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7 of the Worst Free games on Steam - Rev [Vinesauce]

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Subscribe: http://bit.ly/RevSubscribe Full past streams: https://www.youtube.com/c/RevscarecrowAfterHours Buy Shirts: http://bit.ly/RevShirt Twitter: https://twitter.com/rev_scarecrow Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/revscarecrow https://chrono.gg/revscarecrow This was taken from a live stream I did on my twitch channel www.twitch.tv/revscarecrow part of the vinesauce team on www.vinesauce.com. You should come hang out! Intro animation by piergaming Music by James Wolmak: http://ccmixter.org/files/jameswomack/33075
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Text Comments (153)
Michael Fury (1 month ago)
What is the game at 2:47?
landfill baby (1 month ago)
there's worse games on the *front page* of steam now
Awkward Mark (2 months ago)
What's that FPS game though?
DeadTurret (4 months ago)
Someone seriously got away with just changing the copyrighted art in Ygopro and called it a fucking day
fsfredrikson (4 months ago)
7:41- You know, I was just thinking it would be funny if one of those guys was named Elric. I can’t even believe it myself. Btw that would be even more hilarious if you’ve read The Elric Saga.
Wasser (5 months ago)
B is so much FUN
If your date doesn't end in gunfire, you're doing it wrong.
Bren Tenkage (6 months ago)
what was the name of the card game? I know its just yugioh but what was the game called on steam?
Powoga (4 months ago)
Anthony Hunt (6 months ago)
b is good for occupying small children that's why it's highly rated
Anthony Hunt (6 months ago)
Gyorgy Lorand (6 months ago)
What games are these ?
nemesisvrsa2 (7 months ago)
No unturned? Its harder than Dark Souls
ReDragon (8 months ago)
that last one is really good game, if you don't like that type of games it doesn't mean that this game is bad
ReDragon (8 months ago)
well, i watched this game closely and i saw that this game don't have anything what i was written, i just skipped that part in the video. So my mistake :D
ReDragon (8 months ago)
Henry Walker this game looks similar to doki doki literature club which is rated 97% positive reviews and is very popular. In this type of game the most important thing is story,writing and characters, then art style and music but not gameplay.
Henry Walker (8 months ago)
ReDragon Bro, that thing has different art styles from one frame to another for no fucking reason And then there's the writing lol
Boneless Pizza (8 months ago)
Patrick Bateman (8 months ago)
Would be so helpful if you wrote the fucking names of the featured games in the description.
zlmbo (9 months ago)
First time back to Rev’s vids in a while. Hasn’t changed a bit. I should catch some streams. Haven’t in forever.
Tanuki GamerGirl (9 months ago)
"I'm not gunna say budget..." no you shall say BEEdget xD lol get it cuz there's bees ..it's kinda funny but only if you get family guy kinda humor lol which is pretty edgy but only in some parts mostly funny you can watch it on kisscartoon
Sharky (9 months ago)
Right up the butthole.
Neskah (9 months ago)
Don't be talking shit on b. Bitch.
valora390 (9 months ago)
I'm legit interested in that last game. What's it called?
biddy fox (9 months ago)
great first date ideas: I get shot by bank robbers
restless (10 months ago)
Rev's laugh gives me life.
WOKEN V1_Thot_Deleter (10 months ago)
All the edgy weeb kids pissing themselves
Cameron Johnson (10 months ago)
Game: “Fallout 4”
The Great Snekko (10 months ago)
Is that a bee simulator? ok where did you hide vinny
AXL Law (10 months ago)
Wait, Sniper Fury is also on Steam?! Gameloft knows no limits... I mean seriously, THREE TYPES OF PREMIUM CURRENCY?!
TigerToxins U (11 months ago)
Katawa shoujo but with yaoi instead?
Han Luke (11 months ago)
Man almost creamed all over me 18+ story time
Darthlicious (11 months ago)
Fucking Azhek Ahriman was in that game. Fuck you Tzeench
EMF Scoots (11 months ago)
What are these games called? I wanna try me out some Ancient History Yu-Gi-Oh.
Wormy Dood (11 months ago)
The YuGiOh ripoff is literally a reskinned YGOPro.
wafflesaurus (11 months ago)
You meant best right?
Hiddenite (11 months ago)
"i dont even know if Exodia's in this deck" did Weevil throw it overboard
Orintien And slough (11 months ago)
Anyone wanna make a Wiki how The game?
Orintien And slough (11 months ago)
randy ikr
kenny (11 months ago)
Orintien And slough genius
Orintien And slough (11 months ago)
randy or a point and click wikihow game, and the tutorial is just a wikihow page
kenny (11 months ago)
allow me to expand upon your idea a visual novel using only drawings from wikihow wikihow: the visual novel
The lost Byte (11 months ago)
"Hey Ahriman, you are JUST a chaos marine."
katsukis noriko (11 months ago)
Uh... what was that last game? Asking for a friend.
Zayde Lekic (11 months ago)
game being played *F a l l o u t 4*
Cyka Bylat (11 months ago)
That Sniper Fury game just HAS to be a mobile port. There's no way it isn't. The micro transactions are a dead giveaway.
+Cyka Bylat it says to "tap" things and the screen resolution looked weird. I'm pretty sure you are right.
Alan900900900 (11 months ago)
"Morning." "Hey man." "Hrhrhmmghpllh."
prodieseltrucker (11 months ago)
y does it say Fallout 4 lul
Zurgo Pussysmasher (11 months ago)
Careful Rev, if I didn't watch this two days late I would've creamed all over ya.
yung (11 months ago)
i don't know how someone could make a fps feel so.. unnatural it looks like a beginner student's sfm animation that ethiopian tier shit
Henry Walker (8 months ago)
I really want to play that clusterfuck of an fps
The InF3rNuS (11 months ago)
It's hip to fuck bees
Flippy Bacon (11 months ago)
I, for one, appreciate you zooming in on dat ass
fucking Ahriman just out of nowhere
Dragonboar Productions (11 months ago)
I didn't ever realise how much rev sounds like yms lmao
Probably Dio (11 months ago)
DaVince21 (11 months ago)
It didn't _feel_ like 7 games.
The Onyx Viper (11 months ago)
Oh man, I love Introverted Fantasy Simulator 2017!
The Onyx Viper (11 months ago)
But where's TF2 tho?
Henry Walker (8 months ago)
The Onyx Viper Oh, come on
Quacking Goose (11 months ago)
Everyone on Vinesauce has contagious laughs
Dr Medic's Game Surgery (11 months ago)
6:30 Pink Blood? Is this Danganronpa?
Vicky The Neko (11 months ago)
I know, right?
E-K-M (11 months ago)
How the hell do you pull the sniper bolt with the hand that holds the stock? Uncomfortable as fuck
Degree23 (11 months ago)
3:00 oh look, audio ripped from Insurgency
Ranz (11 months ago)
A Paint Bucket Named Huey (11 months ago)
B is the best game
「#1 Schemer」 (11 months ago)
You're only considered a True Gamer (TM) if your PC can run Bee Fucking Simulator 1987 at 60 fps on max settings.
Crazy Luigi (11 months ago)
It's sad how most of the games that are for free on Steam were (for the most part) better than the seven shitty games that were paid for to play on Steam a year or so ago.
Ranz (11 months ago)
It's very subjective. A "mediocre" game can get you hooked for a long while in some cases depending on a series of factors, which is alright tho.
Bobby Bobby (11 months ago)
Price often does not reflects quality. I've found plenty of $1 or less games that I ended up playing for longer than $30+ games, but it required a lot of searching.
Antoine Pauli (11 months ago)
Could we get a list of names for these wonderful games?
The Shangry Llamas (11 months ago)
The bee one is actually a tech demo.
DrOdd (11 months ago)
play American VN get shot
fsfredrikson (4 months ago)
And then meet Elric afterwards.
S picks a (11 months ago)
play an american game get shot
Pugnome Brothers (11 months ago)
austinthehotty (11 months ago)
Play Surgeon Siimulator. Get shot
Baki (11 months ago)
*I w o u l d ' v e c r e a m e d a l l o v e r y o u*
Baki (11 months ago)
asher hardin ;)
asher hardin (11 months ago)
Didn't expect to find an Awful Hospital avatar here.
Pastila Kompot (11 months ago)
+Amiel Weiner I checked the After Hours video, it's called Driftwood.
EchoL0C0 (11 months ago)
Grub Busters Oh, doy. Thanks for the information.
Jesse Mathis (11 months ago)
EchoL0C0 visual novel
Reuploaded because one channel got out of alignment and it really messed everything up. Sorry about that.
austinthehotty (11 months ago)
Please pin this comment
Owta (10 months ago)
"...otherwise I would've creamed all over ya" YOU DONT JUST SAY THAT TO PEOPLE edit: holY SHIT MY MOST LIKED COMMENT AAAAAAA
Kyle Raccoon (10 months ago)
I wouldn't mind people saying that to me
austinthehotty (11 months ago)
you give them money, then you say it
Angry Shroom (11 months ago)
but i say that all the time maybe that's why i'm alone and with multiple restraining orders
Resonid (11 months ago)
b is a tech demo
sirmugman (11 months ago)
i see the youtube's comment part is working great, just have to re-fresh the page wait and then get it in the exzact pixel perfect place to activate the spinny thing that is loading the comments
Malfunction (11 months ago)
Remember when Steam was getting flooded with Horror, Survival, and Rougelike games? Now it's Card games, Visual Novels, and VR shit.
Samson King (11 months ago)
Eiri (11 months ago)
Felipe Jaquez (11 months ago)
Rev Sex Flash Games stream when?
Morrowinder777 (11 months ago)
Is that fucking Ahriman?! I guess tzeench doesn't pay enough...
Powoga (11 months ago)
2:40 Found the source: https://alex-mort.deviantart.com/art/Ahzek-Ahriman-533942881
Darthlicious (11 months ago)
Powoga That's an actual canon 40k character lol
flexxarnnn (11 months ago)
Am i having a stroke or is there only 6 games in this video....
flexxarnnn (11 months ago)
Oh, ok
Aquasharkyboy (11 months ago)
flexxarnnn There was going to be seven games originally, but one of them simply refused to boot up during the stream.
victikirby15 (11 months ago)
All this has made me really want to see Rev play Danganronpa
Vicky The Neko (11 months ago)
Holy shit, me too! Purple blood tho
『squid kid』 (11 months ago)
victikirby15 That's what I thought of as soon as he said purple blood
Kigrus (11 months ago)
Sniper Fury ! 💖
LondonLock (11 months ago)
6:28 fairly sure its purple as its trying to look like the blood and clothes colors are mixed
LondonLock (11 months ago)
danganronpa was pink though
Dr Medic's Game Surgery (11 months ago)
Or its Danganronpa
Perplexus (11 months ago)
Alternative Title: Rev gets his money's worth.
Underscorer (11 months ago)
Incorrect title: These games should be paying Rev to play the free games.
This Frog (11 months ago)
Nope :V
Psyche (11 months ago)
delet this
austinthehotty (11 months ago)
*This Frog deletes comment* (jk)
This Frog (11 months ago)
But wait, all these games are free though… He paid nothing, so he gets nothing in return. Never mind, that's a good alternative title.
austinthehotty (11 months ago)
Not very many comments...yet.
Mayde (11 months ago)
I love you, Rev.
austinthehotty (11 months ago)
A bag of fucks (11 months ago)
That Random Rabbit (11 months ago)
Inzanexx715 (11 months ago)
1:32 "NUTSHOT"!! - Rev 2017
Slay (11 months ago)
You forgot DOTA 2
ItsMalware (11 months ago)
O shit
Mister Asian (11 months ago)
Why was it reuploaded?
LucaTheStar (11 months ago)
Mister Asian I couldn't watch it on mobile so maybe it had something to do with that.
Arccway (11 months ago)
Some Ugandan dev team put their heart and soul into Fuck Bees 2: Space Humparoo and your crackerjack computer couldn't even run it.....for shame Rev, for shame. Also there have been a lot of re-uploads lately, there something wrong?
TheArnoldification (11 months ago)
1 prayer = 1 captain alex
戀。 (11 months ago)
Perplexus (11 months ago)
C'mon Rev! Uganda be kiddin' me with your Reception of that Bee masterpiece.
Psyche (11 months ago)
Flame of Udûn (11 months ago)
Stanspam (11 months ago)
What happened the the old video
Stanspam pretty sure it was an editing mistake when he was comparing the sniper elite logo to the other one. He put the free game's logo comparison during the bee game clip
theluigiguy (11 months ago)
The old video had an editing error, this version fixes it
Maffia7 (11 months ago)
Notification HYPE
austinthehotty (11 months ago)
Right, but even so (you didn't initially state that you even knew this was re-uploaded
Maffia7 (11 months ago)
It does. I was one of the first on the previous upload, too. Hell I even watched it before REV even noticed that there was a mistake.
austinthehotty (11 months ago)
Notification hype doesn't count for a re-upload. Nice enthusiasm though.
Maffia7 (11 months ago)
By that I mean you fellow viewers should hit that bell next to the subscribe button to make sure you always know exactly when there is a new video, so you can be the first to the Party :3

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