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Overwatch vs. TF2 [SFM]

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The age old rivalry will be settled once and for all! Become a patron! https://www.patreon.com/TheWinglet A big thank you to Musetrigger for voicing Saxton Hale Special thanks to all my patrons! Jason Ugzly Chance Drenning Jeo034 +Regen+ Heartful Shields Théostock Hajsen Kalashnikov Epicwindow Yis Woozlez Dan Walker Stefan C Bauer Blumbee Notsodevious Froggyman145 pawapat Hartman Chen TheInternetLord YellowBunny18 Tyler James Filson Tham Thammawiset Jason Fox dafoose Spatchadoo thronebutt Zachary Baker Jack Baird Pennant Nightjar Zirk Cole Mills Илья Завьялов Arty Sr_Coloso Mirox75 ZOAG LazyPurple
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Text Comments (35097)
Robutt Josh (34 minutes ago)
So throw piss at your enimey sniper
А я российский!!!
Coctail Frank (1 hour ago)
In the end love wins
NINJAGAME (1 hour ago)
Can you tell me what name of this hero is, on 2:31
max young (2 hours ago)
Okay that ending was adorable
Fedor Fedorenko (2 hours ago)
I'm from in Russia .
曾少澄 (2 hours ago)
Bobby The Brony Gamer (2 hours ago)
Mercy: *says a friendly hello* Medic: *runs up to her, grabs her by the collar.* I healed ze man who vill kill you!
Sprint Wyvern (3 hours ago)
The ending with zarya n heavy was so wholesome~ <3
IQ is Thicc (3 hours ago)
I think we can all agree that tf2 is and always will be better than overwatch
Ender Wolf36 (3 hours ago)
Candace Michell (4 hours ago)
LE baguettes (4 hours ago)
Slap My Nuts (4 hours ago)
To me tracer is such a bitch in sfm.
SHireen Lim (4 hours ago)
3:03 the lagger xd
MrJohnnyc08 (5 hours ago)
Theanimation12er (5 hours ago)
Ballstastitron (5 hours ago)
Moved to tears
Sans Faz bear (5 hours ago)
I ship it at the end
Kirbyfire73 (5 hours ago)
Honestly, I half expected that the heavy at the end would go into detail about his gun saying: "She weighs one hundred kilograms and fires two hundred dollar custom-tooled cartridges at ten thousand rounds per minute. It costs four hundred thousand dollars to fire this weapon... For *twelve seconds."*
Who won?
MRMURDOC (7 hours ago)
Heavy love
kidbotcreeper/ /Ethan (7 hours ago)
Let’s just kazotsky kick
Maika Guerrero (7 hours ago)
The real question here is if your a overwatch or team fortress player
LORD TACHANKA (7 hours ago)
LORD TACHANKA (7 hours ago)
ДЛЯ МАТЕРИ российский!
Kyan Beauzile (7 hours ago)
Hunter young (8 hours ago)
GamerGoo (8 hours ago)
*Tear* that......was beautiful.....one moment please...
Yebearmon DaStudBoy (8 hours ago)
https://youtu.be/jr0sdu3uJFg?t=300 | Tracer also says this.
xxK1ND3ND3Nxx (10 hours ago)
The Legend Says Heavy and Zarya are still kissing
BellaTheLG (11 hours ago)
Awww Zarya❤️
TheReddevil50 (11 hours ago)
Was I the only one who got teary at the end between Zarya and Heavy??
TotallyToonsTV (11 hours ago)
I knew heavy would find love sooner or later
Darth Maul (11 hours ago)
Overwatch win
JonahPlayss (11 hours ago)
im calling bullcrap on the heavy Brass Beast thing though it moves slow but not that slow man i mean i know its an OP gun that would've dominated that robot (dont know names never played OW)
Spooky ÒwÓ (12 hours ago)
Sniper and widowmaker probably still snipe each other to this date...
That whos so romántico!!!
Malachi Black (12 hours ago)
OW - cost more than most games tf2 - free clear winner tf2
Deustche Wehrmacht (13 hours ago)
"Hello." "I healed ze man who vill kill you."
K. Arcane (13 hours ago)
Monika (13 hours ago)
The sniper part was 100% accurate
Cmsmith Gamerbro01 (13 hours ago)
good ol russian love
Daniel Spuhl (13 hours ago)
winglet, you should've made it so that the engineer in the rancho relaxo didn't get absorbed by the graviton, that would've ben HALARIOUS.
my channel (14 hours ago)
Tf2 one at the end
MackDorokiMine Minecraft (14 hours ago)
7:40 is the best thing I've ever seen in my entire life to 8:16
The master Of Marvel (15 hours ago)
Who was that guy who punched Winston?
kamalindsey (15 hours ago)
"Unfair" Lmfao
Genji Genji (15 hours ago)
А чо этак немало инжеенеров
Carlos Castillo (16 hours ago)
Zarya and heavy ❤
dekstroer king (16 hours ago)
Ааххаахах, бля, ору со встречи российских. Это попросту шедевральный ударение
de wEa (16 hours ago)
Kon RoR (17 hours ago)
Russia wins
Sean Millar (17 hours ago)
Best video in years, but pyro hardly gotten any attention tho
Babycoin (18 hours ago)
Although i dont ship, i liked the end
Danial Hakim (18 hours ago)
Go tf2
Subtract Gaming (18 hours ago)
Marvel: infinity war has to be the most ambitious cross over yet Winglet: hold my beer
Cortex 4Z (19 hours ago)
Overwatch is best
CaplyBlade (19 hours ago)
America wins again!
Reyner Animates (20 hours ago)
Never mess with 3 sentrys and a market gardening soldier
SillyStudio.$$ (22 hours ago)
and i shipped Tracer and Scout
good end
Ybaimos Gaming (1 day ago)
Who’s side are you on?
vernier moon (1 day ago)
Do you believe love can bloom on the battlefield
Mr Tuxedo (1 day ago)
1:38-1:48 might have been my favorite part
Rad I us (1 day ago)
Respect for Russian
Suutari4 (1 day ago)
Symmetra would've just used her almighty beam that melts everyone instantly. No aim required.
LeBrido (1 day ago)
The kiss me at the end deserves recognition
Irrelevant (1 day ago)
Wholesome ending
Viktor Nicula (1 day ago)
How many people agree that Mei got what she deserved?
Generic Manchild (1 day ago)
Heather Norton (1 day ago)
Top 10 Anime Battles
Tarkobian Warr (1 day ago)
first of all *S T O P*
Dark State (1 day ago)
Paladins is a different thing to TF2 but similar and Paladins came before Overwatch at least it concept art was out far before the public knew about overwatch. So yeah
MRdebacle (1 day ago)
The player of the game thing was the most accurate xD
NinFanBoi 21 (1 day ago)
Amazing and quality content
LPinkFloyd (1 day ago)
TF2: We have Saxton Overwatch: We have a Jeff
maximillionboi (1 day ago)
I miss tf2
megakenny 1234 (1 day ago)
Junkart is A traitor
megakenny 1234 (1 day ago)
Why need Bastion
Little jake Friez (1 day ago)
6:05 just back away slowly,doom fist
Werestasia Animates (1 day ago)
Andrew Antretter (1 day ago)
pretty fair id say
Un nombre, Nada mas (1 day ago)
This Russian love is more lovely and cute than the whole Twilight novel or any other kind of love story. Heavy finalñy find someone to share his sandwich.
Un nombre, Nada mas (1 day ago)
7:23 when your crush want to Thanks you
Freerider (1 day ago)
no pyro scenes?
Swag Pikachu (1 day ago)
Tf2 is best
Jumble Drops1029 (1 day ago)
This portrays everything correct EVERYTHING!
Vivid (1 day ago)
I don't remember Briggete(?) being in this...
Spooneru (1 day ago)
2:22 --- (Spy): Is that ?? O MONDIU !?!? I hate you !!
Spooneru (1 day ago)
Legend sais that Widowmaker and Sniper are still fighting at this wary moment !!
Spooneru (1 day ago)
Dosent make sens that at 5:42 that Winston beated Heavy, Heavy is bether than Winstin....
KBIOU2 roblox (1 day ago)
100% CRINGE if SLYP1E watches this he can tell I was here.
TrollFaceTheMan (1 day ago)
Very good video, lots of thought put into it. Nice job!
Dr AIBO (1 day ago)
This was genuinely so funny and well done. Bravo!!
Melker Holm (1 day ago)
5:32 xDD
Alexander Edinger (1 day ago)
Now get ready for: . . A DANCE BATTLE!! Tf2 wins with kazotsky kick
Zerosubuler YT (1 day ago)
6:46 Rare footage of Tachanka and Finka in a peaceful engagement
Rubikcubik Games (1 day ago)
I was dying at 7:40
Brownskikuca (1 day ago)
5:49 ahh, my favourite thing about germans, killing crap game characthers

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