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Overwatch vs. TF2 [SFM]

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The age old rivalry will be settled once and for all! Become a patron! https://www.patreon.com/TheWinglet A big thank you to Musetrigger for voicing Saxton Hale Special thanks to all my patrons! Jason Ugzly Chance Drenning Jeo034 +Regen+ Heartful Shields Théostock Hajsen Kalashnikov Epicwindow Yis Woozlez Dan Walker Stefan C Bauer Blumbee Notsodevious Froggyman145 pawapat Hartman Chen TheInternetLord YellowBunny18 Tyler James Filson Tham Thammawiset Jason Fox dafoose Spatchadoo thronebutt Zachary Baker Jack Baird Pennant Nightjar Zirk Cole Mills Илья Завьялов Arty Sr_Coloso Mirox75 ZOAG LazyPurple
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Text Comments (40270)
justin dunk (29 minutes ago)
Wich better omnics or robots?
the real PewDiPie (1 hour ago)
Heavy in every video game is 1. Big body 2. Big HP 3. Big machine gun And its not just in tf2
fantastic temy (3 hours ago)
I ship it
Pedro Cc (4 hours ago)
"-I want to hug you. -No! Kiss me... *kiss with passion russianly
Hatred Sans (5 hours ago)
Overwatch copied TF2 So did fortnite with PUGD battlegrounds
sushiflavoredcoffee :3 (5 hours ago)
Satan will find you
LikLik Hightower (5 hours ago)
6:06 screw this, im outta here
NoName NoName (7 hours ago)
No, kiss me.
POOTIS BIRB (7 hours ago)
Hi Winglet! Some dumbass copied this video and gave no credit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLAUSaWkmVk
Ze xity (7 hours ago)
1:01 This is me when i dont get tf2 but OVERWATCH!
xXThunderBoBXx (8 hours ago)
I cant stop watching this lol! 5:18
Mlg squad (9 hours ago)
Is it weird that I got a tf2 ad about cosmetics
Gage Raber (9 hours ago)
Leleleleleleleleleleleleleelelelel what an ending XDDDDDDDDDDDDDRDRDRDDDDDDDDD
Kieran Farrell (10 hours ago)
You have powers We have hats
Medusa Animation (11 hours ago)
Such a beuatiful ending!!!
Kfkdkdkd saitamas (12 hours ago)
Team overwatch!!!!!!!!
Tem The Temmie Flakes (12 hours ago)
EVELYN BUTLER (13 hours ago)
EVELYN BUTLER (13 hours ago)
Unfair! Rip the scout
cloudy (15 hours ago)
crazy good animation
Skylain 59 (16 hours ago)
I got an ad for TF2 and I honestly thought for a second it was apart of the video.
Papa Gopnik (16 hours ago)
I already hear fanficton 7:22
Pixelated Blue (16 hours ago)
2:38 this is the best part lol
AA Adrian (16 hours ago)
OverWatch is better
SoundlessBowl 24 (16 hours ago)
NOO. Kiss me.
and this kids is how russians fall in love. guns. and guns only....
Sean Axl D.Gumia (18 hours ago)
Dat play of the game do
Sebastian Noak (18 hours ago)
At least the heavy got a good ending
Akirro PL (18 hours ago)
If Medic and Mercy are both germans and healers What did our doc do with her? Oh god THE FANFICTION IS REAL EVERYONE RUN
Cậu Vàng Quẩy Game (18 hours ago)
Heavy got Banana. Monkey babies gonna love
Screw overwatch, tf2 came first,
Sergeant Arch Dornan (19 hours ago)
No one can beat SAXTON HAAAAAAAAAALE!!!!
The Shadow (19 hours ago)
This is........blyatifull !
Moistier (19 hours ago)
And thus, the snipers kept battling until they died.
helper 23 (19 hours ago)
TFT is best
Hot Dogs! (20 hours ago)
The best answer to argument TF2 vs Overwatch.
muratselim avci (21 hours ago)
awsome? +1
Turea Valentin (22 hours ago)
I love final part
Lordzombi Polosk (22 hours ago)
At end its wad to obvious
Cr0ssley (22 hours ago)
That happend
Rololino EML (23 hours ago)
Hell men, Aahahehaheaaah!.
sun conure (1 day ago)
If your flirting whith some one and you have nothing to say just say:Cheak out this gun
Tuguldur Tugii (1 day ago)
Fuck off Medic
Mr. Edgy (1 day ago)
2.06 2Fort
Gilang Dika Pratama (1 day ago)
WTF. in the end it just russian lover
Pizza cream Cream (1 day ago)
1:28 I heard Pryor said back to bed
NaIL IgnistStarzear (1 day ago)
Just notice that scout copy 76's highlight intro
2:58 is this a x10 server?
Ванька (1 day ago)
- I want to hug you! - NO! Kiss me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
pablo cosman (1 day ago)
Lidia Alanoca (1 day ago)
Tf2 win
Henry Pfister (1 day ago)
While Demoman and Junkrat drink and teamkill.
Jair Artis (1 day ago)
Scout-Tracer Pyro-Mei Soldier-Phara/ Soldier 76 (I guess) Heavy-Zarya or Bastion Demo man- Junkrat Engineer- Torbjorn Spy- Sombra Sniper- Widowmaker Medic- Mercy
Erica Benn (1 day ago)
Tf2 or overwatch ... Duh what question is this it’s.... SAXTON HAAALLLE
Azael Jimenez (1 day ago)
1:45 ja ja ja x3
Marcelo Dal Sasso (1 day ago)
Pootis Pootis (1 day ago)
If your ever bored and tired with life, why not head down deep into the comment section? Guaranteed you'll have a hoot an a holler, (or lose more faith in humanity because people are legimately mad at others for what game they like), or your money back! Seriously thouh, both games are good. Stop complaining and hating, and just deal with it. They're video games after all.
Костик Chik (1 day ago)
5:21 ))))))
Fibonacci11235 (1 day ago)
i just love how there were hundreds of engies building on last
마잇 (1 day ago)
구시대 vs 신시대
budderarmor_ (1 day ago)
Sniper v widomaker, most accurate fight
Seth Anteros (1 day ago)
The romance at the end was adorable and I love it. Two people bond over their huge guns and then kiss. Best thing.
pure airsoft (1 day ago)
Where's pyro?
Top 10 Best Anime Endings of All Time
I'm from Russian.
Splatoon Gamer (1 day ago)
This reminds me of something oh yes pubg vs fortnite
Noora Alnaqqash (1 day ago)
Yani Yanev (1 day ago)
This made my day
Papagaio Papago (1 day ago)
1:43 _mah baby_
lol exe navarro (1 day ago)
No kiss me
Ciel Phantomhive (1 day ago)
Ахахахх, британцы ржут над рашкой из-за последнего момента. Ahaha, everyone here is laughing at Russia because of the ending, I am from Russia, ask questions)
Patrik Sladovic (1 day ago)
Putin wakes up:WTF!?
Random Insanity (1 day ago)
Fun fact:Scout is faster then Tracer.
Adam Kerboua (1 day ago)
pyro looks like me when someone's about to take the last pizza. "not today!.
Y4WRN (1 day ago)
one thing for sure is... sfm will win am i right?
Karol Więcław (1 day ago)
hithummah (1 day ago)
Overwatch is already replaced with Fortnite and PUBG, but Teamfortress 2 lives forever.
Tee Vee Does Youtube (2 days ago)
So, its true... Engie *DOES* beat all.......
Adelaida Dolor (2 days ago)
Sniper:I will get ya Widowmaker: No i will get ya Me:When will these 2 morons will stop fight
何tech wan (2 days ago)
Oh no Russian love Oof
Tingcha Thangeo (2 days ago)
How comes reaper is not their
Justin Thornton (2 days ago)
In The End Love Wins.
MichaelC Galla (2 days ago)
How sweet
K1tty Gam3r (2 days ago)
Difference between TF2 and Overwatch: Overwatch actually has original characters
The H (2 days ago)
um im on team fortnite
The_air craftcariar (2 days ago)
kissing is innapropiate for kids
jj003333 (2 days ago)
Some say the snipers are still shooting at each other to this day
AntisBelik (2 days ago)
Классный крышка.
ducky2882 (2 days ago)
When briggite does you hear torb saying my baby XD
Briggn94 (2 days ago)
6:18 Best part, lol. If only Graviton Surge was really that strong, haha
David Del Llano (2 days ago)
Fortnite in a nutshell
El Gamer Proxpert (2 days ago)
my favorite part is 1:44 and 7:40
Russian Federation (2 days ago)
Game over, Russians win!!
Daddy Deviant Ajir (2 days ago)
I wish I could make sfms like this....
Myth Fiction (2 days ago)
6:05 My fist ain't big enough.
ACardboardBox (2 days ago)
Why doesn’t spy sap anything? There is a lot of things he could sap Like bastion, zenyatta, genji, torbjorn sentry, McRae arm, soldier 76 visor thing,and other things

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