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It's time for a brand new adventure in Virtual Reality. We are going to take a exclusive look at Kingspray the one and only graffiti simulator for the HTC Vive and the Oculus Touch. Let your artistic skills free by spray painting on real-life surfaces without the fear of getting locked up by your neighbourhood police officer. Choose from a wide range of colors or pick your own! Create something great and share it with others. Browse all the submitted artwork with the online gallery, which lets you download other people's work to admire or spray over! The game will be out on June 14, 2016 you can find more information here http://store.steampowered.com/app/471660 ► Did you like this video? Subscribe Nathie! http://goo.gl/3LPBS1 ► You can also follow me on Twitter! http://www.twitter.com/nathie944 ► Or follow Nathie on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/nathie944 ► About Nathie You are an admirer of Virtual Reality? Same here! I want to show everyone the magic of VR and spread the message by making YouTube videos about it.
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Text Comments (425)
Shapk gamer (7 months ago)
Jack Dolly (7 months ago)
You never did the shirt
Erick Lopes Aguirre (7 months ago)
I like it
Titus Newbury (7 months ago)
I got this game a couple of days ago but the first thing i noticed is that Nathie's youtube logo is on one of the amps in the starting bunker
AFK4Realz (7 months ago)
now you can stand on objects in the game to spray in higher places
Rustenis Ratkevičius (9 months ago)
wow nice
BATS O MAN (11 months ago)
ninjapistol (1 year ago)
That selection sound hurts my ears
djpgamer7 (1 year ago)
Oh look! A game that tells me how to play?!!!!!! FINALLY
Macie Theriot (1 year ago)
Niovenom 360 (1 year ago)
do mor but challenge yourself
Shoto Todoroki (1 year ago)
You sound like Kewlbecop
Skortana (1 year ago)
There is a latter in the game dummy
taco salad (1 year ago)
Well.... at least sponge Bob looked happy :D
Paul White (1 year ago)
"I didn't even knew that there were so many purrples."
phil dude (1 year ago)
Im sorry but you really suck
Blur™ (1 year ago)
can i play this game without oculus rift?
Kanai Mcdowell (1 year ago)
it looks great
papa MIRQ lbs (1 year ago)
hey witch vr set do i have to buy to get this game? .. do i gotta vuy the vr set for the ps4 or could i juss get a normal one that is used for phones n shit i have no idea how this thing works
trenbo (1 year ago)
I searched Jacksepticeye and I found this video
undertale flowy (1 year ago)
no no you cool dont say that
lindley cabaron (1 year ago)
yes! nathie
Nightbot (1 year ago)
Anderson MacDougall (1 year ago)
How about actual grAffiti
Muser Lowk (1 year ago)
Graffiti skills not included.! For all u Toys.! N note to self why would u want this game if you don't even have any skills at tagging, Such as knowing what caps to use, color schemes etc.
J. Lincoln (1 year ago)
Pleas do more
Popsicle Stick (1 year ago)
So, how many people would draw a penis their first time playing this?
Paul Harrison (1 year ago)
Why big eyes
Pan Triste (1 year ago)
With this video i know than you dont know nothing about it
BIRDDD (1 year ago)
6 minutes and you only did that crappy spongebob
Poet (1 year ago)
You can hear you're Dutch
malthe caroline (1 year ago)
Can control on point
You a zombies
Vincent Pawliski (1 year ago)
wish i could afford this. that looks dope
Mr Eyeball (1 year ago)
This game was amazing this channel is amazing your chair is amazing everything is so amazing if this becomes a meme than it will be also amazing
Nathie (1 year ago)
Adrian Duangtavanh (1 year ago)
His feet
EX7RUD1CON (1 year ago)
The amount of self righteous butthurt painters in these comments is funny. You guys sound lame af
Popsicle Stick (1 year ago)
Exactly. You know every single one of them are garbage too. They only have "amazing skillz" in the comments section.
FreakFizzer (1 year ago)
Nathie how did you get the demo of this. Was meant to be released June 14, 2016. Its nearly december. The company seems crap at communicating with its customers.
NEELY (1 year ago)
Is the game possible to play without any VR?
Kev. Da Man (1 year ago)
Im gonna use this for a Promposal
Nate the_awesome (2 years ago)
a pig
*GermanPyroBeast* (2 years ago)
Montana Cans Haha :D
Shane Brooklyn (2 years ago)
Oke Nathie
Telestinx (2 years ago)
claire (2 years ago)
poo vid
Lee Cogan (2 years ago)
The two theta
野獣先輩 (2 years ago)
your better than me at art I can only draw stickmen lol
Daxxx (2 years ago)
I'll stick with tags and bombing for real
Shannon Dalton (2 years ago)
please make you
forgestalk (2 years ago)
How do i get this? Im in new zealand
Nathie (2 years ago)
+forgestalk it will be out soon
Scotty 123 (2 years ago)
he has a penis for his tie
Bagus Infa (2 years ago)
Osvaldo Guzman (2 years ago)
Vickey Baldwin (2 years ago)
A dinosaur
Phetteren (2 years ago)
learn to do real graffiti instead of kids drawings..
Mats Hiob (2 years ago)
Do more graffiti simulator's! Lovin it
Mats Hiob (1 year ago)
Josef Kún Yup
Josef Kún (1 year ago)
Mats Hiob There are no graff simulator that are worth just go out and bomb the streets dude.
Cody Beene (2 years ago)
My boy did the stock art on that. Dank is the man!!!!
Jamey Chapman (1 year ago)
Cody Beene
Cody Beene (2 years ago)
By the way, great channel. I have run across you several times. Keep up the good work. Earned one more subscriber!
Nathie (2 years ago)
+Cody Beene cool
smodoemoe (2 years ago)
TOY!!!!!! The games dope though.
J. Lincoln (1 year ago)
+Nathie hi nathie huge fan keep it up and pleas do more king spray
Nathie (2 years ago)
+Dcpepperwolve138 haha
Shorty (2 years ago)
Simulator? Why not doing the real thing?
yellow diamond (2 years ago)
i need this
Axel Riggs (2 years ago)
Traxxattaxx (2 years ago)
Lol toy
bacardiwhite1 (2 years ago)
Nothing dripped
TheDarkRider YT (2 years ago)
No afence to the guy recording but he sounds like one of the dudesons
Wall -O- memes (2 years ago)
the should add a don't get caught mode :3
Idotattoos CA (2 years ago)
looks wack
Im Kelan (2 years ago)
This game makes me want to play it more...... It looks sooooooo good
Brandon Z (2 years ago)
I thought it said giraffe sim It started and I was like oh god what the f...
Nathie (2 years ago)
Bankz Silva (2 years ago)
spongebob with down syndrome
Payce Larson (2 years ago)
i like your spongebob its cool
AzzaRoo (2 years ago)
i can not afford that.... i have to stick to the streets... =(
Britney Buell (2 years ago)
you sould make a a banan
Austin Maxim (2 years ago)
I could see writers using this when they start out maybe but its kinda toy if you do
should have done a piece for "Nathie"
mezz trentedeuxmilles (2 years ago)
yes!!! nine Game!!! ;)
Kevin Roriguez (2 years ago)
Do you know when this is coming out? How did you get your hands on it? It is in the Steam store, but way past its intended release date.
X Y Z (2 years ago)
Is he popping
dogenator (2 years ago)
Toy... Lolz
Tina Sherk (2 years ago)
Seko 12 (2 years ago)
king toy
lukamarko games (2 years ago)
spray your favorite thing
DG (2 years ago)
im impressed
HULL GRAFFITI (2 years ago)
....Or you can get some cans and do it for real....
Bored and Sad (1 year ago)
HULL GRAFFITI That wastes paint and has a chance of you going to jail/getting fined hella cash
jp Iligan (2 years ago)
wow ❤👍👍📷😍😄
Marks Yoo (2 years ago)
Aaron Mora (2 years ago)
who wants to play find the toy
GOrDoN ReMseY (2 years ago)
Lol sorry your a toy xD
Blake Charlwood (2 years ago)
More of the kings pray
on bekend (2 years ago)
James Gordon (2 years ago)
this game should have you running from the cops
timo jong de (2 years ago)
are you dutch?
I'm Here to Say (2 years ago)
Must be nice. Too bad that worthless piece of shit company oculus threw money at the devs a day before release so they wouldn't release it till at least september. Oculus is owned and run by selfish Cunts.
ItsMainreNoob (2 years ago)
Where can I buy this?
Jeff Schulte (2 years ago)
I want to play this game so bad but I don't have VR, or money for vr
Polcide 69 (1 year ago)
Jeff Schulte I feel yah😭😭😭
sendr 1017 (2 years ago)
ima go catch sum hollows now my painting finger itchy
Anthony Cuna (2 years ago)
where did you get that chair!?
Cookie Cecil (2 years ago)
How much was the head set with the controlers
Scarecrow (2 years ago)
I feel like Apps OneEA would like tis

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