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Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2017 So Far

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Ranking the top-rated Switch video games released on the Nintendo eShop in 2017; these are the highest-rated Nintendo Switch titles to play this year. Support this channel by getting these games through the affiliate links below: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild https://goo.gl/1g8WSv Mario Kart 8 Deluxe https://goo.gl/82Vrg1 Disgaea 5 Complete https://goo.gl/iNe5yy Snipperclips - Cut it out, together! https://goo.gl/T3vH6k Puyo Puyo Tetris https://goo.gl/TEMS2Q Arms https://goo.gl/75knV7 Lego City Undercover https://goo.gl/pGrzPB Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers https://goo.gl/p4Ddiz whatoplay updates you with the latest, the most anticipated and the best PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, iOS and Android video games today. Subscribe now at https://www.youtube.com/user/whatoplaychannel Discover and Share your video game choices at http://www.whatoplay.com. Connect with other whatoplay followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ - https://www.facebook.com/whatoplay - https://www.twitter.com/whatoplay - https://instagram.com/whatoplay - https://plus.google.com/100536220375867144593/.
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Text Comments (481)
Phillip Tran (3 months ago)
DU MA this video suck sooooooooo fuckin bad because super mario odyssey isn't in the top ten like it should be....the host of this video fuckin suck a whole lot of stanky ass because his fuckin lame ass didn't even put super mario odyssey in the top ten.....
Phillip Tran (3 months ago)
نيشن وايد (3 months ago)
where is the triple-AAA games ?
Tom Färdig (3 months ago)
so basically just a bunch of crappy games and Zelda...
coalsword (3 months ago)
no honorable mensions like Mario odyssey
David Sanchez Baez (4 months ago)
Odio la mayor parte del catalogo de juegos del switch, prácticamente todos los juegos son para jugar cinco minutos y dejarlo ahí ya que el juego no va a cambiar mucho,son como juegos para celular Que tristeza que no hayan mas juegos con larga historia y jugabilidad
Francisco Burgos (4 months ago)
when the hell are we going to have star fox, donkey kong, kirby, yoshi... and all those games that made nintendo a legend?
Masters1984 (4 months ago)
What's with Super Mario Odyssey?
Юрий Мишин (4 months ago)
Сук 2017 год игры Аля 2000-х сук тока гонка тянет на 2007 с натяжкой и консоль стоит 25т.р вы ЁБНУТЫЕ
blaster master is ike a pixel cuphead...
RoboEcho 87 (5 months ago)
My games? Legend Of Zelda: BOTW - Amazing Open World RPG Super Mario Odyssey - Really Good. Open World Too. Snipperclips - I Want To Regret Making My Dad Waste $20 Stardew Valley - OK, could be better.
SKiPPY RADCLiFF (5 months ago)
Mario odysses isn't on this list??? I can't trust you anymore 😑
Desired_ RBLX (5 months ago)
SKiPPY RADCLiFF it was made after this video.
Shurmert (5 months ago)
Is 2k good
Arjay Torres (5 months ago)
Switch=kids Xbox=virgins Vita=nerds Ps4=douche
Desired_ RBLX (5 months ago)
I’m a kid :)
braymax plays52 (5 months ago)
Were was minecraft
Festicat (5 months ago)
No Splatoon?
Klossmajor (5 months ago)
Breathe of the wild... learn to type you fucknugget.
Desired_ RBLX (5 months ago)
Klossmajor Type?
El Mero Huevo (5 months ago)
Zelda sucks ass
Ailroe (5 months ago)
Learn how to pronounce Disgaea
NightcoreHeaven (5 months ago)
Arms should make a dlc named Legs.
João Filipe da Costa (5 months ago)
Online my ass. No online in my Japanese version of street fighter.
Four3zero (5 months ago)
Should change the name to worst 2017 switch games. Theses ones are garbage
SnowmansApartment (5 months ago)
really sucks that there are no good games for the switch..
Ink Bro493 (5 months ago)
Where's the Super Mario Odyssey?
Hitler Monkey (5 months ago)
My favorite is MARIO kart
ajay ahlawat (5 months ago)
Pokemon dx
Tai Supreme (5 months ago)
Tai Supreme (5 months ago)
whatoplay ok thanks
whatoplay (5 months ago)
Pokken Tournament DX does not have enough reviews to receive an official PlayScore. But with its little ratings, it received a Provisional PlayScore of *7.62*
savio pinho (5 months ago)
remakes, minigames and more of the same, pls don't make ppl regret buying the switch, just zelda, really ?
LOLVIN #Chelast (6 months ago)
lancsFrogger (6 months ago)
kids are bored of the wii u now (not enough good local coop games for them) & switch is just lame. think it finally might be time to get a PC for the living room
Benoh12 (6 months ago)
thats an interesting way to say innovative 9:24
paul sandhu (6 months ago)
Once they confirm a Pokémon rpg on the switch I will buy the switch in a heartbeat.
Sean nt (6 months ago)
1:50 that was a really disgusting noise u made there
Kaiser Charles (6 months ago)
where is splatoon 2 ?
JPalm27 (6 months ago)
If they release resident evil 0 and remake for the switch I'll buy it but as of now Zelda is the only impressive game.
Kokor (6 months ago)
alan theeditor (6 months ago)
The Zelda game is ass,
CarltonBanks28 (6 months ago)
Ps vita
xXBiOkLiSmXx x (6 months ago)
how does something look better in 720p than 1080p? even if ti was made for 720p doesnt it just look the same if its on a 1080p tv/system?
EYEoftheneedle (6 months ago)
Rayman Legends is good too 🙂
PozPoz (6 months ago)
How do you determine a play score of 8.11?? That’s so specific...?
Bayonettamachinekill (6 months ago)
waiting for bayonetta 3 to run and buy it.
BS Adventures! (6 months ago)
Mario cart and Zelda was the only games I liked!
MrZER0ZER (6 months ago)
Where's Splatoon 2? There's so much content in it than in Arms.
Adam Kantorík (6 months ago)
Lol, why does ps vita looks like the new console when I compare it to this? I am thinking about buying a some portable console, but if I don't count the multiplayer feature, then this looks like psp (yes the old 2004) competitor an I would still choose psp over this,... Do people buy this to play 2D games and tetris? What am I missing?
Snaky Boy108 (6 months ago)
Whatoplay do u know if there is going to be a new super smash bros thx if u reply
The Gaming Team 101 (7 months ago)
How it a tritris game hightr than arma
Melee Gary (7 months ago)
Nintendo know people like 60 fps more than visuals
LeafyLeafeon 382 (7 months ago)
Dry bones is not new. Mario Kart Wii.
Guinea Tug Gaming (7 months ago)
lol play score
Guinea Tug Gaming (7 months ago)
its ryu, not ryiyo
Dylan Boland (7 months ago)
10) Snipperclips Snipperclips has two elements I value in a low budget Nintendo title; puzzle solving and co-op multiplayer, and this game succeeds at both, puzzles range from easy to mind-bogglingly difficult and I love the challenge, it will have you and your friends working your brain more than school ever could.   9) Super Bomberman R I love Bomberman, who doesn't like blowing up their buddies into oblivion? This Bomberman  has online play, local multiplayer and a single player story mode for you to spend hours on, you can save up your money gained by completing missions in stages for more maps to play, accessories for your character to wear or unlock new characters to play as, you can even create your own rules to go against your friend with, my only issue is the initial price I payed, it definitely isn't a 50 euro title, I'd have even been fine with 40 but I can't deny it is still one of the funnest Switch games to play with a friend.   8) Puyo Puyo Tetris I love puzzle games, I love Tetris, give me Tetris and a new puzzle game to try out and I'm happy, what's that? give me online play and local multiplayer? you have yourself a deal! I love Tetris and I'm now a fan of Puyo Puyo, another fun game to play with a friend, there is an Adventure mode but I honestly find the dialogue, voice acting and general plot unbearably cringe-worthy so I mostly skip cutscenes, but its nice to have as a game mode and there are chaotic game modes where the puzzle swaps from Puyo Puyo to Tetris and there are time-limit game modes and a lot more party modes but most of your time will be spent playing standard Tetris or Puyo Puyo with friends on the couch or online and what more can I say? you're all familiar with Tetris. Like Bomberman though, the price was too much, I payed 60 euro for this game which is the same amount of money it costs to buy Nintendo's big releases so it definitely was overpriced. 40 or lower like Bomberman and I'd be fine with it.   7) Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition Remember Minecraft: pocket edition? no? that's because it sucked. It was a complete downgrade from console Minecraft and especially PC Minecraft, so what happens when you have a console Minecraft that you can take on the go? the stars align... All the fun of Minecraft and you can play it on the go with three different ways to play! there's also online servers added and a wide variety of texture packs, world maps and skins to download and purchase and when buying  Minecraft on the Switch you get a Mario theme to play!  with music from all of the greatest Mario games, skins, texture packs, maps and all of the skins of your favourite Minecraft characters, you're all familiar with Minecraft so this is Minecraft with added bonuses essentially.   6) Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle An odd pairing of two gaming mascots that could have been hit or miss, but it was definitely a hit. When you add the satisfaction of exploring the Mario universe with the wacky colourful chaos that is the Rabbids you get an entirely new gaming experience. When I saw Mario with a gun, I was very skeptical, and as a result I didn't allow myself to have expectations high but boy did this game not only exceed my expectations, but they blew them out of the roof. This game is a strategy-turn based RPG, and my first game in the genre and I can say with confidence, it sold me on the genre, there is so much freedom in this game with movement, using abilities and weapons and the world is so charming with humour and style, you can also play this game with a friend in local multiplayer and I haven't tried it yet but I can't wait to, from what I know there's no mode to play against your friend, only Co Op and it would've been nice to go against friends but this was the first in a very unusual series and I hope there's a second coming.   5) Mario Kart 8 Deluxe I've never played Mario Kart 8 because I've never had a Wii U, so Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to me is a brand new Mario Kart and its as fun as ever! Graphically stunning, visually beautiful, brilliant core gameplay that only Mario Kart could provide. Playing against friends and playing online has never been more accessible and fun with Mario Kart, you can play Grand Prix mode with different cc's to choose from, multiple characters, both Mario and Nintendo to play as, more maps than ever, you can also play balloon battles which I love but my only issue is that it's not elimination and sometimes the maps are so huge you spend ages looking for your friend rather than hitting him/ her with a shell, still really fun though, just an amazing game all round.   I also love how you can hop right in with a friend with both Joy con controllers.   4) Arms The first in Nintendo's new IP fighter and I really hope it's not the last. Arms is a game full of personality, in its range of characters, its odd setting and its different game modes like your general fighting, hit your opponent in a basketball hoop, and volleyball. What sets Arms apart from other fighting games is how you use each Arm - which is essentially a boxing glove, you can customise what power you give your characters by changing their Arms, you can unlock new Arms by playing the "Get Arms" mode, you can set what Arms you'd like on your character with the "Set Arms" mode. For example, I use the "Sparky" gloves when playing as Ribbon Girl, because when charged, they can shock your opponent, causing them to remain still for seconds - giving you a chance to grab them, you can strategise your fighting style by choosing different Arms and different characters. There's party match to play online in all of the different game modes casually, or you can play ranked matches which will boost your skill and rank in the game, this is based on traditional Arms gameplay so players are judged primarily on skill. I love Arms, It did well, I know it didn't do as well as people had hoped but Switch is still short in its life, I'm sure once Switch sales skyrocket games like this will also boost in sales, I really hope Nintendo continue to expand on this franchise though because its so unique and special. There's also new characters that come through updates and Nintendo add new gameplay features through these updates for free every few months to keep you on your toes.      3) Sonic Mania When I was a kid I was a huge fan of the Sonic series, I grew up playing the 2D classics and I loved them. I unlike many was generally happy with Sonic's transition to 3D but I can't deny that Sonic's had his missteps of late and that's why it was so refreshing to relive what made Sonic great again. This game is a wrapped present that once you open, had more presents inside. It really exceeded expectations and my expectations were high, you can play as Sonic, Tails or Knuckles across twelve different Zones, most relived classics but four new zones are featured and the soundtrack is amazing, the visuals stunning, and it feels like the game that should've been for the SEGA Saturn. An all new Drop Dash was added for Sonic, which allows him to keep momentum which makes the game even more fun! The New special stages are a blast! taking elements from CD and Sonic R, the bonus stages are the Sonic 3 & Knuckles special stages which are very fun, they allow you to unlock gameplay secrets which are awesome!  You can play Mania Mode and Time Attack mode, Mania mode is your traditional Sonic core gameplay which never gets old and Time attack mode is where you have to finish the stages as quick as possible, which is funner than ever with the new Drop Dash feature. You can play as Sonic and let a buddy take control of Tails making the game a really fun co-op experience, you can also play debug mode and customise Sonic stages, you can play as either Sonic or Tails with Knuckles!!  the little cutscenes are really amazing, they added fan favourite characters classics like Fang, Bean and Bark into the story in a creative way and in each level there is almost no limit to exploration, this game really rewards you for exploring the stages and its so satisfying to do so, finding new secret platforms, item boxes, rings, lives, and special stage Rings, my only issue with this is the ten minute time limit, I just feel time limits are a remnant of Arcade games that are cheap, even today, its only a minor issue though. You can also play local multiplayer and race your friend to the finish. Sonic Mania is just a near perfect game, the best part? it's only 20 euro, seriously, BUY THIS GAME.   2) Splatoon 2  Perfect. Dishonourable Mentions; Infinite Minigolf Just a mediocre game with little actual gameplay input from the player, and no traditional multiplayer mode which is the reason I was interested buying this game, its just completely underwhelming and not fun, would be fine if it was between 5 and 10 euro but 15? that's almost as much as Sonic Mania! it just feels like a generic mobile game I could get for free on the app store... why would I play it when I have all of the other great games on the list in comparison?  Honourable Mentions; KAMIKO A very fun puzzle-combat game in which you fight enemies and uncover hidden paths to explore levels with, the soundtrack is very good, there are 3 different characters to play as all with unique combat gameplay, its very reminiscent to me of the Classic Zelda titles, I just really enjoy this game, its also 5 euro which is definitely worth it, its a single-player oriented game but that's fine because its actually encouraging to play and make progress as the puzzles get tougher and more combat is required.    1) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Perfect 10/10 game, music, characters, story, world, gameplay variety, everything is just perfect. it's the best open world game ever made and in my opinion, the best game ever made to date. What has not been said?!
Ishoshom91s-Isho Isho (7 months ago)
Where is splatoon 2???
Logan 24 (7 months ago)
I'm still hoping they release donkey king on switch
Azher Ahmad (7 months ago)
No NBA 2k18? No Fifa 18?
whatoplay (7 months ago)
NBA 2k18 and FIFA 18 are still set for release this September, and do not have PlayScores yet. This list ranks the best Nintendo Switch games released in 2017 so far.
Hans Kaarstein (7 months ago)
The only games I have as of right now is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Zelda BOTW I'm thinking of getting Splatoon 2 and I really hope they come out with a super smash brawl for the Switch
Dani Ferenczi (8 months ago)
The yumo yumo tetris ia better than the splatoon 2?
First Team (8 months ago)
LOL, nintendo switch FAILED. Only ONE game worth buy to play. ZELDA... TOTALLY FAILED
Clorox Bleach (7 months ago)
Are you sure? It gets AAA games monthly and a bunch of indies
The Awkward Teen (8 months ago)
Where is Splatoon 2
The Awkward Teen (8 months ago)
whatoplay thank you very much for this information 😉
whatoplay (8 months ago)
Splatoon 2 was not released at the time this video was published. However, it currently has a PlayScore of *8.43*
Joey (8 months ago)
Splatoon 2?????????
whatoplay (8 months ago)
Splatoon 2 released after the publication of this video. It has a PlayScore of *8.43*.
Randybailey Bailey (8 months ago)
Zelda is the only game I care about for my switch the rest sucks as of now
SwitchMaster (8 months ago)
2:36 wait... did he just say yuge? #DonaldInDisguise
ジェド (8 months ago)
13:13 "Breath of the Wild is Switch's number one game on the Switch"
M Wren (8 months ago)
I agree with most of your decisions but fast rmx is not a good game the gameplay is so crappy you can't tell what's happening half the time.
Saif Al Hammadi (8 months ago)
Breath of the wild is the worst ZELDA game ever created
VelvetZelda (5 months ago)
+Saif Al Hammadi Totally agree with you there. I was, and still am, very disappointed with it. Thank fuck I never bought it - the first, and hopefully last Zelda I'll NEVER get.
Saif Al Hammadi (7 months ago)
Clorox Bleach Coming from someone who has never played a ZELDA game other than breath of the wild .
Clorox Bleach (7 months ago)
Saif Al Hammadi keep talking shit
Adrenaline Rush227 (8 months ago)
great video so helpful thank you so much
chaos control (8 months ago)
all I ask for is a new super smash bros, a pokemon rpg, and a remastered viewtiful joe.
Tide Wave (8 months ago)
Tide Wave (8 months ago)
whatoplay oh ok :(
whatoplay (8 months ago)
Splatoon 2 wasn't released yet when we published this video. :'(
Jedidiah Schrock (8 months ago)
I didn't even know there were 10 games...
Smoketurtle55 (8 months ago)
This video cam out on my 13 birthday
TBEP Gaming (8 months ago)
Arms reminds me of sonic free riders. Fun to play (my opinion of free riders) but can make you rage when the controls don't work right (arms control is easier tho)
Logan Scott (8 months ago)
Lol 3 15 he said the same thing twice
Hey It's me (8 months ago)
Why am I watching this. I have an Xbox one s.
Efe Serdar Uçar (8 months ago)
Victor Archie (8 months ago)
The game collection is sad, full of retro game, go buy an emulator on android.
Alan G.H (8 months ago)
And splatoon¿
GgAboveAverageGamer (8 months ago)
I'm regretting getting the switch big time
_.gaail spamz._ (8 months ago)
What about Splatoon 2?
_.gaail spamz._ (8 months ago)
whatoplay oh ok! 👍
whatoplay (8 months ago)
Splatoon 2 was released a few weeks after this video's publication. It currently has a PlayScore of *8.44*.
Led Tube (8 months ago)
who buys a tetris game for 40 dollar
alcatraz14 (8 months ago)
your accent is somehow sounds like a Filipino accent, i just noticed
sorrybro (8 months ago)
My wishlist: -Super Mario Maker (maybe same as on Wii U or version 2?) -New Super Mario Bros. Switch (I want this one so bad) -Don't Strave -Super Smash Bros. 5 -Pokemon RPG Wow I'll be in heaven when those games will come out.
carlos edwards (5 months ago)
sorrybro same here bro
Matt Maillet (8 months ago)
pokemon snap 2
PepiloXD/ Que Perro! (8 months ago)
What about the binding of issac?
harter kern (8 months ago)
WOW! Every game is complete low polygon trash! SWITCH OFF!
Shattered Zeraora (8 months ago)
harter kern Ok bye skrub
mr Q (9 months ago)
Man, the switch need switch up with some better games because this list sucks ass
Phillip Tran (3 months ago)
and your faggot ass suckin alot of dick as well
JPalm27 (6 months ago)
Dante& Vergil uncharted? Lmfao
mr Q (7 months ago)
Dante& Vergil yep, I should have too
Dante& Vergil (7 months ago)
mr Q great,you got my point. This is why I'm always keep away from nintendo...
mr Q (7 months ago)
Dante& Vergil I know what you mean...I only bought a switch because my nephew wanted Zelda botw so I got him that and arms and now that we both beat Zelda the switch is just sitting there next the ps4 which we both play...the ps4 has the best exclusives and AAA games available...The Xbox one and switch aint never gonna catch up to the ps4 in terms of anything...The ps4 is just too deep in the game for any console to fuck with it now
Dank Memes (9 months ago)
Switch has no purpose they should've just made an actual console with good power and not some mobile flop that can t even beat the 3ds
Shattered Zeraora (8 months ago)
Dank Memes This console is made more for people who can't sit at their home all the time. It's concept is made to be efficient and allow a busy person to take console quality gaming on the go.
M8Cubing (9 months ago)
You love Breath of the wild so much yet you spell it wrong
whatfreedom7 (9 months ago)
Nex Mechina would be a good one or maybe Rime. They definitely need more games.
Kraby Potty (9 months ago)
How about pokemon?
whatoplay (8 months ago)
No Pokemon title has yet been released on the Switch.
Evil Avocado (9 months ago)
The game coming out in my opinion aren't really that great and mostly consist of throwbacks that have far strayed from interest such as skyrim
Super Squad (9 months ago)
Getting half of these games would cost the same as getting the actual Nintendo Switch its self...
Melee Gary (7 months ago)
Super Squad no duh games cost $60 bucks on every console, pc is the cheaper platform but with Nintendo they actually make good games
ZERO M (9 months ago)
Switch better get a lot of good games in the future
Daniel Drake (9 months ago)
Arms at 7 im done
Cartio (9 months ago)
does it retain many of its well loved elements?
whatoplay (9 months ago)
Touche. :|
A_Bacon Gaming (9 months ago)
Just so u know (not trying to be annoying just trying to help) its breath not breathe
A_Bacon Gaming (9 months ago)
Happy I could help by the way great vid
A_Bacon Gaming (9 months ago)
Just trying to help! :)
whatoplay (9 months ago)
You're right! That was an error on our part. Sorry!
Ayaan Aziz (9 months ago)
12 switch should of been 2nd and mariokart 8 d should of been 3rd
Nabil Aizat (9 months ago)
Do all westerners pronounce Ryu like that? Rah-yoo?
Klement Danda (4 months ago)
supermarlo IF (8 months ago)
Jordaen Samuel (9 months ago)
Splatoon 2 tho
권지혜 (9 months ago)
Jordaen Samuel it's not out yet
loopi kgujklgjkhj (9 months ago)
i tried the zelda game on my cousins switch and im nearly buying the switch for that game so unique and really fun for the 5 mins i had it in my hands hahaha
ImaginaryMarioBros (9 months ago)
When you don't have a switch so you cri ery tim

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