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Bittergrounds: PUBG Properly Sues Epic Games For 'Copyright Infringement'

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Playeruknown's Battlegrounds continues to look like a sore loser as the PUBG team file against Epic in a desperate attempt to halt Fortnite's Korean expansion. As usual, those grapes look very sour.
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Text Comments (2271)
Emerald Club (11 hours ago)
What’s PUBG!?!!?!
Xbox Criminals Mother (11 days ago)
Kys Gaylord
HexocGames • (15 days ago)
Sooo... I used frying pan for my breakfast considering as copyright infringement?
Unscripted Gaming (20 days ago)
This aged poorly.
Jon dow (21 days ago)
Polly the Bird (25 days ago)
We are concerned that pubg is replicating the experience on which H1Z1 is known for
Øyvind Kjellin (27 days ago)
Can't wait for PUBG to lose their unreal license over this xD
Jun123 (29 days ago)
MatPat has a cool video about what he thinks is happening.
Sean and Samuel Rivera (1 month ago)
This is as stupid as if id Software sued 3DRealms because Duke Nukem 3D was similar to DOOM (1993) and Wolfenstein 3D.
bates Beckham (1 month ago)
Next ID software will sue every first person game made since 1990 wolfentsien for using their first person perspective.
Nyan Prime (1 month ago)
Fuck you pubg is awesome
Arthur Nichols (1 month ago)
Pubg was made buy the same guy that created battle royal, check your facts.
Vortex (1 month ago)
They sue fortnite for Battle royale, then they will sue H1Z1 and every other Battle Royale game! To every battle royale games fans! Protest tommorow at pubg corporation!!
Plasmic Shockwave (1 month ago)
Minecraft hunger games must sue y'all Or the hunger games movie Or the book Or Suzanne Collin's nosr
Plasmic Shockwave (1 month ago)
What about H1Z1 PUBG stole from it
Kian Ellis (1 month ago)
fucking pubg Go grow up there sueing a game which is so different from there's for what because they 'took there idea not really there idea thou is it
Kian Ellis (1 month ago)
their * XD
Jordan Sharp (1 month ago)
They fucking did did you notice that fortnite got an update that allowed you to zoom in into the map like who the fuk needs to zoom into the fortnight map it’s people like you that needs to fuk off and you sound like a fucking dying toad how about you be the bigger person and just leave it the fuk alone....
Crono Sapien (1 month ago)
The funniest thing is that they’re suing Epic Games, even though without Epic, PUBG wouldn’t even exist. Being that they created the engine that PUBG runs on, the Unreal Engine, in the first place. I guess chivalry no longer exists nowadays. But overall, I’m glad that Fortnite is enjoying more success than PUBG. I don’t care much for both games since I’m not really much of a fan of the BR genre, but it’s definitely what these crappy devs deserve for being such bitter scumbags and not realizing that you can’t claim copyright over an entire *genre.* One that even predates your own game! I mean, they could spend less time suing other people and more time fixing their buggy mess of a game... *but that’d make too much sense, wouldn’t it?*
Jeremy Gordon (1 month ago)
Meh, these types of games are the epitome of lazy cash grabs (I know Fortnite is fee BTW). Look forward to the day they die a miserable death.
Michael Jacobs (1 month ago)
People should take the outrage they have about this and remember it next time someone says PlayStation All-Stars should get a sequel and they feel that Nintendo Defense Squad anger boiling deep within their loins.
joseph Jopson (1 month ago)
You know this is awful and all but I just really want to see when Cooking Mama are gonna Sue pubg over the “frying pan”
Liezl Bohnen (1 month ago)
"Bitter little Memer toads" is my new favourite insult.
WarlordRising (1 month ago)
Battle Royale is just a large scale variation of Last Man Standing, which has been a staple of online FPS gaming before it became popular.
snuffeldjuret (1 month ago)
"you cannot trademark br". I think you are focusing too much on this. It is not about that, it is more specific than that and you know it. You got you rant vid and lots of views though, so congratulations on not being much better than bluehole really.
Jim is so angry lol even tells some lies.....
0Bit Gaming (1 month ago)
Wait didn't pubg stole the whole idea from Hunger games that stole the idea from Battle royale?
Andrew Pliakis (1 month ago)
Welp, rip pubg. Also, I want to know more about that whopper.
Magyar Áron (1 month ago)
So much greed...
Lemon'sMemes (1 month ago)
So this guy is gonna milk pubg vs fortnite like Keemstar does with Logan Paul. Gotta suck a few dicks for views I guess.
Lemon'sMemes (1 month ago)
-Toxic zones -Supply crates -10 second revives -Crawling knockouts -75hp max heal with bandages -Jumping into match from transport vehicle Wow! I have no ideas why pubg would sure fortnite.
MINIMAN10000 (1 month ago)
"protecting our copyright" You don't have to protect your copyright. Copyright isn't something that is just lost. You can lose it after some 100 or so years ( depending on whatever the law currently says, or you can create a document stating you are giving up your copyright. But you do not have to protect it to claim copyrights.
Lee Mindel (1 month ago)
Frying pans were being used as weapons in skyrim in 2012! and winner winner chicken dinner was a phrase coined a lawyer called Edgar woods in 1933!!.. As far as i know, though, Dyna Blaster on the Amiga was the first battle royale style game... 26 years ago!! im not sure if the copyrights to these even exist on these, but claiming them for because you have them in your game now? Maybe PUBG should be sued aswell for copyright theft and bullshitting....
James Flynn (1 month ago)
From the add i got a assume this video was copyright claimed?
Chaz Lomack (1 month ago)
So I give PUBG $20 for their early access game and they turn around and spend the money on litigation against a rival company in a foreign court system? They'd be better off porting their ugly ass, broken game to PS1.
Raging Raving (1 month ago)
Blue assholes more like
FiresplitterX (1 month ago)
Tey haz moar munniez then us, lawyers attack dem! BabyRage
LockeRobster (1 month ago)
"It was ludicrous, the lawsuit is ludicrous". And this is an observation coming from a man who has been sued by James & Robert Romaine; a pair of monkeys who wiped their asses with a sheet of paper and called it a lawsuit.
Vyviel (1 month ago)
Korean gamedevs always do the same. Release something semi decent then ruin it due to pure utter greed.
Of course the cowards are going specifically to a Korean court. It's the only way their sorry ass can win. It's not just hilarious but so stupid and desperate its actually getting annoying. Just shut up and let it go already Bluewaffle.
JilaX (1 month ago)
As usual Jim spouts a bunch of shite about the he doesn't understand, but he does it in a British accent, so he must be correct, and not just a dumb wanker.
ROG41 (1 month ago)
Then what is the truth? What is he missing?
kamalindsey (1 month ago)
thesecunts need to fucking stop
kamalindsey (1 month ago)
complete wcky ratarded!!
kamalindsey (1 month ago)
Thsi i sso damn retardo!!!
stockicide (1 month ago)
Sore losers.
Matthew Walton (1 month ago)
Someone should tactfully break to these guys that they didn't invent the Battle Royal gameplay style and thus don't have a copyright on it and also that you can't copyright gameplay mechanics. Also that they don't really have a leg to stand on when pretty much all their art assets are bought from asset stores including. the damn frying pan.
Wacka Doodle (1 month ago)
So when will valve sue fortnite for using their frying pan? And dead rising for using their method of "scavenge for items to use as weapons" And as for battle royal, the hunger games should sue PUBG for even attempting the concept of "battle royal!" And then there's that chinese movie that was also a battle royal back in... I think 2010 (It's very gorey so I don't suggest people look up without a warning). Seriously PUBG, grow up! Your game lost to a better game in its genre! Face it. It's like Dota 1 on warcraft being beaten by LoL, it happens; someone makes a better version and you should be flatter not angry; they followed your footsteps. Using blizzard again, warcraft 2 got beaten by command and conquerer; what did they do? They made a parody easter egg song in game when you type a cheat! Doing stuff like this PUBG, just makes you petty and the more you do, the less people will play your game.
Borengar629 (1 month ago)
I really hope they get sued from the company that made Battle Royale the movie about 15 years ago... btw they had a frying pan used as a weapon. Funny how the copycats sue others for copying them... stupid
Karloss01 (1 month ago)
Fuck the art department; invest their money in fixing their buggy game!
Vesperon (1 month ago)
So glad I never bothered with that Stupid, Generic game!
iunary (1 month ago)
Jim Blueball doesnt want TONS of money, they want ALL THE MONEY , cmon^^ you know how that works
volcanic (1 month ago)
1987MartinT (1 month ago)
They think they own the right to frying pans as weapons? I'm pretty sure you could use a frying pan as a weapon in Left 4 Dead 2, and that game is 9 years old at this point!
Spongesonic20 (1 month ago)
Well guess just like the company name they have created a really big blue hole in the atlantic ocean
VivaMidnight (1 month ago)
Cardiacs - R.E.S. at 3:55 ? https://youtu.be/gNdnOTvGbJQ?t=28s
Smithers (1 month ago)
What is with all the shit-heads in game development?
snowfurthefox (1 month ago)
Man......I want to get so angry I cum.......
Mitsuki The Sage (1 month ago)
But pubguh doesn't have ALL the money,they want ALL the money.
Portaller (1 month ago)
I'm not sure if Bluehole realises this, but their game runs on Epic's own engine.
Bardock257 (1 month ago)
Capcom makes great 2nd games: Mega Man 2, Street Fighter 2, Breath of Fire 2, etc Valve makes great 2nd games: Left 4 Dead 2, Portal 2, Team Fortress 2, Half-Life 2, etc. Maybe Capcom should sue Valve because they made great 2nd games first 🤔
seekertosecrets (1 month ago)
King - Candy Crush Saga Nintendo - It's on like Donkey Kong PUBG - Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner. What do they all have in common? Failed Lawsuits to actually own words that is public domain.
VocalCalibration (1 month ago)
They're either stupid, or scum. Which do you think they'd prefer?
Cory Rogers (1 month ago)
Anyone remember PO'd? Frying Pan as a weapon.
Niall Carson (1 month ago)
Not to mention the fact that many of the assets in the game are actually owned by Epic. And the game runs on UE4, owned and developed by... Epic... Which is just hilarious. Imagine if Epic just got fed up with Bluehole and PU, and just decided to pull the UE4 license. Except Epic won't do that because they aren't petulant children.
Brad Mitchell (1 month ago)
You know what the worst/best part about all of this is? PUBG runs on the Unreal Engine 4. And you know who made that engine? Epic Games! BAHA...BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Its insane.
gaurd3 (1 month ago)
Fornite is set to release in S. Korea soon. Thus why they suing there. They want to stop that train before it leaves the STATION
Darth Vander (1 month ago)
if they really wanted to try this it should have been a year ago or so when fortnite was first coming out with its battle royale mode. its way too late now, there probably 50+ major gamnes in dewvelopment for next 3 year with a battle royale mode. ID didnt try and sue doom clones. they made a better product. Fuck off BlueHole. Minecraft hunger games was at least 1 example of prior work, and im sure there are earlier ones i dont know. If i was mircosoft/mojang i wouild send a cease and desist to Bluehole and see how they like that
citylims (1 month ago)
H1Z1 Devs should sue BlueHole and create a human-centipede of battle royal bitterness.
Hiroshi Mishima (1 month ago)
Huh, imagine if Battleborn had sued Overwatch over it being more successful. That's how silly this sounds. It's petty and it's sad. Oh, better example. Sony suing Nintendo for doing a "mascot fighter" game, even though Sony's All Stars Battle wasn't the first time it'd been done and was still fairly popular. If Fortnite had crashed and burned kinda.. kinda LIKE Battleborn, I don't think PUBG would've cared in the least, but someone came out with a superior product and reeeeee.
notcarolkaye (1 month ago)
I somewhat get the impression that he thinks the lawsuit lacks merit.
ianthecrab (1 month ago)
I feel like Jim doesn't have time to wear his gloves with how often he's throwing them down and slapping people with them. "[...] in an art department." Solid point, Jim. Solid point.
I'm starting to really dislike PUBG now, I might check Fortnite out now if I ever need a Battle Royale fix again.
Random Ashe (1 month ago)
Are they going to sue the Roman Empire as well because its gladiator arenas are blatantly copying PUBGs designs? Do they honestly think they invented the concept of people fighting to the death in an arena? Its ludicrous.
KingTater (1 month ago)
What I don't get is why Jim get so upset by this. It's just business doing business things. It's almost like Jim have a stake in this.
I remember something my mother told me when I was young and irritated that toddlers were copying me “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery”. In other words, suck it up and be a good example. It’s a shame the PUBG people didn’t get that memo.
UsonoHoushi (1 month ago)
This is funny. We know how this'll end, but I still want to see how this goes down.
Daniel Alonzo Cital (1 month ago)
So what's the difference between battle Royale games and games like Team Fortress or Unreal?
Lach McQueen (1 month ago)
I'm Team PUBG through and through. The cosmetic style, building and general ease of Fortnite is absolutely not for me... But I fucking HATE Bluehole. I Hope EPIC Games destroys them.
Arcanua the Red Mage (1 month ago)
I was talking to a friend about this and if anything they better hope like hell the people who DID start the genre don't go after them let alone the author of the book in which the whole genre itself is based around. xD Goodness this company is just a bunch of little crying children at this point. I can name several games where frying pans came out before PUBG they're really fucking stupid if they even try to use that as "we started it and it's unique" PLAY SOME FUCKING VIDEO GAMES! You will see them LONG before your pos game ever came out.
Yuzuriha Inori (1 month ago)
So ... if they ... by some MIRACLE ... won that case . Will get interesting msgs soon after from h1z1 ... and hell even from Minecraft .
rob bi (1 month ago)
no its not a massive success, pubg sucks assballs
Jay Gunter (1 month ago)
Being a fan of pubg I honestly hope people abandon this game I don't care what the next game is that people flock to but I hope it's soon and I hope pubg spends millions of dollars trying to sue them and failing deleted it from the Xbox a few weeks ago and this just makes me feel like I made the right choice not that they're greedy ass cares since they already got my money I think that dude that runs Blue Hole would fit right at home with EA or Activision
Bobby Nick (1 month ago)
Yeah they're better off copying things from other games (it works for the Saints Row series) to make their game better, then just suing randomly things while looking stupid doing it.
wajmgirl (1 month ago)
If frying pans are such a big deal valve should show them left 4 dead 2 and sue THEM.
Vitamin Ex (1 month ago)
If only they would use their money to improve the overall quality of their game rather than hiring lawyers to sue other developers for breathing the same air that they think they own.
Roark Forgeborn (1 month ago)
I mean really PUBG is just ripping off DayZ which is just ripping off Minecraft Hunger Games, which is just ripping off minecraft, which is just ripping off Dwarf Fortress. Yes, it all leads back to Dwarf Fortress.
Quix (1 month ago)
Good luck Bluehole, I hope you enjoy losing your Unreal license.
BigLord (1 month ago)
Meanwhile I'm here happily playing PUBG Mobile, but scared at the same time that the parent company will do something absolutely stupid and get my new mobile addiction canceled :c
NFG Moblecat Bintgh (1 month ago)
You sound exactly like a whiny little salty ass Fortnite player
NFG Moblecat Bintgh (1 month ago)
I'm getting all the hate for disliking a game? So if i dislike a game than that means you all have to hate on me?
Thomas (1 month ago)
If anything all these lawsuits hurts them more than if they won. Gamers enjoy competition in the market because it means more games, more variety. So trying to stomp other games out doesn't sit well with gamers. At least in my opinion.
Goku x Sephiroth (1 month ago)
I mean, as much as it must suck to be surpassed at what you do by someone riding the coat tails, I have to admit that just on the surface, there's no doubt- PUBG looks like a cheap steam asset flip, and you can't own game mechanics, whilst Fortnite has a very distinct and appealing style, with the PUBG mechanics plus the building one. PUBG looks like hundreds of other games before it, whilst Fortnite has become its own thing. They are going to have to pull something out of the woodwork to make this lawsuit work because on the surface, there's no argument at all.
super mudbug (1 month ago)
Goku x Sephiroth yeah, pubg uses 90% premade assetts, and the unreal engine (made by fortnite)
Yuri West (1 month ago)
Ahhhh in Korea, where if you know anything about how SC2 went there, there's a massive amount of corruption :) :) :) :)
mas.k unknown (1 month ago)
Of course their petty paying epic to pretty much make a battle Royale game with potentially their own code would make anyone bitter. If I had to hand you schematics for a lawnmower for my bussiness to get the required parts ,and you turn around and create your own when you see my succes with the lawnmowing business then I'd be pised too.
Shayne O'Neill (1 month ago)
Bluehole, more like Red hole once Epics lawyers finish with them. Bad move Bluehole, this is going to be very ugly for you. Epics going to send in a goddamn battalion of armies, drag the legal venue back to the united states and build a human bonfire of sorrow of the sort only an angry corporate lawyer can. And it will be glorious
Leesus Christ (1 month ago)
Both games are trash and I can't wait for this battle royale fad to fizzle out.
Elvijs Krūmiņš (1 month ago)
I'm suing PUBG because it's a game. There have been many games before. How dare they?
Andrahil (1 month ago)
nice to see videos not being longer than they need
Alberto Mendoza (1 month ago)
not enough popcorn on earth
Didn't Epic Games praised the roblox version of Fortnite? please correct me if im wrong i cant find the tweet anymore
Inazuma65 (1 month ago)
If for some fucked up reason, PUBG wins this lawsuit, it would mean that all genres are limited to a single game. It would be absurdly restricting on the game industry.

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