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Top 10 Open World Survival PC Games

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Presenting our list of the best open world survival games for the PC. These are the highest rated games currently available for Windows on Steam. Support this channel by clicking the Amazon affiliated links below: Dead Rising https://goo.gl/KXiZSH Don't Starve https://goo.gl/czJhj3 Dying Light https://goo.gl/73s7ye Shelter https://goo.gl/5uzHCD S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat https://goo.gl/48m17Q State of Decay https://goo.gl/FtmBQ4 Terraria https://goo.gl/GNN6yw The Long Dark https://goo.gl/GkUgZg whatoplay updates you with the latest, the most anticipated and the best PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, iOS and Android video games today. Subscribe now at https://www.youtube.com/user/whatoplaychannel Discover all the best, new & upcoming PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS video games at https://whatoplay.com. Connect with other whatoplay followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ - https://www.facebook.com/whatoplay - https://www.twitter.com/whatoplay - https://instagram.com/whatoplay - https://plus.google.com/100536220375867144593/.
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Text Comments (321)
Kevin Teirbrood (3 hours ago)
You mean “top ten pc zombie games , zombie games are not the same as survival game with survival games we mean games as "the forest" stranded deep enz
Breed Cratton (25 days ago)
Theres litterally 4 non zombie games and 4 zombie, its half and half but people just really wanna complain about something so they complain about the entire list being about zombies
Arabian Noob Gamer (29 days ago)
do u mean worst 10 survival pc games?
McBhB (1 month ago)
Yea “best survival” *puts terraria #1, not minecraft*
iFailedPreK (1 month ago)
These play scores are stupid.
whatoplay (1 month ago)
Why do you think so?
See Cha (1 month ago)
It's pretty obvious the persons who made this list, has never played a survial game, period.
Salah Callofduty (1 month ago)
How see this in 2018
Luce Dice (2 months ago)
dude you kno tht microsoft just bought minecraft and server are a thing for ages now, not only since the newest update
Muten-roshi sama (2 months ago)
nice list, now show us the survival games
NuZoku (2 months ago)
Where is ARK: Survival Evolved, The Forest, RUST or 7days to die???
whatoplay (2 months ago)
Hi NuZoku! ARK: Survival Evolved has a Playscore of 6.70 https://whatoplay.com/pc/ark-survival-evolved/ The Forest has a Playscore of 8.65, however this game was released *after* this video was published. https://whatoplay.com/pc/the-forest/ Rust has a Playscore of 7.63, the same as the last game on this video, however it was also released after this video was made. https://whatoplay.com/pc/rust/ 7 Days to Die has a Playscore of 6.78 https://whatoplay.com/ps4/7-days-to-die/ Thanks for watching our videos!
Wytsejo Damm (2 months ago)
when you make a top 10 list with several honorable mentions... and you only name 2 actual survival game and continue to fap over zombie games without any survival elements in it O_o
Wytsejo Damm (2 months ago)
im sorry but... dead island a survival game? how about no.
FreakingCookie (2 months ago)
Omg... why did you use the cubecraft trailers to set an example for minecraft. Cubecraft is just.... terrible. Terrible community, terrible staff.
Earth Space (2 months ago)
Chernobyl isn’t in Russia. It’s in Ukraine
Čoda™ (2 months ago)
Hello Ark: SURVIVAL Evolved. Hello 7 Days to Die. Hello Rust. Hello The Forest. Hello Subnautica. Hello Fallout. Hello Skyrim. Hello DayZ. Hello H1Z1.
Grace Pierce (3 months ago)
half of these games are undead/zombie.. which i cant stand.. so where is the long dark?
Clien Tornaka (3 months ago)
Really? Teraria? :/ lol no
vverewolfchick (3 months ago)
i feel like im the only one who hates dont starve *le sigh*
whatoplay (3 months ago)
Oh. Why do you hate it? As someone who loves the game I wanna know why you don't. -Raine :)
121212 (3 months ago)
might as well call it zombie games.....cant stand them
Vivere Militare (3 months ago)
If Pripyat is Russia then Washington D.C. is Iran. Please, learn geography otherwise people's gonna laugh at you. Greetings from Ukraine.
Efe Rıfat Karabulut (3 months ago)
ARK,Rust,Forest,Subnautica ?!?!
Čoda™ (2 months ago)
the full releases were this year but they were there a long ago i started playing the forest in 2016 and subnautica in 2017
whatoplay (3 months ago)
Hi! ARK: Survival Evolved has a Playscore of 6.70 https://whatoplay.com/pc/ark-survival-evolved/ Rust has a Playscore of 7.63 https://whatoplay.com/pc/rust/ The Forest was just released this year (This video is from last year). It has a Playscore of 8.61 https://whatoplay.com/pc/the-forest/ Subnautica was also released this year. It has a Playscore of 8.93 https://whatoplay.com/pc/subnautica/
Mohammed Tantour (3 months ago)
Minecraft is always the best open world survival game 100% in my opinion
EddieGuitarz (3 months ago)
I played Terraria untill i found out about Starbound
Pimenta Rules (4 months ago)
Hardly any survival games here
Oscar Petronio (4 months ago)
What about fallout 4
Rhei Fatah (4 months ago)
If you talk about open world zombie game , you should definetly play Dying Light
gamer sherzad (4 months ago)
dislike survival
yuh long goh (4 months ago)
Minecraft always the best
Biff (4 months ago)
You didn't even talk about the survival aspects of some games, like Pripyat you talked more about the story than anything :/
whatoplay (4 months ago)
Hello! We apologize about that. You are right, that is something that we need to improve on our videos.
Zac Shaheen (4 months ago)
This is not a good list
smle smle (4 months ago)
rust is the best i highly recommend it
Canadian Tapezoid (4 months ago)
Survival games are where you have to eat and drink to stay alive not an RPG dumbass
ElectricZz HD (4 months ago)
where is Fallout 4 ?
whatoplay (4 months ago)
This video was made last year. Fallout 4's Playscore may have been lower last year. Currently, Fallout 4 on the PC has a Playscore of 7.77.
uToxicCake (4 months ago)
No OG DayZ?
Fastbreak383 (4 months ago)
uhh pripyat and chernobyl are in ukraine
Space Cowboy (4 months ago)
Pripyat is in Ukraine
Fonsekabab3 (4 months ago)
that's not top 10. are you trying to promote these shitty games?
janembajuice (4 months ago)
1.) Turn on closed captions (english) 2.) go to 9:10 3.) Laugh
whatoplay (4 months ago)
Your little brother... IS YOU!!! dundundun.
Owen Balog (4 months ago)
Where is rust at????????
Pubg Professional (5 months ago)
Where is rust , pubg , twd
whatoplay (5 months ago)
Hi! I'll start by pointing out that this video was made in December 2017. Rust, released February this year has a Playscore of 7.63. PUBG Training Camp released last January has a Provisional Playscore of 4.72 If you meant PUBG Mobile it has a Playscore of 8.39 on the iOS and 8.42 on the Android. The Walking Dead: Michonne has a Playscore of 7.34 The Walking Dead: Season Two has a Provisional Playscore of 9.49 The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct has a Playscore of 4.95 The Walking Dead: Season One has a Playscore of 8.52 https://whatoplay.com/
Soldier Suca (5 months ago)
Stalker Call of Pripyat is in Ukraine wtf
reza gholamirad (5 months ago)
wtf man!!!!! the forest must be in the list its all about survive and hunt ....orrrrreee maybe you just put them for reflink
Juan Rivera (5 months ago)
Unturned is pretty good too, not perfect but good, besides its also free. Nice video!
whatoplay (5 months ago)
Thank you so much!
Warborn Torment (5 months ago)
Overused zombie games = boring garbage, 1998 Graphics = garbage, this video .5 rating
The Batman (5 months ago)
Lol so Gandalf literally quoted the game called "The Long Dark" when he said "We must now face The Long Dark of Moria."(He must have used a Moria map mod haha)
ℛɛᴛʀᴏ ℛɛᴅ (5 months ago)
This guy is seriously out of touch. Where's rust, Ark, the island? No sub from me.
Lil ayman (5 months ago)
Bea Sted (5 months ago)
Lets fuck the Zombies off now lads.. lets have a game where we have to survive goverment forces, build bug out shelters etc!
Matthew Hall (5 months ago)
Two years ago I'd personally put Stranded Deep on number 4 or 5. It had such a huge player base! The game was fantastic, everybody loved it, there were hundreds of thousands of people online at one time. Now, the development is a little slow and IMO the game is a bit too fantasized. I'd also say Subnautica should be up there aswell since it's Imo once of the best survival games ever made. My #1 personal though is The Long Dark. This game is just breath taking. If you've never looked into the game, I really suggest you do! Also, no zombies in it! :D (Yes I also understand this video was made in dec last year)
Bumper Club (5 months ago)
This is an awful video if you wanna get some realistic survival.
ThatOneFruit ThatIsTasty (5 months ago)
Ok I'm not a fanboy far from it but how did terraria beat Minecraft. It's sold what 20M copies which is damn impressive but Minecraft the Sandbox titan that it is has sold over 100M! I get it was measured with ratings and not sales but they should have been taken into account as the massive fan base shows its the better game overall. Sorry but if they two are the top Minecraft should have blown terraria out of the water and then some.
ThatOneFruit ThatIsTasty (5 months ago)
And where's rust? And the forest?
Jusoon (5 months ago)
I think you've mistaken the "Survival Game" genre for one in which you just try not to die. Dying light is in no way a survival game, nor is Dead Island
Leonardo Poljak (3 months ago)
whatoplay whatoplay you are right, dont listen to them. Idc if u r a youtuber or not, thats not why am I supporting you but its cuz u r right. Dying light and dead island are survival games. In both games, you craft, search/explore, loot, hunt, hide. And what survival games are? 30% crafting, 40%exploring, 10% looting, 20% hunting. Crafting counts as building as well. Which is also in dying light.
ℛɛᴛʀᴏ ℛɛᴅ (5 months ago)
whatoplay You're stupid. These aren't true survival games. May as well put Cod and Assassin creed on here to, with your try not to die bs.
whatoplay (5 months ago)
But isn't trying to not die the definition of survival?
Hitler Kun (5 months ago)
this guys commentary is so terrible, i had to stop 2 minutes in, might as well get a robot to commentate. also wtf is this list?
Edshot mashin (5 months ago)
pripyat is in ukraine...
Someone (6 months ago)
Comment section full of mindless gamers
Pepstonie (6 months ago)
Great list, only missing Ark and Fallout 4.
Joey HG (6 months ago)
Comrade Pinhead (6 months ago)
Where's life of black tiger
GayAppleGate the gayrr (6 months ago)
Google Own This (6 months ago)
Is this offline?
Erebus (6 months ago)
most of these are not survival its zombie
אופק שמש (6 months ago)
Wantaplay Entertainment (6 months ago)
no Ark or Rust? also, why did terraria beat Minecraft?
whatoplay (6 months ago)
Hello, Wantaplay, ARK: Survival Evolved on the PC has a Playscore of 6.70. Currently, scores between Terraria and Minecraft are very close with 8.87 for Terraria and 8.85 for Minecraft. According to our data, the gamers scored Terraria higher than Minecraft. The Gamer's score was the one that pulled Terraria's score-- ultimately beating Minecraft. If you wanna see the breakdown of these games' and other games' Playscores, please visit our website https://whatoplay.com
Astizi Ruz (6 months ago)
Astizi Ruz (6 months ago)
is da best
Wolfista 1 (7 months ago)
Ark? Rust? Riders of Icarus?! Those r all amazing open world games that side serve to be on this list
whatoplay (6 months ago)
ARK: Survival Evolved on the PC has a Playscore of 6.7. Rust has a Playscore of 7.63. Riders of Icarus doesn't have a Playscore yet.
THE BRANMUFFIN (7 months ago)
did this man just credit all of minecrafts sucsess on Microsoft...my god
Wrecqx (7 months ago)
Rust?! DayZ!? Ark?!!!
Avsky (7 months ago)
this list is sh*t
KratosS Gaming (7 months ago)
Thank you! You halped me to see that game : Dead Island It is very cool and cheap in Romania
Poison (7 months ago)
4.57 background song ?
DIZZY HIPPY (7 months ago)
lol i kind a finished terraria to fast :p
Lefteris Tzanetis (7 months ago)
my friend your list is stupid....
SkuLLツ (7 months ago)
Where is Ark, Rust, The Forest etc :(
Noah Nielsen (7 months ago)
whuut minecraft shud bi number 1, evn a blind purson wuld coult si tat
pavlobro17 (7 months ago)
Pripyat is in Ukraine not Russia
Luke C Suarez Artistry (7 months ago)
This list has mediocre games at best.
jayden slobe (7 months ago)
No one wanted to see these games don’t name the title this
Sebastián Peralta (7 months ago)
Dead Island is not survival at all
Mr. Alien (8 months ago)
terraria???? how about starbound🤔
Gaalian (8 months ago)
minecraft kid
Henrik Olsson (8 months ago)
This is a list of the best survivals games that not coast so match beqcuse you don't have rust or ark or forest witch is the biggest survival games of all time
Overwatch Vids (8 months ago)
I have 1 problem with terraria.... and its still on my mind, here's the story: So I was just in my home (in terraria) then I found the four pillars, then I destroyed all of them, I was then ready to kill the moon lord when we had a black out, basically killed my pc but when the electricity went back I launched terraria, tried to load my save, then the worst thing in my gaming life happened, the save was CORRUPTED, I tried to uncorrupt it but with no luck, I've tried searching in on google but.... nothing... long story short I have NEVER played terraria till now
Nedyalko Chakandrakov (8 months ago)
Your list sux :D
J M (8 months ago)
no way the list is correct if u look at what is must played
Dictator of North Swag (8 months ago)
1) Kiddos, Fallout and Skyrim do have survival modes, they are RPGs and not survival games. 2) Pripyat is in Northern Ukraine, not Russia. 3) 7 Days to Die should be No. 1
Pepstonie (8 months ago)
"Survival" isn't the same as "Zombie Survival". I think those should be seperated.
It's G! (8 months ago)
How shit can a top 10 be
zSnake22 (8 months ago)
Hahahahah minecraft
Perhaps (9 months ago)
Where is minesweeper ...?
DarkusMaster (9 months ago)
Conan Exiles?
Lfo Mod (9 months ago)
tooooo much damn zombies allover! Why are there no survival game without zombies and monsters? It destoys the game imo
The Saber Beaked Toucan (9 months ago)
Confirmed, dead island and dying light are in the same universe
0 (9 months ago)
dwarf fortress is the best one, just kidding; however, it's the mother of all of those hehehehe.
Channel Happy (9 months ago)
hello stranded deep the best survival no zombie game
Manuel Simon (9 months ago)
you miss all the good games
Ahmed Malek (9 months ago)
Where is farcry
Rafael Teixeira (9 months ago)
Hop Beats (9 months ago)
some decent games mixed with completely turd ones. this is hardly a help imo
Dragon Lowe (9 months ago)
Can you like... never do a review again? Thanks!
Aki Ryumii (9 months ago)
The forest is my favorite reeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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