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BlackDragon88 (23 days ago)
RUCHAŁ bym !!!!
Cool TA (1 month ago)
Smashmouth? Looks like Assmouth to me... ;-D
PythonOfSky (2 months ago)
I am not from USA, and never seen black women in real life. But why they have so nice asses, much better as whites? Even in a football.
TOMS WILL (2 months ago)
Marlon Lane (3 months ago)
Sweet ass everywhere.
Bionus Davis (3 months ago)
My my my, look at all them groceries...
some guy (3 months ago)
adolf Cartman (3 months ago)
john doe your mama
Sink Rock (3 months ago)
#12 and #5 😍
Osmodai (3 months ago)
#5 goddamn girl 👀
william spruill (3 months ago)
Too Awesome.
Blackman DMB (3 months ago)
GOD 😲 I'd love to be a QB wouldn't even call the cadence would pull them panties to the side and bury my face in that ass Sweat wouldn't bother me not a one bit
Gorilla Entertainment (3 months ago)
#2 👍
DCM (3 months ago)
I wonder if the ladies would want the men in similar outfits in the NFL?  Hmmm....
Lisa Fan (3 months ago)
sit on my face
Dun Sonn (3 months ago)
Damn #12 also can play with my footballs.
MONIQUE KNOX (4 months ago)
Yo y can't the men wear the same uniform
FreezeIzGawd0517 (3 months ago)
MONIQUE KNOX Geeeez us Monique have you no shame. Can't you respect Men for their minds and not make them out to be SEX OBJECTS for your random googling? You do realize most NFL players have COLLEGE DEGREES correct? Women always are DEGRADING MEN and using them for their bodies! I, like most of the males here, come to watch strong beautiful Women play a legitimate sport. That is ALL! Most of us don't even notice those nice breasts, toned stomachs and big juicy asses jiggling out of those uniforms. We are here because we love sports. You are on the one trying to minimize the whole concept of professional sports by asking me to cheapen themselves just so you can get some cheap thrills..... You Ma'am should be ASHAMED of YOURSELF! MEN ARE NOT PIECES OF MEAT FOR YOU TO DEVOUR! We are HUMAN BEINGS with feelings and minds and I think that I am speaking for all Men here when I say you owe us an APOLOGY!!!! Now that we have covered that topic lets get back to watching these hot honeys booties shaking!! YEEEEEESSSSSSSS LAWD! Now let that mutha f*ckin HAMMER TIME!!!!!
zeme osa (4 months ago)
This is no sports.........I think it should be renamed PEEP show. Disgusting and shameless show.
DCM (3 months ago)
Shut the fuck up and go away!
ThatMan Bolt (4 months ago)
Well aaaaallright!
VIEW8472 (4 months ago)
Oh man if i was the coach there would be so much slapping in the locker room.
M Black (5 months ago)
The coach 🏈🏈has the best job in the world🌍 I wouldn't be able to focus I'd see 👀👀a phat azz and be like home run⚾....😂😂
inthahous87 (5 months ago)
only in America
Joseph K (2 months ago)
inthahous87 USA! USA!
tj baby (5 months ago)
inthahous87 And God bless America
Ahmad Hussain (6 months ago)
Jesse is awesome. mmmwaa👍👍👍👍💕💕💕
Agent SuperArgo (6 months ago)
Sweet Cheeks 👍
thwipp89 (6 months ago)
locklear's ass is a little flabby. she needs to tone it up a bit.
Ien Obik (3 months ago)
anthony watford (4 months ago)
Speak for yourself, her ass is perfect
thwipp89 (5 months ago)
perfect ass? that would be her teammate, adrian purnell.
Mux Nod (5 months ago)
thwipp89 I disagree. Her ass is perfect.
bitusonline (6 months ago)
Best channel ever
rebellifemedia (5 months ago)
Thanks so much!

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