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Evolution Of Rockstar Games 1997 - 2018

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Text Comments (4192)
M Pro Channel (1 month ago)
Follow Me On Instagram Guys ♥ : https://www.instagram.com/prince_soldat/
Antonio Borac (13 days ago)
Evolution Resident evil pliz
Dark Revelations (14 days ago)
Great video, thanks man!
John M (16 days ago)
Bronson Wendruck (17 days ago)
Song but love vids
Sparkling Duvi Vedha (2 hours ago)
Who loves GTA San Andreas ,Vice City ,Bully nd i completed bully n vice city game 2 times
Ali Tha Realist (4 hours ago)
10:50 When Rockstar Games tries to appeals to younger audience and fails miserably 👶11:00 Then they sniff some coke and bring back the guns & violence again 🤠💀😂
SR POLAR (6 hours ago)
Is legend grand the auto san andreas💖💖💖
David S (11 hours ago)
They didn't make Oni....published it.
I commented this video (14 hours ago)
I think I played like 5000 hours of GTA VCS, this game was like a second life to me !
AdmiPriestok _ (23 hours ago)
Гта 5 издавна уже на пк кушать . Говно , а не видео
Via Orillano (1 day ago)
The Warrior, Bully And Oni was only thing I like! I HAVEN'T PLAY THE Red Dead Redemption but I finished the 2! Damn GTA IS ONE OF THE BEST GAME EVER MADE BY ROCKSTAR! And i hope the bully become success
James Reynolds (1 day ago)
God I love video games.
Yeet 1 (1 day ago)
I was on that San Andreas and China town shit
Suharti Iwansyah (1 day ago)
Evolution of game fnaf pls
Vyanca Ramos (1 day ago)
Ummm Where’s bully
rentturaakki (1 day ago)
Stupid video. Rockstar had nothing to do with Max Payne.
pecewu (1 day ago)
Rockstar haven't made Max Payne. They made only its PS2 version.
Sam Kemp (1 day ago)
RDR2 will by far be one of the best games they have ever made. From combining a whole open world of GTA, to the most compelling story of the Wild West. Red Dead Redemption 2 is surely an accomplishment and milestone for Rockstar Games.
Cao Ang (1 day ago)
*_Grove Street. Home._*
А что делает в 1999 году делает супрема
Billy Bligh (1 day ago)
I love Rockstar games!
slave trader (2 days ago)
the first GTA the top down view one was my childhood. would come home after school and play it on my brothers PC all night.
iruc solrac (2 days ago)
3:43 Song? Smuggler’s Run 2
Anton Nym (2 days ago)
L.A. Noire looks spectacular. I really like the styling on the old cars and clothes.
Salim Sakir Oglou (2 days ago)
Lautaro Carabajal (2 days ago)
shenryu (3 days ago)
hello goood job what the music in the end please ???
Stock (3 days ago)
Gta 3 was one of the first games I played. Absolute classic
stuart lewis (3 days ago)
Bully 2. Would be good
2kJ Savage (3 days ago)
We need a new GTA and a new MIDNIGHT CLUB like if you agree SIMPLE
sammy ham (3 days ago)
GTA IV was from another planet !
Khantagious007 (3 days ago)
La Noire plese make a new one it wasn so good.
Macrussell Abas (3 days ago)
Will rdr1 or rdr2 will be in pc🤗
Arsalan Ansari (3 days ago)
GTA V is the best game ever
wg girl (3 days ago)
Manhunt 3 and Manhunt remastered now!!
Em1l14no 12 (3 days ago)
Alguien 2019?
XANDER X (3 days ago)
I miss monster truck madness
玉山航輝 (3 days ago)
ritika malik (3 days ago)
no gta 5 is the best game ever i have seen]
Revamptheindustry (3 days ago)
Is it me or is this video missing gta sa?
MusicSkeletonKeys (3 days ago)
Pre-Rockstar should be included too! Nothing says GTA like Body Harvest for the 64!
HappyMations (3 days ago)
midnight club the most underrated racing game series ever
Barret (3 days ago)
Rockstar in 1950?? XD
Darryl Ginting (3 days ago)
L.a noire the best police games
Tariq Khan (3 days ago)
........ ....... Read more
Lind Mees (3 days ago)
Evolotion of EA
nssr legacy ctrlplusz (4 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks Max Payne is better than any rockstar games
caber cupid (4 days ago)
Rip. Stan Lee 1922-2018
argon opal (4 days ago)
I def now that need for speed is dead, need a decent tuning race game, pls midnight 4
1:50 my favroite rockstar game monster truck madness with grave digger, monster patrol and more
levite (4 days ago)
Damm I feel old
le___parigo (4 days ago)
Thank you !!! Sam Houser 😘
kristof lolé (4 days ago)
Best max payne 3
Shamic Entertainment (4 days ago)
I didn't know max payne had such good graphics for 2001
Justin Ramirez (4 days ago)
We need another L.A Noire type game pls
Kavita Mondal (4 days ago)
Hey man what about bully
MovedMasterMike (4 days ago)
7:01 Best racing game of all time
Dhruv Erry (2 days ago)
I prefer two, but damn, what a series!
Rajkumar S (4 days ago)
oh my god this part is so cool 11 54
0:25 10:00 Notice the difference?
Rik James Zupko (5 days ago)
Bully 2 PLZZZ!!!!
Senador MalaFama (5 days ago)
What is song the final vídeo?
Mmm Mary (5 days ago)
Dear Nostalgia people : don't read this comment because it's too honest *things we can do in gta sa but we can’t do in gta v* 1-play pool 2-go to gym and change weight 3- gambling 4-get girlfriend 5- school driving 6- play basketball *things we can do in gta 5 we can’t do in gta sa* 1-play tennis 2-play golf 3-play darts 4-hanting 5-rampage 6-replay missions 7-hangout with friends 8-get drunk 9-sea racing 10- racing on foot 11-smoke weed and get high 12 - having a dog and play with him 14- buying super cars 15- watch TV 16- switch between 3 characters 17- having a special ability 18- doing Trevor business activity 19- play online with friends 20- do ceo businesses 21- do biker businesses 22-do bunker businesses 23-do hanger businesses 24-do nightclub businesses 25-more vehicle missions (import/export.....etc) 26- doing heist 27 - having better graphics 28-having better physics 29-customize your weapons 30-upgrade your weapons 31- customize your house/apartment 32- buying oppressor 33- buying oppressor mk2
Aidan Casey (5 days ago)
Red dead redemption 2 is game of the decade
Charliewxm1997 (5 days ago)
You missed out the Italian job 🧐 that was one of the best
DrHouse2004 (5 days ago)
2:13 guggenheim in nyc!
Junior Hilario (5 days ago)
Fortnite players disliked this video
Adam Love (5 days ago)
Childhood, teenage years, and early adulthood memories summarized in 13:37. Thank you, Rockstar, for keeping the lonely gamers less lonely. Also, Max Payne was home of the original Dead Eye.
Rares Rusu (5 days ago)
Nobody asked about intro/outro. It's Massari - What kinda girl?
András Meleg (5 days ago)
Rockstar you are a good developer company
vincen tim (5 days ago)
Seriously how can you compare graphics using emulators and higher resolution than the original one.
cairocaylamama (5 days ago)
Can I have Red Dead Redemption
xtobyx yt (5 days ago)
GTA III Child hood memories
Marshmello !!!! (6 days ago)
14 years later i am still enjoying it
Richardbubkus411 (6 days ago)
If Rockstar is so good why haven’t they made rockstar 2 yet
War zone (6 days ago)
Bully and GTA sandress is best
Sou grande fã da Rockstar Games.
- taesbsv - (6 days ago)
Bully 2 is coming after Red Dead Redemption 2, You can clearly see that a lot of easter eggs in RDR2 include Bully in them, trust me it’s coming soon.
Keith Olsen (6 days ago)
The graphics jump between OG GTA and Max Payne is insane for only being a couple years apart. But man, seeing original GTA gameplay takes me right back to playing it in high school along with Quake TF through every PC applications class.. good times man..
Adam Love (5 days ago)
Rockstar didn't make the first 2. They acquired rights and redesigned for GTA3
Denis Ortiz (6 days ago)
2019 The Last Of Us xdxd
Cameron Robertson (6 days ago)
PlayStation portable is the Sony PSP
Anderson Lúcio (6 days ago)
A Rockstar não tá brincadeira não, só jogos fodas
Sokol Bladeworks (6 days ago)
What about Body Harvest!!!!
I've been playing since GTA III
Auvik Rahman (6 days ago)
Max payne 1 is not a rockstar game
Savage boy blog (6 days ago)
Am on GTA 5 team
chrisphoenix77 (6 days ago)
ONI was published by Rockstar but developed by Bungie.
Werner Sanchez (6 days ago)
GTA V is the King
Mixentain YT (6 days ago)
3:59 PS4?
Amazing Huh (6 days ago)
Evolution of call of duty
Mhiztar Preshy (6 days ago)
Nice games Rockstar Nice video too m pro channel
Priyansh Zoomz (6 days ago)
ps3 was released in 2006 , and max payne 2 is 2003....How is it possible?
I am KingKaze (6 days ago)
Smugglers run was my SHIT
Nefff (6 days ago)
such a shame rdr 2010 was never released on pc...
Camden Yinger (6 days ago)
Rdr2 is so good
Anime Guy (7 days ago)
San andreas will be the best rockstar game forever.
FLORA BARA (7 days ago)
when will gta 4 come for android
Rockstar didn't start making Max Payne games until Max Payne 3. Remedy was the original developer.
BuzzGaming913 Xbox (7 days ago)
Hi, i'm new! Please Evolution of Ubisoft games.
04dram04 (7 days ago)
Its funny how GTA 3 is such a downgrade in graphics from the previous max pain
Christian Sweeney (7 days ago)
Wait are you trying to tell me gta5 is 5 years old already??..
Shadow Ketchum (7 days ago)
I have GTA IV and GTA 5
Lol (7 days ago)
RDR2 is an evolution

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