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Evolution Of Rockstar Games 1997 - 2018

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Text Comments (2518)
Earthforever3 (2 hours ago)
I’m only 23 yet watching this video makes me feel so old 😀
Ramón Star Hasher (14 hours ago)
Soy yo o faltó el padrino uno de los mejores juegos de Rockstar? 🤔
Ramón Star Hasher (14 hours ago)
I miss the Godfather :'v
Nathan Johnson (20 hours ago)
GTA IV had the worst camera angles
Erick Brustofski (23 hours ago)
como olvidar las monster trucks fue el primer juego que juege ya quelo tenia un tio familiar en la pcu
bruno h. pou (1 day ago)
Ubisoft evolution
Axel Cebada Anaya (1 day ago)
Evolución r evolución Rockstar
Tô Hiếu Cường (1 day ago)
Max payne 3 and L.A. Noire is best!!!!!!
SrCanelo 1906 (1 day ago)
I want to play rdr 2
Wolf Gamer (1 day ago)
Make giants software history plz
Lusca (1 day ago)
Dinesh narwade (2 days ago)
God of war
Ryan Eggers (2 days ago)
Louco Gamer (3 days ago)
7:00 😎😎😚😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
GAMER (3 days ago)
I love GTA4 !
Dimitra P (3 days ago)
I wish red dead redemption was available on pc
Y2Ajrmyo (3 days ago)
Red dead series are the best
SugarD -x (3 days ago)
VC video used is a modded game...
محمد خالد (4 days ago)
what is the name of that music in the end of the video
Lipika Roy (4 days ago)
2001 game kon sa ha
modern games tv (4 days ago)
Red dead the better game after gta
Diana Cruz (4 days ago)
IMAGINE NOT HAVING A ROCKSTAR GAME IN YOUR TOP 5 GAMES OF ALL TIME? Can't be me man like seriously my top 5 games are from rockstar. (Not in order) BULLY, GTA SAN ANDREAS, RED DEAD REDEMPTION, GTA 5 AND NOW RDR2
Julian Franko Fiesta (4 days ago)
The evolution of call of duty
JAS ON (4 days ago)
when gta 5 come exactly? year month day
سامي ب (5 days ago)
ريد ديد لا 😭😭12:36
سامي ب (5 days ago)
سامي ب (5 days ago)
تستهبل صح مكتوب العنوان عربي وفالحين انقليزي وت
Calista Maria Diana (5 days ago)
Gta 5 is the big rockstar game
planeboy1324 (5 days ago)
You used mostly lame footage, I liked the chronology of their games though.
coc king (5 days ago)
DRIVER (6 days ago)
Doom Guy (6 days ago)
Manhunt = best Rockstar game.
Doom Guy (6 days ago)
It took them that long to make a game with even half way decent combat controls?!?! (GTA V)
Max Payne остается моей возлюбленной игрой, даже с той озвучкой от 1С, где юного 29 летнего Макса озвучивает 50 летний дед без чувств))
Влад Зуев (4 days ago)
Виталий Егоров российский!!!
Uber Nubz (6 days ago)
Is nobody gonna talk about how the video is 13:37 long?
Дмитрий (6 days ago)
Derrick Gordon (7 days ago)
MANHUNT. i need another manhunt game, PLEASE
Benjamin Johnson (7 days ago)
Ah yes never forget the awesome driving physics of gta iv lol like driving on butter
TheTam Play (7 days ago)
GTA SA, ENB, Reshade???
MZfrom YT (7 days ago)
Gta anandrease and gta v thr best and the bigger map games
Eric Slupe (8 days ago)
Half of these games looked way better than they made them out to look. This was just all to pump up red dead 2 all they did was show shitty driving in all the other games
Gus Rudder (8 days ago)
why the recent 5 yr hiatus? does anyone know?
XXMATADORXX (8 days ago)
bully the warriors red dead pffffff lo mejor en el puto mundo
C R A Y T O N (9 days ago)
Socialism is for F*gs (9 days ago)
It’s interesting seeing how previous projects could have elements taken from one to be used to make a better project.
Socialism is for F*gs (9 days ago)
It started the year of my birth and Red Dead Redemption 2 comes out only a couple days after my 21st birthday.
Usuário de Douglas (10 days ago)
Do caralho
Usuário de Douglas (10 days ago)
Do Carvalho
than217 (10 days ago)
8:26 Only thing that sucked about Table Tennis was you couldn't have sex with the prostitutes.
Amirul Hassan (10 days ago)
something is missing right there NO GTA iFruit
SHUBHAM PRAMANIK (10 days ago)
There was a game named MADE MAN. This game is also LEGENDARY just like MAX PAYNE 2.
883Realtree (11 days ago)
I remember begging my parents to let me buy Max Payne. Luckily this was before my mom became a religious freak. I remember Max Payne well because its when games still had nice display boxes they came in. Since I saw it on the wal-mart shelf, I had probably walked over to electronics and opened up the cover and looked at all the pictures a hundred times.
ABI_ king_games (11 days ago)
Evolution mojang PLEASE
Md Shoel (11 days ago)
Gta online is the best I mean gta V
Marcial Caminos (11 days ago)
1950 ? Wow
Mr Cheesy (11 days ago)
The rock star games I have are GTA 5 GTA vice City GTA San Andreas bully and the new midnight club
game genius (12 days ago)
Didn't realize some of these games were on android
Jay Mart (12 days ago)
What is mod in gta vc can Below A link Plesae?? I Missed this mod
yulinda Wati (12 days ago)
Point blank evolution
Robert Tilden (12 days ago)
Damn, Rockstar made a shit ton of games in 1999. They must’ve really been trying to make a name for themselves. Good for them.
La miniatura no tiene logica osea si es de auto porque el otro de vaquero seria primero el vauqero y despues el auto
mohammed nasser (13 days ago)
هاي البل بدايه جي تي اي خره 😂😂
Russel Revilla (13 days ago)
محمد MHMD (13 days ago)
Madg G (13 days ago)
Nadya_ Abdullah78 (13 days ago)
dadaev shamsuddi (13 days ago)
what is the music at the end
og blood pj (14 days ago)
Hell naw vice city is best story ever
Esweto Chavoso (14 days ago)
Bully Que Nostalgia Mano Meu Deus cara !!!
Cesar Play (14 days ago)
xbox evolution
hennxd (14 days ago)
Where is Body Harvest for N64?
Myth_Pros (14 days ago)
But where is GTA CTW ?
Muhammad Ragil (14 days ago)
Merkis Pinedo (14 days ago)
Forza Motorsport Play station Evolution
Kusal Gunasekera (14 days ago)
Oni!! I used to love to play that game, I didn't know it was by rockstar
John Winter (14 days ago)
Vice city was epic
D GermanWinterFox (15 days ago)
my first R* game was Smugglers Run
Luca Brugnoli (15 days ago)
X box 360 didn t exist in 2001
angel Perez Alvarez (15 days ago)
Buena compañía de videojuegos.
Liu Junya (15 days ago)
Hi Can you tell me the name of the acoustic guitar cover in the beginning? It is beautiful!
Abit nizhar (15 days ago)
sindron7 (15 days ago)
че за хуита ? в вейс сити моды бля .
Vladimir Buterov (15 days ago)
Совподение??? не думаю видос идёт ровно 13:37
mocking lunatik (5 days ago)
А че таково ?
Max Payne & Max Payne 2 are the games of Remedy Entertainment, not Rockstar
Charles Orum (15 days ago)
Max Payne 3 is the best rockstar game not GTA. GTA stinks same old game just a different name title. I hate GTA. I love Max Payne games.
Charles Orum (16 days ago)
Rockstar should make another max payne game thats my favorite game rockstar made.
Vicky Babbar (16 days ago)
Gta vice city for ps 4 ps 4 was not even made that time
James Bell (16 days ago)
Holy shit that 5 year gap at the end. RDR2 better have been worth it.
oscar flow (16 days ago)
falto el gta san andreas y tiene muchos comersiales si por eso deje la televicion por los comersiales fitting Gta San Andreas and has many catalyls for that Avua left the televicion (tv)
SATNAM AULAKH. (2 days ago)
Gta alll game is best the world
Thomas Bangalter (5 days ago)
mocking lunatik (5 days ago)
No gta 5 best :3
Thomas Bangalter (12 days ago)
I read this right when it popped up
ElRelicHD (12 days ago)
joel 56 (14 days ago)
Runner up?
ZO LY (17 days ago)
2004 😍
phuoc nguyen (17 days ago)
video như cái lồn
Jackie Eade (17 days ago)
Da fuq up with this boring footage? GTA IV soccer mom?
DanteRama (17 days ago)
My Favorite Game Is GTA SAN Andreas & the Warriors
Waqar the Gamer (17 days ago)
Anmol Sekhon (17 days ago)
Best rockstar games
Anmol Sekhon (17 days ago)
Gta san andreas and gta v is baset rockstar games
Anmol Sekhon (17 days ago)
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