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Munny Escape (MF DOOM - Accordion)

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Munny Is On A Mission. MF Doom Accordion instrumental
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mattroom (5 years ago)
yo man you mind sending me the instrumental or telling me how you got it?
salvatoregungrave (6 years ago)
salvatoregungrave (6 years ago)
DaMetalBeast (7 years ago)
anyway you can send me this instrumental?, i cant find it anywhere
MrAbkio (8 years ago)
Wally Mocco (8 years ago)
Goodlooks on the money vid lol........."MUNNY" is funny enuff!!! And the fcat that you thought to do this to accordian one day while i was prolly freestylin to it is even more strange lol....MUNNY in the mutha f'n house!!!!!
shadowblack10 (8 years ago)
RIP Munny

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