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Will Nintendo Fix These Games on the Switch?

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Will the Nintendo Switch finally fix the many issues of modern Paper Mario, Mario Party, Star Fox and Metroid? Let's find out! Thumbnail credits: Mario Drunk by Art of Smithy https://art-of-smithy.deviantart.com/art/Mario-Drunk-63637809 Support us on Patreon and get your Pin!: https://www.patreon.com/Commonrealm Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm: http://bit.ly/Commonrealm Follow CR on twitter! https://twitter.com/Commonrealm
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Random Stuff (2 months ago)
Why does everyone hate skyward sword, I thought it was great including the motion controls.
Subversive_Sn4ke (2 months ago)
I know that this wouldn't happen in a million years, but I want to have an M Rated Metroid (Prime) Game. I don't want Metroid to become edgier, with blood and dismembered monsters everywhere, because we have Doom for that. I want Metroid to basically do what it's been doing in Super, Prime 1, and Prime 2, but not have the autopsies and bodies of space pirates and federation troopers be held back by a T Rating. I personally want Metroid to explore a more Survival Horror direction, really making you feel weak, isolated, and alone at the beginning. Then you become more powerful as you gain items and power-ups.
Emrys Wledig (3 months ago)
UnlikePaladin98 (3 months ago)
They indeed fixed Mario Party The car was removed and non-linear maps were brought back. Can't wait for the release of the new Mario Party.
Mark Davis (4 months ago)
Well technically, the Mario party car isn't ALL bad
Spam & Knuckles (4 months ago)
Okay so Mario Sports - Aces ✔️ Mario Party - Super Mario Party ✔️ Paper Mario - (Loading Hopefully)
Isaac Hernández (5 months ago)
they need to make again Super Mario RPG that was a great game on SNES
Vincenzo Scannella (5 months ago)
Fucking car
Shane Jewula (5 months ago)
if we get a paper mario game, jesus please be similar to super paper mario
Matt Howard (5 months ago)
mario party 10 welcome to socialism and mario 3d world is excellent.
alcidesfy (5 months ago)
Calling for an "open world" Metroid is misunderstanding what's a Metroid game in the first place. Metroid Prime is a 3D first person Metroidvania and needs to stay that way.
Mario641w and Friends (6 months ago)
Honestly we need to fix the NSMB series
Samuel Truesdale (6 months ago)
A new Golden Sun game as well as the original games being remastered for the Switch!
Ryan C (6 months ago)
I just want a new Mario and Luigi RPG that’s at least half as good as Bowser’s Inside Story was
Creature Feet (6 months ago)
Quality content, I don't know how I wasn't subscribed already.
Jerryboi05 (6 months ago)
New idea. Metroid prime battle royale
Jerryboi05 (6 months ago)
0:24 P I N G A S
Dunkle Paul (6 months ago)
I did NOT ask for Your Rant, Stop Complaining!
GalacticPirate (6 months ago)
"Fix"? Unsubbed.
Jimmy Win (6 months ago)
DARKdrake0 (6 months ago)
Considering how good Kid Icarus Uprising was, I feel like a new Kid Icarus on the switch would be a welcome addition to its library. Also F-Zero and Wario Land need to come back
Jacob Camerupt (6 months ago)
Super Paper Mario is my favorite Paper Mario Paper Mario and Paper Mario TTYD are my favorite RPGs of all time
Jacob Camerupt (6 months ago)
If they do something like they did in 6 & 7 having modes that were different from average play, they should keep Bowser Party with the car but keep it as it's own mode, since it's one about teamwork
Jacob Camerupt (6 months ago)
To be fair Color Splash wasn't horrible, it fixed everything Sticker Star did wrong
Mk Mason (6 months ago)
You forgot about Mario kart 8 deluxe
2071Johnny (6 months ago)
How about a Metroid Prime game that's a 3D platformer and not a first-person shooter.
2071Johnny (6 months ago)
First off, I actually _enjoyed_ Skyward Sword (apart from Impa, the Silent Trials, and The Imprisoned). BotW however, is so different, that it's barely a Zelda game (when will the next actual Zelda title return? :( ). With Skyward Sword, you had the welcoming town of Skyloft to explore at your leisure (aside from the rest of the overworld), while BotW throws you into a harsh wilderness where you are greeted by many OP enemies before you can even get to the nearest town of NPCs. Korkiri Village, Clock Town, Outset Island, Ordon Village, Skyloft, then the *Great Plateau* . To many people, BotW is a good game in a sense that DarkSouls and Skyrim are good games. But what about the people who enjoyed Syward Sword, as well as past titles like Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, and even Twilight Princess. Right now, our checkpoint is Hyrule Warriors, and 2D Zelda games like ALBW, hell even Oceanhorn, for anything remotely close to a traditional Zelda game.
GaiusZero (6 months ago)
I´d love to see the new yoshi game beeing more like Yoshis Story on the N64 instead like the SNES and WiiU Version.
snake feet (6 months ago)
I've been wanting a new pokemon stadium style game for sometime now
Kaleb Hatton (6 months ago)
I read this as “Can These Games Fix Nintendo Switch?” And I was fully prepared to be triggered
Mr. D (6 months ago)
I hope the Fire Emblem Switch game gets a better story than recent games got but without sacrificing what made these recent games good
Yamazake Whitesky (6 months ago)
Would be nice to have pokemon spin offs again, they're frequently great games but there have been so few lately
Shiny Noob (6 months ago)
Golden Sun!
Animal Crossing and F-Zero would be my picks.
That Nintendo guy Gaming (6 months ago)
I liked assault the best
Jason Stults (6 months ago)
Fzero, New Donkey kong country not some remade stuff and for the love of god a Pokemon game on the switch that lets you crossover your sun moon X Y Ultra like stadium, XD gale and Colosseum
Frito (6 months ago)
Why does Mario look like he’s gagging on a big stick in your thumbnail?
GamingVegabond (6 months ago)
Yes, let's completely sell out all the great qualities of a Metroid game so the masses can love it. Let'stake away the difficulty, dumb down exploration with a constant waypoint sign and make a COD like multi-player. Are you sure Metroid iz your favorite series? I get the other franchises but I hope a new Metroid sticks to the great Metroid games tradition and remaijs a bit more niche. That's what makes it special, not rhe dollar signs attached to it.
Cesar Lin (6 months ago)
The thing with modern multiplayer games is that it rely heavily on powerful hardware. And that’s not the direction Nintendo wants to go, or able to. I know that switch isn’t too shabby, and Splatoon is a great game. I too love my switch and Splatoon.2 . hell I have doom on both pc and switch, and I’ve only beat the game on Switch! However it is really hard to deny that if they try to make Metroid into a modern online multiplayer games like Halo or COD, switch is just not powerful enough. Doom struggled on switch, and Wolfenstein II looks like will be in the same situation.
Woolisy (6 months ago)
I loved Dream Team like someone loved 1000 year door.
Ding (6 months ago)
The new metroid NEEDS a great multiplayer! Metroid Prime is also my favorite series.
Matt Conklin (6 months ago)
What is with the obsession with Multiplayer? This video could have been an episode of Oprah. You get a multiplayer! and you get a multiplayer! and you get a multiplayer! You can't fix every games problem by adding a multiplayer. When a franchise is a single player game it usually ruins it when you add a multiplayer. Take Assassin's Creed Unity and Ratchet & Clank All-for-one. The worst selling and received games in their respective series and they both added multiplayer to a single player franchise. Granted they both had other problems besides that but my point still stands.
misa (6 months ago)
If Metroid is maid to be like halo,Sin and punishment could be a third person shooter kinda like gears of war,you have the kid friendly game with Splatoon and for the more mature audience you can have Sin and punishment,just take the game off rails.
LemmyKing77 (6 months ago)
N,J, Fox (6 months ago)
I love metroid I love everything about it except the way people treat it Other m and federation force arn't the best but they warn't that bad. The only starfox game I hate is command its story and turn based stratagy on a timer system was terrable starfox 2 pulled off those mechanics better and geting rid of krystal was a mistake. Zero wasn't that bad true the controls arn't perfect but it had great story and level design.
Manny Luke (6 months ago)
I played Star Fox Adventures in elementary school, and actually really liked it! Could have been done way better. But come on. It was fun.
Jonatan Guluarte (6 months ago)
I cannot wait for E3 at all
Ethan Windecker (6 months ago)
Who here from E T I K A ?
Señor Snipey (6 months ago)
Adventures was cool. Assault was ok. The fact that you said guard is better than zero makes me laugh. You obviously didnt play it that much bc your map didnt show all the bonus routs. This game had way more going on than previous games. Id say the only thing they did wrong is forcing players to play with motion controls and making a stupid mobile game like Guard instead of a dogfighting multiplayer. Starfox 64 3d had an amazing multiplayer. I was bad ass with the motion controls so I didnt care. Also federation forces was way better than people said so I have no problem with it other than the style. Infact along side a great battle mode I think Prime 4 should be co op. Id like to see a new 1080 instead of steep and a new waverace
RedMage23 (6 months ago)
I'm sick of people saying "Sticker Star wasn't a bad game". Even *I* said this when I first played it, probably because I desperately wanted it to be true. It's a terrible game. Color Splash took the formula and made it decent (from what I've heard, I've only seen videos and testimony from other people), maybe *that* wasn't a bad game. Sticker Star, however, was dreadful. Can we please just admit this already.
sherrie harden (3 months ago)
Cinnamon Ewwwww Your Stupid icon. Get Lost idiot.
sherrie harden (3 months ago)
RedMage23 nooo...Color Splash is Terrible.
Skillmoe (5 months ago)
RedMage23 I really like how they use the paper theme in these games. If they combine this with the old rpg paper Mario's i will be happy
Cinnamon (6 months ago)
RedMage23 I’ve watched Color Splash, but didn’t want to buy it myself, so I cannot really tell about the gameplay fun, but watching it, I noticed it’s basically Sticker Star DX. An “OK”-game, but a disappointment of a Paper Mario game.
ProjectDavidJr (6 months ago)
Peter Pappas (6 months ago)
Akaihiryuu77 (6 months ago)
So to make Metroid "successful" is to make it not Metroid? Um, ok.
Nicholas Beckwith (6 months ago)
Fix? I don't understand. What was wrong with them in the first place? I mean I know that they aren't for EVERYONE, but still.
Commenting Commenter (6 months ago)
Not really a huge problem, but I want a new HARD Pokémon game. I have an idea for gyms and levels: Gym 1 - Lvl 10 Gym 2 - Lvl 20 Gym 3 - Lvl 30 So on and so forth until: Elite 4 - Lvl 90 Champion - Lvl 100 Everyone wants some difficulty. Let's get tough.
Joseph Bulkin (6 months ago)
Commenting Commenter only if there is easy mode
Joshua Calkins (6 months ago)
If they would just make a HD Starfox sequel to Starfox64, I'd buy it on my switch in a heartbeat. Starfox64 was my favorite game as a kid. And the 3D remake was a major reason I bought my 3DS. I know it's animals in space but i'm ready for a more serious story in a star fox game--maybe like Halo? Fox is a cool dude, so much wasted potential there. I have nostalgia for mario party 1-3 but didn't play any after--if 11 is like the first three i'll buy it on my switch. (though, i'd probably be happier with a Hd remake of mario party 1-3 tbh)
Robert Dagata (6 months ago)
bruh, I'm Soo mad at Nintendo for t h i s e x a c t r e a s o n. Metroid and starfox have suffered major mascot abuse. AM2R is 10 times the game mufasa waz! 👹 If there was a side scroller with prime graphics, or a VR Metroid prime- it would be THE BOMB
a guy (6 months ago)
It needs reviving, not fixing, but Mother 4 would make everyone fucking explode
Lucas M (6 months ago)
3:45 *I'm not the only one who calls that a chicken walker*
Harakiriwolf (6 months ago)
Coal Rivers (6 months ago)
Not into metroid prime at all. Metroid 5 would be awesome though
Tope Chulo (6 months ago)
If you think about it, you really dont need to change up Metroid Primes game design that much to make it at least feel open world. You can have similar map structure just have much more areas, paths and make them bigger, more complex, layered, vertical, environmentally dynamic (now a must for immersion in the genre) and populated with enemy factions and wildlife. Of course if anything change up the combat mechanics to make it more intense and deep. Expand abilities and arsenal greatly. Open up new ways of acquiring upgrades. Nowadays theres no reason you cant be both a great adventure and action game/shooter.
Skull kidd (6 months ago)
Nintendo, this is your last chance, Last chance to make a paper Mario that’s relevant to the TTYD, You better not screw it up!!
Prince of Hyrule (6 months ago)
The switch can fix pikmin. pikmin 3 was horrible compared to pikmin 1 and 2
Gabriel Dalposso (6 months ago)
Dimentive (6 months ago)
8:17 “Girls and guys”? That’s a new one.
Dimentive (6 months ago)
Sticker Star isn’t bad, and Color Splash is better, but I agree that the older Paper Mario games are much better. Super Paper Mario is my favourite Paper Mario game (unpopular opinion, I know). I mean, Mario’s 3D mechanic is so underappreciated it hurts. I’d love to see a sequel to Super Paper Mario, but that’s never gonna happen, is it? :(
Dimentive (6 months ago)
Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story is still my favourite Mario RPG of all time. I’m glad it’s getting a remake on the 3DS. I’m buying that shit on launch day, baybee!
Dimentive (6 months ago)
Imagine playing a real board game where every player controls one board piece. It would be stupid as fuck.
Dimentive (6 months ago)
2:22 Swearing is okay on the Internet, buddy. We won’t get mad.
Dimentive (6 months ago)
Fuck Mario Party 9 and 10. Fuck that fucking car. Fuck it. Mario Party 11: no car. Nintendo, pls.
Dimentive (6 months ago)
Great video, man! 😁 I fucking love Nintendo, but they aren’t flawless.
Dimentive (6 months ago)
Super Mario Maker 2, pretty please?
Ragnar Ahlman (6 months ago)
The Metroid part is dated
BMX!!! (6 months ago)
I don't understand why everyone hates motion control so badly is everyone just too lazy to move their hand!? It's like what Zelda" fans: hey we want to use the Wii remote like a sword" Nintendo: "sure hears Twilight Princess for the Wii !" Fans:" actually we changed our mind we're too lazy to move our arms around and we're going to say that this game is terrible despite the fact that it's exactly what we asked for." I don't even understand why people hate Mario Kart motion control so much I myself have never played without them because they're incredibly fun and a lot easier to use than the joystick.
Lucky Bandapat (6 months ago)
Space Furries. Don't. I can't. ... No.
Poppy Williams (6 months ago)
It's ya boi (6 months ago)
but color splash was good
It's ya boi (6 months ago)
fight me
Phipy 182 (6 months ago)
for Metroid imagine if they brought back download play because that was the best and would push multiplayer
_oggivseerden (6 months ago)
Tbh Yoshi games are also getting kinda bland...
Dylan Singewald (6 months ago)
Metroid is also my favorite franchise and prime 1 is my favorite game of all time.(quadraxis is also my favorite boss of all time)
Squidwood (6 months ago)
Color splash was amazing! But obviously the game pad color card combat thing could've have been better. The 2d Mario games need new worlds new enemies and new power ups.
Dan (6 months ago)
I feel like the Mario Sports Games could use a change. With Mario Sports Superstars being Really Disappointing the Switch COULD TOTALLY Make them stand out. I just really wish they were as good as the Gamecube Mario Sports Games.
Johnluke Cuthbertson (6 months ago)
Kid Icarus?...by that I mean more kid Icarus games?
Stogie Blazer (6 months ago)
I would love to see a Mario Strikers on the Switch. Mario Strikers Charged is a good game and needs to be improved with a new game.
Keith Lavelle (6 months ago)
F-Zero is needed on switch game cube version was amazing
Skellington977 (6 months ago)
Timothy Pitcher (6 months ago)
It's sad how some ideas that Nintendo makes on their games can lead to mixed reception. Star Fox Zero actually was a decently good game, but many gaming communities rank it among the worst 2016 games for relying too much on motion controls, which becomes irrelevant once you've gotten past that learning curve. I will admit though, that the game could've had more stages, and not be limited to just a single ending.
Commonwealth Realm (6 months ago)
The problem was lack of evolution, it was just Star Fox 64 all over again with awful controls, the problem wasn't motion controls but the screen division. The series needs desperately a follow up that controls normally.
Comentario inútil (6 months ago)
For Mario Party they should back with the gameplay of the first games but maybe add a new way to play, for example, 8 players mode! Imagine how salty someone would be to be in first place and in the last rounds he goes to last! :P
ClassicSonic101 (5 months ago)
Comentario inútil Never gonna happen since the old formula for Mario Party is owned by Hudson Soft and now that the company is dead we will never the old formula return in any newer Mario Party. Sorry but it's the truth.
Comentario inútil (6 months ago)
2D Mario games. *New Super Mario Bros.* serie must end and they should do a new 2D Mario game style. Mario Maker isn't the correct option.
TornadoWhirl33 (6 months ago)
Xenoblade don't need fixing, it just needs more peeps to give it a go.
Bred In Captivity (6 months ago)
Wouldn't turn down a new Punch-Out or F-Zero.
TailsTheCat (6 months ago)
P Killjoy (6 months ago)
Theres so many things I would fix in mario maker. Its a fantastic idea that got boring after a while due to the limitations of pretty much everything.
Hubblebub Lumbubwub (6 months ago)
I really hope Metroid won't follow trends. It should sell by being unique and really good.
Hubblebub Lumbubwub (6 months ago)
My problem is that it's likely to take away from their resources
RedMage23 (6 months ago)
Yeah but I think online multiplayer (something the series has done before) would be a welcome addition.
Fire Dust (6 months ago)
Mario Sports games are in big need of a comeback. "Mario Tennis Aces" is a step in the right direction.
Monarchsub X (6 months ago)
No these games do not need fixing its more like the fans do!
Brandon Cheever (6 months ago)
Super Mario Strikers, Super Mario Galaxy 3 please
BlueYoshi Master (6 months ago)
I need me the actual paper Mario.
Martell Tha Cool (6 months ago)
Mario kart double dash

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