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The 21 Best Nintendo Switch Games So Far

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The Switch has so many incredible games we couldn't just pick ten, or even fifteen, we had to go for the big 2-1. Because 20 is so last season. Check out our full site ■ http://www.nintendolife.com Like us on Facebook ■ https://www.facebook.com/nintendolife Follow us on Twitter ■ https://www.twitter.com/nintendolife
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Text Comments (1807)
mandarinduck (11 hours ago)
Arms isn't a new genre of fighting game, it's a slower paced version of the Gundam Vs series (or if you prefer, Custom Robo).
Ajay Parthibha (1 day ago)
I swear if you chose odyssey over botw Nintendo would be so disappointed for how much work was put into it
CarlosAnimations (1 day ago)
Give me your 30 friggin digit friend code
Kornelius Berge (2 days ago)
Im from the future
Kornelius Berge (2 days ago)
Im from the feature
aa aa (3 days ago)
Sadly this is exactly nintendo's problem zero content. Sure mario and zelda are great, i bought a bunch of there handhelds back in the day for it . However most of the time it just collects dust. This video proofs how little content there really is.
Pegasus Boots (3 days ago)
Breath of the Wild's small soundtrack is absolutely gorgeous, and the best from any zelda, (or dare I say it, any) game. Ever.
The Danceing Alien (3 days ago)
Most of these are Spectrum games What utter trash why bother
Graham (4 days ago)
You really put Minecraft on the list? It's the only game that's been ported more times than Skyrim... (continues to watch, expects Skyrim to be on list...) Edit. Yup, number 10.
Micah Buzan (5 days ago)
Nintendo is a genius company.
Ahmad El-Hindi (5 days ago)
For the people saying so many games , that is actually all the games the switch has right now and 2 on this list are actually very average games specially the indie games that are a fancy name to give to phone games
Tony Howell (6 days ago)
A British Nintendo channel!!!! Get in there
George Carlos (7 days ago)
Why is the framerate for botw on this video way better than on my actual switch?????
Marcel (8 days ago)
Nah, it's CTR, but MK8 is good too.
Amari’s epic Gaming (9 days ago)
Smo is first weirdo (I still like your channel)
Grainsauce (10 days ago)
How is Fast RMX only number 16??? It is at least top 10
Pyre (13 days ago)
Well... Most of this are PC or Wii U game Ports. But with all the limitations of consoles added to it. Guess the switch is just an very expensive Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey machine. I considered buying one for Zelda, Fire Emblem Warriors and Dragon Quest Builder, but I fear this ends up as a dust collector like the Wii U did after completing Hyrule Warriors, Pokkén and DK Tropical freeze (which all have a Switch port because easy money.... -.- )
Pyre (13 days ago)
Oh wait! Breath of the Wild is also available on Wii U. So forget about that.
Cortez Baldur (13 days ago)
zelda botw is kinda boring for me to be honest but i hope mario odyssey is good i havent got it yet.
Jonathan (14 days ago)
1 and 2 aren't even close for me and I love both series. I beat Mario Odyssey in 1 week and collected 700+ moons. It is a fantastic game, but Zelda took me 4 months to completely beat (playing almost daily) and I am still only at 350ish Korok seeds into it. It is the most in depth and captivating game I have ever played and is hands down the best game on the switch and one of the best of all time.
Kasper Ekstrom (16 days ago)
bought $300 switch, my only game is vroom vroom in the night sky.
Henry (16 days ago)
Myles137 (16 days ago)
the mario kart 8 summary is flawed. its less skill based than the other mario karts
King Sniper (17 days ago)
Erm fifa 18 like what
Michal RV (17 days ago)
omg, why people keep considering switches hardware limitations... if graphics ain't that good then they ain't that good.
Aidan balkaran (17 days ago)
Jerzee Imhof (17 days ago)
Thanks for the vid!, also so true about starred valley, it will take over your life!
TrueBladeZz (5 days ago)
I got my switch like 9 days ago and the games I have are Zelda: BOTW and Odyssey, and I gotta say, Odyssey was too short, Zelda is much better so far Edit: got Splatoon 2
BaconezBlue (19 days ago)
"Mario controls so fluidly. So wonderfully. Everything you expect him to do he does with the most incredible ease." *Hits a wall* 16:44
Dimentive (20 days ago)
About Super Mario Galaxy, I would love a Super Mario Galaxy HD Collection for the Switch! Anyone else?
Chloe Mcholoe (21 days ago)
Just pay like only 6$ and play minecraft on your phone :c and you can ever use a Bluetooth controller, the ones with a phone holder!
Eddie Brody (23 days ago)
Rocket league and Skyrim??? Wow
Domenic Varrati (23 days ago)
Fast RMX just proves that a new F-ZERO game would be totally amazing
Captain Squirtus (25 days ago)
Xenoblade chronicles voice acting makes me want to shove a screwdriver in my ear.
BuffDedede (27 days ago)
Why is rocket leauge so high it's not that good and I play it almost every day
Whacha Whach (27 days ago)
you took everything my soul my family my house please spare us...
Mr50MEONE (29 days ago)
Mario is better though let's not mess around
PumperWolf (30 days ago)
I like your beard.
Adam Griffin (30 days ago)
So you are literally not telling us about these games. You name the game and that's pretty much it.... basically it's a list of games. Cheers
Juan Kenichi Sutan (1 month ago)
Anyone wanting fortnite on switch so you can continue your pc progress on the go? 🙋‍♂️
Ricardo Jara (1 month ago)
Where can I buy that Pikachu picture
dsfsfds dsfsdfsd (1 month ago)
nintendo shits is shit.
Dan TDR2 (1 month ago)
Mario odyssey is beater the breath of the wild more like lack of the wild
Jared McCray (1 month ago)
Beating a Silver Lynel for the first time was one of the most satisfying moments I've ever had in a game. I literally shouted from the excitement. Then I realized I was in public and felt bad about myself.
Still Searching (1 month ago)
Thinking about buying a Switch. Probably going to just buy Zelda to start off. Afterwards, Super Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and then Mario Kart 8.
Ultra Instinct (1 month ago)
I like breath of the wild
VolticBat (1 month ago)
New mario kart is bad because of the new 2 item system. It is just rng. You get 20 pick ups and there all mushrooms, stars, blue shells and red shells and then you win. If you don't your trash af.
codsam25 (1 month ago)
Not Kirby Star Allies what a bad YouTuber oh wait I’m from the future
Lone survive Paris (1 month ago)
*i do not liek minecrap in my opinion. Oh boy here comes the 5 year old minecrap fans.*
Why is Pokken Tournament DX so low on the list?!?!
Gaming Guy (1 month ago)
Gaming Guy (1 month ago)
What about celest
TrueBladeZz (1 month ago)
Once I get my switch, the games I’ll want are Kirby, Pokken Tournament DX, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, ARMS, 1 2 Switch, Splatoon 2, Mario Odyssey, Zelda Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8, Doom, and Super Smash Bros
CodyPlays (1 month ago)
Wut Bout Xenoverse 22
Sofia Amador (1 month ago)
Wait Super Mario Odyssey at NUMBER 2!!!
Ludwig Störholt (1 month ago)
Are there original 8bit games for the Switch?
Tasha Forde (1 month ago)
Thank you for putting Minecraft super Mario odyssey and The legend of Zelda breath of the wild
Ray102396 (1 month ago)
Seeing arms on this list... Why? That's a game that got boring really quickly for me and everyone I know
TurtleDragonSilent (1 month ago)
14:45 And to that I say no the hell it's not.
Rot Z (1 month ago)
I dont own a nintendo switch. 😭
Gamercatsz (1 month ago)
This Nintendo console actually seems to be worth buying, I was disapointed by the WiU, but this seems so much better. More 3th party games.
Roko Penzar (1 month ago)
"drop-dead gorgeous to look at" .....how does this man get offers for ads, his speech is a f***ing joke. go back to primary school and learn the meaning of your words before using them you pathetic scrub
Nintendo Life (1 month ago)
Too many ellipsis points to properly represent any kind of ellipsis, no capitalisation of appropriate fronted words, no full stop at the end of the comment. Worry about your own use of language before attempting to call others out on what is obviously a colloquialism.
chocolatecigar1 (1 month ago)
Chicken butt?
baby boy (1 month ago)
just picked up a switched anyone that doesn't have one your missing out super Mario Odyssey is amazing
MY NAME IS ERIC (1 month ago)
what about rocket league? I'm pretty much addicted to it right now XD
lewis poois (1 month ago)
come on wheres binding of isaac
MyRawTakes (1 month ago)
my parants got me minecraft im ten and i fucking deleted i hate it so much
Jonathan Lopez (1 month ago)
I can't help to notice that this dude looks like Christopher Nolan
Aiden the Pokékid (1 month ago)
Brandy Marino (1 month ago)
Christopher Angelos (1 month ago)
Where is snipperclips?
Pablo Fonseca (1 month ago)
Chad whitlock (1 month ago)
Super Mario Oddysey Is 2?! The legend of Zelda sucks!
4:19 "Its a racing game unlike anything you've played before." Wipeout says "Hai2u".
jokatech (1 month ago)
How powerful does a handheld have to be before it is no longer labeled as "limited?" Or is that just not possible simply for being handheld? lol
nintendonut dot us (1 month ago)
You look retarded playing ARMS in public
Aaron (1 month ago)
Why doesn’t your beard grow on your cheeks? If it’s doesn’t, than you shouldn’t have facial hair.
Iverne (1 month ago)
Ahem fire emblem warriors ahem
Diowio (1 month ago)
Motion controls in arms SUCK
Alex McCabe (1 month ago)
...We're in 2018 and we still have 16bit games that are portable, and always had been portable
GamerFromJump (1 month ago)
_Blaster Master Zero_ though.
TheBanana Man (1 month ago)
Simon Shura (1 month ago)
Gay games.... thank god we get mh xx finally in two weeks on 18th of march 2018 on switch and 3ds!
Fiercedeitykid (1 month ago)
No cave story+ 😢
LiteSinZ (1 month ago)
Switch is love. Switch is life.
DevKetchem 195 (1 month ago)
These are all the great titles, great job buddy
JMTeen13 (1 month ago)
Odyssey would've been first
James TwentySeven (1 month ago)
Still not enough to justify a purchase.
angbald (1 month ago)
Just got my switch today. 😀 Got Mario first then Zelda will be next.
shyguy 01 (1 month ago)
couldn't agree more
Snipe M.D (1 month ago)
Where's Puyo Puyo Tetris?
Mr. Wither (1 month ago)
12:16-12:20 that escelated quickly...
Ben Garrison (1 month ago)
My Top Five: 5. L.A. Noire 4: MarioKart 8 Deluxe 3: Doom 2. Skyrim 1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild I only own these five lol
C S (1 month ago)
Honestly, I would love to experience Destroy All Humans remastered on switch.
SMO should be no. 1
ItzSundae (1 month ago)
Space Bears #1. #Sarcasm
Teo octoling (2 months ago)
Zelda is 2 no 1
Broby14 (2 months ago)
I liked Mario Odyssey better than Zelda BOTW
Nepu-Tech USA (2 months ago)
Skyrim would be awesome on the go if it didn't cost 60 fucking bucks. I would pay 40$ at the absolute most.
mr.muffin (2 months ago)
Olex Xelo (2 months ago)
Hmm, I was late to get the switch, but when I saw Skyrim... I went to Walmart and got it with the switch.. Thanks

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