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Times tables - Learn multiplication by playing games with a fortune teller

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Ideas how to learn multiplication tables. Ideas to help children repeat the times tables. Children play with their friends / parents / teachers. Students write the times tables on a fortune teller. Watch this video to learn how to make the fortune teller. Video for students, parents, teachers, spedial educators. Motivate children with math games. For children with or without dyslexia / learning difficulties.
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Calix Baby (24 days ago)
I know how to make that!
Angelica Rangel (1 month ago)
Mannat Kaushik (4 months ago)
wunderful video
Jan De Graaf (11 months ago)
Anime Gacha gurl (1 year ago)
Spiritual Healing (1 year ago)
Since you are here, I recommend that you watch the video “TIMES TABLE in 2 hours WITHOUT MEMORIZATION”. That ONE MINUTE video will change your multiplication world forever if you take action. Don’t hesitate, GO AHEAD AND WATCH IT!
Erin Glamann (1 year ago)
LOVE this idea. It's kind of like flash cards but more fun.
hi hi (1 year ago)
not to be rude but I don't understand it
WoundedWarrior Fan (1 year ago)
never use it lolz?@)@+£)££
Mohamed Idd (1 year ago)
it is so boring I can even understand
gabino osorio (1 year ago)
Sandra Arredondo (2 years ago)
Gum Drop (2 years ago)
Novie Teppang (2 years ago)
i.ĺl gonna use this too in my class
Novie Teppang (2 years ago)
i.ĺl gonna use this too in my class
Eliz A (3 years ago)
chenglin Lin (11 months ago)
I think memorize is a better way to learn ☺️
Taye Theodore (4 years ago)
I know how to make a fortune teller
Sherbert423 (5 years ago)
I love this idea! I am totally using it in my class tomorrow! =D

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