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Top 10 Halo 5 Secrets and Easter Eggs

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Halo 5 (Xbox One) has a bunch of hidden secrets, cool easter eggs, and weird stuff. Let's talk about them! ★ Subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/gameranxTV Sandworm clip: https://youtu.be/yN5XYldciBc
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Text Comments (1086)
American_Bacon (7 months ago)
a grunt singing how cute. but make sure to kill that *FUCKER* .
Nicky Mejias (10 months ago)
duen easter egg is number one.
CarverHunt101 (10 months ago)
Y u h8 gruntz?
Norin pone (10 months ago)
Is Commander Palmer's first name?
friendlyelites (11 months ago)
is there an easter egg where we can find a good game?
Mr. Red (11 months ago)
1 like= 1 grunt dies
Killer Dragon (11 months ago)
hi Read more
John Summers (1 year ago)
Why's this guy so racist against Grunts? What'd they ever do to him?
GameBot Studios (1 year ago)
Grunts never deserved to die because they were slaved into the war Poor grunts
GameBot Studios (1 year ago)
They are also pretty cute
Leyla Talbot (1 year ago)
Scott Freeland (1 year ago)
I've been looking for the grunt with the skull forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so thanks for showing it great video
TimAndthejerrychannel (1 year ago)
i broke in the force field a threw all my grenades at the singing grunts
TimAndthejerrychannel (1 year ago)
i also found the grunts singing 3:10
TimAndthejerrychannel (1 year ago)
I did find the grunt falling i laughed till i almost died
Templaric Legion (1 year ago)
#3 at the very end, the grunt is talking about how the flood came back. No bullshit, read the wiki, quite interesting.
Tristan Hause (1 year ago)
I love the grunts. They're cute and funny
Edward Wood (1 year ago)
Come on I love the grunts they're funny and adorable little guys.
The Pleemp (1 year ago)
Where are they? I can't remember a single level.
Tomkii91029 (1 year ago)
Nobody noticed he went from 6 to 4? Seriously nobody noticed only 9 things were stated? And this guy made fun of the grunts stupidity pff
Newbs of the Internet (1 year ago)
It says 5 secrets.
Ethan Han (1 year ago)
That's no sand worm, that's the fucking Thresher Maw on Tuchanka
Grunts are adorable
Happy Easter
Tom Grossman (1 year ago)
Xeaus (1 year ago)
Singing grunt that Locke talks to on one of the "walk-around-base-of-operations-and-talk-To-dr-Halsey missions" the first one I believe, i was playing on heroic, and the very beginning there is an elite above you on guard duty or something, go to the arbiter and there should be some towers around him, climb up to the tallest one, and jump to a ledge where ther should be a grunt singing, press x to talk to him and see what happens. There's also another a group of three grunts warming their hands in front of a "fire". There is another way up if you're too lazy, go to where you spawn in and there should be a pile of rocks or a hill or something you can climb up and walk around to get the grunt. Happy hunting!
K1NG SEAL (1 year ago)
3 I already I have found it before I watched this video
Đạt Vương Tiến (1 year ago)
yeah grunts are stupid
XtremeCookieBoy (1 year ago)
I already saw that Easter egg with the sanghelio. I died XD
Jose Arambula (1 year ago)
I hate grunts too
I found a grunt singing in the same mission the grunt was talking to an elite
the grunts are singing Jingle Bells
it's lift
Hyperlink (1 year ago)
grunts lives matter
RealLyfeGaming (1 year ago)
Anyone think the 'Sandmonster' is the gravemind??
Smoll Peridot (1 year ago)
push one oof the clife
Jaren Vasquez (1 year ago)
just like star wars
Tovis (1 year ago)
That "happy birthday sound" is actually from a game called viva piñata! It's one of my all time favorite games
Joey Torres (1 year ago)
My favorite one are 2 and 3😂😂
NoMotion Plays (1 year ago)
5:18 welp let the fan fictions begin
Patar (1 year ago)
whatsup with the shotgun flashlight not illuminating the wall? It's like old games with fake laser lights lol
Cameron Brash (1 year ago)
Anyone notice he misses out number 5?
Robert Wilson (1 year ago)
I love the Grunts
Robin 2.0 (1 year ago)
an elite has a crush, ON PALMER THE MOST HATED CHARACTER IN THE GAME, wow, just wow
Ace Gamer (1 year ago)
you forgot at the start of the game the 2 mission go to a grunt he says why do we have Downloading it is so boring I wish I can break Glass !!!
Logan Lovell (1 year ago)
idk if this is considered an easter egg but when youre running around with exuberant witness, it has a collection of a bunch of the "enemies" (grunts, elites, hunters, prowlers, soldiers, knights) and they all have something kinda funny about how they react. 2 of the 3 grunts keep trying to get out while one sits on a crate swinging his legs mocking them.
Gaming Canadian345 (1 year ago)
I found an Easter egg if you go on forge and get the shotgun with the eagle skin look on the side and it will say remember reach
Gaming Canadian345 (1 year ago)
Soul Evans oh I feel stupid
NoMotion Plays (1 year ago)
Gaming Canadian345 a lot of weapons say remember reach, it even says it on Emile's armor, although it's really small and it changes into a faded version of the primary color so it's really hard to see its somewhere near the big shoulder pad
Omiros 55 (1 year ago)
Everyone knows...btw its a rabit not an eagle..
Leader John (1 year ago)
I remember that big ass soccer ball in halo 2
Mark McFly (1 year ago)
"...or would you maybe take the mean thing and put it somewhere safe so people in the future could find it and feed it to some dogs" - Grunt speaking to Elite This is a direct reference to what humans did when they found the remnants of the precursors... they fed it to their dogs... which eventually mutated them and started what we know as the flood.
Thaddeus Hamlet (1 year ago)
Swords of Sanghelios mission, if you take one of the side passages while trying to sneak around you can hear a grunt say something along the lines of: I miss the days when there was only one, maybe two demons.
Logan Lovell (1 year ago)
i remember hearing one say "can we go home yet?" and the other responds "no, stupid shield is still in the way" i love that the grunts can speak english again, bc in reach they couldn't (which is technically canon) but they're all so funny
Jason Watt (1 year ago)
Hamlet Enthusiast and there is also a grunt on reunion that said I thought the war was over a reference to the end of halo 3
Halo mannen (1 year ago)
I love the grunts
MiglioreBeast (1 year ago)
Idk why but this made me appreciate halo 5 a lot more 😂
CommanderLVJ1 (1 year ago)
The last one is probably a reference to Dune.
Matt Cormier (1 year ago)
The grunt falling is the grunt you kick off the cliff's edge to get the grunt party skull
UpliftBoar (1 year ago)
One of the Elites from from Halo 5 Guardians loves Sarah Palmer. o.O
Jewels The Kitsune (1 year ago)
My favourite was the ones with the grunts
IDLE FOX (1 year ago)
Sachapal (1 year ago)
I lost it at the Love Letter to Commander Palmer
TheRogueSpartan (1 year ago)
I love the grunts
shell shock (1 year ago)
I love grunts they are my favorite halo people
Itz Tigerz KaAliyah (1 year ago)
my soccer ball came out silver
Drunk Leopard (1 year ago)
Isn't one obvious Easter eggs is that metroid man is on fire team Osiris
Caution Gamez (1 year ago)
I'm sure they're singing to the guardian
engagedwh1stle7 (2 years ago)
in 7 if you score as Buck, it's great
Benjamin (2 years ago)
Gameranx is racist to grunts
master chief 177 (2 years ago)
done 3-4
Morning Gamers (2 years ago)
I think the grunt got there from halo 4 when u can open the window to kill the grunts on composer
APEX PREDATOR (2 years ago)
Mabey the grunt in the press start menu is the grunt that you punt
Jonathan Alvarez (2 years ago)
so elite loves my bitch Palmer, OH HELL NO.
literal sarcasm (2 years ago)
firefish (2 years ago)
when the elite spoke about his love for the human and the grunt came, best ever XD
Jack Soloman (2 years ago)
I think the sangheili from 3 is the same one who was saying the poem
NoMotion Plays (1 year ago)
Jack Soloman the arbiter? No. The arbiters voice is lest growls and raspy
Jack Soloman (2 years ago)
Jesus Christ number 2
Haloguy YT (2 years ago)
I know how that grunt got in space is from Halo reach when you do that space mission and that grunt got there
Michael Hess (2 years ago)
Love the grunts XD the grunt downloading something on the master cheif mission. AAAh TAKES SOO LONG!!!
Danyal Ahmed (2 years ago)
How could anyone hate the Unngoy? Their story is fucking heartbreaking
Hyrum Silva (2 years ago)
Hahahah idk why but i really like the grunts!
Nicholas Pine (2 years ago)
You forgot one, Master Chief is an Easter egg in Halo 5
Ace Gamer (1 year ago)
Sandwich McNugget
Sandwich McNugget (1 year ago)
Honlim Leong classic copy paste, 2 rsndom names, mispellings, random link/search term
Sandwich McNugget (1 year ago)
Nicholas Pine dayyum
Memesis (1 year ago)
Honlim Leong (1 year ago)
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Hype XP (2 years ago)
I found the one with the grunts singing to a guardian
White Wolf (2 years ago)
Drinking bleach after 30 sec ad and couldn't skip
Sanchovie (2 years ago)
I love the grunt "all i hear is wort wort wort" XD
Quickpatch12 (2 years ago)
He also talks about how he remembers the covanant wearing nothing but purple, but blames it on bad eyesight.
Longinus-209 (2 years ago)
Lol I noticed the grunt was talking about how the Humans found and used the flood to domesticate an animal they use as pets
Misaki Czan (2 years ago)
them graphficks
TR-8R (2 years ago)
5:00 was a reference to the flood's origin
mailguy656 (2 years ago)
No fair being mean to that sad grunt they are forced to fight by those big other covedents
Mr.49 (2 years ago)
holy crap. my wifi is so slow that i litterly read all the comments and the video has loaded till 2:03
Nova Gaming (2 years ago)
found another flood reference here
Gunther M (2 years ago)
the grunt talking to the elite sounds like the annoying orange
the shiny umbreon (2 years ago)
no don't kill singing grunt it to cute to kill :'(
Insane Marshmellow (2 years ago)
apparently 343 hates brutes.
Nin10do0014 (1 year ago)
Even Elites hate Brutes
Anonymous Ally (1 year ago)
Actually speciest.
apple trader (2 years ago)
that's racist
Lil Inferno (2 years ago)
sinayon one too
Lil Inferno (2 years ago)
lol I did the soccer one by accident before
Hyperlink (1 year ago)
Lil Inferno tha ts my old logo
DeLos Strothers (2 years ago)
#1 was the worm from DUNE THE MOVIE. Which was a really cool syfi flix.
justa9uy (2 years ago)
I have to watch a minute long ad with no skip and it's buffering like hell.
Shirkerz (2 years ago)
the love poem tho 😂😂😂💯💯
DennyH.L (2 years ago)
In the beginning of the video with the grunt in space, I thought you were going to say the grunt got there because you punted the grunt off the cliff, sadly you didn't say that haha
Alex Steele (2 years ago)
I was so reluctant to kill the praying grunts
Bad Karma Productions (2 years ago)
Crumblezz (2 years ago)
That grunt was kicked my master cheif for the grunt birthday party skull. Now the grunt is in space.
Sam (2 years ago)
when the grunt was talking about the nice and mean things he was talking about the origins of the flood. just think about it
kjmacleod (2 years ago)
Puppy monkey baby

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