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[Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links] The Secret Tier -1 Deck | *RARE* gunsblazing Interview

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http://www.twitch.tv/gunsblazinglol we'll go back to tier 0/1 trash decks tomorrow, enjoy this RARE deck
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Text Comments (364)
ZaynakuGaming (6 days ago)
Frickin faker xD
Lucas Watkins (2 months ago)
What did I just witness
Matheus Henrique (2 months ago)
Isles Celestine (2 months ago)
Low key you mighta found a gem
Blight Slinger (3 months ago)
Nobody is better than Faker lol
kolim perfect (4 months ago)
JIN KHOJA (4 months ago)
can someone explain what happened
Kotobii (4 months ago)
So tier - 1 is the deck with the highest chance of losing a duel makes sense I guess
Diabolical Prince (5 months ago)
TroyWarlord 3598 (6 months ago)
Love the Clickbait!
systemsteven (6 months ago)
If you kill yourself before your opponent can, did they really win? No, therefore this is the greatest deck ever created
Leonard Kurki (6 months ago)
song at 11:00 ?
Tino L (6 months ago)
so the "win" is that he kills himself before the enemy can?
Dudley Moss (6 months ago)
Is this a troll from my boi gunz, why he killin himself
Random Guy (7 months ago)
I like to come back to this video from time to time just to make sure I wasn't just dreaming the first time I've seen it.
Woola S (7 months ago)
That's retarded 😂 that deck sucks
ForgottenSteak (7 months ago)
Downvoted for wasting my time
Denis D (7 months ago)
faker :))
Taufik Maulana (8 months ago)
omg i take it seriously until the end of the video my failure didn't see the comments
Gurushankar S. G. (8 months ago)
My baggio knows how to have fun
Zi Vo (8 months ago)
@gunzblazing You need to face JotaJ & XenoBlur, Oh man we need to see a crossover battle between English-Spanish speakers of Duel Links! on YouTube.
Patrick Green (8 months ago)
I don't understand. I'm new to this
Kevin Spohn (8 months ago)
Is this one of those "No means yes" types of deals?
Leon Leo (8 months ago)
I'm not really sure what decking yourself out does?
Gero Chi (8 months ago)
Dragonicblaster (8 months ago)
dat canvas joke.if i am right its from beyblade right? Rayuga Vs Jack
Samuel Lee (9 months ago)
Add exodia to this deck and it can really be the breaker of the metagames.
Just a Cat person (9 months ago)
Wake up people! Guns is Ashton Kutcher!
kaz9781 (9 months ago)
Thank u my lad I've been struggling with cyber angels , not anymore.
Mikke Lehtonen (9 months ago)
you crack me up :,D
Bob Marley (9 months ago)
Yooo it’s Buns Glazing.
Ramdan Kirishima (9 months ago)
Wtf skt1 faker league of legend player lol :v do you play league of legend ?
Deforce (10 months ago)
MeThoDoLoGyy Class (10 months ago)
Il run over your modded decks brahhh
Rebecca Rocabado (10 months ago)
he looks like a Faker omg
andy lechipolla (10 months ago)
PRObifidus (10 months ago)
Can anyone please make a deck to counter this cancer deck?
You’ve gone mad my boy!!! Lol most artist do 🤔 lol
T 1 (10 months ago)
Que alguien me explique
Ekelao (9 months ago)
T 1 Es un deck meme este, un "auto-mill".
maki best (10 months ago)
and this how a king of game play
POKI DRACO (10 months ago)
6:15 I was here :3
crittersfromthedark (10 months ago)
oooooo myy jezussssss i am in your fid lolllsssss i love you guns you make great stuff
Νίκος Μαμάνης (10 months ago)
Danny (10 months ago)
I don't watch your streams because you normally lost your best stuff here. But here lately, it's been nothing but memes. How am I supposed to reach KoG as a F2P player if the memes get in the way?!
Deepak Agnihotry (10 months ago)
Why is there a GIF in the corner?
JEB's Gaming & Unboxings (10 months ago)
Best meme deck ever
Nicolo Gori (10 months ago)
Honestly this could work with exodia
Crawlin Pentakill (10 months ago)
te copias de joha pto xdxdxd
Zohaib Kazi (10 months ago)
Damn bro you shoulda hid the decklist for only your discord to see
Travis Aynes (10 months ago)
Keep up the epic outro lad <3
TheOutlander13 (10 months ago)
Is this bait or a troll video? I think we'll never know the answer for that :v
cattonoir (10 months ago)
232 dislikes came from people who don't understand the art of deck thinning to win the game ( ˘ -˘)
Khyle Maglines (10 months ago)
do you use an emulator for pc or you just play in you phone? if you use emulator what emulator do you use ?
brianjcb (10 months ago)
gunsblazing is faker confirmed!!
Spartan Magnus (10 months ago)
Fayte Kuromo (10 months ago)
To lose as fast as possible
Fayte Kuromo (10 months ago)
Spartan Magnus that's the point
Spartan Magnus (10 months ago)
What?????????????????? TF
JoeTron G1 (10 months ago)
Wait you stream?
Mario Serrano (10 months ago)
Are you Canadian???
Justen Abraham (10 months ago)
WTF GUNZ! I just wasted my time watching your new deck out strategy. WASTE!!
Fayte Kuromo (10 months ago)
Justen Abraham how is quality content a waste
Mert1313 (10 months ago)
Reached kog 5 with this. Nice deck
pedro picapiedra (10 months ago)
Cuando llegas a kog, simplemente puedes hacer lo que te salga de los huevos
Demonic Panda (10 months ago)
Hate this P2W OP Deck, completely shuts down Cyber Angels
starboi klem (10 months ago)
fucking troll
Eye For Eye Knives (10 months ago)
Dumbest shit eva but for some reason I was smiling the whole time.
Gianmarco Puccio (10 months ago)
Guns do u play LOL?
GokuGMD (10 months ago)
I started to skill farm Joey and got last gamble on the first try... are you happy my lord?
Alexshiro Jones (10 months ago)
dafaq!?! how strong was that blunt that was passed around or was guns on that when he made this vid? lol
Mgeorgiev (10 months ago)
best troll in years :)
NEGÃO DO WHATSSAPP 2 (10 months ago)
kkkkk que bosta haha
L S (10 months ago)
hahaha thats was brutalll bro
Pxl Ninja (10 months ago)
Is a kidmodo dragon/blue-eyes white dragon deck semi decent?
Healer Philantrophe (10 months ago)
Remove Last Gamble. Add Exodia
NIXX SAXX GAMING (10 months ago)
these decks are so dumb lol are you that bored with the game?
Fayte Kuromo (10 months ago)
NIXX SAXX GAMING It's called having fun fuck boy
str84ward Action (10 months ago)
Greatest Duel of All times
str84ward Action (10 months ago)
Imma try this deck out
Medinis Namelis (10 months ago)
Thats sad, how many ppl didnt get the joke
Wave Rebel (10 months ago)
Lol nice deck outs
Daniel Silva (10 months ago)
. We all wants to see your face guns!! But if you're ugly like TimmyMom better not... LOL
Emil Sinclair (10 months ago)
Daniel Silva you are handsome ❤
Corey Francis (10 months ago)
Run this with grampas cards
Andreas Athanassiou (10 months ago)
Daniel Lear (10 months ago)
Sick meme my lad . Ya got me .
UltimaAcerGX (10 months ago)
Name of victory song plz
TheXkvg (10 months ago)
The memes are strong in this one.
Jetski (10 months ago)
what is the name of the music wen you miled yoursef out in the final duel?
LeonSan N (10 months ago)
Tío mereces amor, mereces mucho amor xd
Camp3r (10 months ago)
welp... skt lost
Fatchur Rizqi (10 months ago)
gun's face revealed!!!!!
Darc the darkness (10 months ago)
Are you trying to make people play this for fun or something?
The frencheist fry (10 months ago)
New box is busted boys
Dragon (10 months ago)
This deck would still win against Bronze lol
Karl Marx (10 months ago)
Cheddar play for da boi
Tenkabitoon (10 months ago)
JustAnother Weeb (10 months ago)
Baited lol
Juaninha (10 months ago)
Max Cooper (10 months ago)
Lol you got me with your art of losing😂😂 sick meme my lad😂😂😂
Hasham Malik (10 months ago)
Omg that intro!
Yehoshua Robles (10 months ago)
The memes were too real here ma boi lol
StardustRg (10 months ago)
That edit tho 😂😂😂😂
Xb8 (10 months ago)
Now replace Last gamble with grandpa cards
PaengJustPaeng (10 months ago)
You forgot to put HORN OF THE UNICORN ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Mostof s (10 months ago)
Good thing you mentioned the song name bunz now imma gonna check it

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