 Gaming (9 months ago)
Im hoping to see smash bros for switch announced :3
LavasRift ws (9 months ago)
Mario RPG what
Man in Tidy Whities (9 months ago)
GTACW came out on the DS. So if a GTA game can appear on a Nintendo console, it can appear again on the Switch.
Xavier Burke (9 months ago)
Pokemon, at least the mainline games, aren't normally announced in Nintendo Directs, there's usually a Pokemon Direct for those announcements
Tyler Newman (9 months ago)
I’d be willing to toss all my savings into a bet on Pokémon switch coming in October this year. I’m predicting it’s gonna be Gen 8, and the game will launch in October. I’m guessing it’s gen 8 because silhouettes of the starters have supposedly leaked (which seems to always happen before a new generation is announced), and because there’s a lot of strong rumors saying that its gonna be a new generation. Although I’ve heard equally strong rumors saying it’s a rebooted kanto game, but with a 3D open world and a modified version of pokken tournament’s combat system... and I’d be all for this, because that’s how I pictured my Pokémon red version back in the day (fun fact- Pokémon Res was the first video game I ever played and to this day is holds a special place in my heart alongside my Pokémon Emerald, which I loved just as much). But whatever it is, I’m betting it gets released in October since that would be follow tradition for Pokémon releases.
Joseph greer (9 months ago)
Want to see that re7 switch version, nier, and finally unveil everything about the online service.
Totoma (9 months ago)
so nintendo is being unpredictable, so I will to. What if bandai is helping gamefreak make pokemon and thats one of the exclusives
Garfield (9 months ago)
I hope we get a fallout.
lanx Roberts (9 months ago)
To be honest I went off Pokemon after playing diamond and pearl every other game after that I just couldn't get into, although I am looking forward to the switch version (not to play it) but to see where they take the series what will they do with the graphics and how will they change the core game mechanics just so many things they can do with it ...........ok I'll probably play it ;)
Chocolate Misu (9 months ago)
Wood, with that hair and those arms, no shirt on earth could make you look stupid~
Angel Allen (9 months ago)
Why is ur hair so pumped to the side you literally have to tip your body to the right, and it forces you stray your eyes off of the cam and toward ur sis's hair due ..smh media . #wtfisupwithatvest#hedeflikestheD
ミク Deviluke (9 months ago)
Here are my thoughts if theirs a Full direct 1. All the questions with Online will be said here they show super mario kart, Mario 3, and Melee with Melee looking HD 2.They show the story of Kirby Star Allies 3.Yoshi with a new name and a Summer date 4. Octopath Traveler release date for April 5.Valkyria Chronicles 4 with a March 21, 2018 release date 6.A first look at Pokemon with a holiday 2018 7.Shin Megami Tensei V new trailer with a August release date 8.Attack on Titan 2 new trailer 9.Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy coming to switch 10.Pikmin 4 new trailer with a July release date 11.Fire Emblem new trailer and a June release date 12.Skyward Sword HD with a May release date 13.Metroid prime trilogy HD 14.Dragon Ball FighterZ coming to the switch 15.Mario Odyssey DLC 16.New themes and new apps 17.Fortnite 18.GTA V 19.animal crossing 20. after that they show Bandai with a early look at Metroid prime 4
Toxic Anoxic (9 months ago)
CptBobDude (9 months ago)
Nintendo has been just killing it and I honestly don’t even know what to expect anymore (which I’m stoked on but my wallet isn’t).
Awesome Animal (9 months ago)
I honestly love beatemups whether he is right or wrong I aways think what he says is right, also love ur vids!!!
Crispy C (9 months ago)
I’m going to have to donate organs to afford all the awesome games coming
Taylor Jones (9 months ago)
Mario Tennis isn't a port
Kieran Nichol (9 months ago)
I know what I expect Wood... Sleeves next time.
Josh Callahan (9 months ago)
If they put GTA V on switch it will triple the sales of the switch that is already huge, plus rockstar sold that game 3 different times, and everyone would buy it all over again. As sad as it sounds. I'd buy it agajn... Lol and full price, just because it's on the go
aoop aop (9 months ago)
cool shirt wood, I demand it in every video from now on
Sammysamson 19 (9 months ago)
to quote Arlo “Nintendo are the Kings of left field”
Angel M. Class Jr. (9 months ago)
More Bethesda games Zelda's HD Remastered Metroid Prime Trilogy Red Dead Redemption OR Virtual Console announcement (including gamecube games)
spadesshadow (9 months ago)
2:17 did you mean pokemon rpg or is there a mario rpg coming out as well?
Max Smith-Yee (9 months ago)
Super Mario 3d world Switch Port plz.
James Keith Tampus (9 months ago)
Too much anticipation will kill you.
Cindy Erickson (9 months ago)
Friend request
DUAL BLADES NATION (9 months ago)
Yeah ok! The new "Wow ok!"
TheNintendoViking (9 months ago)
I feel like if they only release Metroid Prime 4, they are going to only appeal towards older fans, while their target of kids will be overlooked unless they release Trilogy, which is actually what I personally want. It just seems like a huge opportunity for Nintendo, and I don't know why they would pass it up.
FREDRICKG85 (9 months ago)
Nintendo give us a Star Fox😉
patk2 (9 months ago)
nintendo did give you a star fox but the sales was extremely low so you not getting another
Sarah Danks (9 months ago)
my god, your hair is beautiful
Jam (9 months ago)
Yugicard241 (9 months ago)
I'm so strongly hoping for a fighterz port and with how well xenoverse 2 did for switch it wouldn't shock me to hear about a Dragonball fighterz port at this Nintendo Direct.
Steven Umana (9 months ago)
You said Mario rpg, I think you mean to say Pokemon
New to the channel, but loving the videos everytime I watch!
RiZe (9 months ago)
Maybe Even Dark Souls 2 And Dark Souls 3
aussiekirkland (9 months ago)
I reckon they’ll put up the Mario dlc at the same time as the direct and do a quick “it’s available now” thing. Also they’ll probably say more about Kirby and Yoshi. Hopefully virtual console and the one I really want to see is YouTube on the Switch. Then I can watch your face really big on my tv haha
Jacob Schwabe (9 months ago)
well I say let the surprises keep on coming! (as long as they're good)
Fabrice Yue (9 months ago)
Metroid prime 4 is on pre-order in Australia
Spectre Lex (9 months ago)
Super smash brothers? I doubt it, but there is a demand.
Gareth Sanders (9 months ago)
The worst kept secrets in handing history is the konamie code, duh!
Dan Duncker (9 months ago)
but im hoping they announce Dragon quest 11 switch version for release later this year
Dan Duncker (9 months ago)
really hard to predict what nintendo is trying to get ported/ made for the switch as there has been many suprises so far
DIL ON (9 months ago)
Fallout 4 Port ?
Richard Williams (9 months ago)
Do you not know how Nintendo been doing business for the past 50 years? Oh..... you just a boy
Lattrodon (9 months ago)
gda 5
Blazekat (9 months ago)
He said 'mario RPG' instead of 'pokemon RPG'
Indream (9 months ago)
Pokemon RPG - highly probably Fire Emblem - for sure, they already announced that its comming this year, so time to reveal some info on it. Something from Bandai Namco - deffinetly, they announced that they working on 3 games exclusive for switch and thet they comming spring-summer, so show what it is(new tales of? there was some info) GTA 5 - probably(who cares? it was out so long, that all who wanted played it)
Lezzy Bum (9 months ago)
Gave u a dislike because of your shirt or what's left of it!
Jake G (9 months ago)
Also you look hot when sleeveless
Blake McCormick (9 months ago)
I don't think Pokémon coming out this year is too *FARFETCH'D*. hehe
JustAregular Dude (9 months ago)
FE Switch pls Nintendo
Ryan Heinz (9 months ago)
I can’t imagine GTA running on the switch. Sounds insane. I’ll only buy it if I can use my online character from Ps4, though. Oh and of course Nintendo add ons 😬
that one oscar (9 months ago)
mario rpg on the switch i cant wait
Nazgull2k1 (9 months ago)
I actually HOPE they do release the Prime Trilogy on Switch. I never got to play 2 and 3, and I never finished 1.. sad
Luke et (9 months ago)
Wtf is he wearing lmao
SkullyT McGra (9 months ago)
I think Nintendo would pull a nes collection with 50 different games on one cartridge, virtual console app, some beat em up game from ark system works, GTAV and last the last game they will probably mention the megaman series. Plus as they show off the megaman collection they would put mighty number 9 as a bonus megaman game but upgraded and redone. I wouldn't be surprised if i was right because every time they do a megaman collection they throw in a bonus game that capcom didn't do 😆.
TigerGlock (9 months ago)
First you said Pokémon RPG, then Mario RPG, then Pokémon. Which is it???🤷🏽‍♂️😂😂
Fudd 90 (9 months ago)
nintendo switchnintendo switchnintendo switchnintendo switchnintendo switchnintendo switchnintendo switchnintendo switchnintendo switchnintendo switchnintendo switchnintendo switch PS4PS4PS4PS4PS4PS4PS4PS4PS4PS4switchnintendo switchnintendo switch PS4PS4PS4PS4PS4PS4PS4PS4PS4PS4switchnintendo switchnintendo switch PS4PS4PS4PS4PS4PS4PS4PS4PS4PS4switchnintendo switchnintendo switch PS4PS4PS4PS4PS4PS4PS4PS4PS4PS4
Jabbar Lennett (9 months ago)
you remind me of AlphaOmegaSin a little, I guess its the hair or something idk
6th Chance (9 months ago)
The heck is GDA5?
MechaMinilla99 (9 months ago)
I'm a simple man... They release Pikmin 4 on the Switch.. Then I'm buying a Switch.
Candy crush? Anyone?
Sean Chandler (9 months ago)
Really love your show and no I'm not gay but I love your voice lol and your style and I like watch all your videos for like the past two weeks I've watched like a for like the past two weeks I've watched like a crap load

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