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Top 10 Best PC Open World Survival Games

996 ratings | 139278 views
Presenting our list of the best open world survival games for the PC. These are the highest rated games currently available for Windows on Steam. Support this channel by clicking the Amazon affiliated links below: Dead Rising https://goo.gl/KXiZSH Don't Starve https://goo.gl/czJhj3 Dying Light https://goo.gl/73s7ye Shelter https://goo.gl/5uzHCD S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat https://goo.gl/48m17Q State of Decay https://goo.gl/FtmBQ4 Terraria https://goo.gl/GNN6yw The Long Dark https://goo.gl/GkUgZg whatoplay updates you with the latest, the most anticipated and the best PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, iOS and Android video games today. Subscribe now at https://www.youtube.com/user/whatoplaychannel Discover all the best, new & upcoming PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS video games at https://whatoplay.com. Connect with other whatoplay followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ - https://www.facebook.com/whatoplay - https://www.twitter.com/whatoplay - https://instagram.com/whatoplay - https://plus.google.com/100536220375867144593/.
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Text Comments (229)
Erebus (2 days ago)
most of these are not survival its zombie
אופק שמש (3 days ago)
no Ark or Rust? also, why did terraria beat Minecraft?
whatoplay (4 days ago)
Hello, Wantaplay, ARK: Survival Evolved on the PC has a Playscore of 6.70. Currently, scores between Terraria and Minecraft are very close with 8.87 for Terraria and 8.85 for Minecraft. According to our data, the gamers scored Terraria higher than Minecraft. The Gamer's score was the one that pulled Terraria's score-- ultimately beating Minecraft. If you wanna see the breakdown of these games' and other games' Playscores, please visit our website https://whatoplay.com
Astizi Ruz (4 days ago)
Astizi Ruz (4 days ago)
is da best
Wolfista 1 (8 days ago)
Ark? Rust? Riders of Icarus?! Those r all amazing open world games that side serve to be on this list
whatoplay (7 days ago)
ARK: Survival Evolved on the PC has a Playscore of 6.7. Rust has a Playscore of 7.63. Riders of Icarus doesn't have a Playscore yet.
THE BRANMUFFIN (11 days ago)
did this man just credit all of minecrafts sucsess on Microsoft...my god
KingNasztyGod (16 days ago)
Rust?! DayZ!? Ark?!!!
Avsky (17 days ago)
this list is sh*t
Veneom Viper (19 days ago)
Thank you! You halped me to see that game : Dead Island It is very cool and cheap in Romania
Poison (20 days ago)
4.57 background song ?
DIZZY HIPPY (20 days ago)
lol i kind a finished terraria to fast :p
Lefteris Tzanetis (22 days ago)
my friend your list is stupid....
P0w3rDCツ W.O.T (25 days ago)
Where is Ark, Rust, The Forest etc :(
Noah Nielsen (25 days ago)
whuut minecraft shud bi number 1, evn a blind purson wuld coult si tat
pavlobro17 (1 month ago)
Pripyat is in Ukraine not Russia
Luke C Suarez Artistry (1 month ago)
This list has mediocre games at best.
jayden slobe (1 month ago)
No one wanted to see these games don’t name the title this
Sebastián Peralta (1 month ago)
Dead Island is not survival at all
Duarte Silva (1 month ago)
Terraria? What?
Akmal Maulana Salim (1 month ago)
terraria???? how about starbound🤔
Gaalian (1 month ago)
minecraft kid
Henrik Olsson (1 month ago)
This is a list of the best survivals games that not coast so match beqcuse you don't have rust or ark or forest witch is the biggest survival games of all time
The Dark Brotherhood (1 month ago)
I have 1 problem with terraria.... and its still on my mind, here's the story: So I was just in my home (in terraria) then I found the four pillars, then I destroyed all of them, I was then ready to kill the moon lord when we had a black out, basically killed my pc but when the electricity went back I launched terraria, tried to load my save, then the worst thing in my gaming life happened, the save was CORRUPTED, I tried to uncorrupt it but with no luck, I've tried searching in on google but.... nothing... long story short I have NEVER played terraria till now
Nedyalko Chakandrakov (1 month ago)
Your list sux :D
J M (1 month ago)
no way the list is correct if u look at what is must played
Dictator of North Swag (1 month ago)
1) Kiddos, Fallout and Skyrim do have survival modes, they are RPGs and not survival games. 2) Pripyat is in Northern Ukraine, not Russia. 3) 7 Days to Die should be No. 1
Pepstonie (1 month ago)
"Survival" isn't the same as "Zombie Survival". I think those should be seperated.
It's G! (1 month ago)
How shit can a top 10 be
zSnake22 (2 months ago)
Hahahahah minecraft
ᅚᅚᅚ ᅚᅚᅚ (2 months ago)
Where is minesweeper ...?
DarkusMaster (2 months ago)
Conan Exiles?
Lfo Mod (2 months ago)
tooooo much damn zombies allover! Why are there no survival game without zombies and monsters? It destoys the game imo
The Saber Beaked Toucan (2 months ago)
Confirmed, dead island and dying light are in the same universe
BuragoANime (2 months ago)
Everyone knows these games.
0 (2 months ago)
dwarf fortress is the best one, just kidding; however, it's the mother of all of those hehehehe.
Channel Happy (2 months ago)
hello stranded deep the best survival no zombie game
Manuel Simon (2 months ago)
you miss all the good games
Ahmed Malek (2 months ago)
Where is farcry
Rafael Teixeira (2 months ago)
Hop Beats (2 months ago)
some decent games mixed with completely turd ones. this is hardly a help imo
Dragon Lowe (2 months ago)
Can you like... never do a review again? Thanks!
Karmas Code (2 months ago)
The forest is my favorite reeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Hunter Ruschli (2 months ago)
you forgot stranded deep!
Tedy Pratomo (2 months ago)
How abou ark "survival" evolved?
Hino Dinkov (3 months ago)
Sorry to bother but Pripyat is in Ukraine, not in Russia...
Joshua Tack (1 month ago)
BuT UkRaiNe IS RuSia
hey dad (3 months ago)
almost every game of these has zombies wtf
Ty Vm (3 months ago)
How is The Forest not in your list?
EmE Gaming (3 months ago)
fallout 4 ?
ericpl72 (3 months ago)
I'm so sick of zombie type games! Everything is zombies! How about some originality?!
the boss (3 months ago)
these are mostly not survival games
Pizzasauce [ Armin7304 ] (3 months ago)
lol terraria is 1.
Pripyat is in Ukraine, not in russia!
Carlos Alonso (3 months ago)
where is 7 days to die?
ImThe0dd0ne (3 months ago)
I love how half of these people don’t know how to spell and the other half either don’t know what survival genre of games is seeing as they’re saying wheres Skyrim and fallout lmao or they’re minecraft and terraria fanboys arguing 😂.
Gaming_ WithSpotty (2 months ago)
ImThe0dd0ne so sad it is true 😂😂😂 like people saying only zombie games on list but let's be real who will find 10 survival games that don't count zombies!!!I always find these comments like skyrim and fallout like how can you comment oh...where is skyrim 😂😂😂
ImThe0dd0ne (3 months ago)
Aayan Muzaffar plz gtfo
ImThe0dd0ne plz stfu
Abdul-Qadir Taylor (3 months ago)
ay terraria is number one 😆
UMV NETWORK (3 months ago)
UMV NETWORK (3 months ago)
UMV NETWORK (3 months ago)
Fire Wolf (3 months ago)
starbound?! the forest?! 7 days to die?! ark?! skyrim?! fallout?! RUST?! H1Z1?! DAYZ?! conan exiles?! miscreated?! subnautica?! Where are those amazing games!
ImThe0dd0ne (3 months ago)
Fire Wolf which is what I was saying...
Fire Wolf (3 months ago)
ImThe0dd0ne then skyrim and Fallout are Not survival games 😉
ImThe0dd0ne (3 months ago)
Fire Wolf still no...seeing as it’s just a FPS single player game...it’s kinda like a call of duty campaign is a survival game, fallout isn’t the same genre with ark survival evolved or subnautica
Fire Wolf (3 months ago)
ImThe0dd0ne okay skyrim Not but fallout
ImThe0dd0ne (3 months ago)
Fire Wolf stop....how tf is Skyrim a survival game m8 and fallout lmao
Padraig Ó Cuínn (3 months ago)
why on earth is there a pathetic little kid trying to give reviews here of stupid titles and not even the top 10, His voice is too dumb and ridiculous like he is trying to be some kind shocking never heard before broadcaster. Get someone better to do your reviews, someone who has actually been around for a longer time playing the real games that people would class to be the top 10. NOT A FECKING 12 YEAR OLD PRESCHOOL IDIOT.
ImThe0dd0ne (3 months ago)
Padraig Ó Cuínn 5is is embarrassing seeing as u look young yourself from that profile pic second...m8 ur grammar 😂
muhannad shady (3 months ago)
where is call of duty ? :3
ImThe0dd0ne (3 months ago)
muhannad shady ......please tell me your joking it’s not survival or open world ffs 😂
Sir4Paco (3 months ago)
OMG zombie zombie zombie, all I see is zombie games ...
Zlaggs (2 months ago)
dying lights good, havent been super hyped for a dlc since the following for dying light so that game gud mate
VoulgrimG (2 months ago)
Zlaggs dying light??
Zlaggs (2 months ago)
but is any of them good? no, hope one day we will get a good zombie game.
Salmontres (3 months ago)
Can you do one on local co-op PC games? pleeaaaasse!
Spirit Animal Survival (3 months ago)
Oops..you forgot Spirit Animal Survival! ;) Please check it out @ www.spiritanimalsurvival.com Thanks!
Goldee (3 months ago)
Hello Ark: SURVIVAL Evolved. Hello 7 Days to Die. Hello Rust...
flyingbazooka (7 days ago)
whatoplay those are pretty bad games
whatoplay (7 days ago)
ARK: Survival Evolved on the PC has a Playscore of 6.7. Rust has a Playscore of 7.63. 7 Days to Die on the PC has a Provisional Playscore of 8.
TeemoCrushers (16 days ago)
flyingbazooka so you're playing minecraft?
flyingbazooka (18 days ago)
Those are 3 awful games
Rafael Teixeira (2 months ago)
Goldee Subnautica?
KSG HD (3 months ago)
Lol terraria beat minecraft......FanBoys is gonna hate...lmfao
ImThe0dd0ne stfu bitch
ImThe0dd0ne (3 months ago)
KSG HD yet both are boring ass games...
Greek Warrior (3 months ago)
warrior71ninja (3 months ago)
What about morrowind, skyrim, witcher 3
ImThe0dd0ne (3 months ago)
warrior71ninja Skyrim isn’t survival m8.... nor the Witcher 3
Welp Boalfă (3 months ago)
Hey man do you hear about "The Forest" :))?
Harsha 28 (3 months ago)
Pubg where is it
Archana Jalan (3 months ago)
make a video of games for cheomebook
elder. scrolls 5 at no 1
Yoton King (3 months ago)
the Dark Knight of Gotham No, it's an rpg
SuperDan (3 months ago)
This should have been a Top 20..... not Top 10 because there were so many games left off of this list
Pro Gamer Games (3 months ago)
Best Games
Ethan Hudson (3 months ago)
Terraria over Minecraft? Minecraft is really just better
Talagoth Unscathed haha are you joking minecrap is a joke terraria is better then it
Golden Clock (1 month ago)
SnowksMatheus Did you hear about Tluncher for Terraria ? No ? It add mod browser !!! In this broser new mods are loaded for less than a day/hour ! But the mod pack add minimum 1000 items 20 bossea 200 NPCs and a lot of more !
0 (2 months ago)
Terraria it's a lot better, but just if you are mature enough. It has 70% more just in variety of material and items, and if we talk about the posibilites... Minecraft is just a joke....
Chit Mon (2 months ago)
Did you even pay intention to the video? Probably just a stupid 11 year old
Talagoth Unscathed (2 months ago)
LOL Minecraft is better then terraria lmfao holy fuck what a peasant.
Ethan Hudson (3 months ago)
What about Skyrim oblivion morrowind or fallout 4?
doodlebits (1 month ago)
it's also hardly survival when there's a box room cheat for all of those games that let you have everything in the game w a simple text command.. booo..
Exskell (2 months ago)
How is that a survival game?
ImThe0dd0ne (3 months ago)
Ethan Hudson my god....they’re not survival....
Ethorous (3 months ago)
Ethan Hudson Those are rpgs. Not survival games.
Ethan Hudson (3 months ago)
You mean “top ten pc zombie games”
ImThe0dd0ne (3 months ago)
Ethan Hudson shelter is a zombie game, logic
Goldee (3 months ago)
If it is about that, then where's 7 days to die?
Niels Bagge (3 months ago)
whar about alien asalation
Leo Saurus (3 months ago)
Niels Bagge i believe it's not open world.....neat game btw
Nafyo Draco (3 months ago)
Hey!! What about Crushland?!?!
hodor stark (3 months ago)
awfull no1
Matheus Szostak (3 months ago)
Where is The Forest ?
R3HAN (1 month ago)
forest is in Africa
Matheus Szostak (1 month ago)
HerrSprudelwasser np buddy im not an english expert either , im from Br cheers
HerrSprudelwasser (1 month ago)
For me, it's the best horror-survival game! Sorry for my bad English... I am from Austria
Karmas Code (2 months ago)
Pac3y (3 months ago)
Oh spectator mode, I think it's to hardcore for this list
Iver Storeide (3 months ago)
WHAT ABOUT SKYRIM!!!!!!!!!!! stooooopid
ImThe0dd0ne (3 months ago)
Iver Storeide I hope your joking....cos it’s not survival
Yoton King (3 months ago)
Iver Storeide It's not an open world survival. It's an rpg
Finex3000 (3 months ago)
Ark survival evolved??
whatoplay (3 months ago)
ARK: Survival Evolved currently has a PlayScore of *6.70*
Satish Kumar Jha (3 months ago)
The walking dead?!?? Seriously ??where??
ImThe0dd0ne (3 months ago)
Satish Kumar Jha technically it’s not survival...it’s just a story and you make choices....two different things...
Angus Buckland (3 months ago)
Ark survival evolved
whatoplay (3 months ago)
ARK: Survival Evolved currently has a PlayScore of *6.70*
Valentin (3 months ago)
Skyrim? Fallout?
Healthy Lemun (3 months ago)
Taramafor Haikido but that’s not what the game was intended to be I’m just shocked that rust and ark aren’t in here
Taramafor Haikido (3 months ago)
Technically you can turn Skyrim into a survival game with campfire and frostfall. Makes it amazing. Though mods probably don't count. Also dying light is an RPG too. What matters is if the game also has survival elements in it or not.
Mack Daddy (3 months ago)
Tin tin those are RPGs
Mr. Pro Gaming (3 months ago)
Where is the fallout ?
Zlaggs (2 months ago)
and the division is an mmo
ImThe0dd0ne (3 months ago)
Mr. Pro Gaming ....
Yoton King (3 months ago)
Mr. Pro Gaming It's rpg not openworld survival
SkullGM (3 months ago)
*Survival* 😂
Jumpscarecrows (3 months ago)
Waw terraria deserve it
zCloud (3 months ago)
Who make this ridiculous top 10 ? zz....
Siber Karga (3 months ago)
You call Dead Rising survival game? I call this list bullshit.
Sinisa Stojkovic (3 months ago)
Zelda breath of the wild
ImThe0dd0ne (3 months ago)
Dontrix Lopez emulators
ImThe0dd0ne (3 months ago)
Sinisa Stojkovic OMG...it’s not survival...and it’s not on PC unless it’s a emulator
sir Fmmm (3 months ago)
david lopez no problem
David Lopez (3 months ago)
sir Fmmm thanks friend!
sir Fmmm (3 months ago)
david lopez you're welcome
berti tommaso (3 months ago)
but fallout is considered an fps or a survival? becasue is a 1st place for me
berti tommaso (3 months ago)
Yoton King true
Yoton King (3 months ago)
berti tommaso It's neither. It's an rpg
AVM3798 (3 months ago)
No GTA online?
Tahir Rosenfelder (3 months ago)
TOP 10
Beepman (3 months ago)
lmao some comments don't even know what survival or open world means.. its sad.
Bro ShurikeN (3 months ago)
geebeepman lol
Brendan Pucel (3 months ago)
7 Days to Die should have been on here in my opinion
Owais Javed Dogar (2 months ago)
Brendan Pucel I love the game , but it crashes too much for me
Goldee (3 months ago)
Yup, while running through runner-ups I thought he put it on #1.
Kiro Gaming (3 months ago)
Minecraft Sould be in number 1 it's way better than terraria
Sinisa Stojkovic (3 months ago)
I like more terraria
Not Noob Gamer (3 months ago)
SB Gamer ark and raft are better because those game has better graphics, a lot of items and not kid friemdly game.
Salty 91 (3 months ago)
Minecraft? Bruh

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