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A real pain in the neck. | The Great British Swim: E3

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►New Episodes Every Thursday! ►Watch Episode 1 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C922Z0E6vs0 ►Watch Episode 2 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqYDxQG7KGg ►Check out Ross's position here on the tracker: https://win.gs/GreatBritishSwimTracker Can Ross Edgley do the unthinkable? Can he swim around the entire mainland of Great Britain? Welcome to the Great British Swim.  The reality of the challenge facing Ross begins to hit home in this episode. Salt mouth, neck chafe and jellyfish are just some of the things in his way this week. Oh yeah, he’s also got the small matter of Britain’s second biggest shipping lane to deal with too. In this gripping third episode of the saga, Ross opens up about his mental and physical state during this challenge and the impact it will have moving forward. Want to show support or ask a question about the swim? Leave a comment for Ross and we’ll take the top ones to him. Through weekly vlogs and live broadcasts of the voyage, we want to leave you feeling motivated and ready as ever for your next big challenge. The Great British Swim pushes the boundaries of what the human body is capable of. How can you embody this test for yourself? Ross Edgley’s ‘The Worlds Fittest Book’ is being backed up in a big way with this ultimate test.  And for context: “It’s the equivalent of swimming the English Channel every day.” Check out daily updates here: INSTAGRAM ► https://www.instagram.com/redbulluk ► https://www.instagram.com/rossedgley TWITTER ► https://twitter.com/redbulluk ► https://twitter.com/rossedgley FACEBOOK ► https://facebook.com/redbulladventure ► https://www.facebook.com/rossedgleywriter _ Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high. Subscribe to Red Bull on Youtube: http://win.gs/SubToRedBull Get the FREE Red Bull TV apps for all your devices: http://onelink.to/yfbct7 Watch Red Bull TV: http://win.gs/WatchRBTV See into our world: http://goo.gl/J49U Red Bull on Facebook: http://win.gs/redbullfb Red Bull on Instagram: http://win.gs/RedBullInstagram Red Bull on Twitter: http://win.gs/redbulltwitter
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Text Comments (445)
Red Bull (3 days ago)
Watch the all-new Episode 4 right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huU4gcs82MU
Hi Im Dick (20 hours ago)
isnt there great white sharks that have been spotted in those UK waters? :O
Alex Howard (1 day ago)
This is pretty gruesome
JPequeneza (1 day ago)
Dude... Amazed
Lucca Ranoya (1 day ago)
Amazing contribution to himan collective We are with you! Continue! Much Love Ross 🌙❤️🌹
The OMG World !! (1 day ago)
Oof! That hurts!
O.D (2 days ago)
Keep strong dude!
Emerson Echeverria (2 days ago)
Is the boat still moving while your on it resting
Who cares
Matt Taniwha (2 days ago)
Loving the Maori patterns on the boat
Dalton Matheson (2 days ago)
You’re such a stud bro! I’m attempting to swim out to this island in puget sound tomorrow because of you. 2.5 miles. Tons of motivation. All the love from the USA 🇺🇸
12,149,999 Views (2 days ago)
Why is the boat moving if hes supposed to swim all the way around?
Kyushka (2 days ago)
What does he get from this beside a lifetime of pain
jenomsedivam (3 days ago)
ross i have seen some tough athletes in my life but you are a beast sir! keep going!
WyomingBiking (3 days ago)
Man that looks tough, best of luck to you from the US
Tre Perez (2 days ago)
WyomingBiking agree
mor lavi (3 days ago)
Keep going rhino neck
Cruise Elroy (3 days ago)
This is crazy, :D. There's a french dude that just started swimming from japan to san fran. 6 months at 8 hours a day. You people are freaking nuts.
blind fighter25 (3 days ago)
TuT3K (3 days ago)
lazar ćirić (3 days ago)
You're my idol im 14,i train swimming and every time i have a doubt in myself i think of you and keep going.<3
D9 Robot (3 days ago)
How does this have so few views? This is amazing
A.S Productions (3 days ago)
Huge respect dude, I wouldn't do it for all the money in the world😁 stay strong
James Smith (3 days ago)
Ross you better not let anything get in your way, this will go down in History when you achieve it
Junior W (3 days ago)
Where is the damn tracker? The “link to the tracker” is to Redbull page. No tracker found..
EricFuckingAndre (3 days ago)
Don't call it the great British swim if he's on a boat for half the time
Anton Eskola (3 days ago)
An actual beast! Keep it up Ross!!
Geoff Hiemy (3 days ago)
You are one determined individual
Ya Yeet (3 days ago)
You are an absolute beast
anton eckart (3 days ago)
so he went for a long swim in a wetsuit hes never worn before. brilliant.
TheCompute101 (3 days ago)
This man is incredible.. I really really hope he makes it all the way around
Nezah (3 days ago)
How the hell do you train for something like this and what type of background does he have as far as doing things like this?
kajus jonaitis (3 days ago)
Hello from Ireland, what your doing is inspiring and hope you make it with less injuries also are you gonna do anything in Ireland and if so would you ever bring a fan with you
Knuckolls (3 days ago)
Keep it up Ross, love from US Navy on Deployment!
East Watch (3 days ago)
wow i didn't realise how recently he started, approximately 81 days left, i'm going to be watching closely. best of luck Rhino Neck (Ross).
Alfie Baines (3 days ago)
Incredibly brave or incredibly stupid but it seems more brave 💪
Video Stop (3 days ago)
Goodluck. However you should have done your research. They make stuff specifically for that. Plaster that on before the wetsuit and you’re good to go. Again, goodluck
Will Toppping (3 days ago)
Been a club competitive swimmer for 10 years, in that time probably done the total distance you're doing in 100days...that's not my time wasted right...? Hope you crush it either way x
Keep it going mate just push through it. Do not slack off. Next time you have to swim all around Ibiza. Greetings from Madrid ​Spain
Kate Woods (3 days ago)
Use SportSlick, Handebalm, or BodyGlide first, let that “dry” a little bit and then put something like petroleum jelly, Waxelene, or as funny as it is, Astroglide with silicone. You’ll get far less chafing.
Mads Thorslund (3 days ago)
Ross you've inspired me to work even harder than I already am, I'll try to swim for 6 hours myself, but just not for 100 days twice a day. But I'll try to push my body's litmits to the max. Thanks for inspiring me Best Regards - Mads From Denmark
Ajl Skills (3 days ago)
Go on ross❤️❤️❤️
Jacob The master66 (3 days ago)
At least he’s not a titan from attack on Titan
Isaac White (3 days ago)
Just don’t swallow the water... or wash ur mouth every time you come out of the sea
ahmad al sadoon (3 days ago)
Why tf he swimming
rhys pounder (3 days ago)
Cmon Ross you’ve got this mate
Patrick Goldrick (3 days ago)
Keep it up Ross ! From Mayo Ireland
SuperSmoothie YouTube (4 days ago)
Keep it up man cheerin u on from Chicago!
Angus Christie (4 days ago)
Keep on going Ross we all believe in you and we know you can achieve this amazing goal
WooGGie (4 days ago)
Keep it up, smash that world record champ, Love from Sweden
João Papi (4 days ago)
Amazing! I'm going to compete this weekend in Crossfit and watching you man have beign such an inspiration. Keep it up Ross! Love from Brazil.
TheBalador1 (4 days ago)
You’re a beast man!!
Bla Blub (4 days ago)
You are the sickest human being ever! I would say good luck to you, but what you are doing has nothing to do with luck, just hard work and a great team around you! Much love from germany!
Baris Field (4 days ago)
I thought at 5:30 bad bitches was finna start twerking
Jacob Clarke (4 days ago)
well in mate keep it up
oatsman (4 days ago)
Should've talkedto the iceman before doing this, he needs some proper breathing techniques to keep his body from freezing..
Alex Bunn (4 days ago)
Try and get a rash top, I didn’t know if it will help but it could just work
JakieBangarang (4 days ago)
Keep it up, Ross! Much love from Wisconsin!
Billy Mawford (4 days ago)
A massively inspiring endeavour Ross! Amazing job thus far. Best of British to you brother!
Joe Bailey (4 days ago)
Incredible, absolutely incredible. An incredible role model to all.
Jake Mccoll (4 days ago)
hey bro watching from new zealand! this is so encouraging looking foward to seeing your progress!
koreanese (4 days ago)
whats up with his tongue? will it heal again? and what happened to his neck
Alexander Lee (4 days ago)
3:33 nipslip
david chavez (4 days ago)
what a beast and get the job done. good luck
Vas 808 (4 days ago)
Why can’t you swim with a snorkel maybe help alleviate some of that salt mouth P.S. you’re a legend!
Sean Ross (4 days ago)
Go Rhino Neck! This series is incredible!
Christian Simpson (4 days ago)
This has motivated me to try even harder at swimming practice. Thank you. You have NO IDEA what the human body is capable of. Neither do I. But we will find out when you finish this challenge!!! Love from the US!
Katie O' Neill (4 days ago)
your attitude is incredible through all of this, fingers crossed that your shoulder & neck hold up as you keep pushing on!! are there physios with you along the way? sending support from new york!
Dan Easom (4 days ago)
Ross Keep it going mate your doing amazing ! Keep up the hard work because it will be worth it in the end and I wish you all the best on your journey !
thekillercardinal (4 days ago)
Where is the live tracking available? Way to be Ross.
kobe habtie (4 days ago)
Caroline Christensen (4 days ago)
This is insane! I love it! Greetings from Denmark
Kieran Gregory (4 days ago)
Amazing work Ross, began following your story from the St Lucia swim and now onto this! #Keeponswimming
Thomas Terörde (4 days ago)
Yesterday, I went swimming and met an old guy, I just decided to swim behind him and when he stopped, he said he did 150 laps already. He is probably like 70 and I am 20, that really pumped me up to work harder.
Max Peters (4 days ago)
You can do it best of luck from germany
traktor kakas (4 days ago)
dude is a machine!
Joe (4 days ago)
When did you get into swimming?
Chjipsi - (4 days ago)
Ross you're the man! Wish youthe best
Wafiy Tahir (4 days ago)
Mate Im wishing you best of luck you’re such an inspiration! All the way from Malaysia! You can do it!
KingPlayzRS (4 days ago)
Keep it going Ross push through the pain and you will come out stronger!!!!
Khaled D Merle (5 days ago)
Try to along your stroke
parker benz (5 days ago)
Rhino neck for the win! To even attempt such an insaine swim like this shows that you can do this!!!
IMNOOB (5 days ago)
That 1st question has the same name as me Jack Wallace
wsx11000 (5 days ago)
this guy is a fuking beast, keep it up
Trevor Forbes (5 days ago)
Keep up ! Your a beast !
AM A BARACCUDA (5 days ago)
fresh sunburn
Sobel David (5 days ago)
All the respect!! Iv'e heard about u a month ago for the first time and been following u since then, bought the book and all, your'e crazy (in the good way) and its awsome! keep it up and just don't quit man 💪💪
Andy Myers (5 days ago)
Kind of makes an ironman distance swim look insignificant!
AUXOfficial (5 days ago)
Ross embodies the mindset of an amazing athlete
Michael Depaor (5 days ago)
You got this rhino neck!!!
E.L Wisty (5 days ago)
Good luck with this Sisyphean task. Will there be another episode?
Jon Allen (5 days ago)
Ross, your discipline is astounding, admirable, and inspirational.
Dylan Nunnally (4 days ago)
Keep it up! Supporting from Atlanta
Drolma Geyer (5 days ago)
Mate if your shoulder is hurting I would suggest working on your technique not say your bad at swimming just saying it may help.
Millen Zimmerman (5 days ago)
Have You seen any jellyfish or any cool animals.
Millen Zimmerman (5 days ago)
I’m a 17 year old from the us because of you I will be doing an Ironman before I’m 18. Keep going Ross I believe in you 100%! Just remember how bad you felt last time when you gave up. Do not give up!
Ben Warburton (4 days ago)
Good luck on the ironman, my dude! Couldn't think of even trying it at 18
Cody Zeik (5 days ago)
if swimming that far, doesn't it make the most sense to use a snorkel and fins?
steve on (5 days ago)
Well done ross your an inspiration.
Hey Ross! I met Matt earlier today in Sidmouth! Guy Russel the coxswain of our Lifeboat then swam out and met you this evening! You’re a total legend and it is amazing what you are doing! Keep going buddy, you have huge respect from all of us at Sidmouth Lifeboat! Keep on swimming and I look forward to the next update!! Keep that neck oiled and keep going dude! Legend!
Theosmush (5 days ago)
There was a red Bull ad on This video lol
ahmed abderaouf (5 days ago)
You got this Ross! Keep pushing mate!
Toby Hersey (6 days ago)
epic , all the best mate you got this !

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